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It has been two months since our two families got together, putting it mildly. The sex among family members has been non stop and everyone seems to be satisfied with the arrangements, all except me.

I told Dana that we should invite Sara and Tony over to discuss the current arrangements. She was a bit curious but said she would invite them over tomorrow night for coffee.

The next night, Tony and Sara came over. As we had our coffee, I asked everyone if they were satisfied the way things were going.

They looked at each other and the three of them said they were.

I then told them, “Everything has been great but I think we could make it better.” They looked at me with a doubting look in their eyes.

Then I told them what I thought.

“What if we all lived together? We could sell our houses and get a much bigger one, one that affords us complete privacy and the freedom to live out our new life style.”

I continued, “We could split all the costs equally. It just makes sense. Just think about it. Tony and Sara and Dana and I could have master bedrooms. Sam and Sherry can have their own room, Tommy can have his room and Sandy and Diane would have their own room.”

We could have a couple of rooms for private sexual romps and for group get togethers.

Tony said he liked the idea as did Sara and Dana.

I told them that I would work out the number of rooms and logistics. Tony said he would contact a realtor, Sara said she would tell her girls and Dana would tell our kids.

The next day, after I figured things out, I called Tony and presented him the details.

I told him that we needed 2 master bedrooms, 6 other bedrooms, a large kitchen, a large family room, 2 special rooms, a pool and a hot tub and complete privacy.

He said he would contact the realtor and we could put up our homes for sale.

A couple of months went by and things started happening. Tony and I accepted offers on our homes, at nice profits.

Then Tony called me. The realtor found us a house and we had to go look at it tomorrow.

The four of us met the realtor and she took us about an hour away. We pulled up in front of this huge house that had a wrought iron gate. She entered the code and in we drove.

At first sight, the place was gorgeous. It had a five car garage, was about 5 acres, had an in ground pool that was screened in and very private.

We all went in and were pleasantly surprised. The inside had a modern state of the art kitchen. All the rooms were nice sized. There were two master bedroom suites upstairs with their own showers and jacuzzis. The rest of the bedrooms were more than adequate as well.

There was a hot tub for six on the patio. The basement had a pool table and a wet bar.

The four of us looked at each other and said that the place was perfect.

After an hour looking over the place, we went outside. We told the realtor to give the owners our offer and to let us know.

A couple of days later, Tony called me and told me that our offer was accepted.

Everything was now set. We worked out the three closings within a couple of days of each other.

We set a moving date and hired the moving company for the first of the month.

Finally the day was here and we made the move to our new home. We sent out our new address to our friends and families.

It took all of us a week to unpack, put things in order, get organized and get the house in order.

We decided on having our own house warming party on Saturday, two days away.

Finally, Saturday arrived. Sara and Dana got all the food. Tommy made sure the pool and hot tub were ready, the four girls straightened out the house and supplied all the bedrooms with extra linens. The bathrooms had extra towels.

After dinner, we all went into the large family room. I proposed klasbahis güvenilirmi a toast to everyone that we all should enjoy our new home and everything it has to offer.

Then I went over to Dana, gave her a big kiss and started making out with my wife. Tony did the same with Sara.

The kids just watched as their parents she’d their clothes. Soon Tony and I had our wives on the floor, laying on their backs with their legs spread. I mounted Dana and Tony mounted Sara and we started fucking our wives together.

Then I heard one of the girls telling us to switch. Tony and I pulled our cocks out of our wives’ cunts and changed partners.

I started fucking Sara and Tony was fucking Dana. Tommy yelled out for us to cum on their tits.

We picked up the pace and Tony and I shot our cum loads on the women’s tits, nipples and stomach. Sam and Sherry and Diane and Sandy came over and the four of them licked our cum off of the women.

Tommy came over and got the women on all fours and slipped his fingers in their cunts. Then he managed to get some of our cum on his fingers and used it as lube for their assholes.

He lined up his cock to Dana’s asshole and slowly pushed him s cock into her. Soon his cock was fully seated in her asshole. He started pumping her and as he did, Diane came over and got underneath him and started sucking his balls as his cock moved in and out.

Tommy finally came and shot his load in Dana’s ass. When he pulled out his cock, Diane swallowed the cum as it oozed our Dana’s asshole.

Tommy was still hard and lined his cock against Sara’s asshole and managed to slide this cock in her asshole without too much trouble.

As he pumped her ass, Sam got underneath and started sucking Sara’s nipples and feeling her up from underneath.

Tommy shot his load on Sara’s ass and as his cum ran down her ass, Sam lapped it up completely.

Once the other girls saw this, they all got on their fours and waited to get fucked in the ass by Tony and myself.

After quite awhile, and everyone was rested, Sam and Diane and Tony and Tom went to the hot tub.

I could see that the four of them were playing with each other.

I took Sherry and Sandy to my bedroom. Sara and Dana went to Sara’s bedroom.

I fucked both the girls a few times that night. Dana never made it back to my bed either.

The next morning, Sheryy and Sandy were covered in dried cum. As I went around, I saw Tony and Tommy in bed with Sam and Diane. Their naked bodies covered with cum and the girl’s juices.

I saw Dana and Sara in an embrace fast asleep.

Well, I said to myself, we broke in the house the right way.

Eventually, everyone showed up for breakfast. They were naked but they showed up.

As we were eating, the phone rang. It was Captain Ron.

We exchanged pleasantries and he said he was coming to the mainland for some personal business with Ashley and wanted to know if we could put Ashley up at the house since his business would take home close to our home and he would be busy.

I told him that we all wanted him and Ashley to stay with us since we had more than enough room. He finally relented and said ok. He told us that they would be coming up next month.

After breakfast, Sara and I took a walk around the property. As we walked, I told Sara I had to pee. She looked at me, smiled and laughed.

She said, “Go ahead and pee as long as I can watch.” I asked her if she would hold my cock as I peed. She smiled, took hold of my cock as I let out a stream and of pee. After I finished, I asked her if she would suck my cock dry. Without hesitation, Sara took my cock in her mouth and sucked me until I came. She swallowed every drop like a good slut. After that, we continued our walk.

Well, after a couple of months, everyone klasbahis yeni giriş got into a routine. Chores were assigned and everbody did their fare share.

Tony and I shared our wives like it was a perfectly natural thing to do. We all got along well. The girls had to take turns when it came to being fucked by Tommy’s big cock but they found other ways to distract themselves until he was available.

Sara and Dana found an adult store about 45 minutes from the house and picked up a few toys for the family.

Tony and I fixed up a room strictly for sex. We put in bondage equipment, had blindfolds handy, handcuffs, velvet rope ties, nipple clamps, a small whip and assorted toys just in case we wanted to try something different.

One night, Dana and I used the room and I tied her up and used the nipple clamps on her. I then spread her legs and used a huge dildo on her. She never had such a massive orgasm as that time.

We had video cameras installed in the bedrooms and one night a week, we would all gather in the family and watch the sexual activities of the week. Everyone enjoyed the showing of them, especially the one of Dana being tied up.

Now, just so you know, I have never thought of myself as bi but one night, Tony and I must have had too much to drink and there it was on video, the two of us sucking each others cocks and cumming together. We were so embarrassed that I wanted to destroy the video but the girls wanted to watch it all. Tony and I just sat there in embarrassment.

Well, it was a couple of days away and Captain Ron and Ashley would be here. We wanted to make sure they enjoyed their stay and make it pleasurable for them, after all they did for us.

Finally, the day arrived. Tony and I went to the airport to pick up the captain and his daughter.

We met them at the gate and we got their luggage and headed home. The drive was about an hour and we all chatted for the whole trip.

When we got home, Sara and Dana showed them their rooms. But the captain said they only needed one room as he and Ashley sleep together.

After they settled in, we all had coffee and discussed the next few days. The captain said he had to take care of business but it shouldn’t take all of his time. Ashley would be free the entire time.

The four of us thanked the captain and Ashley for what they did for us in Hawaii and that both families are indebted to them.

I then told the captain that whatever, whoever, whenever and wherever they wanted to enjoy themselves, they would have it.

The captain smiled and he smiled and looked at Ashley and gave her a wink.

Well, my Ashley loved your son Tommy, especially his big cock. Do you think Tommy would fuck her now for us to watch?

Dana called Tommy and she told Tommy that Ashley would like him to fuck her and if he would. He looked at Ashley, went over to her, gave her a kiss and led her to the family room.

Tommy stood in front of her and started removing her clothes, piece by piece. The last piece that he removed was her thong. He held it up close to him and gave it a nice deep sniff and drunk in her aroma.

Tommy laid her down as the four of us watched closely from the couch. I noticed that Ashley now had gone smooth and it looked good on her and told her so.

Tommy laid next to her. His big cock was already erect and ready to fuck her. They kissed and we could see their tongues sliding in and out of their mouths. Their hands roaming each other’s bodies. Tommy was sucking her nipples as his hand moved down to her pussy.

We could see she was already wet as her thigh was gleaming from her juices. Tommy slipped his fingers into her cunt until his whole hand was in her.

She started gyrating her hips as his hand continued its assault on her cunt.

He then pulled his klasbahis giriş hand out and mounted her. In one quick movement he shoved his cock into her cunt until it completely disappeared. He started fucking her.

The captain started telling Tommy to fuck her harder and harder. His pace picked up and he started moaning that he was cumming.

As he was about to cum, he pulled out his cock and shot stream after stream of cum all over Ashley. His cum just kept spurting out all over her. When he stopped cumming, he just fell to the side, spent. Ashley just laid there covered in his cum.

After that performance, Tommy took her to his room and we didn’t see or hear them for the rest of the night.

Dana and Sara got up, went over to the captain and took him upstairs to Dana’s bedroom.

Tony and I knew that the captain was going to have a great night.

I asked Diane if she was interested in joining me and her father. She said yes but wanted Sam to join then. I called Sam who immediately said she would.

The four of us went to Tony’s bedroom and laid the girls on the bed. Tony mounted Sam and I mounted Diane.

We both fucked each other’s daughter, side by side. I told Tony that tonight we should cum in the girl’s cunts and the girls moaned a yes.

Tony and I pumped them slowly, enjoying fucking our kids. I then told Tony I was ready to cum and he said he was too. We pumped them harder and faster, their hips rising off the bed. I finally shot my load in Tony’s daughter’s cunt and then he shot his load in my daughter’s cunt.

It was great seeing our cum oozing out of their cunts.

The rest of the night was spent the same way until we all fell asleep in a pile of cum soaked bodies.

The next day, we had breakfast and after that, I drove the captain to his meeting. I had some things to do, so I told the captain I would wait for him.

After lunch, the captain called me and told me he was finished and ready to go. I picked him up and we drove home. He told me that his business was finished and that he accomplished everything and was free for the next two days until he had to leave.

When we got home, we told the ladies the good news that the captain’s business was finished and he would be free the next two days.

We all decided to relax by the pool for the rest of the day and enjoy the sun on our naked bodies.

Dana and Sara made sure the captain got whatever he wanted. They told the girls to do and give him whatever he wanted and they did.

Tony and I jumped in the pool and as we talked, my hand moved over to his cock and I started playing with it. Dana noticed and shouted out for us to give them a show. I looked at Tony and told him why not.

We got out of the pool with hard cocks and laid a blanket on the patio. We laid on the blanket and we started playing with each other’s hard cocks. Tommy came over and placed his hard cock in front of us. I took his cock in my mouth as I continued playing with Tony’s cock.

After I sucked my son’s cock, Tony started sucking Tommy’s cock. It didn’t take the three of us to get ready to cum.

Tommy pulled out his cock from Tony’s mouth and shot his load on us. Tony then shot his load as I jerked him off. Then Tony jerked me until I shot my load.

The girls and women applauded our performance.

The rest of the day ran into the night and early morning.

The next day was the captain’s and Ashley’s last day with us.

They couldn’t thank us enough for our hospitality. We told them that we owed him and his daughter big time and that they are welcomed here any time.

The day was a relaxing one for everybody. The last few days sexual activities tired everyone out.

We had a wonderful bbq for dinner and when it was time for bed, we all paired off, closed our doors and enjoyed the company.

The next morning, Tony and I drove the captain and Ashley to the airport and bid them a good trip back to paradise.

When we got home, we all sat down, chatted and agreed that we owed everything to the captain.

We also agreed that the life we have chosen is the right life for us.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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