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It was a couple of weeks before I had the opportunity to meet Howard without others being there, Joan joined me on our Friday night out and despite his eager looks in my direction I could not offer or show any encouragement.

The following weekend my children were away on holiday with their aunty and uncle from their Dad’s side of the family, Uncle Harry had picked them up on Friday tea time and they would not return for a week.

Joan and I met up as usual and strolled to the pub, our chat was comfortable and the half pints of beer were refreshing and delicious. Most of the usual regulars were in and were soon to be joined by Howard and his mates who took up a table near ours. Their chat was the usual mix of bawdy and earthy comments about the weekend to come as pints were swiftly consumed and the night went on.

Sometime later one of them overheard Joan talking about how much rest I would be able to catch up on while the children were away, he remarked something about how Betty would be sneaking a man or two in then! Everyone laughed at that, even me!

While I was at the bar getting more drinks Howard approached on a similar mission, when the barman was away fetching clean glasses he whispered asking me if it was alright to call round later. I smiled and told him that would be nice, but somewhere after eleven o’clock.

Joan and I wandered home at our usual ten o’clock and it was with a shaky and excited hand that I unlocked my door and let myself in. The house was tidy, as it always was, but the hands on my living room clock stubbornly refused to complete their circular journey quickly enough. I had a small glass of sherry, I closed all the curtains, I inspected my attire…the kurtköy escort button up dress was on again.

I tried watching television but gave in to another small glass of sherry, the minute hand on the clock had eventually moved round beyond half past the hour. I paced the room, I inspected the kitchen to make sure there were no unwashed dishes. What the hell did that matter I wondered to myself?

Eventually there was a soft knock on the front door, I almost tripped in my haste to get there. There stood Howard with his lovely mischievous grin, I moved aside to let him in, quickly locking the door.

We kissed softly but with urgent passion, we moved to the living room and fell sprawling on the large sofa. The kisses became deeper, tongues flickered and teased, his hands and fingers found my breasts. He kneaded, shaped and squeezed and then uncovered them. I watched as he once again unbuttoned my dress, this time all six buttons at once, the two halves were parted.

His breath was sharp against my face as he feasted his eyes on my body, large full tits encased in a white lacy bra, dark and thick nipples visible as they protruded through the thin fabric. My lush growth of black pubic hair, like a shadow inside the white panties and my legs eager and open.

My arms were removed from the dress and it lay like a blanket beneath us, he unclipped and removed my bra. His fingers teased and pulled on my sensitive nipples, I held his head as he sucked and nipped making them even harder. His fingertip used the moisture his mouth had left as a lubricant to excite me further.

Urgency was obvious as a hand descended beneath the elastic of my panties, my spread legs a sign of my urgency bayan kurtköy escort too. Labia distended, wetness seeping, fingers inside creating more desire, as soon as Howard touched my blood filled clitoris I came, shuddering and begging to be fucked.

He knelt above me, unbuttoning his shirt and removing it. He stood to remove his jeans, removing a package from a pocket first, then underpants, obviously a gentleman in the making his socks came off as well!

The small package was opened in the corner of my eye, my gaze was drawn to the stiff column of cock that would soon be inside me. Howard smiled at me and asked if I was ready as he rolled a condom down his shaft, in answer I reached for it and drew him down.

He sucked on my engorged nipple as he slowly fed the tip of his cock between my swollen and soaking cunt lips. Oh my god it felt good, sparks flew around my mind as he fucked me slowly and gently. My husband had been gentle in making love, now I was aroused by raw passion.

Howard’s hands ranged and roved, on my tits and nipples, under my bottom and cupping me as he drove onwards with his stiff young cock. I don’t know how many definite orgasms I had, it just felt as if I was coming or on the edge for the whole time.

We kissed constantly, then he pulled his mouth away to tell me he was coming, his thrusts became hard and even deeper, then I knew I was coming too, the spasms in my cunt spreading into my whole body.

We shuddered together as his sweet juices filled the condom, I wrapped my legs around him not wanting the withdrawal of the cock that had made me so happy and satiated.

Minutes later…reality. Howard’s escort bayanlar softened cock slipped from me, he giggled and said it was time to get rid of the used condom. I lay legs still spread and my breath ragged, I could not remember directing him to the bathroom but I heard the toilet flush.

He returned to the room, staring and smiling. He said he didn’t need to leave just yet, living with his parents had advantages. Could we go to bed? Oh yes! I did say my old alarm clock would be set for five o’clock, I did not want any witnesses to my visitor

We climbed into a bed with blankets and sheets torn back, each naked, each kissing and gently biting the other. Howard was above me, my jet black curly hair spread over the pillow, his hands pinioned my arms wide as he sucked my nipples again.

He said he would show me something new…his tongue slurped and licked gently down my body, he reached my navel and my hands grasped for his head. My cunt was boiling over with expectation as he slowly descended, his fingers spread my lips to expose my clitoris to his gaze and tongue.

Rockets exploded in my head and I convulsed and moaned as his tongue slid over my most sensitive part. His tonguing slowed as he allowed me to calm a little, instinct telling me to trust him as he cupped my still firm buttocks and raised my hips.

He had another condom ready, and rolled it over his glistening shaft.

It slid in easily with the excitement and lubrication of the previous fuck, Howard held my legs high and really gave me a hard fuck this time.

His mouth was on my tits again, my nipples were standing hard and proud.

Then a hand under my bottom, no both hands, lifting me so he can drive deeper and harder, one hand reaching further, a finger sliding into my bum, new, nice, mind exploding, orgasm like never before.

Holding, cuddling, morning blow job before he had to go. Soon I would find out I could not trust him, but my first threesome was to follow.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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