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Naked, on your knees, and with your back against the side of your bed you wait facing the door patiently as instructed. Suddenly you see the doorknob turning slowly and the door begin to open. I walk through the door wearing something special I picked up special for tonight (a naughty nuns outfit). In my right hand is a wooden ruler, just in case I need to teach you a lesson. I walk slowly toward you and stop just in front of you looking down at you on your knees. I tell you that you’ve been very bad lately the way that you’ve pleasuring yourself while you think naughty things about me. I tell you that it’s time you were taught a lesson.

I instruct you to start by removing my panties; you smile slightly and reach your hands out taking hold of my leg just above my ankle and slowly start to slide up the length. SMACK! My ruler hits your hand before you even reach my knee!

“I did not tell you that you could feel me up along the way; to ensure that this doesn’t happen again you must remove my panties without using your hands.”

You apologize, although it doesn’t sound to sincere and lean your head forward towards the slit in my skirt. You glide your head into the gap of the fabric and move up underneath until your mouth is level with my panties. You open your mouth and press it against the front of my panties and the warmth I feel makes my pussy start to flow with juices. Unfortunately for you, you find that my panties bahis siteleri are too tight for you to get a grip on with your mouth. You get and idea as to how you can get a better hold of them so they can be removed.

I feel your tongue sliding along the crease of my thigh and the elastic of my black silky panties before slipping inside of them. With the material separated from my body you are able to bite down and lock them in your mouth. From there you drop your head almost in a bowing motion sliding my panties down to the floor around my ankles. I step out of them, kicking them to the side of the room with my foot and tell you that you had done a great job and you should be rewarded for that. Lifting one leg onto the bed my now naked, bald pussy is inches from your face. I tell you that your reward is that I’m giving you the honor of tasting the sweet juices that are pouring from my sweet little pussy. Extending your tongue you reach the lips of my pussy and begin to slowly run your tongue around the perimeter of my smooth cunt. Slowly your tongue continues to circle and the warm, wetness of your tongue causes my hand to fall back and my eyes close tight. Then I feel your tongue slip in between the lips and you proceed to flick your tongue against my tight little hole and clit. Soon your entire mouth is devouring my little pussy as I moan aloud.

This is all I can take of this and I instruct you to sit on the edge of the bed and canlı bahis siteleri lean back so that your hands are flat on the bed supporting yourself. You are still not allowed to use them and I don’t want to have to use my ruler again, because next time I won’t smack your hand! You do as you’re told and I look at the sight of you on the bed with your cock standing straight up at the ceiling. I stand in front of your bent knees as your feet are firmly planted on the floor. I turn my back to you and begin to spread my legs. I begin to back up toward the bed lifting my skirt; my legs straddling yours, I then reach down and place my hands on your knees. Using your knees to support me, I lift each leg onto the bed so that I am on my knees, straddling your cock; my back facing you. I lift off the top of my outfit exposing my soft tits, too bad you don’t have a very good view from behind me. Reaching between my legs you feel my small hands wrap around the base of your cock, and then the head presses against the slippery hole it desires. I lower my weight allowing your hard cock to slide inside of my little tummy as you watch my ass being lowered to your body and you dick disappear into me. I begin raising myself slowly then dropping with force onto your dick…… faster and faster…… I ride your cock like you were a horse. The bed shakes as I continue to bounce on your thick meat, my titties also bouncing with my movement. My hands grab canlı bahis them firmly tweaking my nipples before traveling down my stomach and between my legs to your balls. As I keep up my pace, I lift your balls into my hand and begin to gently play with them, stroking softly, and rolling them lightly in my hand.

I fall back onto your chest, your dick still inside me and I order you to fuck me! Your hands finally permitted to touch me they brad my titties briefly before traveling further south. Your hands reach the inside of my thighs and grip my inner thighs with all your might. Your hands are positioned so that your thumbs are on my hips and your fingers along the inside of my legs as they force me into your cock as you thrust into me. You begin to pound my pussy hard, thrust after thrust, as your strong hands push my body down even harder to meet your attack. I am screaming loud at this point and I don’t care if anyone around can here it. You can’t take much more and I feel your balls tighten in my hand. I tell you to cum for me now, and you have no trouble granting me that request. Expecting to feel your cum inside me you surprise me by letting go of my thigh with your right hand and pulling your dick from inside me. You stroke your stiff aching muscle quickly and I look down just in time to see the first blast shooting towards my face. It lands just on top of the nipple on my left breast and the next few streams cover my tight little tummy. It feels so good and I reach my hands to my chest rubbing your cum around my chest and then I move to my tummy. My hands glide easily over my tummy spreading your cum around my small frame as it shines in the night.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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