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I don’t normally talk about this sort of thing out loud, and for some it might seem like a difficult subject too read, but trust me when I tell you, everything you are about to read is true. You see, I was ten when my mother married John, a man from her work whom she had dated for two years, although I had never met him, he told me about his eleven year old daughter named Joanna, beautiful long blonde hair that came down to her waist line. When they married, Jo and I became friends almost immediately. You see neither of us had sisters, and as we where to be raised in such a fashion we made a pact to be friends for ever, regardless what happened with our parents. When I was fourteen I left for a school in California while Jo stayed home. Although our parents divorced five years ago we regularly kept in touch with phone calls and emails, even using internet messengers to chat weekly, we would talk about anything from movies to boys and, well you get the idea. One time she told me that she was joining the royal air force and leaving for basic training in three weeks. I was shocked, she never mentioned military service before. But part of me was glad she had chosen a career that could lead some where for her.

During her training we rarely contacted each other, simply the odd email from time to time to let each other know how the other was, I guess you could say I missed her. On my 19th birthday I learned that Joanna was being transferred to a base not too far from where I lived, and I guess you could say over the years I picked up something of a local accent which I kinda liked.

It was a Saturday morning and the night before was a heavy one, lots of drink and god only knows what else, I had experimented with my sexuality before, even dating a woman for a few weeks before we broke up, but that morning I woke up next a gorgeous young woman, although I couldn’t recognise her, we where both naked and holding each other, as she awoke she turned and looked at me with contempt as she kissed me patiently, instantly aroused I pulled her on top of me as we made love, although the night before was just a blur of beer and cocktails, and this woman was beautiful, 18 to 20, perfectly shaped B cup breasts and amazing bahis siteleri figure. We spent most of the morning in bed together until around 11:30 she had to leave, wearing an old open shirt I walked her too the door as she left I gave her a very passionate kiss and asked her to call again, you can imagine my surprise as I saw Jo walking up my garden path in her full air force uniform. With a huge smile on my face I ran too her and wrapped my arms around her in a hug. Now as you can imagine it was something of a shock when I realised how much clothing I was wearing at the time, with a girl I had slept with just leaving, and my old friend from childhood jut arriving dressed like some amazingly gorgeous military Barbie doll with short cropped blonde hair, I glowed red as I pulled my open shirt around my naked body and escorted her into my house. After I got changed we sat and talked for hours, Jo told me about her career as an air force junior officer, she was excited about being transferred close to me especially since we hadn’t seen each other in many years.

That night I decided to take her out for the night, to my favourite restaurant, bars and clubs. She never brought up the woman who left my house that morning, and she had to have seen us kissing, but I guess she just decided to leave the subject until I brought it up. After a great meal, we hit the pubs and clubs we spent the night getting drunk an chatting up guys as always talked about, although we didn’t take any home with us, we made it back to my house around 2:30 and collapsed on the sofa. It seemed that Jo had a lower tolerance for alcohol then I had. So I carried her to my bed room where I took off her uniform and placed her in my bed, sleeping in only her underwear she slept threw the night with out waking, as I slept on the top of the covers in just my panties and bra.

One thing that I had always loved is that I rarely got a hangover, and it seemed that Jo also had the same gift. As it was cold during the night I shifted under the covers to keep warm. I don’t remember what happened next, but I awoke with her hand on my stomach, softly rolling around my belly button. I turned to look at her, half expecting her to be asleep but to my surprise canlı bahis siteleri she was awake and smiling. Softly she leaned towards me and kissed me, shock and excitement flowed threw my body as for a moment I returned the kiss until I softly pushed her away. This wasn’t what I wanted, she was my oldest friend, and I loved her as such, although she was extremely beautiful, this wasn’t what I wanted. I had no idea when she removed her clothes, and really didn’t care as she pulled the covers back to reveal her gorgeous naked body, smiling slightly I pulled the covers back over her and told her this was not what I wanted.

For the better part of the day we didn’t speak about what happened that morning until around lunch time she asked me about when I first slept with a woman, for a moment I was slightly embarrassed by her direct question, but I told her about my first time. I told her it was a few years ago when a friend and I were at a party, we both got very drunk, her more then I, so I got us both a taxi back to the dorm. It took me fifteen minutes to walk her, with my arm around her waist, it was a walk that should have taken ten minutes, rather then the longer fifteen minutes. I finally got her back to our room and put her on her bed, I sat her on her bed and took off her shoes and top as she was too drunk to do so. As I took off her blouse she leaned in and kissed me with passion, her hand ran up my inner thigh and pulled my panties aside as they entered me, a warm shiver filled my body as ran her fingers in and out of me as our tongues mixed in a passionate kiss. Very quickly I pulled my top off revealing my bare breasts as her lips found my left breast, I was so turned on I ran my hand up her inner thigh and pushed my fingers inside her. I don’t know how long we had sex, but it felt like hours, the next morning we both awoke naked and each other’s arms with a slight smile on our faces, for the next few months we slept together on a regular basis, though it was a secret affair as she was dating a man from off campus.

A slight smile came over her face as she looked at me and told me that she often thought about being with another woman, but there was no one she could make the move on, canlı bahis especially in her current career. She told me that the next year she was leaving the military and try to make a life for herself in civilian life. And what shocked me the most was that she followed up with the one words I would not have expected. That she wanted me to be her first woman. She had wanted me since she taught me too kiss years ago when I visited home one Christmas. I was shocked that Jo had said something like that, she told me that if I felt the same, that tonight, she would like me too show her what it was like to be with another woman.

I was shocked, but turned on, Jo was by far the most attractive woman I had ever met. Slowly she leaned over the table and whispered in my ear about her teaching me to kiss. As she bent down to kiss me I took her in my arms kissed her passionately, I felt her arms reaching over the table and under my shirt and softly squeezed my breasts. Slowly I pulled away and took her by her hand.

Needless to say we didn’t make it to the bedroom, we got as far as the front room before we where both on the floor as I took off her shirt and bra, her breasts where amazing, a huge 44dd. My tongue rolled around her nipples as I kissed slowly down her body until I rolled down her shorts and panties to reveal she was clean shaven. My tongue rolled around her lips as she breathed deeply with excitement. It didn’t take long to bring her to a huge orgasm as her juices flowed over my lips. Quickly we changed places as she removed my clothes and gave me the best orgasm I had in ages. We spent the rest of the day in bed together learning about each other’s bodies bringing each other to orgasm time after time with multiple positions. After that weekend our relationship was never the same, as promised she left the service later that year and moved in with me, we now share a house together as lovers and I can honestly say, she is best lover I have ever had, although we had known each other for years, and our parents married each other, we are in love. Sometimes we bring in third a woman, but most of the time, well you get the idea, when it became the time to tell our parents, they found it a little unusual, but they where happy we had found someone. And now five years later we are still happy as the day we first made love.

If you’re lucky, maybe we tell you the story of the first kiss, the one when we were… much younger. If you ask nicely.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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