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“Babe, we need more beers. Can you run some over tonight?” The text came in just as Christina step out of the shower. She wrapped her towel around her wet hair as she reached out to respond.

“Yeah, I can run some to the cabin. What kind would you like? Anything else you want?”

“No just the beers. I want you to meet the guys, so dress sexy. “

Justin was spending the weekend at a cabin fishing with some of his college frat buddies. They get together every 2 years to fish, drink, and catchup. Justin had told Christina about the boys and how excited he was about their weekend. Christina felt like she knew the other three guys even though she had only seen their pics online.

“Wear that mini skirt you know I like! I have been bragging all about your sexy legs, and I want to show you off. Maybe I can even get a taste of you too.”

Justin knew exactly how to talk Christina into anything. All he had to mention was tasting her. Justin and Christina had been dating for two years. They met on a hook up site. On their first night, Justin spent so much time eating her pussy. They realized soon that even though sex was amazing with each other, there was also a spark.

“Ok, I will be there around 9ish. Love you!” Christina put the phone down. She examined her naked body in the mirror. She had just shaven her all over and the visible tan lines Justin loved were showing through her fresh tan.

Christina pulled up to the cabin around 9 p.m. She got out of her car and adjusted the mini skirt Justin asked her to wear. She wore a white tank top that is just tight enough to fully reveal the shape of her breast. Just as she fixed her skirt and checked her hair, she saw Justin headed towards the car. He came up, leaned her up against the car, grabbed her face as he went in for a kiss. As he kissed her, Justin’s hand slid down and cupped her ass cheeks. He pulled back, let out a moan, and took a deep breath. He reached in the car grabbed the case of beers, took Christina’s hand, and led her kaçak iddaa to the front door.

“Hey guys, look who just got here!” Justin exclaimed as they walked in the door. He walked Christina over to the kitchen area of the cabin to introduce her to the three other guys. Christina noticed quickly how fit and good looking each guy was. There was Jeff, tall with dark hair. She met Brian next, the blonde with the piercing blue eyes. The last one she met was Jacob. Jacob looked as though he spent every waking hour in the gym.

After a few minutes of talking, Justin walked Christina over to the living room area. There were not a lot of seats in the cabin. There were mostly individual chairs and recliners. There was one wide chair that would fit two people tightly. Justin escorted Christina to the chair. They sat tightly as they continued to talk to the guys. Justin wrapped one hand around the back of her waist as the other hand sat on her upper thigh. After some time, Christina noticed that Justin’s hand was sliding up her thigh more. He started grazing the elastic of her panties to tease her. She got excited, but then noticed the room had gotten silent.

The guys were not talking or laughing as they were. She looked in their direction and noticed they were all watching. She looked at Jacob and noticed the bulge in his pants. She looked at Justin and pulled away. He pulled her back at the waist, looked at her and said, “Baby, please, you know I want this to happen.”

Justin had shared with Christina that he wanted to watch her with another guy. She confided that she had had fantasies of being in a gang bang. Justin became excited about her fantasies, and asked her if she ever would. She had told him yes not thinking it would happen. Now it is happening. The idea of it was scary and exciting all at once. “Ok!” After she responded this, Justin kissed her deep as his hand reached in her panties.

That was the signal for Jacob, Brian, and Jeff to come over. Jacob came over first and took out kaçak bahis his cock. Christina reached for it and stroked it. Justin whispered, put it in your mouth. Christina opened up and began sucking Jacob’s thick cock. She glanced over and noticed Jeff and Brian had both taken their cock’s out and were stroking them. All three cocks were huge. They moved closer, and she started stroking their cocks as she continued sucking Jacob. After a few minutes, she moved her mouth to Brian’s hard cock. He grabbed the back of her head and starting thrusting his cock in her mouth. “Oh Justin, you got a good slut here,” he said.

By then, Christina realized that Justin had moved across the room. He was watching. His fantasy was not to be in the gang bang, but to watch his buddies fuck Christina. Brian pulled Christina’s hair, pulling her mouth off his cock, and said, “Jeff, her mouth feels good.” Jacob had started reaching down to rub Christina’s clit. Brian pulled her tank top and bra down exposing her nipples. He slapped them a few times before sucking her nipples.

Jeff pulled Christina down so she would be on her knees on the floor. He tilted her head back and pushed his cock deep in her throat. She chocked up, but she heard Justin say, “take it slut.” Jeff pulled out of her mouth and pulled Christina to her feet. Brian pulled her tank off and bra and Jacob took off her skirt. There she was, naked in front of three strangers as Justin watched with pleasure. Brian sat on the seat. He told her to get back on all fours and suck him. She did as he wished. The thought of these cocks entering her was exciting her more and more.

As she sucked off Brian, she felt a hand finger her clit from behind. She didn’t know who it was until she felt that huge cock enter. That had to be Jacob. He cock was larger than the others. He leaned over and continued to play with her clit as he fucked her. She knew Justin had told him to do that. She comes so hard when he does that. Jacob knew exactly what to do. She knew before illegal bahis long, she would be coming. As he fucked her, she felt his balls slap her ass. She knew it, tonight would be coming multiple times. And she came the first time.

Brian said he was ready to fuck her. She got up and sat with her back facing Brian on his lap. His cock slid in her pussy as he sat down. He reached around and grabbed her tits. His hands were forceful as he did. Jeff walked up and Christina opened her mouth ready to suck him again. Jacob came up, grabbed her hands, and demanded she stroke his cock.

As he pulled out of her mouth, Jeff said, “I want to cum in her ass.” Brian lifted her off and she was moved to the floor. Christina got on her knees. Jeff got behind her and slid his cock in her ass. Christina wrench with some pain due to the size of his cock entering her ass. He started slowly thrusting his cock in her ass pulling her hair back. Jacob got below her and positioned himself to double penetrate her in her pussy. After both Jacob and Jeff her fucking Christina hard, Brian got in front so she could suck his cock. “We are not going to give you a free hole slut until we cum.” The three continued fucking her, switching positions, and opening her wide.

After time for fucking, Christina heard them say they were ready. They all pulled out of her pussy, ass, and mouth. Jacob rolled her over and said lay down. The three stood above Christina and started stroking their cocks forcefully. She looked at their faces knowing what was coming. Within seconds, the hot cum from each of the three cocks sprayed Christina on her face all the way down to her stomach. She was covered in their cum, and she enjoyed it.

After spraying her down, Jacob, Brian, and Jeff took deep breaths and walked away to clean themselves. They left her lying on the floor. Justin walked over with a towel for Christina to wipe her self with. After wiping her body, Christina stood up and Justin gave her her outfit. She quickly dressed and Justin walked her to her car.

“That was the hottest thing I have ever seen. I am so ready to be home tomorrow night to fuck you.” He kissed her goodnight before she left him to finish the boys weekend.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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