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Claire prepared for her appointment by shaving her cunt for the very first time. She had to admit it looked so good on Sister Teresa. Perhaps these men would expect it. She was eager to show she was ready to be a full member of this sinful secret society.

Knocking on the door of a strange apartment, Claire had never been so nervous in her life. Behind that door were two men who would expect her to act like a common whore and perform any manner of sex acts. The fact they were priests and she was a nun told her it was a disgraceful and sinful way to behave. But more than that was the fear – the unknown of sex with two strangers. It was the kind of thing her mother had warned her about. It was the kind of thing she’d done drunkenly in her younger days and then regretted. But Claire knocked anyway and knew she was shaking from lust as much as fear. Sex was more than a gift from God – it was an addiction. It was becoming obvious that once the younger nun got horny, or was made to feel sexually aroused, she lost the ability to refuse a sex act.

Seeing them in their street clothes disappointed Claire a little. Both men were very good-looking and totally charming. She accepted their hugs and kisses and the glass of wine they offered as some small talk was attempted. But Claire was too overwhelmed for small talk and the priests weren’t in the mood given the sexy young woman in front of them.

When they took her hands Claire did not resist. These men were priests, natural superiors to a mere nun and, yes, more experienced than she. Claire accepted their lead – she wanted to be fucked, to feel their cocks inside her body. Since the men felt the same as her, how could it be a sin?

In the bedroom the men soon undressed Sister Claire and she gave them no resistance at all. She respected these men, these priests and she was read to look up to them. Father John had shown her that nudity was something to enjoy. The nun had her reward that night as the men fondled her tits and rubbed their hands between her smooth thighs. She was glad to have shaved herself, as if it made her a better offering for these two skilled lovers. Her fears were slipping away as she drank in the lust of these men and the sheer joy of the liberation that she felt. She didn’t need to be asked but went to her knees and began to pull at their flies, keen to show she was ready and eager to suck them both. “You are so beautiful,” she heard father Peter mutter as he squeezed her tits while she let Filippo thrust his long, brown cock into her mouth.

Stripped bare, except for her crucifix, she was laid on the bed as Filippo returned to using her soft mouth while Father Peter went down on her. She couldn’t help cumming as he sucked and nibbled on her clit. Her newly shaved cunt responded so well to his oral skills. It was only the muffling effect of the Italian’s beautiful cock in her mouth that kept her from crying out her climax.

Quickly the men switched and she happily took Peter’s smaller cock between her lips. Filippo was, in fact, a well-practiced fucker and an expert at eating cunt. Claire thrilled at the feeling of his head between her thighs, his soft brown curls tickling her skin. The priest shoved his handsome face against her mound and Claire felt her back arching. Soon she was lifting her off the bed as Filippo lapped at her clit and shoved his wonderful tongue up her melting hole. When two of his fingers invaded her cunt Claire forgot entirely that these men were priests.

She was brought back to earth when she felt Father Filippo press one wet finger against her tight anal opening. It was only Doctor Gary who’d penetrated that private place. But the randy Italian priest was gentle and clever and not at all deterred by any resistance from the young nun. And Claire had to admit his mouth on her cunt felt even better as his digit slid deeper into her rear entrance. She felt vulnerable and filthy as she allowed both holy men to use her body but that seemed only fitting for a woman as sinful as she. Two strangers to fuck her and one of them fingering her bottom – she was grateful to be experiencing these pleasures of the flesh.

The priests let her rest for a time and they shared some more wine. Filippo poured a few drops onto her tits and gently sucked her clean as she moaned her delight. Then they stretched her out on the bed as each took a turn fucking her slow and deep. Claire easily spread her legs for them, delighted at the different sensations of these two cocks. She wondered why threesomes at university hadn’t been so good and was grateful for the skill of these older men. Each man fucked her as the other kissed her and fondled her tits, swapping several times to prolong the enjoyment. She was certain she’d be sore the next day but didn’t care in the least.

When Father Peter came inside her it felt like the most beautiful experience. Filippo was next and he removed his condom, stroking his cock as he aimed at Claire’s tits. She’d already taken her first facial and was excited at the thought of this exotic priest kurtköy bayan escortlar splashing his seed on her. As Filippo exploded, spraying his cum over Claire, she threw her head back in delight, thrilled by the smells and the sensations of hot, sticky cum coating her skin. She saw that he’d also covered her crucifix, making it stick to her cleavage, and it occurred to the randy nun that sexual pleasure really was a gift from God.


A week later an important meeting was held in a city office. Sister Teresa was there to report to Mother Mary and Monsignor Davis. They were in a plush city office with a large, comfy sofa in the corner. The three were sitting on the sofa but the agenda wasn’t just talking.

Mary was in her mid-forties had been the previous head of the Order of the Mount. She’d been a mentor to Sister Teresa and had been the one who identified her as a likely member of the inner “sex circle” that was their darkest secret. She was small and despite her years still slim and fit. Her breasts were small, too, but she had a sexual appetite few women her age dared to indulge.

Monsignor Davis was a long-standing friend of the Order and one of its most powerful protectors. He’d reached that position through also being a member of the secret circle. In fact, while he was already in his fifties, Monsignor Davis still regularly took advantage of his position to enjoy the sexual favours of the nuns.

“How is the new recruit progressing?” he asked. At this stage of the meeting he was already squeezing and sucking on Sister Teresa’s gorgeous tits. On the other side of him, Mother Mary had her hand under his cassock, stroking the older man’s cock to its full size. But the Monsignor has certain rights within the secret society and he would sample Claire himself as son as she was ready.

“So far she’s passed every test,” muttered Teresa. She remembered her own slow entry to the inner circle and marvelled at Claire’s confidence. “Father John is a good choice as mentor. But of course I’ve made sure she’s being exposed to others as well.” It would not do to allow Claire to get too focussed on the handsome Father John. Lust and debauchery were at the heart of the secret society but falling love with just one member of the group could spell disaster.

Mary had extracted the Monsignor’s thick cock and was eagerly slurping along the shaft. He shifted position so as to more easily suck and bite the tits of the younger nun. These meetings were a monthly event and both women knew just how to pleasure the church leader.

Soon Teresa was on hands and knees behind her superior. Mary was a lover of women first and yet she, too, appreciated the power of a big hard cock. She never failed to give the Monsignor a delicious blowjob. Teresa did her bit by rimming the older woman as she tried her best to deepthroat the Monsignor. It was Mother Mary who’d recruited her into the secret society, slowly introducing her to all manner of experiences. It was from Mary that she’d first learnt the pleasures of being intimate with a woman. Teresa had been a quiet and innocent woman until Mother Mary had shown her the delights of lesbian face-sitting and swallowing semen. Now she licked the arsehole of her friend to use the skills she’d learnt and to help prepare Mary.

Together they sucked the Monsignor some more before their attentions shifted to a lesbian interlude. They were happy to perform for the Monsignor’s eyes but in truth it was a pleasure to once more use fingers and tongues to thrill and pleasure one another. When they moved into a “69” Monsignor Davis was stroking his cock. Teresa made sure to slip a finger into the other woman’s backside.

The older priest fucked them both, side by side. He reamed Teresa as she lay back on the lounge with her legs over her head. The Monsignor was an experienced fucker and wielded his holy sceptre with skill. He moved casually back and forth between the two sopping cunts. When he pumped into Mary from behind, as she lay over the lounge, Claire could only watch that thick cock ream the older woman and wait for her nest round lf orgasms.

Finally Monsignor Davis was ready for his own peak performance. Without a word he pressed his thick cock against Mary’s butthole. She had known this was coming and did nothing more than relax and wait to be penetrated. Whatever her own pleasures, Mary knew it was an act of submission to their protector. Teresa, as it happened, did not enjoy anal and was always grateful for the Mother’s talents. She still wondered that Mother Mary, so small and tight, could so easily take that thick cock fully into her rear passage. The truth was that Mother Mary really did love being fucked in her arse and looked forward to the Monsignor unloading in her bowels. When he did so this time, his moans louder than hers, Teresa got back into position behind her mentor and gently licked up as much of the semen as oozed from that stretched hole.


Claire kurtköy escort had once more been throwing herself into her work. In particular, she’d had a rough week with some younger people who resented authority and discipline. Thinking of her own past, Claire could understand their desire for “freedom” and for making any choices they wished. She’d been freed from the restraint of chastity and yet the secret “inner circle” demanded a very different type of discipline.

Anal sex was very much on her mind the following Sunday when she spoke to Father John after church. They were in his office and he could see immediately that something was bothering her. It couldn’t be her recent activities, he was sure. The reports had been glowing and it was obvious that Claire was loving her new double life as a nun and a slut. Finally her worries came to the surface.

“Father, do you think its true that some sex is unnatural. I mean if we take pleasure from… back there?”

Father John tried to look concerned. “Has someone tried to force you? I mean, make you do something you didn’t want?”

“Oh no, Father,” came the quick reply. “It wasn’t that …its just…”. Claire eventually explained about Father Fillipo and her surprise at him fingering her bottom during oral sex. She didn’t bother to mention Doctor Gary and his “inspection” of her rear passage – and there was no need since Father John knew the doctor’s routine.

“At first I thought it was a mistake,” she explained. “Then I just thought of how dirty it is.” Under some gentle questioning she did admit to Father John it had not been unpleasant. “I had the most amazing orgasm. His finger in there… it did feel strange. But it made me wonder…”

John suppressed his grin. He knew where this was headed. “I’m sure the doctor explained to you… that some people might ask to play with your butt. Did you get a butt plug like he told you?”

Claire shook her head and admitted she’d been too embarrassed. Anal had seemed so “wrong” and she had felt she could put it off. That was until Father Filippo had fingered her back there. Now she knew that she would be asked to let the priests use her butt. She’d even been wondering if Father John might want to stick his gorgeous cock into her bottom.

“I just don’t know Father. Its …its sodomy. I though the Church was strict …I thought we had to regard it like animals.”

The kindly, lecherous priest knew what to do. He recognised the telltale signs in Claire and had seen the report from the doctor. Father John was sure she’d turn out to be an anal slut for the secret society. “Yes, sodomy, as you call it …some do frown on it. Even in the Order of the Mount it is not forced on you. A woman has to feel comfortable, mentally and physically, before she can accept a man back there.” He tried to reassure Claire that, done correctly, even she might learn the joys of anal play.

“Would you like to try again, now with me? We can see if your bottom is the kind that enjoys being played with. I promise to be gentle.”

Claire was shocked, excited and fearful all at once. But her lust for John was always going to win out. In moments she was laid across his desk, her skirt flipped up and her G-string pulled to one side. John noted with approval the smooth-shaved cunt lips as he started to work on Claire, running his fingers along her slit. He soon had her moaning softly as he stroked her tunnel with two fingers and slowly, carefully, began to lick at her rear entrance. Claire was beside herself with lust and desire for the handsome priest. She knew she should concentrate on this “test” but it was so hard when she was laid over a priest’s desk, her work clothes re-arranged to give him access to her intimate places and his fingers in her soaking cunt.

When Father John asked Claire to hold her butt cheeks apart, to “make it easier” for him to examine her, Claire did so without question and with little shame. She trusted this man who allowed her to experience the most sinful pleasures. She jumped as the tip of his tongue pressed into her anus but John was sure she wouldn’t resist. He pressed his tongue deeper and the quiet moan told him that he’d hit the jackpot. Claire could hardly believe it – that tongue felt so amazingly good on her tiny hole. Was it always this good to be touched in that forbidden place?

Eventually John knew she was ready – soft and warm. “Let me just see how this feels,” he said quietly as he started to slowly work one finger into the virgin anus. Filippo had been too eager for this novice. John kept softly stroking her cunt, rubbing her clit a little, too, as he slowly worked his finger past the first knuckle. From the response he could tell Claire was beginning to enjoy the experience. He wondered if this nun might have a real talent for anal sex.

Father John let his mind wander briefly to Mrs Skala. She was a lovely Polish widow who ran a church charity in a neighbouring parish. She was big-busted and over-sexed and Father John kurtköy escort bayanlar had “let her seduce him” the previous year. It had been totally against the rules and dangerous for him to do so. But the sex had made it totally worth such risks. He’d fucked her twice in her home and the first time she had mentioned “it would be alright” if he wanted to put his cock “back there”. He’d had a great fuck, screwing this lay woman up the arse. The second time she’d almost begged for anal sex and had screamed out orgasm after orgasm – she’d even admitted she preferred anal sex and lamented that her poor, departed husband had never given her enough.

Focussing again on the task at hand, Father John tried to reassure the novice nun. “Your bottom is tight. But you’re doing really well. If you relax I know we can get my whole finger in there.” He was still stroking the inside of Claire’s cunt and her ragged breathing told him how much she was enjoying that. “Focus on your cunt and how good it feels,” he said softly, eager to explore the tight rectum still deeper.

“Oh Father,” she breathed back. “Oh fuck.” John started to work her cunt harder now, trying to keep her aroused and provide just a little distraction. In moments he heard the telltale signs of the nun about to explode and felt her cunt muscles begin to contract. It was right at that point that he shoved his finger fully into the virgin arse and Claire had the beautiful experience of cumming with both holes filled. John had to hope that the office next door was empty.

In a flash the priest withdrew his fingers and pulled out his erect cock. Claire was still panting and shaking from her massive orgasm. The priest placed the head of his bare cock against her cunt. “I need some relief, Sister,” he said. “I have to fuck you”.

Claire was unable to speak. She could only nod her head in response. She wanted so badly for the priest to fill her with his gorgeous member. He entered her with a single thrust and Claire made a guttural sound as she felt his meat stretch her cunt. The fucking was vigorous and Claire loved it all. She was thrilled to give herself like this to the wonderful Father John – somehow it felt right as a nun to let this holy man take her with such passion and force. She came again and again around his pounding shaft until she felt Father John change his stroke. “Please,” she whispered to him as John released his own climax and flooded her willing cunt with his juices. They were both left gasping at the exertion of their sinful fucking and the thrill of their orgasms.

“Why don’t you clean me,” suggested Father John and, following his gentle guidance, Claire slipped to her knees and took the still half-hard cock into her mouth. With a sense of devotion she carefully sucked clean the priest’s member, even licking his balls to remove any trace of their juices. She looked up and was rewarded with a warm smile from her teacher.

Claire refused the offer of a cloth to soak up the cock juice now leaking from her. Just as she’d seen Sister Teresa do, the nun relished the idea of going to her next appointment with the semen of a priest dripping down her thighs.

“Make sure you see the doctor,” said Father John. “He will prescribe the right size butt plug for you.”


Sister Teresa, meanwhile, had her own part to play in the continuing education of the willing Sister Claire. A special event was being planned and the newest member would be a welcome addition. Teresa pondered again her own, gradual entry to the secret “sex society” inside the Order of the Mount. Mother Mary had gone much slower in her case, gently recruiting her and exposing her to more and more ideas of sexual fun – and then had come the actual experiences where Teresa had, to her own surprise, discovered she loved sex and could enjoy it equally with men and women.

Claire was a different matter, however. She’d leapt eagerly into her new world and was becoming more and more brazen in her likes and her range of sex acts. The question was how she’d react to the idea of fucking other nuns. Teresa had willingly followed the lead of the Mother Superior and happily complied with her demands for lesbian exploration. Sucking tits and fingering holes, even licking a woman’s cunt for the first time – these had all been an easy element of her compliance with Mother Mary’s authority. How would Claire react?

Teresa was thinking about this while fucking with Sister Marian. The other woman was a plump redhead with tits almost as big as Teresa’s. She was a confirmed lesbian and had only twice experienced a man and his cock – one of them Monsignor Davis who had insisted on sampling the spunky young nun. Marian had already been sexually experienced when she’d been brought into the secret society. She had always acknowledged her sexuality and had found ways, even as a teenager, to indulge her lust for females. Becoming a nun had hardly slowed her down and she’d soon come to the attention of the secret “inner circle”.

Right then she was naked in bed with Sister Teresa and, in between fucking, they were discussing Claire. Marian always enjoyed her trysts with the older Teresa and had just finished sucking on her big tits and softly fingering her to a wonderful series of orgasms. Soon she’d insist the older woman returned the favour with some oral delights.

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