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Sister Claire had learned to treasure the Gift. That wasn’t hard given that she had never had so much sex in her life. It was a huge change for someone who had been told that sex was only for certain purposes and that desire was a sin. She had opted to join the Order of the Mount for fear that her earlier life might be leading her to hell. How strange, then, that it was her sister nuns who had encouraged her to embrace sex and the opportunities afforded by the Gift.

“Fucking for Jesus” — that’s how she’d thought of her appointment with the mayor. As a member of the inner circle of the Order, Claire understood now that it was her responsibility to use the Gift to help her sisters to achieve their greater goals. For centuries, the Order had relied on supporters and allies to further its work for the downtrodden. The Gift allowed men and women to combine lust and pleasure with their obligation to do good works.

At first she had been disbelieving that her boss, Sister Teresa, could have a penchant for fucking men and letting their seed drip down her thighs. But it had been Claire’s own unclean thoughts that had opened the door to her new life – where religious duty required having so much sex. It was only later that she had guessed that the Order had had a plan all along. Sister Teresa and Mother Mary had nurtured her unclean thoughts. With help from Father John, of course. And now Sister Claire was expected to continue their secret practices.

While the mayor had no understanding of such things. His intention was to use the pretty nun to satisfy his own sexual desires. His sister-in-law had suggested that she would easily be convinced to lift her skirt for him. With her mind on her mission, Claire had no objection to that. She had happily given her body and her mouth to him.

The Gift was not divorced from notions of sin — just as she’d been taught be her sister nuns. Desire chiefly should be to further the cause of the Order of the Mount. The satisfaction to be gained from sex was giving pleasure to others. But Claire soon discovered what the others knew. Experiencing lust and sexual thrills only enhanced the Gift for those outside the Order. God had given the men and women the ability to enjoy the most intense sexual pleasure and the only danger from free, uninhibited sex was not to make the best use of it.

Eager to please and to prove her worth to the inner circle, Sister Claire had opened her mind to sex in all its forms. Father John had been her first teacher and she would always be grateful to him. In fact, Claire might have felt more deeply if not for the warning that nuns in the inner circle were forbidden to develop emotional connections to others. But Father John had taught her the joys of sodomy. Thanks to his kindness and patience, she was able to give even better service to the Order by providing even more intense sexual pleasure. Illicit affairs, threesomes, lesbian sex and sodomy all were part of her duties.

Doctor Gary had been a special case. Claire understood that he deserved a reward for being so dedicated in combining his professional care with a determined discretion about the goings-on of his religious patients. And a doctor’s skillful touch had always stoked her arousal.

Giving herself to being sodomised by Monsignor Davis had felt more like a duty — an expectation that a new member of the inner circle must pay tribute to the church leader. He had fucked her with his ego as much as his cock. But that, too, had been exciting for the young nun as she saw up close the power of the Gift to win support for the Order of the Mount.

The one experience with the Gift that had caused brief doubts was Mr Watson and his car. Before entering the Order, Claire had studiously avoided sex acts in cars. She had always thought that to be a line of debauchery she was not prepared to cross. Sex in a car was cheap and could only bring disrespect to a young woman.

But Mr Watson had wanted to have his cock sucked — in his car. And Sister Claire knew better than to refuse this important man. Besides, he had the biggest cock she’d ever experienced. It had been an honour to be asked by Mr Watson. Hed been opportunistic but that was not a reason for Claire to refuse. She’d marveled at his size and girth and the power of his appendage even as she had struggled to fit her lips around him. Not to mention that she was thinking of the extra praise she would win from her sister nuns as she had felt him explode in her mouth and swallowed all of his precious seed.

Yes, Sister Claire loved cocks — all cocks. No longer concerned for her soul, she could enjoy each one as a special part of the Gift. The mayor was no competition for Mr Watson. But he had a very healthy specimen nonetheless. The nun had been excited to sink to her knees and receive his cock in her mouth.

The mayor had acted from pure greed for sexual pleasure. He had wanted no more than to take advantage of the pretty nun. Yet, Claire had enjoyed is obvious display of lust. And when he had forced her adiosbet yeni giriş over his desk and pierced her with his cock his technique had been more than satisfactory. He’d filled her nicely and his thrusting was just vigorous enough to make her orgasm. She didn’t want the mayor to use her rear passage since he was of little value to the Order. Not that she would have refused if he’d asked. But the sister-in-law, Paola was a different matter and Claire had gone to her knees again, letting him thrust into her mouth till his cock juice spewed into her mouth and down her throat.


Father Filippo had known the reason for her appointment with the mayor. He had been careful to keep his distance from Claire over the next few days. That wasn’t easy when the pretty young nun was sleeping in the next room each night. But Filippo was a man as well as a priest and he understood that some women experienced he most intense sexual pleasure when they had some emotional connection with their lover. And he knew that Sister Claire must not confuse her emotions.

Claire understood his reason. It was true that she was developing feelings for the handsome priest, he was a good man. Outside the priesthood he would be a good catch. The fact he was good friends with the wonderful Father John only proved his desirable qualities. On top of which he was a gifted and generous lover.

Even Mother Mary had acknowledged that is posting to this remote village was a hardship for Father Filippo. Claire had felt it her duty to give him additional comfort. Other priests were committed to lives of celibacy but Filippo had been introduced to the Order of the Mount for a reason. That was why, a few nights after her meeting with the mayor, she was sharing the evening meal with Filippo while being naked from the waist up.

“You have an appointment with Paola tomorrow,” he reminded her, trying his best to ignore the perky B-cups tits.

“Yes, at lunchtime. She is the most brazen creature I could imagine. I’m sure she will have something disgusting in mind for me.”

“But its good for your assignment if she wants you.”

“Who doesn’t want a dirty nun who is a good fuck?”

Filippo tried not to laugh. He needed not to notice that Claire was coming around the table to him. With her slim, young body and her cute freckles she was impossible to ignore for any man — or woman?

“Eat your dessert,” he ventured.

“Yes, Father,” she whispered as she leaned over him. “Then take me to bed.”

She moaned as his lips closed around one hard nipple. It was not her seduction of the lonely priest that fired her up. She was already thinking of the pleasure she wanted him to take from her. Their meals would be left unfinished that night.

In his bed she was naked and languid, stretching her body in front of him to signal that Filippo was welcome to any and all of her. She rubbed her breasts for him and ran one hand between her thighs, gently parting them as she watched him unveil his half-hard cock.

“This is not part of your assignment,” he mumbled. “And as a priest I have no right to this.”

“But Father, we are partners in this assignment. You should share in the Gift as much as the others. I enjoy quenching your lust.”

Propped on one elbow, she licked at his cock while the priest gently stroked her perfect, pale skin. Filippo knew that few men — let alone priests — could be as lucky as he. He moaned as she licked his shaft, feeling himself almost fully erect by now. It was surely a Gift to have a woman desire his holy shaft as much as these nuns. She licked his balls, hanging heavy and low beneath his shaft. He knew that the nuns’ reaching about the Gift was righteous indeed. It was not surrender – it was a celebration of what God had given to men and women.

Claire shuffled closer. Holding his wonderful cock in one hand, she licked from his balls along the underside of the shaft to the very tip. He was rock-hard now and the touch of her tongue made him twitch. She thought the priest much more deserving of the Gift than the mayor. It was a thought made into action as she closed her soft lips around the head of the holy man’s cock. She moaned to him as the priest cupped his hands around her soft, brown hair and began to thrust into that sweet, freckled face.

“I know that you strayed before taking your orders,” he grunted. “But it has made you incredibly good at sharing the Gift.”

“I just love your cock,” she grinned, briefly detaching her mouth so as to smear her saliva along the length of his shaft. “God’s gift to me.”

Claire wondered how Filippo where had learned to use a woman’s mouth. She had not lied about his wonderful prong, thick and hot – perhaps bigger than John’s and, she knew, a real pussy pleaser. His desire was obvious as he thrust firmly between her lips. Yet, he seemed to know not to force too hard, instead using his power to fill her mouth while letting her experience every inch of his hardness. The slickness of his adiosbet giriş pre-cum only confirmed that the priest had waited too long to experience the Gift once again. And Claire was ready to enjoy all of his sexy, olive-skinned body.

A nun has many rituals to perform but worshipping Filippo’s cock was the only one that mattered then. Resuming her fellatio, Claire tightened her lips and tried to use her tongue along the underside of his shaft. She had tried to learn all his bumps and ridges, enjoying the feeling of his manly strength as throbbed in her mouth. Her hand slipped lower, cradling his balls as she imagined the amount of semen he must have stored there.

But Filippo was a far better lover than the mayor. He wanted to see Claire enjoy their screwing as well. Using his strength, he rolled her away and onto her back. With a grin, he pushed her knees apart and straddled the face of the sexy nun. His cock loomed over her as Filippo took up position for a 69.

Just in time, Claire realised what he wanted. She relaxed underneath the priest as his cock slapped against her face. He was eager this night and in a moment his face was between her legs, his hot breath on her already steaming cunt.

“Oh, sweet Father,” she moaned as she took the head of his cock into her mouth, letting him sink down to drive his length between her lips.

Claire’s emotions for Filippo were in danger of spilling out as the weight if his sexy body pressed down on her. She felt as if she was being consumed by this priest. Was she being unfaithful to Father John? But she’d made Filippo extra horny and his thick cock was soon filling her mouth. The only thought Claire could spare was the hope that he’d be gentle and not damage her with his fabulous cock. He thrust deep and she would have choked except for the scream that he forced from her throat as his tongue lapped at her bare cunt lips.

The nuns of the Order of the Mount all swore by bare-shaven mounds. Yes, god had given them hair. But it signaled their intent to truly give their all for their lovers when they prepared themselves by removing the hair from their cunts and their arseholes. And it felt so much better as Claire rejoiced while Filippo lapped at her hungry sex.

In fact, there was no scream from Claire because none could make it past the thick meat in her mouth. She was aware that the dirty priest was fucking her mouth, the thick shaft sliding remorselessly as his hips bucked above her. Claire was smothered, totally at his mercy and nothing but a hole for his pleasure. What else could she have desired? Except that she could hardly concentrate on Father Filippo and his pleasure since his talented tongue was providing the sensational pleasure to her cunt.

Claire thought she might pass out from lack of air. Between her frenzied orgasms and the thrusting of the priest’s sceptre in her mouth she had precious little opportunity to breath. When Filippo climbed off, she was almost grateful for the respite from his lust-filled assault.

“Sister Claire, now you’re ready for the Gift.”

“Holy Mother. Give it to me, Father.”

Filippo did not pause at all. Quickly spinning around he plunged his cock, slick with her saliva, into Claire’s steaming hole. Only a single thrust was required for him to bury his seven inches fully inside her. Claire cried out again with the sheer thrill at the audacious fucking of the church man.

The priest grabbed her ankles and lifted her legs high. This way he had better access to slam into her helpless cunt. The nun looked so gorgeous underneath him, her young and pale body still a perfect example of womanhood and her B-cup tits perky and bouncing as he began to thrust deep. She was hungry for fucking and Filippo, despite her earlier misgivings, truly was in the mood to satisfy her. The tight, wet cunt felt just right as it enveloped his shaft.

“Fuck me,” she gasped. “Don’t cum yet.”

The priest understood her meaning. Though his balls were boiling with lust he had the stamina to fuck Claire senseless at least twice that evening. And she writhed and moaned loudly as Filippo used her cunt to full advantage, thrusting harder and faster each time she breached the edge of another powerful orgasm.

Finally able to rest, the panting nun licked clean that wonderful cock before lying peacefully in Filippo’s tanned arms.

“How does a priest learn to be so amazing in bed?” she wanted to know.

“Perhaps its just the Gift,” he chortled. “Or maybe its because we have such sexy nuns to inspire us.”

Claire moved closer to his warm body, snuggling and kissing. She enjoyed his soft lips and the way his stubble felt so rough against her face. As a woman, she couldn’t help but show her passion for this special man. It was impossible to think of anything for the future except another chance to fuck him again.

It was only correct for Filippo to keep some distance from her even during the assignment. A nun could never be the live-in girlfriend for a priest no matter what adiosbet güvenilirmi arrangements the Order of the Mount had the power to make. But she was enjoying his touch on her breasts, the way he rubbed her nipples and massaged her soft flesh. She was happy about the choices she’d made for this night alone with the randy priest.

“You should fuck me in my rear end, Father,” she murmured in his ear.

“Horny again?” he chuckled. “I thought the mayor took care of that.”

“I didn’t offer,” she explained with a shake of her head. “I know its wrong, but I was saving that for you.”

Filippo had his own soft spot for this pretty nun. Somehow she was different to the others. He knew the rules and dared not let his emotions for her develop any further. But she was sweet and he was enjoying his time with Claire. And right then she was so obviously wanting to take his cock in her backside that he could not deny her.

With his cock hardening anew, Filippo flicked his tongue over her nipples. As he reached down to part her legs, he suckled gently on her pert B-cup tits. The church might say that lust is a sin but there was no reason not to appreciate the sexual charms of this young nun. Lying between her legs, he trailed kisses over her tummy and soon had his mouth on her cunt with its swelling labia. Having been taught by the nuns about proper preparation, he had no hesitation in working his tongue below her cleft, gently trailing the tip across her tight, dark entrance.

“Oh Father…” she moaned, still entranced by the notion that she could share carnal pleasures with such a wonderful priest.

Filippo noted the way she responded to the licking of her anus. But just as obvious was the fluid leaking from her smooth, bare cunt. He drove his tongue deep into the soaking hole, scooping up juices with his tongue as Claire’s hips bucked from the bed. Taking advantage of her lust, he moved his lips to her clit, enveloping her hard nub while lapping at the tip. Her first orgasm made Claire lose control completely and she was hardly aware that she’d grabbed Filippo’s head so as to pull his face harder into her gushing cunt. He waited for her second orgasm to begin inserting a finger into her tight anus.

“Please…” she begged him. “Please…” as her next orgasm exploded, more powerful than the first two.

Sister Claire was a firecracker. Filippo had only fucked two women apart from members of the Order of the Mount. But his experience was adequate to know that the Gift had a strong impact on this young nun.

With his own cock set to burst, he flipped Claire over, positioned on hands and knees. The young woman was excited to display her flanks and her holes to the eager priest. She adored the submissive nature of being butt-fucked that way. And Filippo was intent on fully burying his cock in her bowels. It was, after all, a fine arse with its pert shape and unblemished skin.

“Fuck me,” she gasped. “Fuck my bottom.”

Ignoring the likelihood of his going to hell, the priest wasted no time in penetrating the eager nun. Her sphincters were young and tight but Filippo already knew she could accept his entire cock. Oh, the glory of sodomy with a woman who could beg for it. And a woman who clearly enjoyed it so much.

Claire was moaning constantly. Having lost control of herself, she thought of nothing but the thick cock that was stretching and filling her passage. There was always a little pain — especially with Father Filippo. Yet, that seemed only to enhance her pleasure as the discomfort passed and her hole adjusted to being penetrated by such a proud phallus. She did not even need to cum from the initial fucking. The tightness of his cock in that place gave her an almost surreal experience his manliness and the warmth it sent through her entire body. And the gradual opening of her sphincters was a wonderful way to who how she could worship his holy staff.

Of course, Filippo was a more than considerate lover. He was careful to vary his thrusting, sometimes leaving just the head of his cock wedged in her anus and other times ramming fast and deep into her bowels. Whatever Sister Claire might think about the need for anal orgasms, Filippo soon heard the telltale moans from his pretty young prey. Her sounds were so different when she orgasmed from butt sex. But only she could know the exquisite ecstasy of cumming while a hard cock reamed her arsehole.

The priest had to content himself with his own pleasure — the unique feeling of a woman’s sphincters and her tight passage wrapped around his cock. Knowing that Claire had been transported to some other state, he could grip tighter on her butt cheek and begin to slam harder and faster into her delicate entrance. There was a special triumph to be gained from unloading his balls into her bowels.

“I’m gonna cum in your arse,” he growled to her, unsure if Claire could even hear him. “Fill your arse with my hot cum.”

Claire could hear him – just. Her new groans of delight were indistinguishable from the noise of her unbridled climax. This man made her cum like she’d never imagined when he used her back passage like this. It could only be better if the delightful Father Filippo spewed his balls into her bottom. And she didn’t need to wait any longer for that.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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