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I sat beside my wife in the loud, crowded bar. I’d been drinking for most of the day and I had a buzz but I was purposely acting much drunker than I was. My wife giggled nervously beside me as she talked to a young man she had met less than an hour before. He had an athletic build and an attractive face with dark ebony skin and a bright mischievous smile.

My wife Carly had long insisted that she was not attracted to black men but I had caught her stealing furtive glances at men of color over the years and I oft wondered if the lady doth protest too much.

“You’ve got nice eyes,” he said in a deep masculine tone. He had started slowly, exchanging pleasantries as we sat three abreast at the bar. My wife was guarded at first but he was friendly and outgoing and she opened up quickly. She’d already told him that we were in Miami for a few days before heading to Key West to celebrate our twenty fifth anniversary. He had been complimentary about the longevity of our relationship but unfazed by my presence and once they started talking he began to subtly flirt with her.

“Thank you,” Carly replied with a warm, sincere smile. He held her gaze for several moments and she paused as she considered her reply. Like me she had been drinking since noon and she certainly had a buzz, lowering her inhibitions, but she had paced herself and I could tell she wasn’t drunk.

I wondered what she was thinking and I deliberately chose that moment to excuse myself to go to the bathroom. I had long fantasized about watching her in the throes of ecstasy with another man but I wasn’t a typical cuckold. I had an above average dick and good stamina but the idea of watching my mostly vanilla wife have wild sex with another man excited me more than anything else I could think of. The race of the other man had always seemed immaterial but for reasons I couldn’t explain the fact that he was black made the scenario even hotter to me.

“Okay Baby,” my pretty wife said with a warm smile. She was a full bodied woman, thick around the middle with wide hips, a fat ass and big D cup breasts. She’d been a petite 115 pounds when we were first married but a sedentary lifestyle and two children had conspired to put more than 50 pounds on her small 5’3″ frame. She hated her body and had grown insecure over the years and his attention and compliments were clearly having an impact on her.

“Now what were you saying?” He asked her as I strolled past him towards the men’s room. His ebony hand brazenly brushed against hers and I heard her sigh as I rounded the corner into the hallway that led to the restrooms.

I paused out of sight and listened. I had met Kai online and we had been chatting for several months leading up to my anniversary trip. He was a strong, naturally dominant man with an affinity for submissive, married, white women. He was an experienced bull to several cuckold couples and he was, unbeknownst to my wife, at the bar specifically to seduce her.

“Um, I don’t know,” Carly said hesitantly. “I guess I was going to tell you that you have nice eyes too.” She giggled nervously and I walked off to the men’s room to relieve myself, satisfied that she was loosening up.

“Did ya miss me?” I asked jokingly when I returned several minutes later. They were engrossed in conversation and I doubted they had realized I was still gone.

His hand was resting on hers and her unblinking eyes were affixed with his. I could feel the energy and tension in the air and I swallowed hard to lessen my growing angst. He had told me the first time we’d spoken that once he got them alone no white woman had ever turned him down and I could tell why. Not only was he attractive, he was well spoken, educated, personable and very confident.

“Come on,” he said, ignoring my joke as if I wasn’t there, “I know you want to.”

“I’m not very good,” Carly replied as she shifted in her seat. Her cheeks looked flushed and her eyes were glimmering with obvious interest. I had seen men hit on her before. It happened often and usually by men of color, but I had, theretofore, never seen her respond in kind.

“I’m sure you’re great,” he assured her in a velvety smooth tone. His hand closed over hers as he climbed off his bar stool and he helped her down from her stool with the chivalry of a knight.

Carly glanced at me with a sheepish grin and shrugged as he led her into the dance floor. She’d never been much of a dancer but after a few drinks she’d sometimes shake her ass.

Kai started to dance with my wife. His moves were raw and sensual and he looked into her eyes as they danced. His hips undulated slowly and his hand moved up and down her bare arms. She was dressed casually in shorts and a tight tank top and she had a lot of exposed skin including her generous cleavage.

Carly’s hips swayed and she followed his lead. She’d never been a great dancer but she seemed to feed off of him and he grew bolder with each successive song. His hands moved to her full hips and he drew adiosbet yeni giriş her closer as he held her gaze0.

Carly looked up at him with a playful grin. She didn’t resist and their dance moves grew increasingly sexual. Their bodies moved together as one. Their hips bumped to the heavy beat and their hands discreetly touched and groped as one song morphed into the next with the utmost fluidity.

I watched my wife and Kai dance for the next ninety minutes. My cock vacillated between rock hard and semi erect and my mind was spinning. Carly had long insisted that she was a one man woman. She despised cheating but I supposed, because I was there and didn’t object she felt my silence was my blessing.

Kai led her off the dance floor. It was late and the crowd had thinned as we neared closing time. His body glistened with sweat and my wife’s thick brown hair was matted and damp. Her sparse clothes clung to her sweat soaked body and her nipples strained against her bra and her thin cotton shirt. She looked radiant and beautiful and my heart raced. If we had been alone I’d have taken her back to our room and ravaged her but I was no longer driving that bus.

“I told you that you would do great,” he said slipping his sinewy arm around Carly’s chubby waist. He looked into her eyes and turned to face her. His free hand moved to her hip and she craned her neck as she returned his warm smile. Their bodies pressed together and he kissed her softly on the lips.

It was a brief but intimate kiss and I could see the passion. My chest felt tight and a foreboding pit formed in my stomach. I had long fantasized about watching my wife have sex with another man but it suddenly felt very real and almost too real. A seed of doubt and regret began to grow in my head. I wanted to stop them but I knew it was too late.

Kai peeled away and went to the bar for a fresh round of drinks, leaving us alone to work through the details.

“Kai wants to fuck me,” Carly said boldly. She seemed uncharacteristically confident and there was a defiant smirk on her pretty face. She was an inherently passive woman who usually avoided conflict.

“Wha, what?” I stammered. Her tone and vulgarity had caught me off guard and I didn’t know how to respond. My mind was reeling as my angst continued grow.

“He said that you told him he could. That you want to watch.”

My cheeks warmed and my mouth felt parched. I was at a loss for words. Kai had sold me out.

“Whe, when would I have told him that?” I asked nervously. I wasn’t sure how much she knew about my plan but I was hoping she knew little.

“Earlier when I went to pee. He told you he wanted to fuck me. He said you told him to go for it,” she replied incredulously.

“What did you tell him?” I asked. I swallowed hard and my dick wilted in my pants. It was happening whether I liked it or not.

“Well you fucked that slut for six fucking months so I told him ‘let’s fuck’,” she laughed dismissively. Her reference to the slut made my heart ache. I’d been unfaithful more than a decade earlier and she had found out after I’d broken it off. We had, in time, gotten past my infidelity but she had never forgotten and it was time for her to even the score.

Kai returned to with their drinks and slid his arm around Carly’s waist. He pulled her close and kissed her hard while I watched. Her mouth opened and their tongues entwined. He cupped her fat, round ass and ground his crotch against her pelvis as they kissed like lovers while I sat hopeless and impotent. I regretted what I’d done but there was no turning back. Despite my concerns my dick stiffened in my shorts betraying my depravity.

They quickly downed their drinks and Carly and Kai walked out onto the street with me in tow. We were just a few blocks from our hotel and I followed them down the sidewalk like a puppy dog while they walked hand in hand. It felt oddly surreal and dreamlike and I shook my head several times to clear the cobwebs from my lust and alcohol clouded mind.

The door to our room closed behind me while my wife shamelessly kissed and groped Kai. Soft coos and low moans rose from her heaving chest as her excitement built. I was struggling to reconcile the rapid change in my once monogamous wife’s demeanor but it was clear that under her previously reserved exterior had been a caged animal waiting to be released.

Kai lifted her shirt off and deftly unhooked her bra, freeing her big, heavy breasts. “you’ve got nice tits,” he mused as he tweaked her taut nipples eliciting a deep, guttural moan.

“Thank you,” my wife groaned. She shifted nervously and rubbed his cock through his jeans. I could see the bulge in his pants and my anxiety grew. Kai had sent me pictures of his cock in the months since we’d first talked and it had played tricks on my mind. I’d always considered myself straight but seeing pictures of his big black cock had made me wonder just how straight I really was. Unfamiliar and taboo desires adiosbet giriş had filled my head and I had masturbated much more than once imagining his huge cock not just in my wife’s mouth but in mine too. It had been a troubling discovery and I was conflicted as those same taboo thoughts repopulated my twisted, turning mind.

He stepped back and the tenor in the room changed. “The white people need to strip,” he demanded abruptly. I knew from our conversations that he was a natural dominant with a decided racial bias. His dominance had been one of the things that had intrigued me about him. My wife and I had dabbled in BDSM. We both identified as switch but I preferred the freedom of submissive role while she wanted to be dominant. Despite her desire to dominate me that part of her personality did not come naturally and I had, at one time, hoped to find a Domme to help Carly learn to be dominant. Kai had assured me that if she had it in her he would bring out her latent dominance.

I nodded. “Yes Sir.” I stripped to my boxer briefs as my wife dropped her shorts and panties to the floor baring her freshly shaved pussy. Kai had insisted that we both shave our privates including front and back. I usually kept mine trimmed and I often helped her shave for her bathing suit or special occasions so I’d done both that morning before our flight.

“Good, now get down on your knees where you belong,” Kai ordered.

Carly smiled and dropped quickly to her knees. She looked up at Kai with smiling eyes, arched her back and clasped her hands behind her back, thrusting her tits forward as she eagerly awaited his big reveal.

“Leave those on for now,” Kai said, pointing to my underwear. “I don’t need to see your little boi clit. If I had a cage you’d be locked in chastity.” He gestured to the floor beside my wife and I took my place on my knees at his feet.

My heart pounded fiercely in my chest and my dick was painfully rigid in my boxer briefs. I watched with unblinking eyes as he lifted his shirt over his head. He had a nice body with good definition and smooth ebony skin. His hands moved down his flat stomach and my breath caught in my chest. I was every bit as eager to see his dick as Carly was and I watched with unabashed desire as he lowered his jeans to the floor. He stepped out of them and moved directly in front of my wife and me.

I could smell his fresh, musky scent and it was oddly appealing. He stood less than a foot in front of me and his crotch was at eye level. The outline of his big dick was clearly visible in his underwear and my head started to spin. I had never seen another man’s hard cock in person and I was more than anxious to see my first.

Kai inched closer to me and my stomach began to flutter. He had let me know during our many conversations that while he had never had a same sex experience it was something he wanted to do. He laced his fingers into my thick hair and he looked expectantly into my eyes. A shiver ran down my spine as he guided my face to the crotch of his cotton underpants.

I closed my eyes and breathed deep, drawing the rich scent into my lungs. His fragrance was oddly intoxicating and I had an epiphany. I realized at that moment that my purpose in life was to serve. A low moan rose from my chest and I continued to draw his heady scent into my lungs as my hard cock throbbed incessantly.

Carly gasped and her hand went slack, letting mine slip from her grasp. She had always been a mostly closed minded person and she had some homophobic tendencies. Kai saw her reaction and he smiled down at her. He backed away from me and dropped his underwear to the floor. His big black cock was about 80% erect and it was already several inches longer than mine at its largest state. It swung like the trunk of a baby elephant as he stepped towards my pretty wife.

Her eyes widened and her cheeks flushed. She stared at his huge cock and I knew I’d never be able to compete. I’d never felt like my dick was inadequate. Carly and I had a good sex life and while I’d rarely made her cum during intercourse she always climaxed when I went down on her but the way she looked at his massive black cock made me shiver.

Kai grabbed his thick shaft and guided the tip to my wife’s open mouth. She sighed and started to suck. It was still only semi erect and somewhat floppy and she opened her throat, letting it slide deep. Her hands moved to his strong black thighs and as she backed off his cock she reached instinctively for his shaft.

Kai slapped her hands away from his almost fully erect dick and glared at her.

“No hands slut,” he barked firmly. He slapped Carly’s cheek and her eyes widened with fear and excitement. He grabbed a handful of her thick brown hair and his hips began to jog fore and aft.

Saliva spilled from the corners of my wife’s mouth as Kai fucked it with languid strokes.

“That’s it bitch,” he grunted. “Suck that black dick.”

Carly moaned deep and low. She gazed up at him adiosbet güvenilirmi with lust filled eyes and her round cheeks bowed inward from the force. She choked and gagged each time his cock slid deep and tears streamed down her face. She looked radiant and beautiful and my chest swelled with pride. I’d never seen her suck dick with such enthusiasm and gusto.

“Bend the fuck over and let me see that big fat ass,” Kai demanded as he pushed her off his dripping wet cock.

My wife scrambled to obey him. She turned quickly and knelt on all fours. She lowered her face to the floor and pushed her ass in the air.

He moved behind her and rubbed the head of his cock against Carly’s pale white ass. The contrast between his cock and her alabaster skin was striking and beautiful. I moaned softly as he teased her mercilessly. Her copious juices glistened on the brown tip of his cock and I wondered what it would taste like with her succulent juices on his briny skin.

“Are you ready Bitch?” He teased as he pushed the tip inside her and then quickly withdrew making her squirm like a petulant child.

“Please,” Carly croaked. Her voice was low, raspy and filled with wanton desire.

“Please what?” Kai yelled. His black hand crashed against her doughy ass sending ripples through her fat. A pink handprint appeared on her right cheek and she whimpered like a scolded puppy.

“Please Master,” my wife groaned as she submitted to his will. “Please use my pussy.” Her voice sounded soft and timid and she gazed back at him with pleading eyes. Her cheeks were flushed crimson and in twenty five years I’d never seen her more ravenous.

Kai grabbed my wife’s wife hips and rammed his cock deep. She grunted as if she’d been punched in the stomach and he began to thrust hard and fast.

His pelvis slammed against Carly’s fat ass and the sound of slapping flesh mixed with the unmistakable music of her soaking wet cunt. Her cries sounded pleasure filled yet pained and her body rocked back to meet him.

My cock ached. It strained against my boxer briefs and my mind reeled. I felt conflicted and confused. I knew there was no going back and as my wife cried out in ecstasy I knew she was gone.

He pulled out as her climax ebbed and shoved her onto her back. He straddled her thick waist and rested his shiny wet cock in the valley between her big breasts.

“Did I say you could cum?” He asked angrily. There was fire in his dark eyes and I shuddered.

“No Master,” Carly answered meekly. She had a mix of fear and excitement in her pretty golden brown eyes and I waited impotently with bated breath as his eyes narrowed. He slapped her cheek and she winced.

“I’m sorry Sir,” she squeaked. She was shaking and scared and I considered ending his charade but I did nothing as he turned around and spread his ass. He lowered it to her waiting mouth and then motioned me closer.

I crawled across the floor and when he pointed at his cock I did as I was told.

My mouth opened wide. My nostrils flared and I eased him into my mouth. His impressive girth stretched my lips and my eyes instinctively closed as I savored the taste and texture of his black duck. The familiar flavor of Carly’s juices tickled my tongue and he groaned as my wife wiggled her tongue into his asshole. She had never rimmed me and she’d long professed that the very thought turned her stomach but I could hear her slurping and slobbering on his tight, puckered hole.

“That’s it boi,” Kai said in a low growl, “suck my black dick. That’s why you were put on this Earth boi. To suck my black dick before I fuck and impregnate your fat, sexy wife.”

His words were like a dagger through my heart and I moaned around his thick, veiny cock. My head bobbed and I slurped loudly as saliva poured from my mouth. I felt ravenous and wicked. I forced his cock balls deep in my throat and groaned like a whore. I had an insatiable cock lust and I ached to feel him erupt inside my eager mouth. I came up and gasped for air before taking him back into my mouth. My tongue swirled around the tip and I breathed deep and steady as I sucked on the tip.

Kai put his hand on the back of my head and forced his cock back down my throat. He held me down choking me as he laughed sadistically.

“Such a good cock sucker,” he panted. He released his grip and I gasped for air. My cheeks were wet with tears and my underwear was damp from precum.

He pushed me away and rolled onto his back. He pointed at his cock and ordered my wife to ride it.

Carly impaled herself on his gorgeous black dick. Her eyes rolled back and an expression of pure, unadulterated bliss washed across her pretty face. She cupped her heavy tits and rotated her hips.

“Oh fuck that’s good dick,” my wife panted as she gazed into Kai’s dark eyes.

“That’s what you needed isn’t it Bitch,” he mused. He grabbed her hips and began to thrust upward, ramming his cock deep and lifting her up off the bed.

“Oh fuck,” my church going wife grunted, “Shit, yes, fuck meee.”

Kai slapped her ass and Carly squealed.

“I asked you a question. Is that what you needed?” He boomed loudly. He continued to thrust hard and fast and his hips slammed against her big, fat ass.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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