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I smile at you as you look at the woman in the grocery store, she’s by the produce, near the ground grown vegetables.

“How about her?” I ask, my teasing smile already adorning my lips. I can see that you’re already eying the woman with me, too, only a few by that section.

She’s dressed in a grey pants suit, a darker grey blazer adorning her shoulders. It’s much too squared at the shoulders, leaving no real view of what figure it would be on the inside. Her blonde hair frames her creamy vanilla skin only on one side, braided down to the black broach on the mound of her breast. All in all, her outfit screamed masculine.

Anyone could have easily mistaken her for a dyke, or a lesbian. But you know I wouldn’t do that for you. Not to daddy~

“So, babygirl, what do I get for this one?” The blush on my mocha skin is never missed, you always catch me, even when I try to hide it. It embarrasses me, but I give you a shrug, trying to make it seem like I’m not as frazzled by the question. The shoppers around us eye you and I only seldom. Its not often a much younger lady is standing by a seasoned gentleman as yourself. But its not like we were doing anything.

But if only they had ears.

“Babygirl . . .Alright, be bashful for now.” I see you off the corner of my eye leaning down, the nerves in the nape of my neck tickle bahis siteleri as your breath blows by it. “Then I’ll make it a surprise,” you growl out with a smile before you brush by me, purposely moving on pass the blush on my cheeks, alive and anew.

I watch as you stroll up, eyes decisively on the produce in front of you by the lady. Had I not known you, I would have thought you a regular patron of the store. But somehow, only in a matter of seconds, your hand reaches out, just short of darting to a generously sized cucumber . . . and a petite hand landing on top of yours. My heart stops, only just as well as the surprised woman.

Daddy was good.

I listen to the conversation, trying to get pointers.

“Oh, sorry miss, was this the one you saw, too?” Your voice is warm, amiable. It’s only an undertone of the growl that I heard just a second ago. The woman pulls her hand back quickly, placing it over her heart.

“Oh, I’m sorry, I had no idea,” she said, turning her face away as her braid slides over her bust. But you only give her a smile, saying its of no consequence. By the time she looks back, trying to collect herself, your hand is already holding the produce to her. “–Oh! No, you can have it,” she says, pressing her lips thin. You only give her that warm smile again.

“No, a cucumber is a cucumber . . . Even canlı bahis siteleri one as well grown and rounded as this.” There’s no question to your voice, the green still there as you lay it flat on your palm to her.

Suddenly, there seems so much more color to this woman as her cheeks take an apple hue. She silently thanks you, but you only use it to comment on her broach.

“Oh, this old thing? My mother gave it to me when I was little.” She’s finally smiling again, holding the cucumber, hiding it in her basket. You know me, daddy, I’m too noisy, but you call it a healthy curiosity.

You always painted me so cute, daddy. Teehee, but I guess it just makes it that much more special when I’m being naughty. I jump as I hear a guy’s voice next to me.

“Hey, excuse me, are you looking at those apples right there?” He asks shyly. I look down. There and no where else, lies the devil’s fruits. I stand aside to let him through. “Hey, thanks um . . . I’m Keith, what’s your name?”

I smile faintly and look back at you, seeing the woman, who you’ve started calling Cynthia, grow more warm near you. Daddddyyyy, I wanna call, someone’s trying to talk to me without your permission, I wanna whine. But no, you made me ladylike, so I share the pleasantry with Keith. “Lulu.” I give. A fake name, but a name nonetheless that I liked.

Only canlı bahis a few words are spoken and without much more being said, Cynthia is gone, with her cucumber, and you’re behind me again.

“Alright, ready “Lulu”,” you come up and tease. Keith is suddenly shrinking on the spot. Even though we look nothing alike, the domineering aura about you has his tail tucked as I smile at you. Keith can’t help but see that this one reaches my eyes.

“Ready~,” I sing out, noticing that Cynthia is not in tow. Normally, you would have ducked off and had me waiting near by as we did our ‘dares.’ But before I can ask, your arm is behind my shoulder, relaxed, ushering me away as he bids Keith a farewell. The young man doesn’t even have the courage to choke up a bye, simply waving back to “Lulu. Once we’re far enough, I give you those eyes. Those babygirl eyes. Those teasing eyes as we enter into the parking lot.

“Daddy lossst~ That means I win~” I smile cheekily.

“No. Daddy never loses,” you simply state, looking down as suddenly I feel the pressure of that domineering air. Mmm. A piece of paper is waved in my face. I can’t help but see that its ten digits of a phone number. “Daddy just doesn’t like seeing her babygirl uncomfortable . . . And anyone playing with her that doesn’t know how to reallllly get her going,” he teases, sending red through my cheeks again.

“Daddy!” I shriek, playfully swatting your side, only making you laugh at the end. But hey. It couldn’t be that bad, right? After all, Cynthia couldn’t wear that blazer in bed, right.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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