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-You’ll have to excuse me for my English; it’s not my first language. I don’t think it’ll cause you big problems to read, but you’ll certainly find some mistakes.-

A few years back, I had a little fling with a girl; Marisa. Picture this: a tall and slim twenty-two years old with luscious long flowing hair as gold as the sun, unending legs that flow from buttocks that seem to be carved out of white marble and small perky breasts bouncing just enough to hypnotize you. A friend of hers introduced us to each other and a few nights out was all it took to get us together. We shared a few months of friendship and love, without forgetting the numerous and delicious nights together. To complete the picture, try imagining this; crowning those incredible breasts are her two soft and teasing nipples, pale pink jewels that simply love to poke through anything she wears. How don’t know how she does this, but every time she’s in the mood for sex, they simply appear, flashing an unmistakable signal to whomever her lucky boyfriend is. She’s a little ashamed about the fact that they’re quite small, but let me tell me that when you have any of them before your eyes, you don’t really care.

Like any man’s fantasy, she sometimes likes to walk around naked in her apartment. That means that you have all the time in the world to admire (truly admire) her long, lean, and slightly muscular legs, her lithe ass gently swaying about without forgetting her well defined back sometime shadowed by the long mane of her hair. Could you resist if you saw her, like I often had the chance to, completely nude, bending forward in front of the mirror to wash out the sparse touches of makeup? Could you? And of course, we must not forget her other secret; the most warm and inviting pussy you could possibly want. Dark gold locks veil her hidden depths, unshaven and as lush as a rain forest and rain it did…. Well, let’s not get carried away too fast, I have a story to tell you!

Conflicting interests and ideas pushed us apart after six or seven months. Since she took up psychology at another university, we never saw each other again. Two weeks ago, a mutual friend of ours called me and informed me that Marisa had given birth to a lovely baby girl a month ago and that she would like me to visit her. A few days later, I was knocking on her door and this is what happened…

A few seconds after knocking, Marisa opened the door and we hugged each other while babbling what old friends babble when they finally see each other again. We walked to the living room and talked for a while, completely forgetting about the little girl I came to see. About two hours later, after catching up with each other’s lives, Elizabeth, that’s her name, began crying in her room. Of course, the young mom got up and brought her back with her. Knowing perfectly well what was wrong, Marisa sat down and placed Elizabeth against her breast. As if I was not there, she unzipped a handy zipper across her breast and freed one of them. No, I must not say ” free “. It was more like she let it blossomed into view. In my mind, the image of her breasts were still picture sharp. But I was not ready for the gift she had for me. Her breasts were now full of milk, seemingly ready to burst or overflow all over her daughter if she was not quick enough to drink. Since she never had big or huge breasts, they’re not sagging even with the milk. Instead, they’re bulging out of her chest like two life-giving mounds of proud beauty. The few years and her pregnancy also let her nipples grow a little; from the pale-pink bud they were, they fully matured into two gorgeous flowers, spreading there red-rose petals farther across the white skin.

It only took a few seconds before Elizabeth was drinking, casino şirketleri but it was just enough to fill my eyes with the sight of Marisa’s breast. Containing my growing excitement (I was still fantasizing about her breasts even if I had not seen them for three years!), I waited until Elizabeth fell asleep. When Marisa came back, I decided to be frank; ” Marisa, I said looking directly in her eyes, you’re still as beautiful as I remember, but I must confess that your breasts have never been more tempting “. There was about a minute of silence, with her looking at me without any expression on her face at all. Finally, a smile appeared and broke the uneasiness. ” Yes, I thought I saw you stealing glances at me. ” Surprisingly, it was now her turn to look shy. Fulfilling my wish, she simply told me: ” …you know what I like, let’s see if you’re still as good as you were. “

I know exactly what she means. Back when we were together, I liked to compliment her and especially her body. It usually led to glorious sex, be it in her room, the kitchen, the basement, a locker room, her car or wherever we were when I began. During the last weeks, I also liked to build little stories around my compliments. Here I go, hoping to be as good as I was back then. ” Elizabeth, like a powerful wizard, planted two seeds in you when she was conceived. In the midst of what surely was a magical climax (hearing that, Marisa, gives me what I remember well as her devilishly sensual look), she herself gave birth to two young water nymphs. Growing with her, these two nymphs were slowly getting bigger and bigger, quickly filling the soft wombs they were in. (She doesn’t need to see that my eyes are still stealing away glances at her breasts to know what I’m talking about.) Now, fully grown, those adult nymphs turned into two magnificent alabaster orbs, filled with dream milk. Marisa, as hard as it is to believe, you have even more beautiful breasts than even my deepest fantasy can remember. Your full succulent breasts, ripened to perfection by love, ambrosia and two nymphs, are simply impossible to resist.”

With this first portion completed, she opens the little zipper again and unveils her left breast for me. Walking slowly towards me, she silently invites me to go on. As I speak my first words, she kneels across my lap, sits on my thighs, wraps her arms around my neck and places her nude breast inches away from my face. The sight is too much for me; without even trying to hide it, I stare in awe at her breasts. No artist, no poet, no imagination could ever have created these curves, and no man in the world could have believed them. With her breast teasing me like this, I barely realize that her skirt hunched up quite a bit on her thighs, revealing a lot of skin. After a deep breath, I barely had time to say a few words: “How can I possibly resist this incredible offer (With that, Marisa pulled her shirt completely off, unashamedly revealing her bra-less breasts to me.) And can I really expect such a gift from you…”

Cutting me off, she presses her left breast against my mouth, the same breast that just fed Elizabeth, her pert nipple finding it’s way between my lips. Just as the first few drops of milk seep into my mouth, Marisa places her head against mine and says: “Since you remember how sensitive my nipples were and still are, can you imagine how aroused I felt to be licked and sucked by Elizabeth in front of you?” Barely hearing her words, yet encouraged by them, I loose myself in the sweet milk that flows easily. I didn’t think it would taste like this but I can’t say that it tastes bad, quite the contrary. Now sucking like a hungry child, I drink at the source, the first source, while my hands climb up her belly to cup them both. Filled casino firmaları to the point of overflowing, her right breast does just that when my hand squeezes it, a small trickle of milk running down my arm. When Marisa begins to moan, I shifted my attention to her other nipple, while my hands continue to feast on her full breasts. But as one of my hands makes it’s way down around her back, I realize that her skirt disappeared. She’s straddling my thighs wearing only white cotton panties. Briefly looking down while shifting back to her left breast, I smile: leave it to Marisa to make white cotton panties look terribly sexy…

Normally I would wait a while longer before moving my hand lower but with the way she rubs her pussy against my crotch, I don’t think she wants me to go slowly. But just before I begin to explore her ass once more, I move my hand between her pussy and me, replacing my cock. Now hard, it was painful the way it was placed. But after I turned it upward, Marisa can now rub herself up and down it’s length. And rubbing she does. Sparking moans after moans of delight, she presses herself against my cock, which is not even half an inch away from her pussy. Realizing that I don’t need to pull her breasts close to me (she seems to enjoy my licking as mush as I do), I move both my hands to her thighs. Sliding upward, I slip my fingers under the panties and push both my hands completely inside around her hips. Grabbing her ass, I pull her to me even stronger, mashing her pussy and clit against my aching cock. Wrapping her arms around me, she pushes my mouth hard against her breasts, squeezing a hard stream of milk down my throat…

After a quick ” Oh God! “, she grabs my chin and turns my head up for a kiss. With my mouth still half filled with her creamy milk, she opens my lips with her tongue and tastes away a few licks of it. Pausing two or three times to swallow and taste, she always comes back to me even more eager to kiss and taste. As we now kiss uninterrupted by her swallowing, she raises herself away from my cock. I quickly understand what she wants me to do; lifting myself up too, I slide my shorts and boxers down to my knees to let them fall down around my ankles. But before they even reach my knees, one of Marisa’s hand is all over my cock, it’s heat encircling the base. Before I realize it, her other hand went down as well and is now teasing and caressing my balls, something she still remembers I love. While she pumps my cock madly, I slide her panties over her ass, uncovering the alabaster white skin that awaits my delicate care as well as the golden patch of furry secrets. Raising a leg after the other above the sofa, she lets me get rid of them. My tee shirt follows the same path quicker than I can follow. Leaning forward a bit, I reach down to my shorts and grab the condom I placed there, hoping that I would have to use it. When she hears me fumbling to open it, she moves her mouth to my ear and says: ” Thank you Mike. I don’t think I would have been able to get up to get one though… ” Realizing that she just found a way to arouse me even more, I hurry up and slide the condom all the way down. Guiding my cock with her hands, she places its head in the many folds of her pussy. Smiling though the kiss as I discover that she’s dripping wet; I let her do as she wants.

When the head pops inside the outer walls of her sex, her moan breaks the kiss for good. I’m suddenly filled with memories of long and delicious teasing games we often played in the last weeks; we would stay like this for exquisite minutes, her teasing the head of my cock as I would sometime fake a deep thrust. But her words cutting short my reverie, she tells me; ” I’m sorry Mike. I know what you like but I really need this… ” güvenilir casino Then, in a single movement, she lets go completely; impaling herself on my cock until my balls find themselves nestled in the cleft of her ass. Pulling me to her breasts, she holds me strongly, trapped in a fixed moment of incredible intensity. During those delicious moments, each of her sharp breaths pulls a few drops of milk on my face and down my chin and neck. Still lingering within the feelings of her tight pussy wrapped around my cock, I slide my hands under her ass and lift her up slightly. Thrusting upward while letting her fall back down, I revel in both the feelings and the sound of her voice. Sweet moans replacing the silence, cries of delight mixing in with them and erratic breaths flowing against my ear: it seems like she’s going crazy with pleasure…

Completely enraptured too, I barely hear her words: “God Mike, what took you so long before coming back… And what are you waiting for, take me, fuck my brains out, you have no idea how badly I want you… ” It took about two minutes to say all this, between moans and all, but the message was quite clear. Wrapping my arms around her thighs and my hands under her ass, I get up from the couch and move to the wall in front of me. As I push her against it and feel her legs wrapping around my back, pulling my cock deeper into her sex, I smile into her shoulder; she really wants it. As if all my memories and countless fantasies were converging into this moment, I begin to fuck her like we used to back in the first months of our relation. I feel my cock driving in and out of her soft pussy, her breasts rubbing against my chest and her arms and legs tightly wrapped around me like a hungry octopus(sy). Loosing ourselves in this furiously intense fuck, we slowly, without realizing it right away, rebuild our lost passion…

We spent about an hour after that talking in the living room, tightly wrapped around each other before Elizabeth began crying again. We were surprise that she didn’t wake up earlier, with all the strange noises, but Marisa got up and walked to her room. This time I followed her and waited behind her while she was softly asking her daughter what the problem was. Of course she couldn’t answer, but Marisa found out that the diaper was filled. It only took her a few minutes and Elizabeth was back in her crib. But when I saw Marisa bend forward to tuck her daughter, I couldn’t resist.

Her ass was as gorgeous as I could remember. I don’t know if she did this on purpose, but her buttocks were incredibly outlined, more exposed skin than decently allowed (the fine line between her ass and her thighs clearly in view) and her legs were slightly apart; nothing too obvious, but just enough to arouse me. Moving my hands down to her thighs, I then raised them upward, both caressing her legs and pulling her skirt higher and higher. She says: ” not now… ” but the tone in her voice, something I still remember, told me that she wanted it as badly as I. Once the skirt was hunched up around her waist, I unzipped my shorts and freed my cock from it’s restraint. Since she had not put her panties back on, I simply bent my legs slightly and pressed my cock against her lips. Realizing with a smile that she was already wet (she must have hoped I would do something…), I pushed up and made my way back into her depths. The slickness was as good as I can remember, somehow even better than this afternoon. The soft walls of her pussy, the depth, the warmth…, everything was just as it was back then.

But as I pull back from her heat to fuck her, I stop for a second. My sudden hesitation made us realize that I was not wearing a condom. After a controlled sigh, she said; ” You missed my period by only two days. I’m only hoping you’re still as clean as you were, because there’s no way I’m letting you pull back out now…” And then I simply fucked her wildly…

-If you have the time, I’d like some comments. Thanks-

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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