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Two weeks had passed since I’d moved in with Peggy. It was a Tuesday when I arrived home from work and Peggy met me at the door as usual to remove my work clothes. That day I was tired, clammy and didn’t feel well at all. Once my clothes were stripped away leaving me bare and hairless, she took me right to the master bedroom. She pulled a sheet over my body but wouldn’t let me have any other blankets. She left me to get something from her bathroom. When she returned, she was carrying a small towel, a tub of petroleum jelly and a long, thick glass thermometer.

She pulled the sheet away from my naked, smooth body and had me roll on my side away from her. She sat on the bed behind me and asked me to pull my top knee toward my chest. I did as I was told. Usually, I’d be thrilled to have Peggy rub lubricant onto my wrinkled hole, but I felt horrible and just wanted to go to sleep. Peggy held my cheeks apart and after my little hole was sufficiently lubricated, she placed the tip of the glass thermometer in the exact center, right where all the wrinkles met.

In a soft, loving voice, Peggy whispered, “Take a deep breath, my sweet Baby Bird.”

I inhaled and when I did, Peggy slipped the thermometer inside. Even though I was sick, it still felt nice. After a short time, Peggy withdrew the glass cylinder and gazed at the line of mercury. She read my temperature out loud, “One hundred and one. Oh, Sweetheart, I’m so sorry.”

She wiped up the excess lubricant with the towel and pulled the sheet back over my naked body. She went back to the bathroom and returned with two small pills, a glass of water and a cool, moistened cloth. I sat up in bed with her help and took the medicine. Laying back down, Peggy tucked me under the sheet, kissed my cheek and laid the folded-up washcloth over my forehead.

The next few days became a blur. I slept for the majority of the time. My temperature hovered around 101 and spiked to 103 degrees for a short period of time. I vaguely recall sitting in the bathtub filled with cool water. I remember whining, crying and begging Peggy to let me out.

It wasn’t until Friday afternoon that I woke up feeling more like myself. Peggy was at my side when my eyes peeled open. Her large, soft hand was stroking my hair and she was looking down at me with love in her eyes. She was wearing a sleeveless, white summer dress that ended just below her knees. The neckline was cut in a way to leave plenty of her enormous, freckled cleavage exposed. And that cleavage immediately drew my attention.

In a gentle voice, she said, “Hello Sweetheart. You broke your fever very early this morning. How are you feeling?”

Looking away from her cleavage to her eyes, I opened my mouth to talk and learned it tasted like I hadn’t brushed my teeth in days. I told her I was still weak but didn’t feel like I was going to die any longer. Peggy stroked my hair and told me she was happy I was feeling better. She had been worried about me and nearly took me to the hospital when my fever hit 103.

My mind was still fuzzy and I wasn’t thinking perfectly clearly, but I suddenly thought of my job and my boss. I almost sat up in bed, but my head started spinning and I laid back down. I told Peggy I needed to call my boss. He was going to be really upset that I’d missed so much work without calling. Peggy leaned down and kissed my forehead again. She told me she’d taken care of everything.

She explained that on Wednesday morning, she’d called my office and spoken with my boss. According to Peggy, he was very rude and even called me a name. Of course, Peggy wasn’t going to allow that to happen, she told him he needed to watch his mouth. That only encouraged him to become even ruder.

Peggy then told me something I already knew. She said my boss was a foul man with a dirty mouth. She said I shouldn’t be working or socializing with people like that. My boss told her that I didn’t need to go back to work, he said I was fired. Peggy corrected him by saying that I couldn’t be fired, that I quit.

Even in my post fever haze, I knew this was wrong. I looked up at Peggy and told her I needed my job. I told her that it was the best job I’d ever had, even if my boss was a jerk. On the verge of tears, I told her I wouldn’t be able to pay my rent if I didn’t have a job.

Peggy stroked my forehead and spoke in a soft, loving tone, “Baby Bird, I don’t want you to leave me to go to work ever again.”

When I tried to interrupt her, she shushed me firmly. “Sweetheart, my family wasn’t wealthy, but my grandfather and father both did very well for themselves. I was left a tidy inheritance when the last of my family passed away. I don’t live extravagantly, but I’m able to get by without having to work. And I have enough to take care of, and spoil my Baby Bird.”

I squeaked, “But!”

She shushed me again and went on to say, “When I first met you, I knew you were someone very special. But now, after I’ve had a chance to know you better, I know for mersin esc sure that you are too precious to deal with the mental and emotional strain of holding a job and dealing with money. Sweetheart, I want to take care of you.”

A tear of joy began its slow descent across my temple.

Laying her large, warm hand on my cheek, she traced my lips with the pad of her thumb while asking, “Baby Bird, will you let me take care of you?”

Tears rolled down my cheeks and whispered, “Yes.” I’d never felt so special before. Peggy knew exactly what I’d known all along. I was too nice, too emotional, too innocent and docile to hold a regular job. I couldn’t count the number of times I cried the restroom at work due to my boss or a co-worker making a rude comment about me.

I’d always panicked on payday. I’ve never been very good with math and barely making enough money to cover my bills was extremely stressful. I always wound up surrounded by unpaid bills crying my eyes out.

Peggy leaned down my kissed my forehead. “Baby Bird, you don’t need to worry about anything. I’m going to take such good care of you.”

My voice cracked when I uttered, “I love you, Peggy.”

She kissed my nose and answered, “I love you too Baby Bird.”

I laid there, looking up into her warm, loving eyes for several moments. She was the person who had always been missing from my life. Peggy loved me unconditionally and I loved her the same way. She was the prettiest, most caring woman I’d ever met. I knew I was a very lucky boy to have her in my life.

After a short time, I whispered, “Um, Peggy? I need to use the bathroom.”

She smiled down at me and whispered, “Okay, but I’m going to help.” She then stood up off the bed and pulled the sheet away. That was the moment I realized I was naked. I squirmed on the mattress when Peggy looked down at my pale, hairless body. Even while I still recovered from my illness, her eyes on my body made my penis tingle! When she bent to help me sit up, my eyes were quickly drawn back to her deep cleavage.

Peggy helped me to sit upon the edge of the bed. My head was spinning and I quickly realized just how weak I was. My legs felt like rubber when I tried to stand. Peggy looped her arm around my waist and basically carried me to the bathroom on her hip. After setting me down gently onto the toilet seat, she gently tapped the back of my hand when I reached to aim my penis.

Peggy spoke in a way that let me know she meant business, “Baby Bird, I said I was going to take care of you and that is exactly what I’m going to do.” She knelt down on one knee and had me spread my legs as wide as I could. I braced myself against her shoulders while she used her finger and thumb to aim my penis into the bowl. My eyes were again drawn back to Peggy’s deep, inviting cleavage. I lost myself in that space between her giant breasts.

When nothing happened right away, Peggy laid a finger under my chin and lifted until we looked into the eyes of each other and whispered, “Baby Bird, you’re here with me. You’re safe.” She blinked her eyes a few times like she was wishing away tears, before whispering, “I love you Sweetheart and I’m going to take care of you from now on.”

While still staring into each other’s eyes, I bit my lower lip and let go. The sound of my urine striking the inside of the bowl echoed in the tiled bathroom. I leaned toward Peggy and in my soft voice I said, “I love you too, Peggy.”

While still pinching my penis between her finger and thumb, aiming my stream of urine into the bowl, Peggy leaned closer to me and she kissed me gently on the lips. There was no tongue, it was a delicate, loving kiss and it made my toes curl and goosebumps rise up all over my body. My stream of urine grew stronger for a split second as my abdomen contracted.

Peggy giggled, “Your little penis almost jumped out of my hand! You almost made a very big mess! It’s good that I had a firm grip on the little thing!”

I giggled while imagining myself peeing all over the room. A shiver shot through my body as I squeezed out the last drops of my pee. She used a few sheets of toilet tissue to dap the last drip from the squishy pink head of my penis. When she finished, Peggy kept hold of my penis with one hand and reached around behind me with the other. She tapped on my wrinkled, brown hole with her index finger and asked, “After being so sick, an enema will be good for you. But we’ll wait until this afternoon for your bath and enema.”

The baths and enemas she regularly gave me were my favorite things in the entire world. Having her wash my body inside and out was a truly tender and loving thing she did for me, and I loved every second of it. Even while still feeling ill, I wanted her to give me the enemas and bath she mentioned. But Peggy was right as usual, I was still very weak and was in dire need of more rest.

She had me lean back against the tank of the toilet while she washed her hands. I rested there patiently and waited esc mersin for her to finish. My eyes drifted down to see my skinny, pale body. The impression of my ribs and hip bones seemed to be more apparent than usual. I felt like I was beginning to look like a starving child on TV. As my gaze drifted farther down, I realized my penis was still perfectly soft. At that moment, I knew I wasn’t feeling well enough for anything except more rest. Usually, when Peggy touched my penis, it got very stiff. But it hadn’t that morning, it was pulled up into my body with the soft, pink head poking out and my little pouch of balls pulled up tight to my body.

While I stared down at myself, Peggy had finished washing her hands and returned to help me back to bed. Just like before, once I was on my feet, she looped her arm around my back and basically carried me on her hip. She laid me down and tucked me back under the sheet. Before she left, Peggy leaned down and kissed my lips once more.

“Baby Bird, I’ll come and check on you later. For now, you need your rest.” She leaned down kissed me gently on each of my eyelids, my nose and then my lips.

As I rolled onto my side, I whispered, “I love you, Peggy.”

She answered, “I love you too, Baby Bird.” The drapes were still drawn and when Peggy turned off the light on the bedside table, the room fell into darkness. She quietly crossed the room and closed the door behind her.

Laying there naked, before I drifted off to sleep, my heart warmed as I thought of Peggy and how much she meant to me. She was a grown woman, easily old enough to be my mother, and she loved me more than anyone, except for my late mother. It wasn’t only the words she spoke; it was her actions and in the way she treated me. Peggy really and truly loved and cared for me. And as I drifted off to sleep, my entire body tingled while I thought about how lucky I was to have her in my life.

I awoke later that afternoon with Peggy gently stroking my hair and whispering, “Baby Bird, it’s time to wake up.”

Rolling onto my back, looking up at Peggy, I couldn’t help but smile. After placing a gentle kiss on my forehead, she slowly pulled the sheet away from my naked body. I laid there perfectly still while her eyes wandered over me. After a short time, she reached out with her large, soft hand and caressed my chest, stomach, and sides.

In her soft, loving voice, she asked, “Are you feeling better Sweetheart? Would you like to get up and try to eat something?”

My eyes dipped to her breasts and after licking my lips, I said, “Yes, I think so.”

Peggy leaned down and kissed my forehead again, “You’re naughty! And now I know you’re feeling better!”

After helping me to my feet, she wrapped her arm around me and held me close. Together we made our way to the living room. With my first step into that room, I found all of the curtains and drapes were wide open. The room was brightly lit from the natural sunshine from outside. I had to squint my eyes to get used to the bright light. Several windows were opened to let in some fresh air. I could hear cars drive by, birds chirping and the occasional dog barking.

As my eyes adjusted to the sunshine, Peggy guided me to the couch that faced the television. She had already prepared a pillow for me to rest my head against while I laid down. But there was no blanket to cover me with. Once she had me in place on the couch, I looked up at her and was about to ask for a blanket. But she knew what I was going to say and cut me off, “Baby Bird, you’re just getting over a fever and the last thing you need is a blanket. Plus, I really like you laying out here naked with the windows open. It’s like I’m showing you off to the whole world.”

I rolled onto my back, looking up at Peggy, I whimpered, “Peggy..”

She smiled down at me and bent at her waist so our faces were close together. My eyes zeroed in on her deep cleavage. She whispered, “Yes, Baby Bird? What is it you wanted to say?”

Biting my lip, my back arched a bit and I felt my little penis begin to stiffen. “Um, Peggy, I like… I mean… I like, that you like, me naked.”

She leaned in and kissed my lips gently. “Baby Bird, as far as I’m concerned, the fewer clothes you wear the better.” She then kissed me once again before standing up and announcing, “I’m going to make you some Chicken Noodle soup. You haven’t eaten much in a few days, so I’m going to serve you a very small bowl.”

While she prepared the soup, I didn’t turn on the television. Instead, I listened to the sounds of her in the kitchen and the noises from outside. I jumped when I heard a lawnmower start not very far away. Peggy paid a service to care for her yards. I tried to picture in my mind what a yard working person looked like. And how that person would react if they peeked into the window and found me lying naked on the couch. My penis stiffened even more as I listened to the lawnmower pass each of the open windows. There was someone very close by mersin escort that could easily see my naked body. The idea of that happening forced me to reach down and touch my smooth, stiff penis.

And that was how Peggy found me, laying on the couch, touching myself. She didn’t enter the room and I had no idea how long she stood there watching me. But when I heard her clear her throat, I almost jumped off the couch!

She spoke with a lilt in her voice, “My Baby Bird is feeling much better!”

She crossed the room holding a steaming bowl of soup, a spoon, and a cloth napkin. She had me lean against the arm of the couch and sat right beside me with my legs across her lap. I sat there passively and fondled my penis while she fed me one bite after another. In between bites, she dabbed my lips with a napkin.

After a few bites, she said, “Baby Bird, I don’t want you to squirt, okay? I want to save that until after your bath. So don’t play with that little thing too much!”

I opened my mouth while she fed me the next spoonful. Knowing if I kept touching myself, I was going to squirt all over the place. So I removed my hands from my penis and slipped them under Peggy’s thick thigh which was nearest to me. She grinned after glancing at my stiff penis pointing toward the ceiling. Turning the spoon upside down, she rubbed the head of my penis with the warm metal. The feeling was wonderful and made my penis throb hard. Peggy then dipped the spoon which glistened with my juices into the soup and fed me that next bite. That became a routine. After rubbing the head of my penis with the spoon, she would fill it with soup and then feed me.

The naughty routine turned me into a horny little mess. After I’d taken the last bite, Peggy moved as if she was getting up from the couch. In a surprisingly whiney voice, I squeaked out her name, “Peggy!”

She leaned back against the couch, her hands holding the bowl, spoon, and napkin, looked right at me and asked in an innocent voice, “Yes, Baby Bird?”

Biting my lip, I nuzzled my hands further under her thigh and said, “I’m really, really horny.”

“I know you are Sweetheart. But I told you that you wouldn’t squirt until after your bath. You are going to have to wait.”

Still whining, “But Peggy…”

She looked at me and forced a stern expression on her face. “Baby Bird, I know you’re just getting over a cold. But that won’t stop me from spanking your bottom! Is that what you want?”

I bit my lower lip, while my eyes drifted from her chest to her beautiful, smiling face. She was teasing me and I knew it. But I pouted my lips and whispered, “If you think I deserve it…” I scooted my hands further under her thigh and I felt the warmth of her sex against the side of my hand. “…then you should definitely give me a spanking.”

She looked me right in the eye and in a serious voice, said, “If your hands move any closer to my special place, you’re going to get a spanking you’ll not soon forget.” She then stood up from the couch left me sitting on the couch feeling terrible. I felt like I may cry. I’d upset Peggy and she was the last person I ever wanted to be mad at me. My penis went soft in a split second and I was about to get up and follow Peggy into the kitchen so I could apologize and beg for her forgiveness. But she returned to the living room just as I’d set my feet on the floor.

She must’ve seen how emotional I’d become. She crossed the room and sat beside me. She held me in her arms and while I buried my face into space between her breast and armpit, she rubbed my back gently. She explained the reason she got so upset was that she didn’t think it was appropriate for me to touch her there without an invitation. She said our relationship was different than other relationships. Ours was more about her caring for me. She needed someone to take care of and I needed to be cared for. It was about the two of us loving each other, but it wasn’t a common sexual relationship. Ours was special.

In between sobs, I muttered, “I’m sorry Peggy!”

She rubbed my back tenderly and said, “You don’t need to be sorry Baby Bird. I should have set firm boundaries. This is my fault.”

We sat together on the couch for quite a while. We talked openly about our relationship. She was very specific about what I could and couldn’t do with regard to her body. Basically, I couldn’t do anything except kiss her, unless I was invited to do so. I, on the other hand, had no boundaries whatsoever. I openly invited Peggy to do anything she wanted with me. She did make me promise to speak up if she asked me to do something I didn’t want to.

I snuggled against her and whispered, “Peggy, I can’t think of anything I wouldn’t do for you.”

She smiled, took my face in her hands and kissed my lips gently. “Sweetheart, you’ve just made me happier than I ever thought I could be.”

We both cried happy tears while holding each other. While we embraced, she pulled me onto her lap and I wound up facing Peggy, straddling her lap. She held me close and I snuggled against her warm body. I didn’t realize it, but my penis had gotten very stiff again and I’d begun to slowly grind myself against Peggy’s soft stomach.

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