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I don’t know if you’ve ever driven I-80 through Nebraska, but it’s a long stretch of road that seems endless. It’s mile after mile of unchanging scenery and asphalt that barely moves an inch in any direction. It will exhaust every song on the radio, every playlist on your phone, every podcast you meant to catch up with and sooner or later you find yourself in a dull, bored haze as mile marker 278 passes by and you’re still in fucking Nebraska.

The sun was just past the 3:00 mark, shadows starting to lengthen and the air just starting to cool. I’d been on the road for days at that point. My work in Chicago was behind me, and I’d thought meeting all the clients in Omaha was an accomplishment, but Cheyenne still seemed light years away and I was bored out of my mind.

I’m not sure where the idea came from, but at some point my mind wandered to this porn movie I’d seen once. The scene started with two guys were outside peeing, but because it was porn, one said to the other “Wanna beat off?”

I felt my cock plump up and press against my jeans and I thought “Yes I do, random porn dude. I totally want to beat off.”

The idea seemed a little silly, I admit. Who jerks off while driving? But automatic transmissions were the standard these days, and I did have a free hand.

A half mile later, my car swerved as I wriggled my cock out of my pants. I drove another half mile, feeling naughty and erect. Thank God even cops didn’t bother with this deserted stretch of interstate. Another half mile passed as I gently rubbed my hard cock.

*Technically* there was the risk of getting caught, sure. But unless I was worried about the occasional hawk flying overhead, there was nobody for miles in any direction. I decided I wanted to feel the air on my dick, so I opened the sunroof, and felt the sunshine warm my erection while the outside air buffeted it in fun ways. For the first time in hours, I was really enjoying myself.

My balls felt cool and heavy, my cock was fully hard and I playfully thumped it on the steering wheel. A dollop of pre-cum stuck and stretched out, shining in the afternoon light. I was so turned on, I swiped it up with my finger and had a taste.

I’m not a stranger to cum. It’s not my main thing, but I do get an itch for cock sometimes. As soon as I put my finger in my mouth, I got so turned on I thought I might just eat my own load. Again, it wasn’t something I did all the time, but occasionally I really like a mouthful of sperm. The thought made my cock pulse exquisitely.

I was jerking off dry, mostly because I wasn’t *too* serious about getting off yet. As thoughts of eating my load started filtering into my horny brain, my cock started dutifully producing a steady stream of precum. I’m not sure how many miles I passed like that, idly licking my cum from my fingers, but it was long enough that I totally missed the truck in the rearview mirror.

I was in the right lane, a couple of miles under the speed limit, and something made me look up to see the shape of an approaching semi behind me. Figures. As soon as I find a way to enjoy myself on this long-ass trip, someone was coming along to fuck it up. I gave myself a frustrated stroke or two and pondered pulling off to the side of the road so I could finish in peace.

Then a stubborn resistance arose in me. I was minding my own business, I still had at least a day and a half of driving and meetings ahead of me, and I fucking deserved this. I spit on my hand, grabbed my cock, and started jerking off in defiance. My hormone-soaked brain was enjoying the thought of my brazen activity, and it wasn’t very long before the truck caught up with me.

I kept my eyes on the road as the semi loomed in my peripheral vision. I was hard as stone, masturbating furiously, and goddamn did it feel good. I was so horned up, I was actually proud of myself for not putting my dick away. I was a sexy bastard and I liked getting off and fuck anyone who had a problem with it. I squeezed another shiny drop of pre-cum out of my dick and licked it off.

The sharp sound of the semi’s horn startled me so much, I almost came. I looked over and saw the driver keeping pace with me and smiling under his Seattle Kings trucker cap. When he noticed me looking at him, his bearded face broke into a big, friendly smile. He nodded and winked and made one of those ‘don’t let me stop you’ gestures.

It was a moment of decision for me. I was wildly embarrassed to be caught, intensely aware of my half-naked status, and knew that he could clearly see what I was doing. The sunroof was open, for crying out loud. I was looking at his face, then back to the road, then back to him. My heart was pounding like a bass drum, pulsing in my cock.

I’m not sure what came over me, but I smiled back, returned his nod, and kept right on going.

He tooted his horn for me again, touched his cap as if to say ‘much appreciated,’ and accelerated off, leaving me to my erect penis.

It was such a surreal experience, I sort of forgot to finish, and I watched him and his truck pull away, eventually disappearing around a rare bahis firmaları turn in the road. I drove in silence, very embarrassed, but not so embarrassed that I wasn’t still horny. I told myself to find the next rest stop where there was sure to be a place I could take care of my seething erection properly.

Four miles later, I followed the signs to a side-of-the-road stop that promised a bathroom. It was just as abandoned at the rest of the highway, with one notable exception. The truck that had passed me was parked in the lot.

There was no mistaking the blue cab and white trailer. There had been nobody else on the road. It had to be the same truck. I couldn’t see the friendly, bearded driver who had given me his approval, but I knew he had to be in the bathroom. There was no other place for him to be.

I sat there and wondered if I dared go in.

Eventually the need to pee won out. Sure, I’d been whacking off. *Every* guy whacks off. That driver had certainly blown off some knuckle children himself, and I hadn’t been doing anything wrong. (Okay, aside from being a minor road hazard.) I had to pee, and I had nothing to be ashamed of. I was going to march in there, drain the lizard, and march back out with every bit of dignity I deserved.

I got out of my car and walked with purpose towards the bathrooms. My dick wasn’t helping matters any, plumped up and rubbing on my underwear in exciting ways. But I didn’t care. I was a man on a mission.

The bathroom had no lock, being one of those with a small row of urinals in front of two stalls. I pushed the door open and immediately saw him, casually peeing into the urinal closest to the door.

Our eyes met, and in the silence I could hear the piss splashing into the drain.

All the bravado and confidence I’d had walking in faded away. I felt myself blush – actually fucking blush – as he recognized me.

“Hey,” he said, breaking the tension. “Give me a second and I’ll be out of your way.”

“Uh . . . that’s okay.” I replied, wondering why. “I can wait.”

He was still smiling at me, and damn if it wasn’t a charming smile. His brown beard set off his green (grey?) eyes and I couldn’t help but look at his cock. It was thick, uncut, and even soft it filled his whole hand as he emptied his bladder. I watched the pee arch from the end, gazing at the foreskin and noting the veins along the side. It wasn’t until I licked my lips that I realized I’d been staring at his junk for a little longer than was entirely polite.

I looked back up and caught his gaze again. He was still smiling, and at the eye contact his smile became that big, sexy grin from the road. “Thank you,” he said. “I appreciate that.”

“Oh, I don’t mind waiting.” I said, flustered and embarrassed and not knowing what else to do.

“That’s not what I meant.” He said, shaking himself off. “You want a closer look?”

He turned towards me without zipping himself back up. His cock was thick and about four soft inches long. His foreskin hung over the head, wrapping it snugly. He reached under and gave his balls a squeeze for my benefit.

My heart was pounding. This had never, ever happened to me before. If I hadn’t needed to cum so bad, I would have skedaddled immediately. But I was still horny and feeling almost absurdly turned on. I realized that I really *did* want a closer look.

I didn’t know what to say, so all that came out was “I have to pee.”

He nodded, stepping back a little to let me get to the urinals. As I passed him, he asked “You want some help?”

With blood rushing to my dick, I surprised myself by nodding.

I faced the urinal and I felt him come up behind me. He reached around my waist then wrapped his hand around my cock. His skin was warm, I could feel his breathing on the back of my neck, and my dick gave a throb as his fingers closed around it and pointed it at the drain.

I don’t remember peeing, to be honest. I must have, because I told him “I’m finished,” and his strong hand shook me off. I stood there, head back, thoroughly enjoying the feel of him shaking my cock. After a second, I realized I was totally hard, and he wasn’t shaking me anymore so much as actually jerking me off. The realization made my dick throb again, and I groaned as my nuts made their needs known.

“Turn around.” He whispered, and I could hear the lust in his voice. My dick was now firmly in control and it needed release. I turned to face him with my cock pointing straight up. He was hard and stroking himself. He’d swollen to something over seven inches now. I watched his foreskin open and close over the slit in his cock and stared as it slid over his thick, shiny head, keeping it moist. I’d never seen an uncut cock this close, and I couldn’t help but watch the soft skin slide and move. Even when he was hard, the skin came over the ridge of his cockhead. Every now and then he’d give himself a good tug, pulling his foreskin out long and tight.

He reached out and palmed my dick, and all I could feel was him. I don’t know where he got the lube, but the inside of his fist was hot kaçak iddaa and wet. The calluses on his hand rubbed me in new and exciting ways. He didn’t have perfect rhythm, but he ran his hand over my shaft with an enthusiasm that got me fired up and oozing.

It seemed natural to reach out and start stroking him too. His foreskin was so warm, and it looked like a little mouth as I pulled it back and forth over his head. I squeezed him as I jerked him off, and was rewarded with a groan. My own cock jumped, and in the quiet of the bathroom I heard the splat of my precum hitting the floor.

It was weird jerking a cock off that was pointing in the opposite direction. Also . . . that foreskin was *fascinating.* Distracting and fascinating and I paid a lot of attention to it. I slid it back and forth, I kept closed his whole cock up in it, like a coin purse. I gently squeezed his head inside his skin and let him fuck my fingers . . . I had never been so excited to hold flesh in my hand.

“Shit . . . wait . . .” he said, kind of suddenly. I came out of my foreskin trance to see that his dick was *really* hard. He was actively swelling in my hand while the head of his cock blossomed dark red and huge. It took me a second to realize he was about to cum, and I felt myself spasm from my asshole to my balls.

His first blast shot across my waist, leaving a hot line of white on my skin. In my lust, I wanted to feel the heat of his cum on my dick and balls. I pointed his jumping cock at mine and kept stroking him, watching the spurting head work in and out of his foreskin.

With a shudder and a gasp, he emptied himself all over my shaft. Even while he was cumming, he kept his hands moving on my cock. Bless him, he used his own cum to keep me lubed up too. His sperm was hot as it came out, fresh from his body and glistening. It squished through his fingers as he soaped up my whole length with his load and worked my cock like I just told him he won money.

My eyes rolled back and I came like a summer storm. It was one of those orgasms that you feel coming deep in your taint just before it hits. A rocking shockwave of pleasure ran through my whole body. I could feel my semen gathering, I could feel the deep muscles inside me tensing up for that first blast. Tears came to my eyes, a soft cry came out of my throat and I jetted a wad of cum so thick, it made his crotch look like I’d attacked it with a caulking gun.

I leaned my head back and just shook, trying to make my jelly legs stay upright. Somewhere below, my dick was still pulsing and jerking and my hips pumped helplessly as that trucker milked the *soul* out of my cock.

After a long long time, I came back to myself. The two of us were leaning weakly against the walls. I was still gripping his wet cock, now deflating and slowly slipping back into his foreskin. Both of us were dripping with cum. I watched a thick blob of it slowly ooze off his balls and spatter on the linoleum.

Fuck, there was a *lot* of cum on the floor.

He took a deep breath and that big grin came back to his face. He was sweating under his cap, and I could smell the scent of cum and musk. He took his cock back slowly and carefully, clearly a little sensitive after popping off.

“Thank you,” he said. “That was really appreciated.”

“Likewise,” I told him, still a little stunned at what had just happened.

I didn’t realize I hadn’t put my dick away yet until he walked past. He reached out and shook it like he was shaking my hand. I jumped a bit at the unexpected touch, and was kind of surprised to realize I probably had another load in me.

“Safe trip,” he said, and walked out.

I stood there for a bit and slowly realized I had to pee again. I stared at the cum drying on the floor in a daze while I relieved myself. Emptying my bladder felt SO good after all that, and I smiled at the cum pool on the way out.

Walking back to the lot, there was no sign of the trucker or his rig. I got back in my car, still slightly in shock, but feeling absolutely amazing. I turned the radio on. The only station that broadcasted out this far was a classic rock robot that played ‘Freebird’ eight times a day, but I didn’t care. I turned that shit up, sang along, and pulled out to put some asphalt behind me.

Eventually I couldn’t stay on the road any longer. I didn’t mind logging miles after sunset, but sooner or later you just run out of steam. My body needed a hot shower and some sleep. The highway signs led me to a motel that was tucked around a bend. I pulled in to their small lot, startled to see the same rig from the rest stop parked a few spaces away.

It made sense once I thought about it. I hadn’t seen any other motels along the road. Where *else* would he bed down for the night?

I walked towards the office, still looking at the truck and almost bumped right into the driver as he came from around the other side. I saw him recognize me just as I recognized him. It was a weird, silent moment.

“Hey,” I finally said. “Small world, huh?”

“Uh, yeah.” He grinned, and I felt my cock stir kaçak bahis when he did. “You, er, you staying here too?”

“I was gonna, yes.” Fuck. This was more awkward than asking someone to junior prom.

“Well,” he said, looking down and shuffling his feet nervously. “It’s a good place. Comfy. I’ve stayed here before.”

“Good. That’s good.” I was tanking the conversation. Hard.

“Have a, um, have a good night. Nice to see you.” He tipped his hat, like he had on the road. I nodded back and walked away feeling like a jerk.

I’d almost gotten to the office when he called after me.

“Hey! Uh, you know . . .”

“Yeah?” I asked, remembering the heat of his wet sperm on my skin.

“I mean, if you’re staying here and I’m staying here, and I’ve already got a room . . . you could, uh, I mean, we might as well share it.” He stammered.

“You want me to stay with you?” I blurted, feeling awkward and horny, hoping and fearing that he would say yes.

“If you like,” he said, with that sexy grin. “No pressure, but why spend money you don’t have to?”

What can I say? He had a point.

The room was a motel room. They’re all the same. Cheap bed, cheap dresser, and chipped tile in the bathroom. There was only the one bed though, and I hoped that meant what I was thinking it did. I was heart-thuddingly hard and excited. The tension was palpable as we unpacked a little and maneuvered around the smallish room.

He suggested a diner nearby, and we had dinner together. As we talked, things got a little easier. His name was Jerry, he was from out West, running freight because it was good money for a single guy without many roots. I could see him relax as we ate, which made me relax, and every now and then, we’d catch ourselves looking into one another’s eyes. My cock would jump each time it happened, and I was excited about the prospect of spending the night with him.

We got back from the diner, and I closed the door behind me. He was already headed for the shower, which left me to myself for a few minutes. As the water started to run, I felt my hard dick through my pants. I was throbbing through the fabric, my heartbeat reflected in each pulse and swell.

I gave myself to the count of thirty to have any second thoughts or get my own room.

Thirty Mississippi passed, and my cock was still hard and I was still wanting the sex I could feel in the air between us. I stood there and thought about putting his dick in my mouth. I really wanted to taste it. I thought maybe he could have my ass too . . . and he wouldn’t have to be gentle.

I wanted to get in that shower with him.

He didn’t voice a single objection as I walked into the bathroom wearing only a towel. The shower was one of those standing showers, closed up in a tall plastic cube. The fogged panels didn’t let me see his body too clearly, but he was very naked in there and I could see him washing his penis casually.

“You want some help?” I asked, nervously.

He looked out at me, wiping water from his face and beard. With that charming smile, he said “I was hoping you’d ask.” He opened the plastic door, beckoning me inside. Water splashed all over the floor as I stared at his naked body.

I dropped my towel and climbed in. I pressed myself into him and slid against his wet skin. Neither of us were terribly buff, we both had bellies from a sedentary life, and I loved the feeling of his soft stomach against mine, hot water sealing us together. I could feel the hard length of his cock against me as I humped him against the wall. His hips ground against my leg, his beard rubbed along my neck and he nibbled his way to my earlobe.

We used up all the hot water in there, soaping and rinsing and sliding our cocks against one another. He really liked my nipples and he spent a long time kissing and biting them. I took my cue from him and was rough on his nips, pulling them and pressing them tightly between my fingers. At one point he gasped and shook when I had them both pulled and pinched real hard.

I toweled him off in front of the old TV. Slowly. I worked my way down from his head to his feet, ending with me on my knees in front of him. His hard cock was against my cheek and his balls hung heavy. I took them in both my hands and rolled them around in his velvety sack, making sure they were dry and clean. The felt cool and heavy, full of cum.

His foreskin wrapped his head just a little over halfway. I couldn’t stop playing with it. I softly massaged those wonderful balls of his and pressed my mouth against his cock, licking and kissing. I could feel the loose skin move differently as I worked my way up his length. It moved freely, peeling away and showing me the red mushroom of his whole head. I sucked on it, a bit too hard, and he jerked a little.

I figured he was probably extra sensitive, so I took a different approach. I slipped my tongue under his foreskin, sliding between it and his cockhead. I ran my tongue around and tasted the inside of his fleshy hood. A deep groan from my trucker told me it was the right thing to do, and I ran my tongue all around inside his snood. I pulled his foreskin forward and gently nibbled the pucker. I stuck my tongue under his cock head, warm and wet and fully wrapped, and wriggled it while his foreskin slid back into place.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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