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All Characters are over the age of 18.

This is my first time submitting a story, and I hope you like it. Constructive criticism is always welcome. This is a slow love story, so if you are looking for something fast and gritty, this is not for you. Everyone else- I hope you enjoy ~Cassie


Lying here, I thought there was nothing I wanted more in the world than a kiss from him. To be loved and cherished, to be held and wanted. But alas, I would never get that from anyone, even him.

He walked closer. The blackness threatened to pull me under, but I kept my eyes opened. He had bullied me relentlessly since I had come out, and now, he was taking the last stand he could. The screams of students echoed around us, but it was if we were in a bubble. The gun was leveled at me. A shot rang out, and I drifted down to the welcoming nothing.

************************* 1 day earlier*******************

“Jase. Jase? Jase!” I turned as I heard my name ringing down the hallway. I smiled as my best friend, Henry Smite, hurried up to me. The students in the hallway seemed to part as he passed, and for good reason. He was an Adonis. His golden hair settled in a halo around him, and his sea green eyes were always sparkling with happiness. He was 6’1 of pure muscle. What made him even more tempting was he was a straight A student who had a full football scholarship to one of the most prestigious schools in the country, Stanford. I don’t know what I did to deserve being his best friend, but somehow I landed there.

I’m nothing special. My name is Jason Crawford and I’m a senior in high school. I’m 5’11, and have average brown hair and a decent body. I work out and I’m captain of the cross country team. My favorite feature are my eyes. They are a deep blue that always seems to be changing colors. If I’m in a good mood, they will almost be a sky blue, but when I’m angry or turned on, they become a deep, murky black-blue. I am also gay. I came out when I was a sophomore, but I was accepted from most of my friends and my family. I was one of the lucky ones. However, in the small town of Mason, CT, there were not a lot of prospects for me to look to. Therefore, I have had to rely on porn and my right hand for my experience.

It’s not even if I would take an offer for a boyfriend if I had one. I’m too much in love with Henry to even pay attention to anyone else.

Swept out of my thoughts, I was being bear hugged by Henry. His strong arms encased me, and I felt safe and warm. Too soon it was over, and I was back on the ground.

“What was that for?” I asked, looking up at him. He smiled, with his million dollar grin. He pushed me gently against my locker and produced a wrapped gift from behind his back.

“It’s your birthday dumbass.” He said, ruffling my hair. Henry has been my longest friend and when I came out, he nodded and ruffled my hair. We haven’t talked about it since.

“You know you didn’t have to get me anything.” I said, while reaching for the gift anyway. He stepped to the side and dodged out of the way, his low laugh rumbling.

“Not yet, not yet.” He delivered, as I sighed in disappointment. The bell rang, and the flow of students emptied out into various classrooms.

“Shit. Walk you to class?” Henry asked, and I shook my head. The reason he was asking was ever since I came out I had been victimized by Kevin Earls. He was this cliche jock type, whose neck was the size of a large hamburger and pounded his fists into anything who didn’t worship him. Upon knowing that I was a “fag” and “fairy,” he took it upon himself to make sure my life was hell. Luckily, I had Henry, who was more popular than I was. He was able to keep Kevin away from him at most times.

“Nah I got it.” I said. My next class was AP English and I was pretty sure I could handle Kevin if I ran into him. Henry nodded and ran off down the hallway to his next class. I watching his retreating back as long as I could, before turning and making my way down the english hallway. Just as I was reaching my classroom, someone gripped the back of my shirt and slammed me violently against a locker.

All 6’3 of Kevin Earls stood over me. He had short, army style, blond hair and beefy everything. He glared at me.

“A little birdie told me it’s your 18th birthday today fagboy. Guess your legal to fuck other fairies now.” He sneered down at me. I don’t know what came into me, but I snapped. Pulling a quick reflex, I punched him in the stomach as hard as I could. He bent over and then threw me a right hook. I barely got out of the way before his hand was wrapped around my throat.

“You don’t belong in this world faggot. You and your ugly, perverted kind should all go die.” I gasped for breath as his hand afyon escort tightened. His eyes glared with a deep hatred I had seen a couple times before. Fear blossomed in my stomach and I swallowed.

He dropped me on the ground, kicked me once, and walked away. I could barely see his back through my watering eyes. As soon as I was able to, I got up and gathered my books.

“Your late, Mr Crawford.” Said Ms. Madison, my english teacher. She was a pretty cool teacher, and I liked her. She was like a pixie would be, with short, cropped gray hair, small bones and endless energy.

I collapsed into my seat and quickly apologized. She told me I had to see her after class. I sighed as I opened my backpack and got my books out. It was a great start to my birthday.


I’ve been in love now for 4 years, 3 months, 2 days, 18 hours, and 27 minutes. It honestly isn’t something I ever saw coming. When it came, it hit me like a ton of bricks.

I still remember the day as if it was yesterday. It was the summer between 8th grade and freshman year. We had decided to go swim in the crick down by his house, and we gathered some sandwiches, some water and some soda to go with us. We dived into the small pond and were swimming around for quick awhile. The water was cold and refreshing on my bare back, and the sunlight filtered perfectly through the trees, seeping golden droplets around the sparkling water and surrounding rocks.

After swimming for an hour or so, we decided to lay down on the rocks. I looked over at him and saw Jase had fallen asleep. His chest, so skinny back then, was rising and falling, and was dappled in shadows and sun. His brown hair had highlights of gold in it and was messily pushed back over his forehead. Then his eyes opened, and looked at me. They were such a clear, beautiful blue that I was frozen in place.

My heartbeat quickened and I felt a tightening in my groin. I knew then, that I was in love with this boy. However, it was not easy admitting it. I ended up sleeping around for most of freshman and sophomore year. At the end of sophomore year, Jason came out. He was gay. I knew I never would have a chance with him, because he views me as a brother. But I haven’t slept or had a girlfriend since.

I turned 18 this summer. Jason threw me a big party and I had so much fun. At one point of the party, we found ourselves alone on my deck. He turned to me and said

“Happy Birthday Henry, I hope you have everything you wanted.” I know he was talking party wise, but I wanted to kiss his rose-bud lips and caress his flat stomach. I wanted to delve deeper to see what pleasured him. I couldn’t though and we went back inside.

A book crashed onto my desk and I jumped about three feet into the air, coming out of my day dreams and memories.

“Is my lecture boring you Mr. Smite?” My math teacher, Mr. Ward, glared down at me. Students were snickering in the background and I felt my cheeks heat.

“Not at all sir. Sorry.” I said. My parents always taught me to be respectful of my elders, and I was. Mostly.

The bell rang and I gathered my bags and escaped the class. Flowing out in the hallway, I made my way toward Jase’s locker, wanting to wait for him to go to lunch, which was the next period.

******************************* Jason *************************

“Has Kevin Earls been bullying you Jason?” Ms. Madison looked up at me. I felt a pit of nervousness at what Kevin would do to me if I said yes.

“No Ma’am. He has not.” I said, trying to keep eye contact. I could tell she didn’t believe me, because of the previous record. Kevin was turned in once because one of the coaches saw him smacking me around in the locker room.

“Ok. Thank you Jase.” She said, shuffling her papers around. I nodded and grabbed my backpack on the way out.

Making my way down the hallway, I saw Henry waiting for me at my locker. My heartbeat quickened at his messy hair and eyes shimmering with some joke. I sighed like some lovestruck girl.

“Hey shorts, ready to go to lunch?” His deep bass washed over me, instantly relaxing me. I playfully punched his shoulder, and he slung an arm over me.

——————The Next Day———-

My birthday had been fun. Henry got me new headphones and a new phone case. My parents got me the iPhone 4S. Sadly, I had to get up and go to school the next day, but that was alright because I got to see Henry.

It was second period. I was using my new headphones and relaxing in study hall, when suddenly, shots rang out. I could hear the shrill screams of the girls as our proctor tried to hush them. Everything slowed afyon escort bayan down and each second felt like a minute. All I could think about was getting to Henry. Henry needed me.

Somehow, I managed to get out of the classroom. The hallways were completely empty and again, I heard the sound of shots echoing. I followed them, and turned a corner. Promptly, I tripped. Clambering up, I looked over to what I had tripped on and gasped.

It was Emily Hayes. She was a lively little thing that was always arguing with Ms. Madison during English. I bent down and took her pulse. Her beautiful blond hair was stained red with blood and her chocolate brown eyes stared lifelessly at the gray ceiling tiles.

I gently closed her eyes and moved forward. My only thought was to get to Henry. Hearing shots once again, I turned another corner into the cafeteria.

Kevin was standing there, over the body of one of the lunch ladies. There were a couple other student’s bodies laying around too. I couldn’t help but gasp in shock and fear. Upon hearing my gasp, Kevin turned around and caught glimpse of me.

“Oh perfect! Just the person I was looking for.” He smiled at me like a predator would grin at its prey before trapping and eating it. Kevin began walking very slowly toward me and I shuffled backward.

“I don’t think so Mr. Crawford.” He said with menace and shot me in the leg, right above the knee. I collapsed onto the cold floor. The white and black tiles were beginning to turn red and brown with blood.

“See, before I kill you Jason, I have to tell you something.” He was circling me now, and I was helpless to do anything about it. My leg was on fire, and the inferno was quickly spreading to the rest of my body.

“You want to know why I have targeted you? You should know. It’s because you are a fairy, a fag. You like boys and you need to be eradicated because of that. I don’t even care about killing you and these others because they are necessary sacrifices. But don’t worry, hell will be welcoming to you and the rest of your kind. Goodbye Jason. Give greetings to the devil for me.” He laughed manically and steadily aimed his gun at me.

He walked closer. The blackness threatened to pull me under, but I kept my eyes opened. He had bullied me relentlessly since I had come out, and now, he was taking the last stand he could. A shot rang out, and I drifted down to the welcoming nothing.


I was in AP Chemistry when the first shots rang out. Everyone basically dived under the lab tables to take cover. Someone banged on and then opened it. Everyone gasped in shock at the ragged human standing there.

It was Bridget Dee. She had gone to the use the bathroom about five minutes ago, looking preppy and perfect as always. Now her straight black hair was messed up and her emerald eyes shined with tears. There was blood on the front of her shirt and she was holding herself up with the doorknob.

“It’s Kevin. Kevin Earls.” She breathed out, before collapsing onto the ground. I knew immediately that he was doing this for Jase. My Jase. I jumped out and sprinted out of the classroom. I had to find him before Kevin killed him.

I heard shots and screams coming from somewhere near the cafeteria and headed in that direction. Stumbling inside, I saw Kevin standing over a body. The body had so much blood around it. He turned and I saw the face of the body. It was Jason.

I screamed. Kevin saw me coming and while smirking, pulled the gun on himself. The final shot rang out and Kevin collapsed onto the floor, dead. I was too worried about my angel to even give a fuck about the others.

“Jase, Jason baby, listen.” I said, frantically feeling for some form of life. There was so much blood and I had no idea where it was coming from. I fell onto his body, and gasped into his chest.

“Jason listen to me. I love you so much. This is Henry. I love you. I can’t live without you. Please, please come back for me. Come back to me. I need you. I can’t survive without you. Please, please, please Jason. Baby please.” I sobbed, the tears moving freely down my chest. He didn’t respond. His heart didn’t begin pounding and his lungs didn’t magically begin to fill with air. His chest was wet from blood and tears. Before I could stop myself, gently as possible, I leaned down and pressed my lips to him.

They were soft. So soft, it was like kissing silk. They tasted like salt, from the tears streaming around. I leaned away and began sobbing uncontrollably.

Noise seemingly erupted from around me. Paramedics rushed in, following police. I held his hand, not wanting to let go. They parted around me, checking Jase for signs of life.


I escort afyon was floating in whiteness and soft downy stuff. It didn’t seem like hell at all. I experimented by turning to take a look at my surroundings. Everything was white, and nothing was defined. It was very confusing to think about. I didn’t feel anything.

I heard something coming in, as if on a radio. It was very low, but I could hear what was being said. “Jason listen to me. I love you so much. I love you. I can’t live without you. Please, please come back for me. Come back to me. I need you. I can’t survive without you. Please, please, please Jason. Baby please.” His voice drifted away and I ached for its return.

“Jason. Welcome.” A warm voice said from behind me and I turned to see who it was. It was a person in a white cloak, but I couldn’t make out any features.

“Is this…heaven?” I asked hesitantly. A booming chuckle echoed around.

“No son, this is not even. This is the inbetween, and you have a choice to make.” I opened my mouth to speak, but a hand was raised to keep me silent.

“You can continue with me, to heaven, or you can choose to return. I will warn you, we do not offer this to everyone. You have a very strong connection with someone back on earth, and we are willing to overlook common rules to send you home. But it will be very painful, and you will have to endure much hardship. You may have a moment to think.” He said, but I had already made up my mind. I had to return to Henry and make sure he was safe.

“I want to go back. Please.” I said. He nodded, as if he had known what my decision was going to be. A white hand reached for my forehead and gently touched it.

A violent white light flashed around us and wind whipped up around my body. Then there was heat and a bang and pressure on my lips. The best pressure. Then there was pain. So much pain.

I screamed.

_________________________ Henry_______________________________

He screamed and paramedics descended upon him. I frantically tried to continue to grasp the hand I was holding but it was ripped away from me.

“No, no, no! He’s my friend, he needs me!” I shouted after the medics, but to no avail. As soon as I got him back, he was gone again. However, he was alive, and that is what mattered.

I was breathing heavily and finally took a moment to look around. The wreckage and chaos around me took my breath away completely. There must have been at least seven bodies in the lunch room. Some had sheets over them, but I saw a pale hand with a delicate silver bracelet on it from under one. I turned to the side, where there was a trashcan and promptly threw up.

“Hey, it is going to be ok buddy.” I felt a reassuring hand on my back and turned to find a young paramedic with some water next to me. “Can you tell me your name?” she asked, looking at me questioningly and with pity in her eyes.

“Henry. Henry Smite.” I said listlessly. She nodded and threw a blanket over my shoulders. I was handed the water and I took a swig.

“Are you hurt at all sweetie?” She asked, while looking me over. I realized I was quaking and also aching all over.

“No, just some scratches.” I replied and she nodded. She helped me up and began leading me outside. I heard cries of students and names being shouted with desperation all around me. There were more sheet covered bodies in the hallway.

The door opened to even more chaos. There were frantic parents, policemen all around, and ambulances. I was left over at the side, and the nice medic ran inside to get more hurt people.

“HENRY. HENRY SMITE? HENNNNNRRRY???” I turned as I heard my name being called. It was my mother, looking positively green with worry. I was so happy to see her. The one thing I needed right now, besides seeing Jason, was her care and love.

“MOM” I screamed, and began running toward her. She turned and saw me and grabbed me up in a gigantic hug.

“Henry. Honey! Are you ok? Did you get hurt? What happened? Who was it?” I was hit with a barrage of questions as her hands frantically roamed over my chest and head, checking for injuries.

“I’m fine Mom. It was Kevin Earls. He went insane and began shooting people. Mom, I saw them die. I saw people die.” I cried onto her shoulder, counting on her to hold me up.

“Oh honey, come here.” She wrapped my blanket, which I realized was still around me, around my shoulders. “How’s Jason? Have you seen him around? Is he ok?” Jason was like a third son to her, after my brother and me. She loved him and adored him just as much as I did, though my love was different.

“Jase, Jase got shot mom. He’s not ok. They, they took him and-” I couldn’t go any further. It felt like I was getting shot over and over again every time I thought about it. The pain was excruciating.

“Come on sweetie. Lets go to the hospital and see what kind of condition he is in, ok?” She asked, trying to smooth my hair.

I nodded and we left.

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