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Hihihi! Finally up~ Enjoy lovies. Leave feedback please~


Chapter One


I’m cute. Everyone calls me cute or adorable . With my wide and innocent looking eyes, my height at 5’3(though I’m twenty one), my almost-white blonde, past shoulder length hair, my creamy and slightly pale skin tone, the fact that I look so small and delicate (fuck, even my features were delicate. In our times I was, in basics, considered a twink), and that I’m overly shy, I guess I am cute. Hell if ya put a dress on me, I could be a girl. The only things that really make me exotic are my eyes and lips. My left eye is chocolate brown and the other is sea foam green and my lips are ruby in color, plump, full, and soft with little snake bites glittering on the bottom. Not even my Retro Goth/Scene style and piercings made me more than cute. Just once I just wanted to be sensual or hot. Even my best friend, Camille said I was cute and she has been with me since the tricycle years.

“December! December!” It was Camille.

How the hell did she run so fast in those heels? Camille in one word was effervescent. Her hair was a fiery crimson and her eyes were a striking hue of violet and her body was crazily voluptuous though she was kind of elfin. Camille was a model. Okay not a real one. She was part of the school’s modeling extracurricular and was the damn best model. Even at her height of 5’5 she carried herself like she was ten feet tall. Today she was wearing a black tee-shirt that said “I don’t have an anger management problem, you just have to stop pissin me off,” a pair of blood red skinny jeans, and a pair of black studded stilettos. Really, how the hell did she walk in those?

“December, damnit, wakeup!” Camille said as she snapped her black French manicured fingers in front of my face.

“Huh? What? Oh sorry.” I said with a slight blush. I am always blushing for the smallest things!

“Anyways…We still on for the club?”

“As always dar-” my speech was cut short when he came. HE was Jarred Alvarez. The boy – no man was the definition of sexy. He was the exact opposite of me. I was short, pale, and fragile. Jarred was tall, caramel colored, and muscular but not in a crazy meat-cake way. His midnight black hair that was so dark that it had streaks of blue in it brushed tantalizingly against his almost edible butt. Oh god, his lips (I’m a person who’s major turn on is lips) were just enticing. They looked so lush and full with a slight color of red in them. A little glittering stud adorned the right corner of his bottom lip. The things I could do with those…the things they could do to me. Jared was in dance so he usually walked around with a book bag, some sweats with a tank top on and his hair up in a ponytail or bun. What would he look like under all that? I looked at him with lust and want in my eyes. Did he even like guys though? Was he gay? Did he like twinks like me? All these questions cluttered my brain.

“December….” Camille said warningly. I could always tell when she was about to smack the mess out of me; her left eyebrow always arched up, she would tap her right toe, and her tongue would be against her top left incisor.

“Oh yeah, we’re still on for the club.” I said as my face reddened.

“I know, he’s a fine specimen.” Camille said with a knowing smirk. Camille and my two sisters, Jade and Adrian, were the first I told I was gay. “M’kay, see ya later. I gotta get to class before Ms. Lornez shanks me.” Camille waved as she sprinted off.

I walked off to my favorite place in the college, other than the art room that is, the mammoth library. I loved that place. It was gothic and had almost every book. I went to the back of the library where my secret spot was at. It was a corner that no one knew was there and had a small loveseat in it. I went and got my favorite book, “The Tell-Tale Heart,” and curled up into the seat. I had read “The Tell-Tale Heart” almost a thousand times now and I still loved it. It never got boring, but I guess Edgar Allen Poe was that awesome. Just as I got into the book, I felt someone come up next to me. When I looked up it was none other than Jarred Alvarez. Holy crap.

Damn, that man was sexy! My cheeks flushed as I looked up at him.

“Hey,” Jarred said in that sensual voice. Through his sexiness I noticed something – this bastard is in my secret spot. How the hell did he find this spot?

” Hi… ” I said incredulously.

“Um…mind if I sit?”

“Nope.” I curled up into a smaller ball and continued enjoying my book. He sat close enough for me to feel the heat radiating off him. I had to keep back a shudder.

“So what are you still doing here?” Jarred asked, trying to strike up a conversation.

“What do you mean?” I said in a slightly offended tone and with my eyebrow arched. Did this sexy man think that just because I’m small, I don’t know how to get around? Oh fuck no!

“What artemisbet yeni giriş I mean is that don’t you have to go clubbing with that Camille girl? And it’s pretty late now.” Jarred said, seeming to catch on to my pissed-off ness. I looked outside and checked my phone — it was indeed late.

“Oh well I better get going,” I said, flashing my sexiest smile. I strutted off, then turned and asked, “Hey you wanna come with us?” Jarred looked kind of shocked.

“U…um…s…sure!” he stuttered.

“So what’s your address?” I asked flirtatiously…or at least I think I was being flirtatious. He took out a piece of paper and scribbled some instructions down.

“Hey what’s your name?” Jarred asked, obviously ashamed of the fact that he didn’t know. I took out a marker and wrote December on his arm in playful script.

“That’s a cool name,” he said lightly brushing his thumb against my name on his arm. “It describes you perfectly.”

“How so?”

He leaned over and whispered in my ear, “You look pure…like winter snow…but somehow grim, sinful. Just like the winter – beautifully dark.” I blushed and couldn’t hold back the shiver that came from having his cool breath tickle and swirl around my ear.

“This is my first time talking to you. How did you have time to…come up with such a compliment…or even analyze me like that?”

Jarred looked around like a little boy that was making sure the cost was clear and whispered, “Keep this a secret…I’ve always had a stalkerish crush on you.” I smiled and bit my lip.

“Don’t forget about tonight,” I called over my shoulder as I sashayed away.

“Never would have.”

I had to keep in my squeal.


I looked hot. I had on my favorite leather pants that hung treacherously low on my waist, a black and white sheer top that felt lovely on my skin and I had on my favorite black (and slightly beat up) knee high combat boots with a pair of fingerless driving gloves. Did I say I looked hot? There was a knock on my door.

“It’s open!” I yelled. Camille came swaggering in with a black denim romper. A romper wouldn’t seem racy, but you didn’t see Camille’s. The shorts part was short enough to show the ends of her butt cheeks. The top part was duel buttoned and she had enough of the buttons unbuttoned to show off her fire truck red lace bra. With this she had on a pair of knee high, heeled boots (again with the insanely high heels?) and fingerless driving gloves. Her hair was tied up in a sleek ponytail. Can’t lie – she looked sexy.

“‘Sup hot stuff.” Camille asked.

“Cami, love, you look sexy as usual.” I said as we kissed each other’s cheeks.

“Enough of this idle shit! You’re never gonna believe this.” I was practically bouncing.

“Chillax Bugs.” I couldn’t stop bouncing as I told Camille about what happened in the library.

“Damn you, lucky bitch!” Camille said giggling.


“Oh gosh that’s such a girly giggle.”

“Pfffft…I’m comfortable enough in my masculinity to ignore that.”

“What masculinity, sweetie?” I laughed again.

“We have to pretty you up now!” Camille said, giddily. She loved using me as a model because I looked so much like a girl. I tried out clothes, shoes (yea we wear the same shoe size), and make up for her.

“Oh hell no,” I said backing up, getting ready to make a run for it.

“Don’t try it. You know I’ll win.” I did know she’d win. Camille was a cheetah. With a huff and no final argument, I walk to my kitchen and sat down.

“Goooood,” Camille said sweetly.


“Okay now look at your sexiness,” Camille said holding her make up brush and a smile. I turned around and looked in the mirror. My already long eyelashes were accentuated with black eyeliner and mascara. I had deep smokey eyes and black lipstick that made my silvery snakebites glitter more. Camille used an airbrush to make my cheek bones look sharper. A dash of glitter powder gave me a shine that made me look paler and sparkly. I laughed to myself as I thought about my love for Twilight.

“Damn…I look hot.”

“You’re welcome,” Camille said smugly.

“Thank you love.”

Camille then put my layered, past shoulder length hair into a choppy ponytail. I grabbed my keys and we left.


Jarred opened his door to me and Camille. What I saw, words couldn’t comprehend. Jarred was soaking wet with only a towel on that hung low on his waist; his hair (that was wet and wavy at the moment) and body smelled of peaches and strawberries. Holy Shit!!!!!



Holy Shit!!!!! The sexy, cute, artist, twink thing was in front of my door………….. And I’m in a towel…..oh shit! December, the infamously called cute December, was blushing copiously. I wonder if he got light headed with all of that blood going into his cheeks. A look, which could only be described as lust, flashed artemisbet giriş in his eyes. His eyes looked animalistic as he carnally gnawed on his bottom lip. With his sexy outfit, he looked purely fuckable…..YUM!!!!

“Like the view?” I said, hiding my nervousness and putting back on my sexy façade. I ran off before my arousal was noticed. Could lips really be that hot? No, only December’s lips. I was head over heels in love with him…or maybe that was my stalker self. I had had a crush on December since I first saw him in freshman year in college, two years ago. He was a mixture of cute and sexy. With the obvious parts of him being cute and his outfit, that is. On that day he had on black skinny jeans that looked like a second skin, a snowy white off the shoulder sweater that reached to his mid thighs and a pair of motorcycle boots with spikes, chains and studs on them. He looked hot with his hair slicked back from his face, highlighting his cheekbones. Then I found out how awesome of an artist he was and how pure he was. If December could be a color, he would be off white; though I didn’t know him, I knew there was something that took away from his pureness – something unfathomable, morbid and secret, something sinful and deadly. But, even so, December had a lot of love; he was a sinful lover and I wanted that sinner’s love. Leisurely, without me knowing I fell in love with a boy whose name I didn’t even know. That look December gave me was only a taste. I wanna know what other looks (and sounds) I could cause December to make. My sexy and cute little pixie………

I eventually decided on some jeans, a white graphic shirt, and some beat up Timberlands. When I walked out, December and Camille was leaning against the wall. December was puffing on a cigarette. God, that was hot! Mouth watered at the way that his black lips elegantly wrapped around the cigarette and how his face contorted in pleasure as he inhaled and slowly opened his mouth, letting the white smoke swirl out. He was like a living porno. Could I even survive the ride (no pun intended) to the club?



Yea I was smoking, but Jarred just had that insane effect on me. I only smoke when I get really stressed and seriously needed to calm down – like now. We got into the elevator and Cami, being a matchmaking bitch, let me be in the middle of the slightly cramped elevator. She even decided to take it up a notch…

“Hey, Jarred, you wanna ride on Deci’s bike?” She said with a satanic glint in her eyes.

“Can we reverse that?” He said, catching on to Camille’s drift. I blushed and mouthed ‘you bitch’ to Camille and she mouthed ‘I know, love’ back with a demented, yet wickedly sweet smile. I couldn’t decide if I loved or hated her for causing a warm Jarred to be able to lean against my back. Having Jarred lean against me made me feel cozy; it felt right in a way; like I belonged there. I wanted him to always be by my side. I wanted my scent to be all over him so people knew that he was my property. At that point the only word that I could really describe Jarred as was mine. See I was Jarred’s secret stalker for some time now. I really adored him, but because of my shyness and doubtfulness, I never asked him out. Where all that confidence came from today, I don’t have the slightest idea. We were finally at the club. The bouncer was a family friend, so we got in without charge or having to wait in line. We walked up to the bar and ordered a dirty martini for me, an Albany Shirley temple for Camille, and vodka shot for Jarred. Just when I was finishing my martini, a dub step song came on. Like I was in a trance, I stepped onto the dance floor.



Oh sweet, merciful Jesus! December dancing was like sex in human form. The way his hips swerved, the sexual way his hands moved over his body, and that face of his was just enticing. His expression was that of ecstasy and pure sex. Eyes of both men and women were attached to him. His dancing made mine seem mediocre and amateur. Is it too hot in here? I think it is. Suddenly jealousy and rage came over me, when some ass munch wanted to dance with MY December, but he simply and gracefully spun away. I never thought twice about labeling December as mine. For about two songs I sat there with a raging hard on sipping burning scotch and watching this….this sex angel dance.

“Hey…dance with him instead of waiting for that thing to break your zipper.” Camille said with a pitying face.

“Huh, wha-” Camille cut me off.

“Don’t even try it honey. I’ve been watching you suffer through that hard on for a while now. Dance with him…but don’t try anything really. Not every Goldie Locks is okay with the bears walking in on them.” With a wink and surprising strength for a girl at her size, Camille pushed me up and off the bar stool. I strolled over to where December was dancing and slid my hands around his waist. We started a artemisbet güvenilirmi smooth rhythm. He turned in my grasp and looked at me shocked and blushing quite a lot.



Holy shit! Jarred was grinding into me. It was too sexy. I came to my senses and broke away from Jarred. I had to get out of here. I wasn’t a person for flings and I was damn near close to having one. I needed a smoke.

I ran out to the back where all the smokers were and took deep calming…ish breaths. “Yo anyone got a smoke and a light?” The question was directed at anyone in general. A pretty girl with silvery-white hair that was in a short choppy style and a Monroe piercing over her pouty pink lips handed me a smoke and lit it for me. If I were straight, I’d date her. She had a slim, willowy build – almost no curves, but something was just alluring…appealing about her. Her eyes were a peculiar color of red. I thanked her and she flashed me a bright smile as she sauntered off. She stopped in front of a man that looked equally hot and, without warning, they embraced in a deep kiss. I blushed, but couldn’t look away. The kiss was animalistic and graceful in a way. The way their lips caressed each other and how her long pianist’s fingers buried themselves into his hair and how his long fingers gripped her hips made the scene seem like a painting. Slowly, they pulled away from each other. Grasping his hand, she pulled him to a darker part of the alley. The rest of the smokers out back seemed to be as entranced as I was.

I took another drag and tried to put together my thoughts. I liked Jarred. However, I wasn’t even sure if I wanted to have a real relationship with him or if I wanted a hot fuck. I adored Jarred…but did I really adore him enough to be in a committed relationship with him. Did I adore him enough to really let myself go with him? Could I have a committed relationship with Jarred? My answers were never answered because Jarred came outside.

“There you are!” He said.

“Yep…here I am,” I said. I needed space Jarred really wasn’t helping out with me letting my mind think and not my dick.

“Why so…bleh?”

“I’ve the slightest idea of what you’re talking about.”

“What the hell December? In there and earlier today you were like all over me and you can’t even lie and say that there wasn’t any sexual energy between us. Now you’re acting like…I don’t even know what to call it,” Jarred said, balling up his fists some.

“Maybe you misread the signals,” I said while nonchalantly flicking off some ash and taking another drag. “I highly doubt that.”

“Well ain’t you high and mighty? I guess everyone has some sort of ‘sexual energy’ with you hmmm?”


“Really?” I said quirking my eyebrow and the corner of my mouth in a disbelieving fashion.

“Yep. Just you and I’m gonna prove it.” With that Jarred lowered his mouth down to mine in a scorching, scotch and nicotine tasting kiss. I automatically responded and wrapped my free hand around the back of his neck. I felt Jarred’s tongue trace the seam of my lips and I opened up and let him in. Our tongues explored each other’s mouths and dueled for dominance. Jarred’s won. I moaned into Jarred’s mouth. It was like Jarred was trying to devour me and I was gladly gonna let him. I was in nirvana, cloud nine, and heaven. With a light nip to my bottom lip, Jarred pulled away and I missed his hot lips. Jarred had my black lipstick smeared around his mouth. We were both breathing hard.



I took a chance and kissed him. Boy was I happy that I took that chance. December’s lips and tongue were so soft and submitting. I loved it. I loved his taste. I loved his essence. I wanted to devour it all…become one with December. For the second time that night, I was hard as rocks and I could say the same for December. When we pulled away, December’s eyes were almost black with arousal and his black lipstick was smeared around his face. I was about to lean in for another kiss when a small hand pushed against my chest. December took a deep breath and said, “Okay…the sexual tension wasn’t just your delusion.” I smiled. “However…” I raised an eyebrow. “That doesn’t mean I’m gonna hop in bed with you and ride your brains out…despite how much I want to.”

I chuckled. “I’ll give us a chance. I don’t want a fling Jarred. I want a committed relationship. I want a person that I can snuggle up to and rant to and cry to. I just don’t want it…I…” December took a shuddering breath and continued, “I need it. I yearn for it. After…after him, I just can’t have a relationship with just anyone. I’m not sure if you’re that someone.”

December looked up at me with deep sadness and a spark of hope in his eyes. At that point, I knew I wanted December and not just his lower region, I wanted his heart. I gently cupped his cheek and in a tender voice, I said, “December, I promise that I will expel all of your doubts. I will become your someone. I will become that person that you can snuggle with, cry with, and rant with. From this day on, you are officially being courted, m’lady.” I bowed slightly and met December’s smile with my own.


Hope you enjoyed~

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