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I hope you all enjoy my story, It is based on real events (the names have been changed)


My best friend Rachel and I got in our seats about five minutes before the movie started. We were the only ones in the theater that could sit up to 80 people. It was the last screening of the night, a romantic chick flick with a male lead actor that drove a teenage girl crazy. Both being eighteen, we were starting to enjoy the freedom of having nights out and driving wherever we pleased, without a nagging parent or price of a taxi.

We sat in the very back seats. I slipped off my thongs and put my feet up on the chairs in front. Rachel was wearing a black mini skirt, the type of material that hugged the body. She also wore a yellow singlet with rhinestones around the neck. I was wearing a long black skirt which was tight around my supposedly, ‘oversized ass’. I wore a white singlet, and a black bra which could easily be seen through my singlet. Rachel had just broken up with her boyfriend, and was looking for an outing to take her mind off it.

The movie started. I wasn’t too interested in it, but Rachel seemed to like it. After about twenty minutes, she slid out of her seat and excused herself to the bathroom. I put my legs to the side so she could squeeze through the narrow gap in between the rows of seats. As she wriggled past me, she turned her back so she was facing the screen. Her gorgeous ass was mere inches away from me. For as long as I had known Rachel, I had adored her, fantasized about her, almost loved her. Her body was gorgeous. We’d been shopping a few times where I’d had the pleasure of being in the changing room while she tried on different shorts and pants. I’d always try and cross my arms to hide my fully erect nipples. I’d always excuse myself to the bathroom and relieve my aching pussy. I snapped back to reality as Rachel walked back up the aisle, her legs lifting at each step, kaçak iddaa showing me glimpses of her white satin panties. I crossed my legs and clenched them together, putting pressure on my pussy.

“Did I miss anything?” She said, squeezing past me again. “Well, Brad took off his shirt.” I said, and smiled, biting my lip. But I wasn’t interested in guys. I was a lesbian. As far as I knew, Rachel didn’t know anything. She sat down in her chair, putting her legs up on the chair and spreading her legs just a little. “Thanks for taking me out, I just wanted to get my mind off everything, you know?” I nodded and grabbed her hand, squeezing it and turning my attention back to the movie which I couldn’t have cared less about. I stroked her hand very slowly and gently with my thumb. She went to cough and released my hand, covering her mouth. There were foldable arm-rests for each seat. Rachel raised the one on her right and moved closer to me. I needed no invitation. I snuggled up to her, letting her rest her head on my shoulders. We continued watching the movie, and after awhile, she had slid down my shoulder and now had her head in my lap.

My panties were lightly damp and I was afraid she’d either smell or feel them. I stroked her head with my hand looking at her long brown hair. She turned her head and looked up at me. “I love you.” I looked at her, a bit puzzled. “Ditto.” I said, and smiled at her. She sat up, stretched and yawned loudly.

My pussy had begin to drip my juices. Soaking my panties. I told Rachel I was going to the bathroom and left quickly. I pushed open the door, went into the nearest stall, and pulled my long skirt up to my waist, pulling down my orange panties. I inspected them and saw just how large the wet patch was. I put the toilet seat down and pulled out my breasts from my bra, not bothering to unclip it. My pussy was swollen and wet. I parted my lips and saw just how aroused kaçak bahis I was. I sat back and shut my eyes, slowly putting pressure on my clitoris while I held my breast up to my mouth with my other hand. I bit softly and sucked on my nipple, which was fully erected. I heard the bathroom door open, followed by soft footsteps leading up to the door of the stall I was in. I heard Rachel’s soft voice, she sounded unsure of what she going to say. She sounded almost nervous. “I know what you’re doing in there, can I join you?”

I unlocked the door and pushed it open slowly, inspecting her from head to toe. I could see her nipples sticking through her top. “How did you know what I was doing?” I asked. “Are you kidding? Your nipples were practically jumping out of your shirt, and I could smell you when my head was in your lap. I knew you were wet. Then when you excused yourself to the bathroom, I knew exactly what you were up to.” She turned around and shut the door, locking it. She slid her skirt up to her waist as I had done before, and slid her panties down to her ankles, not bothering to step out of them. Although hard to see on white, I could barely see the wet patch on her panties, which were on the floor around her gorgeous feet.

Rachel was standing with her back against the cubicle wall, facing me. I was sitting on the toilet with my legs parted and my breasts out. I slid down off the toilet seat onto the floor, where I was met by the sight, and smell of Rachel’s beautiful pink pussy. I started by parting her long, bright pink lips. I ran my finger from her clitoris, down to very bottom of her pussy. She moaned and put her hands against the two walls beside her, bracing herself. I parted her lips again, and put my nose to her pussy. I inhaled and savored the beautiful smell of my best friend’s pussy. I ran my tongue along her lips, going up and down. I sucked on her clit and used two fingers to penetrate illegal bahis her, she was so wet it was incredible. I used my other hand to rub myself. Rachel slid down the wall, opening up her legs even further, giving my easier access to eat her out. I continued sucking her clit and fingering her until I could tell she was close to orgasm, then I would ease off and let her come back down. I did this a few times until she couldn’t take it any longer. “Have you ever seen someone squirt?”

I said I hadn’t but it had always been a fantasy of mine. I built her up one last time, but instead of easing off, I added a third finger and fingered her hard and fast. At this point she’d pulled a single breast out and was sucking her nipple. I sucked her clitoris and then ran my tongue over it hard, pushing down on it. She pulled back from me, and squirted me in the face with her juices. One wave hit me directly in the face, her juice running down my face into my mouth, over my nose and down onto my breasts. She panted and moaned much louder then she had before, and put her hand back down to her pussy, rubbing faster, building to another orgasm. I did the same, but it took me no time to hit my climax. I put my legs apart and leaned back on the toilet, and watched my pussy squirt my juices for the first time in my life. It was the most amazing feeling in the world. We both came at the same time. The cubicle was a mess, it looked like someone had emptied a full water bottle out onto the floor. Except it wasn’t water. We both sat there, with our eyes closed, panting, trying to regain composure. I sat up and put my panties back on which were sitting in a puddle of Rachel’s juices, the thought of Rachel’s juices being up against my pussy got me horny again almost straight away. I pulled my skirt back down to it’s full length and readjusted my bra. Rachel did the same. We looked at the floor as we were walking out, and admired the mess we had made.

“Should we clean it up?” Rachel said sliding her foot into her thongs. “No let’s get out of here back to my place.” I said with a wink. Rachel bit her lip and we left the theater.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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