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I’ve been dying to tell some of my real life stories and finally decided to join this site and give it a try.

Everything started with Lexy. She’s smoking hot (I’ll describe her more in another story sometime if anyone is interested) and we had an affair that lasted over 20 years. The story I want to share today isn’t directly about Lexy though. She’s my fantasy girl in every way and I have a vast collection of photos and videos of her dancing, stripping, masturbating, fucking me and best of all…fucking other guys.

Our relationship has had different phases and during one phase she was single and dating lots of different guys, all much younger than her. She would videotape some of her fun for me and what a turn on it was to watch it the next day!

Show her off

Anyways, me in some sort of perverted state decided I wanted to show off her pics and vids in person with another guy. I guess I was just looking for someone to be a fan of hers along with me so I had someone to share all this good material with. So of course I put an ad on craiglist along with a few pics of her. I had a lot of responses. Most turned me off for different reasons but there were a few cool guys. I had keys to Lexy’s condo so I met a few guys there and we shared mamak escort videos and jerked off. No touching each other. It was ok.

The prospect

But there was this one young guy who responded and he seemed crazy for Lexy. I thought there was a possibility that I could covertly hook him up with her. As he and I were chatting I sent him pics of her and he sent me a cock pic. Damn…that got my attention. The boy was hung and I have to say he has a cock that made me envious. I gave him her info on a dating website and he tried to contact her. They chatted a little bit and planned on getting together but he blew it somehow and she dropped him. Shit! I was hoping I would get to see her fuck that big cock.

Plan B

He and I kept in touch and he wanted to see more of her. I told him I couldn’t send him the good stuff with face pics and all because I couldn’t expose who she was. But I would show some to him in person. So we met up at her condo one afternoon. We were sitting on the couch and I had my laptop in front of me and was showing him a vid of her fucking her first black guy. A vid that particularly turned me on. We both started stroking and damn… his cock was hard as a rock and huge just waving in the ankara masaj yapan escort air.

I was trying to tell him the back story of the video and watch at the same time when I noticed that he was looking at my cock and seemed more interested in it than the video. I’ve never been attracted to a guy and I can’t say I was attracted to him either…but that cock…it was mesmerizing. Still all I wanted was to see him shoot a big load while worshipping Lexy with me.

His Move

We were enjoying the video and I could tell he was close to blowing his load because he kept stopping stroking. Out of the blue he asked if he could stroke me. It caught me off guard and I certainly wasn’t planning on anything between us…but I said ok. Honestly it felt good to have another hand stroking me other than mine. I just laid back and let him stroke for a while. Then all of the sudden he leaned down and took me in his mouth. How could I object? It felt good and I was horny. His cock was close to me while he leaned over so I reached out and grabbed it. I had a few experiences in my pre-adolescent youth but this was the first as an adult. His huge cock in my hand. Wow…it felt pretty awesome and I was surprised mithatpaşa escort that I liked it. My cock is a decent 6″ plus and pretty thick but small compared to him. He was maybe 8 – 9″ plus I would guess and very thick and extremely hard. (and I still have pics to prove it).

My Move

I put on another video and he said he didn’t have much longer and needed to cum. I had put a big towel in between us to catch our loads and handed it to him. I honestly don’t know what came over me but as he was getting worked up and obviously close to cumming I asked him if he wanted me to suck him off. Crazy LOL. Of course he said yes and I got on my knees in front of him (the same couch I had seen Lexy suck and fuck many guys on) grabbed his cock and slid my mouth over it and stroked it at the same time until he shot his hot load in my mouth. He came in seconds and I didn’t move. I just kept sucking slowly because I know how good that feels. I didn’t particularly want to swallow his cum so I let it run out of my mouth as I kept sucking and stroking him slowly.

We cleaned up and as he left I think we both felt awkward. I couldn’t believe what I just did and wondered if it would change me. He contacted me again a few weeks later but I ignored him this time. When I was horny I wanted to play but I really didn’t want to get together with a guy I guess. Lexy was still my sexual motivation.

Sometimes when I’m horny I think I wouldn’t mind trying again with the right guy…

If anyone is interested I have many sexy and even twisted stories of my girl Lexy.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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