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Today, I met two friends, mature women from the previous summer. They told me it was a reward for being such a chivalrous man.

Alicia arrived, dressed conservatively, or so I thought. I helped her off with her full-length coat, expecting to see her in a dress or pant-suite, since she came immediately after work. No, I removed the coat and saw she was wearing thigh-length black stocking, a black bra and matching panties. There was no hint of embarrassment in her eyes or on her face. A smile came to her face when she tossed off her five-inch heels.

“Am I appropriately attired?” were the only words she said to me before she ascended the stairs. I watched her climb, watched her satin-enclosed bottom wiggle enticingly. I didn’t need her to invite me: I rushed up.

Her bra was on the floor. I stepped over it, almost onto her panties. I looked and saw her on the bed.

On her right elbow and hip, Alicia smiled and asked, “Do you like what you see?”

I nodded and smiled. I looked up and down her body, looked at her thighs and breasts. I saw her nipples hard and erect.

She moaned. casino şirketleri Alicia moved a her left hand down the length of her body, ever so lightly touching her soft, white skin. It amazed me, standing there, to watch this older woman love her body. Her confidence in herself was intoxicating.

I wanted to move to her, join her on the bed. I didn’t want to overstep my boundaries, though. I stayed rooted and observed.

There she was, naked and enjoying herself. She rolled onto her back. I slowly removed my clothing, letting them stay where they fell. My hardness was lost on her: Alicia was in her own euphoria. She turned to me, her eyes half-glazed over. So close to her an orgasm I thought.

The doorbell rang. I thought it would interrupt my friend’s actions. She ignored it. It rang again. Alicia slid in a finger and moaned loudly.

I grabbed my robe and quickly ran down the stairs. Upset, I had an argument in my head for the person whose finger was ruining a wonderful moment.

“Am I late?” Marian entered. Her long coat was beige, cashmere I thought, but it was expensive. casino firmaları

“Late?” Confused, I looked at her, ready to ask a question.

“No Marian darling,” Alicia cooed down.

“I thought I would be.” Marian removed her coat and handed it quickly to me. I noticed she was wearing only thigh highs and heels, nothing more. I turned and watched as she climbed the stairs.

I put her coat on a hook and prepared to join them in my bedroom. I couldn’t believe my luck.

“Could you bring us something to drink dear?” Alicia’s sensual tone caused me forget for a moment what I was going to do. I walked into the kitchen and poured two glasses of water. I climbed the stairs quickly, not wanting to miss any action between the two friends.

I entered the room and placed the glasses on the nightstand. I removed my clothing and sat in the corner chair. Alicia thanked me before downing half her glass.

“I can work up such a thirst.” She replaced the glass and smiled at me. “You’re such a good friend.”

Marian agreed. “Who, but a good friend, would allow two women to use güvenilir casino his bed for a naughty rendezvous?”

Alicia chuckled. “And, only ask to watch in return.”

Marian adjusted on the bed, giving me a better view of her body. “Are you sure he’s just going to watch?”

“I highly doubt we’d allow that.” Alicia wiggled off the bed and walked to me. She put her hands on my chest and opened up my robe. She pushed it back and off my body.

“Looks like he enjoys us old ladies,” Marian quipped.

“I knew there was a reason we stayed in touch with him,” Alicia added. She reached down and grabbed my ever-growing cock, giving it a few soft tugs.

“Be careful, Ali, it might go off in your hand.” Marian giggled like a schoolgirl at her pun. I could only shake my head.

Alicia held my penis harder and pulled me to the bed. “I know you’ll enjoy this,” she whispered before pushing me on top of her friend.

Marian’s lips were soft and warm, her tongue warmer. I couldn’t speak. I didn’t want to speak. I wanted to take my friends and explore the pleasures we’ve never experienced together before.

“Chance, wine gets better with age,” Alicia said. She joined us on the bed. Marian rolled me onto my back and smiled.

“So do women,” Marian cooed as she lowered her head onto my chest, a hand touching my cock.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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