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Gracie slammed the door, letting her purse slide down her arm to thud against the shiny light brown floorboards. Her roommate, Juline, poked her head out of her room at the commotion.

“I’ve had it,” Gracie informed her. “Men are scum.”

“Come, now. It can’t be that bad,” Juline assured her. “There are some…granted, hard to find…good ones out there.”

“I can’t find any,” Gracie huffed, sinking miserably into the plush blue and black couch in front of the TV and clicking the set on. She pulled her feet up under her and scrolled through the channels, not looking up from what she was doing as she added, “And don’t try telling me how great some men are when you don’t even like men.”

Juline sat down, cross-legged, next to her roommate on the couch. “It’s not really that I don’t like men, G. I just like women better.” She momentarily allowed her eyes to drift over the other girl’s curves wistfully, longingly. The reason she’d moved in with her in the first place had been her instantaneous attraction when they’d met. Unfortunately, every effort and every hint over the last year and a half had been successfully ignored or brushed off…leaving the young lesbian quite frustrated.

Gracie let out an irritated sigh and crossed her arms, leaving the remote on the arm of the couch. “Well, maybe I’ll try women out for awhile. Men don’t seem to be working for me.”

Juline smiled a half-smile. While she welcomed her roommate’s thoughts about women, she knew it probably wasn’t something she’d thought all the way through, especially as she’d made small comments along the same lines before, but never been daring enough to try it. This time, though, a little devil goaded her to give her a solid chance to prove she intended to do what she had said.

“You don’t really mean it,” she said softly, scooting a little closer and snagging the remote. She clicked the channel over to the afternoon news.

Gracie grabbed the remote back and resumed watching her movie special, “Halloween” (the original) on full volume.

“You don’t know what he’s done this time,” She nearly spat. “There’s no way he’s getting a pass on this one.”

“It must be really bad for you to be watching horror shows,” Juline observed, reaching over to switch off the TV and letting the remote fall to the floor. She turned so she was facing her slightly younger roommate. “What has he done this time?” She inquired softly.

Chad had been a source of unhappiness to Gracie almost from the moment she’d met him, doing one thing after another to hurt her, sometimes on purpose, but a lot of the time just because it was something he’d always done and didn’t think twice about. Juline had been advising her to dump him for the longest time, but his charm and his muscled figure had always won out over her urgings. Chad would smile and slide his tongue along some pleasant part of Gracie, and she would jump straight back into bed with him, only to be huddled in a ball on the couch days, or even hours later, crying over his latest offense. This time, Juline hoped he had finally gone too far for Gracie to forgive him.

“He slept with Joy…and Emily.”

Juline sat back a little in shock…and a little in relief that he had pushed her friend to the brink at last. “Your Joy and Emily?”

Gracie nodded. “I don’t think I’ll ever forgive them either. How do you betray your friend like that?” She swiped at a tear winding its way down her cheek. “And Emily is my little sister for goodness-sake.” She hit the arm of the couch with a balled up fist. “How does someone do that?”

Juline wrapped her arms around her, nestling her under her chin and stroking her arm softly. Gracie wrapped her arm around her waist in return, letting a few more tears slip out.

“It’s going to be okay, G.” Juline wiped at the tears on her friend’s face. “Don’t cry, sweet. They’re not worth it.”

Gracie nodded in agreement, swiping away the last of the tears. “You’re right, Juli…and I still have you.” She grinned in sudden jest, wet eyes sparkling. “And at least I know you’ll never sleep with my boyfriend.”

Juline smiled back, looking down at her. Their faces were inches apart, and as she realized this, her smile slowly faded, replaced with seriousness.

“What is it?” Gracie asked, trying to sit up. Juline tightened her grip, leaned forward slightly, and suddenly pressed her mouth to the other girl’s lips.

Gracie was shocked at güvenilir bahis first, taken aback by the sudden embrace. While she had known the other woman had felt this way about her, having overheard the final fight with her last girlfriend six months ago when the girl had yelled she was leaving because “all you ever think about is that little ripe kitten in the next room”, she’d never expected her to make a move on her. It was a little intimidating—and exciting at the same time. Juline pulled away when she felt her resistance.

“You said you were done with men and wanted to try women,” She reminded her, smoothing a stray strand of golden brown hair back behind Gracie’s ear. “Here’s your chance to see what it’s like, sweet. I promise I’ll make it good for you.”

Gracie hesitated before nodding, almost undetectably. Ever since overhearing that fight, she had been curious how it would feel to be with her in bed as her lover. Tasting her mouth, her breasts; feeling her caressing her body with her slender fingers as she kissed her deeply. What’s more, in spite of her non-participation in the first kiss, she’d felt the first small glimmers of arousal as Juline’s soft, firm lips moved over hers. “Ok,” She agreed softly.

Juline slid her fingertips down the side of Gracie’s face, letting them linger at her mouth, sliding her thumb across her lower lip before capturing it again with her own lips and replacing the digit with her tongue. Gracie’s lips trembled at first, but soon she returned the kiss fully as arousal crept in again, and opened her mouth to deepen her kiss with the gorgeous young lesbian. Juline let out a soft moan and tightened her arms, turning them so Gracie was lying almost flat on her back, the other girl on top, her right hand starting to explore her curves, sliding quietly under her pink cotton shirt to cup her bare breast. She let out a low chuckle.

“Looks like someone forgot something today.”

Gracie buried her suddenly red face in her friend’s neck. “It’s washday, remember. I put it in the wash.”

“All the better to touch you,” her new love responded, eyes sparkling at a reference to “Little Red Riding hood”—one of their favorite fairy tales, a hobby they shared with a reading night once a month—before capturing her mouth again with undisguised lust in her kiss. Her fingers moved to the nipple, first flicking lightly with her nail, then pinching it between thumb and finger. Gracie arched up, pleasure spiraling through her at the caress. Chad had never taken the time to make her feel good before he’d taken his own pleasure in her body.

Before she realized, her shirt was gone, and Juline’s mouth had replaced her fingers, sucking and licking at the hard-as-pearl nub. She gasped as her body rose up in pleasure for a second time. The tongue swirling around her nipple was warm, sending spirals of excitement down through her body to her heating clit. Her new position gave room for her hand to wander lower, moving its way between her legs and under her thin purple skirt, quickly finding the throbbing button Gracie was starting to have a hard time ignoring.

One last time, Gracie was unsure at how thing were progressing, but the soft stroking of her roommate’s slender fingers through her blue silk panties, pressing against her pussy, soon had her melting in a pool of excitement, the scent of her arousal drifting in the air, teasing at their senses as the fingers teased at her clit.

Juline left off playing with her satin smooth breasts and began moving lower, kissing down her flat, toned stomach, stopping briefly to swirl her tongue around her bellybutton.

Gracie moaned again and Juline looked up, her expression suddenly darkening with uncontained lust.

She moved up to cover the younger woman with her body, kissing her deeply, spearing her tongue between her lips to caress the inside as a lover.

The second time her tongue darted inside her mouth, she moved her fingers back to the woman’s pussy, slipping beneath her panties to stroke the lips drenched with her juices. Gracie moaned again as she felt the first full shot of lust burst through her body. She placed her hand on Juline’s head and moved her down, feeling her press a few soft kisses to her body on the way, until her mouth had reached the soft, short curls between her thighs, her hands dragging off her panties as she traveled down.

She touched with just her tongue at first, letting the tip flick güvenilir bahis siteleri against her clit, and then slide the length of her slit, tasting her, finally, after 18 months of torment.

Each teasing flick was another drop of fuel on Gracie’s fire of arousal. When she couldn’t stand it any longer, she reached down, winding her fingers through her lover’s hair and pressing her closer. Juline responded by coiling her tongue around her clit and sucking it with gentle, steady pressure into her mouth.

She nearly came apart, her hips lifting up from the couch as she squealed in pleasurable surprise. Juline slid two fingers up into her dripping, heated pussy, curling it up to hit her g-spot. She thrashed on the couch, her hips lifting, trying to make the other woman finger fuck her, but she merely let out a slight chuckle, pressing the eager young woman’s hips down, forcing her to stay still as she enjoyed her taste of what she had been craving for so long.

“Please…” Gracie moaned. “Please, Juli, you have to make me cum.” Her body writhed, reaching for more. In all her small fantasies about Juline, each caused by a glimpse of her naked as she got out of the shower with the door cracked, or a conversation with a girlfriend…and once by overhearing her having sex with her last ex, Gracie had never thought another woman could know her body so well. Every touch stimulated a new nerve, making her crave the next touch even more. “You feel so good, and you make me feel so good, but I need to cum…now!”

Juline purred against the eager clit in her mouth, nearly forcing Gracie to the edge with overwhelming sensations of heat and wet and wonderful pressure, then pulled away, taking her fingers out of her pussy.

“Come with me,” She ordered, holding out her hand.

Gracie took her hand obediently, and followed her up the stairs to her room. There was no more anxiety in her actions, even though she was still nervous about what was to come. She trusted Juline and knew that she would most definitely find pleasure in anything she did to her.

Juline led her to the bed and gently pushed her down to a sitting position.

“Do you trust me, G?”

Gracie nodded, smiling a little.

“Lay back, with your eyes closed, and don’t move,” Juline commanded.

Gracie did, her body tense with anticipation as she waited, ears straining for any noises, but hearing nothing. Suddenly she felt a heavy, warm weight in her right hand, which was lying palm up on the bedspread, almost hanging off the edge. She turned, eyes opening. Juline stood there, thin tan straps circling her perfect hips, and a strap on cock hanging between her legs. Gracie curled her fingers around the member.

“It feels so real…” she marveled.

“It absorbs the body heat of the wearer,” Juline answered her unspoken question. “It’s made out of some kind of new material.” She leaned forward as if telling a secret. “The other end of that cock is inside me, baby, to pleasure me while I pleasure you.”

Gracie experimentally ran her fingers up and down the soft material of the strap-on. She looked up as she did so at her new lover. Juline’s eyes shone with an unidentified emotion.

“Suck it,” she said abruptly.

Gracie leaned forward tentatively, letting her tongue curl around the warm organ. She felt a firm hand at the back of her head, and her mouth was pushed down onto the cock. She began to suck, her head going up and down, amazed when she was able to take all 8″ down her throat. It felt good to do this. She could hear Juline moaning a little as her mouth, tight around the cock, pushed it further inside her at the base.

Juline gasped as the younger woman’s nose buried itself in her fragrant curls. Grabbing her shoulders, she pushed her backward, spreading her legs and positioning the cock at the entrance to her pussy.

“You’re mine now, G,” She stated as she pushed forward, burying the heavy member inside the young woman’s flesh, the soaked pussy stretching to accept the thick cock with satisfying ease. Arms on either side of her face, she leaned down and kissed her fiercely. “You understand? No one else will ever touch you now.”

Gracie nodded silently. The cock felt like nothing before. She could have sworn she felt it throb deep inside her. Its heavy length stretched and filled her utterly and completely with male-like dominance, in contrast to Juline’s smooth skin and velvet curves. iddaa siteleri Her hair fell forward and brushed against her face, smelling of violets. The possessive statement completed the experience…especially when she knew she meant it. She was glad she did. She never wanted this to end…it felt too good.

Juline pulled out, thrust back in, over and over, each stroke carefully controlled, but slowly becoming more and more forceful. Gracie let her head fall back, whimpering as it hit the back of her walls with every inward stab.

Unexpectedly she pulled out.

“Turn over, cunt,”

Gracie stared at her in shock at the name. She’d never been called that in her life…but wasn’t sure she disliked it. The word set off her submissive side with excited surges, leaving her needing to satisfy her girlfriend any way she wanted.

Juline turned her butt and spanked her, leaving a handprint on her ass. “Now. Do as I say.”

She turned over hurriedly, landing on her hands and knees. In an instant she was grabbed around the hips and pulled backward, the strap-on spearing deep into her depths all over again.

She groaned as the organ stretched her open again, hitting new spots, the tip slamming into her g-spot every time Juline plunged inside. Within minutes she was whimpering and writhing on the bed as her orgasm built with overwhelming force. One last hard thrust sent her over the edge.

Her girlfriend refused to slow down. Instead, she started twisting her hips with every lunge, exacting groan after groan out of her as she was made to come again and again, until her cream dripped off the strap-on onto the bedcovers.

Finally, she pulled out, leaving her to collapse in an exhausted heap on her stomach.

“Uh-uh,” the dominant whispered in her ear, brushing her unruly after-sex hair away from her heated neck. “Not yet, my sweet; we’re not done quite yet.”

Gracie turned over, eyes sparkling. “No, babe,” she agreed. “Not yet.” She wanted to pay her lover back for the pleasure she’d given her.

Pushing Juline back on the bed, she straddled her lower legs, ass in the air as she leaned forward to take the fake cock into her mouth, sucking and licking her juices off the shaft. Her girlfriend groaned at the sight of her pink tongue swiping around the tip and her creamy ass up in the air, much as it had been when she had taken her a moment before.

As she sucked, Gracie slipped her fingers under the straps holding the cock in place, sliding the soaked tool down her roommate’s naked hips. She sat up just long enough to toss it on the floor before bending forward once more and skimming the tip of her tongue for the first time through Juline’s honey.

Juline moaned as she felt warm lips coil around her throbbing clit. The end of the strap on had been hitting her g-spot repeatedly, heating her up with desire, and she had also kept in her mind that she now had the seemingly unattainable—her once straight roommate—as a lover. And she was being eaten by her. All this combined to push her closer to the edge of delight as the evening’s events finally felt like more than a dream.

Gracie let her tongue go deeper, delving inside the sweet, juicy pussy in front of her. Even when masturbating, she’d never quite gotten up the nerve to taste her own juices, although she knew she smelled good enough to…well…eat. Juline tasted better than she could have ever thought a woman could…like peaches with a hint of caramel. She quickly decided that she liked belonging to her if it meant being able to taste her like this whenever she wanted. She went back to sucking on her clit, letting her tongue flick against the end as she did, obtaining a gasp from her new girlfriend, and then a loud moan as she slid two fingers deep inside her wet heat, curling them up to rub against the g-spot.

Juline had already been close, but the sight of her once straight roommate between her legs, and the feeling of her lips and tongue moving on her aroused flesh had her arching up in mere seconds as her orgasm hit—hard. Her hands fisted into the bedspread as her toes curled.

Gracie purred with satisfaction against her clit, moving her fingers faster in and out of her pussy until she came again, soaking her hand, feeling happiness and just a hint of power at being able to make her experience what she had just given her.

Juline grabbed her then, pulling her up her body to kiss her passionately as the last tremors of her final orgasm faded; a pleased and contented smile on her face.

Gracie grinned. “I think I like women, Juli.” She snuggled closer. “You at least.”

“Good,” Juline smiled back. “Because I think I’m keeping you.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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