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As a serving soldier in Germany life could sometimes get a little boring so it was not unusual to go out and get wasted at the nearest bar on a Friday night. Like most of the lads I slipped into this routine and accepted it as the norm. Sometimes I thought it was a bit of a waste of time and I wondered if I might be a bit more inventive with my free time.

I was keen on sex but just wasn’t getting any. Most of the plays I made for local fraulines were rebuffed and there was a note of frustration slipping into my being. I had fantasised about the possibility of a gay relationship but it was not a good idea to be open about this sort of thing in the Army; so I shifted such thoughts to the back of my mind and continued in my pursuit of local females.

I don’t know where the warning came from but we were made aware that if we were going out on a weekend we had to be careful because a local man had been trying to persuade drunken squaddies to accept a lift from him. He would then try to get them back to his flat in the local town. We were told to watch out for him and to never accept a lift.

Friday night came and a few of us drifted down to the local bar. I drank less than usual and as it got to eleven I feigned illness and left to go back to the barracks. It was a two mile walk and I knew that 40 minutes would see me safely tucked up in my bed or not, as the case might be.

I walked with my head down and put on a bit of a stagger to make it look as though I was drunk. As every car passed I hoped that it might be the one that would open a sexual adventure for me. Ten minutes passed and then 20 and I was giving up hope but then I heard the telltale sound of a Volkswagen approaching from behind.

It started to slow; my pulse started to race; it pulled up in front of me and as I drew alongside it the window was lowered and a friendly voice said in faltering English. “Hey, you want the lift? I go past your barracks. Is easy for me to drop you off.”

I climbed in and sat in the passenger seat. Off we went; straight away his right hand moved across and rested on my left knee. “You look drunk Tommy; maybe they make trouble for you at guardhouse. You want to go for coffee first to sober you up?” He patted my leg.

Pretending to be drunker than I was I replied, “Sure Hanz but you must get me back to camp after the coffee.”

In no time we were past the camp and heading down into town. We hit the outskirts and quickly came to what I presumed was his flat. During the drive I had kept my head down but as we got out of the car I looked across at him. I had decided that if he was gross I would make a run for it. In the event he looked quite acceptable; ok he was old, probably mid forties but he looked fit and had no facial hair. I made a snap decision; if I was going to get seduced or raped then this guy was ok by me.

“Come on Tommy,” he said as he steered me towards his front door, “We drink coffee ok.”

“Ok Hanz lead me to it.” As we entered the living room I got a shock; there was a set of real life stocks, the sort they used in the medieval days to lock people in while they pelted them with rotten fruit, they sat right there in the middle of the floor. Doubts hit my mind, “What the?”

“Oh don’t worry,” said Hanz, “We have a church fete on Sunday. We put people in and throw things at them. Plenty fun eh?”

He disappeared for five minutes and came back bearing coffee. We sat and chatted and drank. I began to wonder when he would make his move. It came soon enough.

“Hey Tommy; look; I go in stocks; you take photo of me.” He put his head and hands in and made a big joke of it. “Camera on table; take funny picture Tommy.”

I obliged aksaray escort and he seemed to be in high spirits as he laughed and joked. “Come on now Tommy it’s your turn. I take picture eh.”

My mind raced, it was decision time; cut and run or stay; I had noticed a padlock on the sideboard and I knew full well that once my head and hands were in the stocks the joking would stop. My mind was made up; I was committed to my course of action.

Still feigning drunkenness I got to my feet and placed my hands and neck in the stocks. Happy Hanz was still laughing and joking as he took a couple of pictures. “Ok we take it off now,” he promised as he approached my side. I have to admit he was quick; he had the padlock on in a flash. “Ok Tommy, now you are trapped. You be a good Tommy and you get to go home all in one piece tomorrow.”

I thought some protest was appropriate so I said, “Aw Hanz, let me go; What are you planning to do? Don’t be silly; let me go and I’ll say nothing.”

“Tommy, Tommy, Tommy. Is not a game. Is serious. Cooperate and you won’t get hurt. You going to get fucked Tommy; fucked good and proper by some Hanseatic cocks.”

A flash of excitement went through me at the mention of ‘Cocks’; I had assumed that Hanz was on his own but now it sounded like he might have friends.

“First Tommy we have to clamp your feet.” He got to his knees in front of me and guided my ankles into clamps; each foot was pulled to the side and secured so that I was unable to move. I was trussed and clamped and I was totally turned on; inside my pants my cock was rock solid, a fact that had till now gone unnoticed by Hanz, I could feel the precum soaking into my pants.

Now he surprised me, after rummaging round in a drawer and finding what he wanted he moved behind me and with amazing dexterity and in no time at all he cut off my jeans and pants. He was so skilful that I suspected he might be a paramedic; the clothes were tossed to one side and straight away he saw my rock hard cock. “Oh Tommy boy. I think you happy, yes?”

The flat of his hand moved over my bum cheeks, then over my back and then back to my bum. He reached between my legs and took hold of my cock. No man had ever held my cock before; the feeling was good; it was right. Now he moved to the front and stood before me; he tilted by head back and pushed himself against my face. There was a cock inside those trousers and I wanted it out; I judged it to be long and thick. As if in answer to my need he backed off slightly, undid his belt and zip and pushed his trousers to the floor. He wore white pants and now I could clearly see the proportions of his weapon.

He grabbed a handful of my hair and positioned my head; then he thrust his hips forward. I was eager and I wanted cock; I liked the bulge, I tried to clamp my mouth round it; I revelled in the smell of his masculinity. “You want to see what you going to get Tommy?”

“Get it out Hanz; for heavens sake get it out.” Was there a note of pleading in my voice? Oh yes I think so. Right now I needed that cock like I had never needed anything before.

He took a step backwards thus allowing me a clear focused view of his armoury. He hooked his fingers in the top of his pants and yanked them down. “Oh my god,” I exclaimed. His cock was massive; for the first time tonight I was frightened. I was scared that this was pretty soon going to be invading my virgin ass. I couldn’t let it happen; my only option was to get him to reach a climax right now, as soon as possible while he was still in the safety zone.

His huge cock stood proud from his balls, it arched upwards and it was twitching as though it had aksaray escort bayan a life of it’s own. With his fingers he pushed it down so that the cock head was pointing towards my mouth. That cock head was something to behold, big, smooth, unblemished and glistening with precum. I strained forward in an effort to get it into my mouth but Hanz held it back so that it just brushed my lips.

“Oh so Tommy wants it does he. I think I picked myself a cock hungry whore tonight. You want it in your mouth Tommy?”

“Yes dam it, get it in Hanz.”

After a minute he did get it in and once it was in my mouth it seemed that nothing else in the world mattered. I sucked, I licked, I nibbled, I caressed and I tried to engulf it with my lips. It pushed against my cheeks, it invaded the back of my throat and it filled my entire being. I tried so hard to make it cum but Hanz had staying power. After ten minutes my jaws ached and all the muscles of my face started to get tired. Sensing this Hanz withdrew his weapon. All of a sudden I remembered what fate awaited me and I started to shiver.

Hanz grabbed a tube of KY gel and started to lube up his cock. The sight was exotic and frightening. He moved out of my vision and into the danger zone. I felt the application of gel to my anal opening. I felt the insertion of a finger; it pushed, it probed and then it became two fingers.

“Tommy, you got the tight ass. We might have a problem here. Still we make a test, no.”

Saying this he removed his fingers and replaced them with his cock head. He pushed and pushed and pushed. My ass started to give way but did not open enough to admit his prick. He tried again but without success; I started to hope that my virginity would stay intact. Until, that is, he issued these chilling words.

“Oh well Tommy. No matter; my friends will be here soon and after we get a few small ones in you start to stretch a bit, no?”

“Friends,” I stammered, “Friends; what do you mean Hanz?”

“Oh just a few; maybe four maybe five. Jeder Fritag they come. They come to see what slut I manage to pick up. Tonight Tommy you the slut. You going to get fucked good and proper tonight.” As he said this he reached for my cock again; it responded to his touch. Gently he massaged it; soon the massage became more insistent until I was forced to say.

“Stop Hanz; Stop; I’m going to come!” Too late I reached a shuddering climax. He reached over and wiped his cum covered hand over my face.

“That’s just so you don’t enjoy too much what’s going to come next Tommy.”

Just then the doorbell rang and off Hanz went to answer it. I could hear voices in the hallway and soon they drifted into the lounge where I was entrapped. They each came across to me and made a quick inspection. Many remarks were passed but they were all in German and I understood nothing. There was much laughter and comment and most of it sounded raucous.

I strained my head back too see how many there might be; I counted five including Hanz. Beers were handed round and bottle tops were removed; they stood in a circle round the coffee table and made a toast; bottles were clashed together and then the drinking began. I was quiet as a mouse; I just didn’t dare think of what I was in for. My erection was gone and my hormones were dampened down for a while and I wanted no part of this. Of course I had no choice; I wasn’t a person; I was an object. An object that was going to get a dam good fucking from five beer swilling Germans.

One of them plonked down his beer bottle, stood up and dropped his trousers and pants. I was relieved to see that his cock was modest in size; he quickly lubed escort aksaray it up and went round behind me. Once again I felt a persistent pushing at my anus but this time after a minute the cock glided in; it may have been modest in size but it still seemed big to me. My virginity was gone; my anus was stretched to the point where I felt very uncomfortable.

While I was being pounded the other participants stripped off. They seemed to be forming a line with Hanz at the back. As they each awaited their turn they gently massaged their cocks. I could see clearly that they were lined up according to the size of their cocks. I realized that each one in turn was preparing me for the onslaught of Hanz’s massive cock.

Half an hour passed and the fourth guy was enjoying the delights of my backside. It seemed that I had been stretched quite a lot; I was sore and aching. Number four pulled out and went to stand at the front with the three other guys. Hanz went to the back and put his dick head against my awaiting anus. The guys in the front started a rhythmic clapping and jeering. As the clapping reached a crescendo Hanz pushed hard and his cock entered. Something must have torn; the pain was difficult to bear; it seemed like my entire body was filled with his massive member.

I realised that my cock had now become hard; I realised that I was being fucked and I liked it! I wanted cock in my mouth and I didn’t have long to wait. As Hanz pounded away each of the others in turn fucked my mouth. There was no finesse about it; it was just a case of hanging on to both my ears and ramming their cocks down my throat. I gagged, I coughed and I thought I might suffocate but I survived. Four lots of semen, four lots of spunk, four lots of beautiful sticky smelly man cum were pumped down into my gullet. My spit seemed to have been replaced by spunk; my mouth felt like the inside of a jar of honey; I wanted it to stay like this.

Hanz suddenly quickened and then tensed as he shot his huge wad of spunk deep inside me. After a minute he withdrew and I felt a great sense of relief now that I was rid of his mighty weapon. My ex virgin hole was reluctant to clamp shut again and I could feel the juices running down the inside of my leg; I felt used; I felt abused. Perhaps I had got a lot more than I had bargained for.

The party broke up and the guests drifted off one by one. Pretty soon it was just Hanz and I left. He unlocked the stocks and helped me across to the settee; he sat down and pulled me onto his lap; he put an arm round me and said, “Tommy you did good. You took a lot of cocks and now you are full of good German jizz.”

I knew I wanted a good fucking and I knew that I wanted cocks in my mouth but it odd to be sitting on his lap. Something below me was stirring; his monster cock was growing again. I knew what had to be done; I turned so my back was to him, adjusted my position and straddled him. Between us we got that cock back where it belonged; slowly I sank down onto it; inch by inch it made it’s incursion into the very heart of my body.

At last it was fully parked and I came to rest on his lap. I started to slowly move up and down on his cock. As much as I could, I used the muscles of my anal sphincter to grip his cock. He got a hand to my cock and started to work it to the same rhthym. We moved as one and we climaxed as one. For five minutes we just stayed as we were. Anglo German relations had been truly cemented.

Clean up time had come and we took a shower together; I looked out of the window and saw that dawn was rapidly approaching. Hanz sorted me out with a pair of replacement jeans and then drove me back to the barracks area. We stopped one k short of the main entrance. I wasn’t at all sure about what needed to be said but I was absolutely sure that I wanted to used and abused again.

“Hanz,” I said, “I’ll be walking the same road at the same time again next week; perhaps we can do it all again.”

“Tommy, you might just get lucky. Auf Wiedersehen.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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