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Graduation had come and gone so fast, it made my head spin. My parents had flown in from New York to watch me walk across stage and receive my degree, but honestly they could’ve stayed home. College was a big deal, but not earth shattering. Besides, they’d already said they didn’t agree with my choice to major in creative writing, but as I explained to both of them, I couldn’t see myself doing anything else other than being an author.

Though I loved my folks to death, I was happier to see them go home because they didn’t give me or Nick too many moments alone. No question, we’d had plenty, but as I already stated, I’m greedy. I have to have either my man and or woman close to me in order to be satisfied.

Speaking of woman, it had been nearly a year since Chandra and I started dating and she still hadn’t made up her mind. Nick and I would be leaving for Phoenix in the fall and I have to have her decision before then. A part of me already knew the answer. Chandra was too stubborn to totally give everything up to be with me and Nick, regardless of how deep the emotions ran for us. She wanted to be in control of the situation, and not having that over me or Nick made her sick. Chandra was however a dominatrix. A temptress. She could have any man, woman, or couple she wanted, so having us dictating what we desired over her own needs made things extremely complicated for her.

I was sure this was killing her inside, but I wouldn’t back down from my selfishness. I’d played her game exactly the way she wanted, hoping she’d give in and be part of our union. These days, Nick desired her almost as much as I did, allowing her to push the limits with him beyond his wildest dreams while I watched. In return, Nick pushed buttons to the brink and challenged her in any way he could. Truthfully, they’d broken the rules of a true Dom/sub relationship, but that mattered little too both. Their sole purpose was for each other’s and my pleasure. We didn’t wish to be part of any status quo.

Thankfully, all the graduation festivities came to an end and the moment we put my parents on a plane, Nick and I rushed home so we could have a few minutes alone together before Chandra joined us for a private party. She mentioned bringing a new sub along for our enjoyment, but conveniently left out the gender. For me, it didn’t matter because I was comfortable with both men and women. With Nick it did. He’d made that perfectly clear he wasn’t interested in another man. A woman might hold his interest as long as she was as hot as Chandra or me. I actually looked forward to seeing how Nick would deal with competition if it was a man and I’m sure he felt the same about another woman.

The minute Nick put the car in park we rushed to the front door of our apartment building. I unlocked the door and he chased me up the stairs until we reached our place. The anticipation building, I could feel a trickle or two running down the insides of my thighs. My pussy was already sopping wet. I couldn’t wait for Nick to take me bare. I’d gotten well used to the idea now and he happily obliged me with pleasure at every turn.

“Samantha …” Nick hissed into my ear and nipped at my earlobe. The moment his tongue traveled along the edge, more of my release squirted out. I moaned in appreciation. I could kurtköy escort feel his rigid dick tracing the crack of my ass through my dress. To accentuate how much he wanted me, he wrapped both arms around my waist and lifted me off my feet. He rubbed his covered cock against my backside, making me shiver all over. I could barely concentrate on trying to unlock our door with so much excitement and energy running through me. Even still, I attempted to fit the key into the hole.

“Yes, Nick! God, I can’t wait for you to fuck me!”

I screamed at the top of my lungs and before I knew it, he gave me the push I needed to finally focus and get us through the door. I leaned against it and watched him, yank the t-shirt from over his head. The necklace with a bone pendant flapped against his six pack abs and his brown eyes bore into me. He swiped his thick tongue over his lips while he shoved his pants along with his underwear from his waist, revealing a long thick rod standing proudly between his legs. A bed of light brown curls surrounded his gorgeous cock. I could hardly wait for it to be deeply embedded into my pussy and ass.

“Fuck, Sam!” Nick toed his shoes off and kicked the garments aside. Before I could take another breath, Nick was on me like white on rice, kissing me passionately while he fiddled with my dress until it gave way and slinked halfway down my body. He grabbed the elastic of my lacey underwear and pulled them until they tore and fell at my feet.

“Baby, oh yes. Gotta … have … you!” I said the words in between mind blowing lip locks. The vent’s cool air gave me chills, but not enough to stop me from overheating. I desired Nick inside of me more than anything else right now, and nothing would stop me from getting what I wanted most of all.

We continued to kiss and grope each other until Nick lifted me up by my bottom to meet his cock. As he pinned me against the wall, Nick ran his dick along my pussy lips, slicking himself with my juices.


I ran my hands along his shoulders and neck to give myself leverage. I opened my legs wider, allowing him to settle in between and line his dick up with my center. Without much warning, he slammed inside of me and held me up with both ass cheeks in his hands.

“Mmph, ooh God, Nick! Fuck me!” I curled my legs around his waist and tightened my kegel muscles around his dick. The sensation of being completely filled caused heat to rise in my face all the way down to my belly. Goose pimples formed on my flesh and my ass tingled, knowing it would be next in line for Nick’s pummeling. I clawed his back, pulling him in closer while I braced myself for the explosion to come. I had learned some restraint with Chandra, but with Nick, I could barely hold any of that excitement. He had me, mind, body, and soul even with Chandra being my desired woman. Despite what I felt for her, I would love him forever and that would never change.

“Sam. You like this dick, right? You want it!” Nick said the words still riding me and making my head hit the wall in rhythm with his thrusts. He let go of my ass, but I stayed upright because I was still tightly wrapped around him. Then, he licked the side of my neck until he reached the top of my shoulder. Nick gently bit the space there and tuzla escort pressed his hands onto the wall behind us.

Not wanting to break our union, I held on for dear life, moving my head until I could capture his lips inside of mine. I forced my tongue into his mouth, tasting his saliva and coffee with a hint of the toothpaste he’d used. I fucked his mouth in the same motion as him fucking my pussy. I cried out in our kisses, clutching his back with my nails to hang on.


I wanted this …

I needed his dick more than I needed to breathe and I hoped my actions showed him that.

“Need you, Nick. I need you there.” I bit his lip. Hard. Nearly drawing blood. With our lips still locked, he moved his hands back to my buttocks and lifted me up into his arms. He withdrew his cock from me and started walking towards the couch. Immediately, I felt the emptiness and whimpered while I kissed him again.

Nick pulled away. “I gotta get all the way in, baby. On your back so I can watch my cock going in and out of your ass!”

Once he put me on the sofa, I chuckled at the response and pulled the dress up over my head. I fiddled with my bra until it gave way, making my perky tits spill out. I leaned back on the arm of the couch and drew my legs up to my chest to give him a view of the taut skin between my thighs.

“Yes, baby. If I didn’t want back in you, I’d eat your ass!” Nick laughed and smacked my buttocks hard.

“Ow!” I yelped in pain, feeling the sting on my flesh. Still, the little discomfort aroused me. It reminded me of the way Chandra smacked my butt with her favorite flogger. Nick knew I got off on the hurt and relished having my ass reddened during my sessions with Chandra. He’d totally taken advantage of that, which I didn’t mind. In my opinion, the couple that plays together stays together.

“Mmph. More, baby.” I wanted to sing the Britney tune to egg him on, but my main desire was getting fucked raw and proper. I needed to feel that cock pulsating between my ass cheeks and firing off several loads before he sucked them out. In all honesty, he didn’t like it, but he knew it turned me on. So like the good man who knows how to please his woman, he reluctantly did it anyway.

Nick slapped me again, then hovered over me, rubbing the tip of his hardened erection against my asshole. When it pierced the tight skin there, I clenched my teeth tightly together and breathed in and out to receive him in the most sensitive spot on my body.

“God Sam, you’re so tight. Feels like a glove, babe!” Nick slid all the way in until his balls were flush against my buttocks.

I wiggled my ass until he hit the right spot.

“Yes, right there, Nick.”

I grimaced from the discomfort and held onto my toes to pull my feet back some more. I’d learned the maneuver from watching some anal sex porn movie because I wanted to give and receive the ultimate pleasure when allowing Nick to fuck my ass. Despite being a curvy girl, I prided myself on being flexible for my man.

For most women it was so taboo, but I actually got off quicker when he fucked me in the ass. I loved it both ways but something about him doing me from behind aroused me more than anything else.

“Jesus, Sam. I’m gonna come. I hate to do it, tuzla escort but I … can’t hold on any longer.”

“Then, don’t babe. Come for me. We’ll have more time later on.” I let go of my feet then wrapped both legs around Nick’s neck, resting them on his broad shoulders. I moved my body along with his and licked his earlobe to get him going at a faster pace.

“Fuck, baby!” Nick howled while he rammed into me with all his strength and power.

“Harder, Nick.” As I said, I got off quicker when my ass was being reamed. At times I wished he would treat me like a man and be rough, but he wouldn’t because he feared hurting me. In all truth, I wanted to be hurt. I wanted to be sore and not be able to walk without discomfort. Chandra took it out on me when she wore the strap-on and I was used to that brutal, yet thorough fucking.

Finally, Nick got the message and reared back before slamming into me, making the couch creak under our weight.

“Yes!” I hissed in his ear, then grabbed his face, plunging my tongue deep inside of his mouth. We got caught up in our kiss, fighting for dominance and I sucked on his bottom lip as if it was his dick.

Nick picked up the pace and my ass burned from him pistoning in and out of me, but that was exactly what I wanted. I clawed his back, letting him know I’d be coming any time now. He pulled away from my mouth and I immediately felt a sense of loss. He planted both hands on either side of my head and drilled into me.

“Gonna come, baby. I… holy fuck!” Nick arched his back and slowed his pace.

I gripped onto his shoulders and prepared myself to be filled with his cum. In moments, juices squirted out of my pussy and I hyperventilated. My skin was on fire and the sweat dripped from under my hairline.

“Jesus, Nick! Oh God, yes!”

Nick continued to fill me and I yanked him down, crashing our lips together in a bruising kiss. As the trembles wore off, my heart continued to hammer in my chest. My nipple perked and my clit pulsated under his touch as he ran his finger over the loose bit of skin. I continued to kiss him and I rubbed my pussy against his fingertips.

“Sam, you are …” Nick continued to massage my slit, bringing it back to life.

Although I was exhausted, I couldn’t help but want more stimulation.

Besides, it had been days since we’d had sex and heck I wanted to make up for lost time.

“You love me?” I brought him in for a kiss again then pushed him away so he could do the duty.

“I really do. It’s why I can’t deny you.” Nick smiled wryly and pushed my legs up to get a good view of my ass. I could feel some of his warm cum dripping from my hole, but most of it, I’d held in to give to him as a treat.

“And the same with me,” I smiled at him and wiggled my butt a little to give him a hint.

“You’re such a kinky woman, but I love ya!” Nick leaned down and licked from my clit on down the crack of my ass until he reached my hole. He took one swipe, then buried his face in between my ass cheeks.


I threw my head back and pinched my nipples, hard enough to make them taut under my own touch. When my arousal heightened, I rewarded him with his own release. I heard Nick groan when the warm liquid hit his lips. I really think he’d gotten used to the idea and started liking it more than he was letting on.

I would’ve loved for Nick to actually confess that it turned him on more than he ever would’ve thought. After all, I was an erotica writer. More for the muse to be inspired by if my man was just as kinky as I was.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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