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I was still sleeping when I heard a light knock on the door. Still half asleep, my first thought was how good it would be if it was Amber, coming to wake me up by eating me out ’till I cum. But when a head peeked in, I saw it was Britt.

“Hey, sorry to wake you, but I have to tell you something.” I sat up in my bed, rubbing the sleep from my eyes. “You remember that guy I told you about last night?” An image popped into my head of her taking him all into her mouth.

I smiled, “Yeah.”

“Well we’ve been texting last night when we got home and this morning, and he is asking me to spend the day with him today. Would you mind horribly if I left you alone again?” Britt had a pleading look on her face.

“Of course not! Just go and have fun!” I convinced her. She jumped from happiness and hugged me.

“Oh I love you, you’re the best!” she said and pranced out of the room to get dressed and meet Brad. I went to my bathroom to wash my face and brush my teeth, but instead of getting dressed, I decided to go back to bed for a little longer.

Just as I felt my body relax and sleep washing over me again, there was another knock. “You forgot something?” I said, thinking it was Britt again.

“I didn’t forget anything,” I heard a smooth voice saying. I turned and saw Amber closing the door. “I just didn’t have a chance to do it. But now that the house is empty…” she said as she untied her robe and let it slip on the floor. I looked at her body and my heart pounded like crazy. Those heavy tits swayed as she climbed naked in my bed. “…I’m gonna do it to you ’till you can’t cum anymore.” We started kissing passionately as we both tugged on my pajamas to take them off.

Two days ago we fucked. It was crazy and merciless, trying to get the other one off to show them what we could do to them. This time, we were going to take our time, get to know each other’s body and taste each other. We kissed deeply while hugging and caressing each other’s body. My fingers were tangled in her soft blond hair and her hands held me close to her.

I wanted to give her breasts attention that they deserve, so I kissed my way down her neck and licked her breasts gently. I circled her large areola with the tip of my tongue, and her chest heaved as I took her nipple gently between my lips. Her breath was shallow as both of us were on our knees and she was pushing her chest forward, trying to get more of her breast in my mouth, and I took as much as I could. I released her soft breast with a suck and it fell down again, under its own weight. I turned to her other breast while still massaging the first one. The largeness of her tits drove me crazy as I wished I could lick and kiss every inch of them.

“Mmmmm, that’s so nice…” she purred. Amber pushed me gently to lie down on my back and straddled me. She positioned her tits above my face to suck on them a little more while I caressed her thighs. Then she gave me a deep kiss and started bahis şirketleri kissing my breasts.

“I love your boobs,” she said between kisses. “They are so soft and big…” She took the left one in her hand, and squeezed it firmly so it was spilling between her fingers.

She moved her kisses down to my stomach and I felt like the bed was spinning, as I knew what was coming for me. She sat between my legs and I watched her beautiful face kissing my inner thigh, her hair thrown to one side of her head. She traced her tongue all over my bare pussy from the outside and then spread my lips gently with the tip of her tongue, going upwards until hitting my clit. Hairs on my body stood straight as she went in circles and then licked the inside of my lips before slowly entering my hole with her darted tongue. I exhaled sharply and she pushed her tongue as far as it could go and started fucking my pussy with it. She went in and out and in circles, all the while her button nose rubbing against my clit.

I had no idea how loud I was, I couldn’t even think about restraining any emotions at that moment. I grabbed her hair and she picked up the pace, bringing me to an unbelievable explosion that started inside my wet pussy and spread all over my body in waves.

“Oh… Oh… Oh… OOOOOOHHHHHHHH!!” Amber wasn’t stopping the magical motion inside of my hole until my pussy stopped clenching completely and my body stopped convulsing. She gave my pussy a kiss and laid herself next to me.

“I love how loud you are when I fuck you,” she caressed my hair. I couldn’t wait to give back the favor, so I started kissing her immediately, approaching her pussy fast and finally spreading her legs. When I fingered her, I didn’t even pay attention to her pussy. Now I looked at it from close and saw that it was bare and smooth going downwards, with a few lovely blonde curls on her mound. It was glistening wet and wonderfully pink, with full lips, swollen from arousal.

I went right ahead, not being able to take my time. It was like I was eating a juicy peach, sweet and wet, my tongue was already exploring her hole as my lips massaged her outside. She bucked immediately, her hips trying to get me to go even deeper, and her hands making sure I continue eating her out – as if I would even stop. I’ve fucked other women, but for the first time, I felt like I need to suck out every drop of wetness that was going to come out of Amber. I grabbed her by the hips with my both hands to get her even closer to me.

She came in minutes, but instead of diving out with my face already covered with her juice, I attacked her clit, sucking it and rolling it between my lips while pushing two fingers inside of her. Her pussy was still getting over the first orgasm, and going for another seemed like too much, but I found the nub that was her G-spot and massaged it. She gasped and jerked her hips, trying to say something between her cries, but it all just came out as orgasmic screaming. bahis firmaları Her hips kept on bucking but I didn’t stop until she came completely and her body calmed. I pulled my fingers out of her pussy and laid my head on her pelvis. Her breath started becoming consistent and rhythmic and she started laughing. I brought myself up to her with a smile.

“I don’t know if anyone ever made me cum like that just from eating me out,” she said.

We laid next to each other for a while and caressed lazily. She laid on her stomach so her breasts were pressed flat against the bed. I waws looking at her beautiful ass, it was unbelievable – fat and full, but firm and round. I remembered what I saw Brad doing to Britt yesterday. I reached my hand and slid my middle finger into Amber’s pussy from behind. It was still wonderfully wet, and she closed her eyes, enjoying my touch. I traced her slit a few times, spreading it so I could wet my finger and then instead of pushing it into her pussy, I took it out and found her butthole and eased it inside. Her eyes opened up in surprise.

“You have such a dirty little mind,” she said.

“You like my finger in your butt?”

“Mhmmm…” she moaned with her eyes closed, her face pressed against the pillow.

“You want me to fuck your ass with my finger?”


I pushed my finger in and out as she moaned.

“You are such a little slut,” she said.

“You like that? A slut’s tongue in your pussy?”

“Yeah, I do.”

I made little circles with my finger. “Your pussy is so juicy… I bet Mr. Randall fucks you hard,” I said Mr. Randall’s name and immediately thought that I might have gone too far, but to my surprise, Amber was more than happy to continue, her back arching and her ass pushing up.

“He fucks me with his huge dick… He can’t get enough of my pussy,” she started moving so she could lay on top of me. “Or my ass.” She sat up between my legs so our pussies were touching, and started grinding her wetness against mine. “And you little slut come here, and I can’t think about anything but your sweet little pussy,” she said and slapped my ass. I screamed with surprise. “So I’m gonna treat you like the horny little slut that you are,” she slapped me again.

“Oh yeah, make me cum,” I panted.

“Yeah I’m gonna make you cum until you can’t take it anymore,” she leaned down while still rubbing our pussies. Her huge breasts were pressed against mine.

“Ride me, ride my pussy… I’m gonna cum so hard…” I said through our kisses. Amber tarted grinding faster, and I screamed and bit her shoulder while she moaned hard into the pillow beside my head.

We fucked all through the day, resting and even napping in between. I had no idea if I’m going to have another day where it was just me and her, so I was eager to fulfill any fantasy I ever had about fucking an older woman. She was up for anything and thinking about how many people must have fucked her kaçak bahis siteleri made me even hornier, seeing how hard I could make her cum.

I straddled her and rubbed my pussy against her nipples, making her beautiful breasts all wet and licking it off. She sat on my face and rode it until she came, which made me so hot that she went down and ate me out once again. We fell asleep once again and were sleeping for about an hour when we heard Mr. Randall coming back home. We both jumped with adrenalin, and she put her robe on and went out of my room after giving me one more kiss. I was physically exhausted but felt so happy and fulfilled while I was taking a shower. It was late in the afternoon and dinner was about to start soon. I got out of the shower and got dressed when I heard Britt arriving home.

I went down the stairs for dinner and sat across Amber. She reached her leg and rubbed her foot against my leg under the table. Only when I started eating had I realized that all day I haven’t eaten anything – except Amber’s beautiful, juicy pussy. Brittany clearly also had a good time that day, so this was the first time since we got here that we were all in a good mood. Mr. Randall was obviously happy with the situation but didn’t comment on anything, probably thinking that it’s best not to ask too many questions as they could lead to another argument.

After dinner, all of us decided to retreat to our bedrooms. I went to Britt’s room before I went to sleep.

“Sooo? How did it go today?” I asked.

“Oh, Lilly… You know when you had sex with someone that many times that they just know everything they need to do to you? Well, that’s how it is with me and Brad,” she smiled. “We did it… I don’t know how many times. And…” she looked away from me. “Well… You know… I mean Brad and I were always hooking up in high school and after when I went to university.”

“Okay?” I didn’t know where this was going.

“Well he saw you at the beach party… And he always liked girls with big boobs and a nice butt…” Image of him and she in the woods popped into my mind. “…And I mean, we had threesomes before, so it wouldn’t be that awkward…”

“Britt?! Are you asking me to have a threesome with you?” I started laughing, and so did she.

“Yeah, I guess I am.”

I started thinking. I’d love to have another day with Amber, and with Mr. Randall in the office, and Britt away with Brad again, that could happen. But then again, who says that Amber will be at home tomorrow? Maybe I’ll be all alone in the house, with nothing to do.

“Lilly, if you don’t want to, don’t worry, of course you don’t have to,” Brittany said, concerned. I imagined her in the woods again, and that moan she made when being fucked. Wouldn’t it be nice to make her moan like that? Having sex with her and Brad could be great fun.

“Yes,” I decided.

Britt squealed with joy and hugged me. “Today we started talking about you and he started describing what he would do to us,” she giggled. “Brad is such fun to have sex with, you ‘ll see.”

“I’m sure he is,” I said and we wished each other good night. After the day I had, and the day that was waiting for me, I needed a good sleep.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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