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E and I were room mates in college. We shared all our little secrets, studied together and such, we compared notes on girls and on one occasion or more we even shared them. Those stories are out there for you to read. This story is of a weekend after I had graduated when I went back to my college for home coming. E still lived in the frat house, we had been room mates in the dorms and then at the frat house, but now since I was gone and he was frat president, E had managed to get a room of his own. It was pretty nice, much like a mini-apartment. When I told him I was coming up for the weekend he insisted I crash on his couch instead of paying for a hotel room. I wasn’t about to argue. I had too much student loan debt to be renting expensive hotel rooms.

I arrived Friday night after work and a long drive at about 8pm. E jumped on me as soon as I walked in. We hadn’t seen each other in at least 6 months, a long time for guys who used to live together for 3 years. The frat house was almost empty since the guys were all out boozing it up for the celebration weekend. E grabbed my bag and started to carry it to his room. I followed and we began talking. He told me he needed a shower before the evening, I said I would need one too after working all day. E grabbed a towel and headed into the shower while I got settled.

When we were room mates we would often sit in the door of the bathroom and talk while the other was showering when there was something going on. After I got done unpacking I approached the bathroom door and started to open it to talk to E. I was surprised to see that there was no shower curtain on his shower. He was standing there in the stall naked and soapy. I started to close the door, but he stopped me and said that he wanted to talk. I felt a little shy, but he insisted. I sat down in the door way facing the other way in an effort at modesty, but as soon as I looked up I realized I could see his full body in the mirror anyway. E was smiling at me, “You like the view,” he said. I turned red. He explained that he set up the shower this way so that when girls stayed over he could see them shower no matter how hard they might try and hide. I said something about awkward situations like the one we were currently in and he shrugged. He said that he hadn’t ever had a guy shower in his room. As he talked his rock hard dick bobbed up and down. It wasn’t really a bad situation just unexpected. We had been roommates for ever and had seen each other naked on plenty of occasions, but there had always been a girl around or just in passing on the way to the shower. We had never just been naked alone together.

As E finished up in the shower, I thought to myself that I had forgotten how large of a cock E had. He wasn’t quite as large as I am, but he was definitely well above average. I myself am well over 8 inches. E must have been almost 8. My dick is so heavy it hangs when hard, but his pointed strait to the sky. I kept stealing glances at him as he showered. E was in amazing shape, one of those guys that work out every day, six pack abs and everything. I am close but no where near as ripped. I didn’t realize at the time but E was well aware of my stolen glances the whole time.

When he finished he stepped out the shower and began toweling off. When he had his head covered drying his hair, I stared at his cock as it glistened and the water continued to bead up and run off of it. E began walking around the room still naked and drying off, so I decided to take a shower. I was being more modest still, so I closed the door thinking E would let me shower in private. klasbahis yeni giriş As I lathered my own hard member I couldn’t get the sight of E’s beautiful dripping cock out of my head. I was slowly stroking myself when I heard E clear his throat. I was so embarrassed that I almost fell over in the shower. I had no where to hide since there was no curtain, so I just turned away. He began to laugh. I asked, “What the hell is so funny.” E said, “Man, it isn’t like we haven’t seen each other naked and I’m sure we both were jacking off in our dorm room at the same time at least once, relax.” I began to feel a little better but I was worried that he might have though, well, that I was thinking about him. He came into the room still naked and just leaned against the counter and watched as I continued showering.

“Don’t worry about blue balls,” he said, “we’ll get you taken care of soon enough.” I finished up and began drying off. E left the room but when I was dry I noticed that my clothes weren’t in the room. I could have sworn I left them on the counter. I wrapped a towel around my waist and went back into the main room. (Mind you, there was only a bathroom and a bedroom that served as a bedroom and living room, just like a dorm room would.) When I entered the room E was reclining on the couch still naked. “Dude, where are my clothes,” I said. E looked up from the TV, still hard as a rock and smiled. “Did I not tell you that there is a strict no clothes policy in my room, I like to be naked and any chicks that come in must abide,” he said. “Yeah, but I’m not a chick,” I replied. He continued to smile, “Sorry a rule is a rule, you’ll get used to it.”

I looked at him as he continued to sit there and smile. “Are there any other rules I should know about,” I asked. “No that is the big one,” he stated. I was uncomfortable as hell, this was just too weird. I started to walk away and as I turned his hand shot out and yanked off my towel. “Rules,” he said. E threw the towel over his shoulder toward the bathroom as I sat down on the edge of the bed. I turned toward him and was surprised to realize that I was still hard as a rock. E smiled and said, “Doesn’t it turn you on to just know you have to be naked in here. I’m hard anytime I’m here.” This finally got through the ice and I cracked a smile. I asked what the plans were for the weekend. E told me about all the activities planned for Saturday and Sunday, but said that the drinking was the only option for the night. I asked when we were going to head out and E told me he wanted to stay in and catch up for a while, since we hadn’t seen each other in forever. He went over to his fridge and pulled out a few beers.

I took a swig from my beer and started to relax. We sat on opposite ends of the couch, some porn playing on the TV and started to reminisce about the old days. After about an hour of catching up, the subject turned to girls, more specifically conquests. We always seemed to have a rivalry going about who could score the hottest girl. E started talking about the time in our senior year where we had tag teamed my then girlfriend Amber after a night of boredom and drinking in our dorm room. At one point Amber had managed to, and I’m still not how, but I blame alcohol, maneuver our hands so E and I were each grasping the other’s dick. We both stroked each other a couple of times, but nothing more happened. When E started talking about that I noticed his dick seemed to be getting harder and throbbing and I started to wonder what he was going at, but then I realized that my dick was hard as a rock too, so I just went klasbahis giriş along.

When E looked at me and told me that he had wished more had happened between us that night, I knew where he was going. I took another long swig of my beer. I looked at E and told him that I had had many fantasies about how we touched each other that night and what might have happened further, but that I didn’t think I could actually do anything. He looked at me and asked why not. I replied that I wasn’t gay and didn’t want to be or even be bi. He said that just fantasizing about it made me bi and that I should embrace the curiosity.

I told him that I wasn’t sure what to think. He looked at me, deep into my eyes and told me not to think, that is what was holding me back. E proceeded to move beside me on the couch, facing forward watching TV. Ever since the encounter where we touched each other I had fantasized about playing with E’s dick, so I decided to just go with it, he obviously had thought this out. As I looked at the TV, I noticed the porn was now devoid of any girls. There were two rather attractive guys and one was going down on the other. I felt my dick twitch at the sight and must admit that the guy giving the blowjob seemed to be doing it with more passion and intensity that any girl I have ever seen. As I watched entranced, I felt E’s hand brush across my leg. A tremor ran through my body as he slowly encircled the head of my cock with his palm and stroked down my shaft. E was sitting to my right on the couch, cock throbbing and gently pulling up and down on my dick. He had stopped looking at the TV altogether and was staring intently at my dick as he stroked it. He looked up at me and said “It is so hard yet so soft at the same time, so smooth against my fingers.”

My curiosity had completely gotten the best of me and I reached out and wrapped my hand around his shaft. He was right, his dick was hard as a rock, yet soft in a way that cannot be easily described. I was taken aback by how natural it felt to be holding another guys dick in my hand. I rolled the head around in my palm and felt my palm get wet as his precum started to leak. I had always loved the taste of my own precum and was curious to see how another guy tasted. As I raised my palm to lick his precum and E just stared. It was salty and sweet and very similar to my own. I looked E and asked if he had ever tasted his own precum. He said he had many times but was curious to try mine.

With that he stood up from the couch and walked in front of me, his throbbing cock was just inches from my face. Even after just showering, I could smell his masculinity. I though he wanted me to suck his dick, but before I could even reach out for it he was on his knees between my legs. He leaned forward and tentatively kissed my throbbing cock head. His lips parted and he ran his tongue across the slit of my head taking away the bead of precum that formed when he took hold of my dick. As his tongue slid back into his mouth the faintest of moans escaped. I was so turned on that I was ready to explode. I felt like I did the first time I was ever with a girl and I was bursting with anticipation. I looked at my cock and couldn’t believe how engorged I was. My veins were all popping out, my cock was standing rigid and my cock head was almost purple it was so swollen. E moved in close to my dick again and just before he placed his lips on my head he looked up at me.

His blue eyes seemed to penetrate strait through me and I could see the lust that was boiling behind those eyes. I didn’t know exactly what was klasbahis güvenilirmi going to happen that night but suddenly I was ready for anything.

E’s lips met my cock head and he began to kiss it slowly, each time leaving my dick wetter and wetter. My head was shiny with the mixture of precum and his kisses. He had me recline back against the couch and sit with my legs spread so that my balls hung over the edge of the couch. E grabbed my wet head with his hand and began rubbing in small circles, at the same time he bent forward and sucked one of my balls into his mouth. I have always loved this feeling, but I can’t even begin to describe the ecstasy that his mouth brought. I have never had my balls treated so exquisitely before. I could feel each ball warming as he rolled it in his mouth and his tongue played and flicked against it. I laid on his couch moaning and wanted nothing more than to feel his hot mouth around my shaft.

He finally let my balls rest and began licking my shaft up and down. His tongue felt amazing. As E moved back up my dick he kept going and allowed my head to come to a rest on his tongue. Without closing his lips he guided my dick into his mouth with his tongue and with his mouth still open he began sliding up and down so that my dick entered his hot mouth but only touched his tongue.

I was so enthralled in his technique. No girl had ever been so seductive in giving a blowjob before. I was starting to think that it couldn’t possibly get any better, but then E closed his lips around my shaft and I knew that I was wrong. E worked his magic slowly. He would slide down my cock until I could feel it hitting the back of his throat and then let it slide all the way out of his mouth again. He was slow and methodical, taking his time. Every touch took on a new pleasure. His hands roamed my body the whole time, caressing every part of my body. I laid there moaning like never before and as he kept going I felt the need to push further into his amazing mouth. I placed both hands around the back of his head and on each thrust in I began to push just a little further than he wanted. I could feel him strain against me and the power of control started to make me even hotter.

I could feel each tiny movement of his lips across my shaft and watching as I pulled his head down onto my cock made me crest over the edge. He must have known that I was going to cum soon because he started to do some amazing things. First he let go of my shaft completely and placed both hands on my balls. He cupped my balls from behind and began gently squeezing and rolling them with his right hand. He took his fingers from his left hand and began tracing my balls at the same time. The pleasure couldn’t get any better than this. I was wrong. He took as much of me into his mouth, my hands still around his head and began to moan while gently moving up and down in tiny strokes on my cock.

I could feel my veins bulge and somewhere deep within my balls a release. It was everything I could do to keep my eyes open. I wanted to watch my first guy blowjob come to fruition. My head slammed against the back of the couch. I let go of E’s head and held on to the couch cushions as I could feel the orgasm rise through my shaft. I let out a deep moan as my body began to shake. The world stopped, I stopped hearing sounds and felt as if the entire world had stopped moving. All I could concentrate on was the throbbing of my cock. I felt the cum spew from my cock and it must have taken E by surprise since his eyes shot open as it hit his throat. He kept pumping up and down on my dick until every last drop of me had spilled forth. He looked up at me, my rock hard cock still right in front of his face and my cum dripping down the side of his mouth and broke into a smile.

Please let me know what you think about this story. I will continue the story soon.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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