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Greg had a major weakness for panties for well over 20 years, ever since he had achieved his first orgasm with the help of a satin pair of panties wrapped around his cock. He had always been slightly afraid that one day this would get him in trouble. He had some close calls in his teen years, like the time he got caught in the wrong dryer at college by “mistake”, or a much closer call, the time he locked himself in a classmates room to use her panties at a party at her house during high school. He had thought they were all outside while he used the restroom, but as he was beginning his climax, she began pounding on the door. He had escaped some potentially serious consequences only because the girl was on her 4th wine cooler and was too drunk to piece it together. He was quite afraid he would hear about from her at school on Monday, but nothing came to pass.

He had gradually begun to control his urges and desires as it pertained to panties, but would still wear his wife’s on occasion, or use them to masturbate. As he was in his early 40’s now, and his fetish had subsided somewhat, he really no longer thought about underwear getting him in trouble.

Even when the sexy daughter, Hope, of the owner of his company began working at the office a couple days a week doing some cleaning and filing, he found no reason to worry. His main concern was getting caught leering at her as she worked. Hope was between her freshman and sophomore years in college, where she played on the soccer team. She was about 5’5″, and he guessed around 130 pounds. She was solidly put together, with sexy calves that gave way to sexy and creamy thighs that looked like they belonged on a soccer player. Since she usually wore relatively short athletic shorts to work, he was generally afforded a nice view of them. He could only dream of them wrapped around him. Those dreamy legs gave way to hips that were rather narrow and led up to an ass that always looked (from what he could see) insanely firm and round. He was guilty, far more than once, of thinking of that ass while he masturbated in the bathroom after she left for the day. She looked pretty toned in the abdomen, and had breasts that were not large, but sat up very nicely in her shirt. She had a face that was achingly beautiful, with eyes that lit up when she smiled, a mesmerizing smile, and shoulder length hair that was often pulled back in a ponytail. Another feature of hers that he thought of often, for no good reason, was her thick dark eyebrows. He always imagined that with brows like those, that her bush must be full, thick, and dark.

He would sometimes find himself daydreaming about the panties she would be wearing under those shorts (would they be boyshorts, or a thong? Cotton, or maybe satin), but daydreaming could not get him in trouble. He merely had to guard himself against ogling her until she went back to college.

Hope had been in to file some papers that Thursday and looked dynamite in her hot pink shorts and black tank top. Greg thought he caught a glimpse of a panty line that may give some insight to her choice of undergarments but thought it best to quickly look away before pushing his luck, but his lusting this day was even greater than the normal day. He could not get her out of his mind, no matter how hard he tried. He had a raging erection for most of the afternoon and thought he may jerk off when he got home if his wife wasn’t home, in which case he would pull on one her pairs to do the deed. As he pulled in the driveway, her car was home, so he was a bit disappointed as he walked in the house.

His wife, Angie, was sorting the mail when he entered, and greeted him, and casually said “The kids are at your brothers until 8. Maybe we can order takeout.”

Greg’s hard-on had barely subsided at all on the way home, and he did what was natural. He walked over to her, took the mail out of her hand, and set it on the table. He grabbed her hand and began walking down the hall to the bedroom. She expressed her approval with a slight moan as they walked. Generally when they had sex, she would be on top, as she could easily cum in that position, but Greg had a different idea. As they got to the bed, he turned her to face it, and began to take her shirt off from behind. She lifted her arms to assist him, and he then undid her bra, and cupped her breasts from behind, rolling his fingers over her nipples, which had been asleep, but now pointed out. He hooked his fingers in the waistband of her shorts and panties and pushed them down to her ankles where she stepped out of them. He quickly disrobed himself, and nudged her to the bed, where she began to move to her side. He grabbed her by the hips before she could get too far. They usually didn’t even communicate before sex, he just laid down, she mounted him, and they both got off. Fueled by the visions of Hope this afternoon, Greg had different ideas for this.

He adjusted her hips so that her ass was in the air, with her pussy ready for him. She purred bursa eskort a bit at him, as he guided his cock to her opening. He was slick with precum and glided inside of her. He loved her greatly, but as he slowly began pumping into her, he was thinking of nothing but Hope. His wife didn’t have Hope’s body, not by any stretch, but for 41, she was in pretty good shape. As the pleasure gripped him, he began to move faster, his hips slapping against his Angie’s ass, and burying his cock balls deep inside her. Since he was not looking at her face, it was easy enough for him to pretend that his cock was slamming into Hope’s beautiful pussy.

Angie grunted and squealed with each thrust of his pelvis, and he was about to unload when she grabbed the bars on the headboard and started to move back to him as her orgasm overcame her. He smiled, imagining that he had just given Hope the first real fucking of her life, and then it was his turn. Angie was ready to be done, but Greg needed to get all of his wad out. His cock kept spasming, and he knew that he was still shooting cum into her after 10 pumps. He pushed into her one last time, every millimeter of his penis buried inside of her. He slowly withdrew from her, and huge gobs of his cum dripped out onto the t-shirt he used to clean up. They fell onto the bed, and Angie noticed that Greg’s cock was still rock hard. Greg was quite surprised when she moved her head towards his crotch, and gently took him into her mouth, swirling her tongue around his sensitive head. Having cleaned the last remnants of his sperm from his penis, she snuggled up to him.

“Wow. What led to that?” she asked. “I don’t know if I’ve EVER cum that hard.”

“Oh, nothing at all,” he lied. “I couldn’t stop thinking about you all day.”

As they enjoyed laying there, naked and sweaty, smelling of raw sex, he thought maybe he would no longer think of Hope so much.


As it turned out, that was not to be. Excited by waking up to a Friday, Greg had a great morning run, returning back home before the rest of his family was awake. He disrobed from his sweaty clothes, hanging them up in the mechanical room, and walking naked to his shower. He entered his bathroom, looking at his unclothed body in the mirror, and his eyes dropped to his cock. He thought about the night before when he had animalistically fucked Angie from behind. Even though he had nutted 12 hours before, he realized he was horny again. While Hope wouldn’t be in to work today, he still didn’t want to spend the day thinking about her. He thought maybe if he took care of his semi-flaccid cock again, perhaps he could focus on work for the day.

He started the shower, and began stroking his cock, which was now hard. Wanting to make sure he drained his balls again, he did something he did on occasion to help ensure that might happen. As he continued stroking himself with his right hand, he dropped to his knees, and his left hand stole back to his anus. He slowly began working his finger in and out of his ass, working to hit his prostate. He continued working both hands, and as the pleasure in his groin grew, so did the good feeling in his ass. He massaged the prostate as his right hand sped up. He reached the point of no return, and as he pressed against his prostate, his cum sprayed out in surprising quantity. He stood back up to finish his shower, thinking it would be a good day.


The workday was much better today, with only a fleeting thought of Hope, her ass, or her panties. At least, he didn’t think about her until she walked into the office, followed by the owner’s wife, Kris.

“Hi Greg,” they chimed almost in unison.

“Hey, how’s it going?” he said, forcing himself to not look at Hope’s chest. “Big plans for the weekend?”

“As a matter of fact,” the owner said from behind him, “we’re headed upstate for the weekend, leaving now. Can you lock up the office?”

“Sure, of course,” Greg replied. Bossman was leaving work around 4, so Greg thought the day couldn’t be much better. He’d be able to slip out early also.

Kris tossed her keys to the owner, Jeff, and she and Hope turned to leave to go load Jeff’s truck with the stuff from Kris’ vehicle. Jeff went to his office and tossed the keys on his desk, before turning to leave.

“See you Monday,” he said as he went to help finish transferring their luggage.

Greg watched as they drove off, and thought he needed to wait a bit to leave, just in case. He plugged away for another 20 minutes, before deciding it was time to head out. He walked into Jeff’s office to make sure the air conditioning was turned up when he noticed the keys to Kris’ vehicle on his desk. He stared at them, thinking to himself that their house key was bursa escort almost certainly on the ring. A key that would open their door, which would let himself into their house, which would mean he could go to Hope’s room, where she kept her panties. Or to a laundry room, where there most likely was a pair that she had worn, and which would be rich with the scent of her pussy. He tried to push the thought out of his mind, but it kept creeping to the forefront. He shouldn’t be this tempted at all, especially since he had blown his load twice in the recent future. He waffled back and forth, his mind telling him to just leave, his cock telling him it might be worth going there. As the saying goes, a man has 2 heads, but only enough blood for 1 to work at a time.

He decided to flip a coin to decide what to do but decided to stack the deck against the clearly wrong choice. He grabbed a quarter, and said to himself in the empty office, “If I flip 9 tails out of 10, I’ll drive over to their house.” He desperately wanted to take this 1 in a million chance to check out her panties, while knowing he shouldn’t even be considering it. He knew there was almost no chance 90% of his flips coming up tails. He figured by flip 4 he would put the quarter away, and head for the safety of home.

He launched the quarter, caught it, slapped it against his left hand. Tails. He repeated this 3 more times. Tails. Tails. Tails.

“Holy shit,” he muttered. “Four out of four.”

The next flip yielded a George Washington on his quarter. He felt a bit better. No way there would be 5 straight tails to end this, but the next 3 tosses all ended up tails. 7 out of 8. The odds were still against him, but he was a bit nervous, nonetheless.

At that point, he almost just grabbed his keys and rushed out of the office. He was reassured that 2 tails in a row was still unlikely. That still didn’t prevent the 9th flip from coming up tails.

“Here goes nothing,” he said as the 10th toss rotated in the air. He caught it. Slammed it against his left hand. Slowly removed his right hand and slowly peered at… tails.

He froze, conflicted by his absolute longing to see if he could see Hope’s panties, and his knowing that going there would be undeniably wrong on so many levels. He stood there for about 2 minutes, totally indecisive, until he realized that his cock was rock hard.

“Fuck it,” he said, grabbing Kris’ keys and heading to his car.


Jeff and Kris’ nearest neighbors were a little ways off, so he wasn’t too worried as he pulled into their driveway. He looked around a bit, as he made his way to the door. There were only 5 keys on the ring, with a couple that clearly wouldn’t be the housekey. The first attempt didn’t work, so even after all this worry, he may not even get in. However, key number 2 slid into the lock easily, and turned with a click. He turned the knob and made his way into the house. He walked in, quickly taking a look at the layout. He saw a couple of rooms down a hallway, so he headed that way. He glanced at the first room he came to and saw soccer posters on the wall.

“Hope’s room!”, he thought to himself as he walked into the neat room. There was a single dresser against the wall next to the door, and he moved to it. He could feel his legs quivering with anticipation and nervousness as he grabbed the knobs on the top drawer. He pulled it open, only to see it was full of a variety of socks. He moved to the next drawer over, slowly pulling it open. He moaned as his eyes settled in a colorful assortment of panties. He rummaged through them, looking at the different cuts, colors, and fabrics. He grabbed a very lacey white pair and pulled them out. Before he was even aware he was doing it, his pants were unbuckled and around his knees. He stepped out of them, and pushed his boxers off as well. He put his right foot through the right leg hole, and his left through the left leg hole and slowly pulled them up to cover his engorged cock, which was now oozing precum. He walked across the hallway to the bathroom there and grabbed a couple of tissues. He was this far; why wouldn’t he just go ahead and masturbate to top it all off?

Back at her panty drawer, he found a pair of maroon satin panties. He pulled the front of the lacey pair down and began to furiously stroke his cock. His legs were shaking so much that it was hard to continue standing. It did not take very long before he felt the inevitable orgasm building. He grabbed the tissues and shot an amount of cum into them that should not have been possible. As his heart rate settled down, the realization of what he had just done overwhelmed him. He quickly pushed Hope’s panties off his hips to the floor and stepped out of them. He picked them up and put both those and the maroon satin pair back into the drawer. He got dressed quickly, bursa escort bayan went to flush the cum soaked tissues down the toilet, and went back to Hope’s room to try to make sure everything was tidy. He looked in her drawer 1 last time and found a low cut navy blue pair that was in the back of the drawer, and seemed neglected. He shoved it down the front of his pants, closed the drawer that held all of her lovely undergarments, and made his way to the door to leave. He made sure the door was locked and got in his car so he could return Kris’ keys to Jeff’s desk, and go home for the weekend.


Greg got home and was glad that Angie was not home. He found a safe place in the basement to hide the treasure he had procured from Hope. He felt guilty about what he had done but didn’t regret it at all — yet.


Monday at the office dragged on a bit, as he and Jeff made the usual small talk. Jeff had casually asked him in the course of conversation how long he planned on working, and he told him he’d probably be there until 5:30 or so. Greg was beginning to think about his plans for the evening a little bit before 5, when the door opened and Kris walked in. She walked directly to Jeff’s office without greeting him, which seemed a bit odd. She closed the door to the office, and he could hear them talking for about 5 minutes before the door opened, and Jeff walked over to his desk.

“I need you to come in my office Greg,” he said in somber tone. Greg warily stood up but was not ready for what was to come.

He entered the office, and Kris had pulled a chair up next to Jeff’s seat. Jeff sat, and instructed Greg to sit opposite him.

There was an awkward pause, as it began to be clear that Jeff was struggling for words. Greg felt an impending sense of doom, as his face began to flush.

“Greg, we were on our way for our weekend away, and we got a notice from our Ring doorbell that there was motion by our house. We saw it was your vehicle, so we didn’t think much of it initially, thinking maybe you were dropping a package off or something. But 15 minutes later, it was still there.”

Greg shifted uncomfortably and dropped his eyes. He was certain he was getting fired. He hoped that was the worst that could happen.

“We waited until we got to our cottage before taking a look at our interior cameras. We could see you enter our house, without permission. And as it turns out, the kitchen camera has a good angle to see slightly into Hope’s room. I don’t need to go into details of what we saw. My first instinct was to call you and fire you immediately, but Kris and I had a long talk about it. Very long.”

Greg had never felt so terrible in his whole life. He was ruined. He felt such shame that both of the people in front of him had seen him wearing their daughter’s panties and masturbating. He wasn’t sure how he would be able to ever look either in the eye again.

“I don’t think I need to tell you that we are absolutely furious with you. One of the only reasons I am not firing you is that you have been a tremendous employee. You are family, which makes what you did even worse. Of course, we haven’t told Hope anything about what you did, but we don’t want her working around you anymore.

“There is another reason why we haven’t fired you yet, though of course you may decide you won’t want to go through with what we are proposing. If so, we may look into criminal charges, so that will be your choice.”

Greg spoke for the first time, in a voice that sounded a hundred miles away.

“Proposing? What does that mean?”

Jeff looked at Kris, who now spoke for the first time.

“Greg, we feel violated by what you’ve done. We cannot condone it on any level.” She paused and looked at him. “Look at me, Greg.”

He lifted his eyes to meet hers, and it took all his strength to keep them locked.

“What we are proposing is that you help us fulfill a fantasy that each of us has had. Jeff is a wonderful lover, and it has always been a fantasy of mine to watch him have sex, but I could never, ever bring a woman into our room to play that out. And Jeff –” she glanced at her husband “has wanted to have anal sex with me since we have dated, and I just won’t do it. Every time he asks, I ask if I can do anal on him, and he always says no. So, we have talked, and decided that you can keep your job, on the condition that we you help us to play out those fantasies.”

Greg was completely dumbfounded. “Are you saying.. that..”

“I’ll cut to the chase. Yes, I am saying that in order to keep your job, Jeff is going to fuck you in the ass while I watch.”

Greg stared mutely at both of them, with a million thoughts going through his mind. He started to speak and shut his mouth again. This was a lot to process.

“Well?” Kris said?

Completely defeated, Greg croaked out “When and where?”

“Tomorrow. We will close the office early. Hope is at soccer camp this week.”

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