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Cum Kiss

Editor’s note: this submission contains scenes of gay male sexual content.


Jack had headed home Sunday morning after quite a night with Marcus, he had left with the thought that his first time had more than met his expectations and more meet-ups were planned. Pulling into his driveway he parked the car and walked up the path to the house before he could even open the door Marcy had pulled it open and was staring him in the eyes with a slight smile. “So tell me everything,” she said before Jack had even had a chance to hang his bags up on the hook in the hallway.

Jack was tired and needed more coffee badly and promised Marcy he would tell her every detail after he had checked his emails and was able to get at least another cup of coffee into his system.

The coffee was poured and Jack sat down at the table with his laptop and decided to check his emails while sipping away, there was already a message from Marcus telling him that he had a great night and could not wait to repeat it again soon. Jack felt his cock swell thinking about another meeting with Marcus and all the new things they could try. Marcy walked back into the kitchen and stood impatiently in the doorway tapping her foot. Jack looked up from his coffee and could see how impatient Marcy was becoming. “Ok come sit down and I will tell you”.

Marcy sat down at the table and Jack started to recount the story of the night prior, how he had been finally fucked by a man, his messy creampie, and his mouthful of cum to finish off the night before bed. He could tell Marcy was more than turned on by what she was hearing from Jack, She had always fantasized about watching Jack with another man and now hearing about the actual acts was getting her very aroused. Marcy jumped up from the chair, grabbed Jack by the hand and lead him back to the bedroom

Once on the bedroom, Marcy was not long getting out of amasya escort her clothes and standing in front of Jack in all her glory. Jack instantly was right in front of her reaching back and groping her ass and starting to kiss her neck. He moved his hands down from her breasts and made a beeline to her vagina. As soon as he touched it he knew his wife was super horny and dripping wet. As he moved his hand away he could still feel her warmth and wetness on his fingers. As Jack leaned in forward to passionately kiss his wife he guided her back over to the bed and carefully laid her over the edge, she moved more into the center and he laid down beside her. Jack was still trying to kiss Marcy when she began asking more questions,.

“So did it hurt when he fucked you?” she whispered into Jack’s ear.

“Not even a little bit,” he said. He explained how Marcus had taken his time and worked everything really well so that it went a lot easier.

“What about when he fucked you? Was it everything you always fantasized about?”

Jack looked at her as he rubbed her swelling clit and went into detail of how Marcus hade filled his ass.

“I could feel his cock twitching with every thrust and I knew he was getting closer and closer. After a few thrusts I would clench up just to make it a bit tighter for him and I knew it was working because he would go balls deep and squeeze my ass. He soon picked up the pace and I knew he was going to cum, I was super horny to know that he was enjoying himself so much he would fill my ass with cum. It was only a few more thrusts and he grabbed tight and gave one more deep thrust and I could feel his cock spasm as he unloaded into me. When he pulled out I could feel his cum leak out and down my ass. It was a great feeling knowing I can please a man so much.”

At this point Jack had been playing with Marcy’s breasts escort amasya and then moved back down to her clit and pussy, he was surprised to find that Marcy was now wetter than he had ever seen before, she was leaving a visible mark on the bed and every touch almost seemed to send her over the edge.

Jack leaned into Kiss Marcy and as he got close she looked him in the eyes and said “Fuck me”. He did not need a second invitation and quickly got undressed while Marcy got up on all fours for doggy style. Jack placed himself behind Marcy and gently started rubbing her back and moving his hands underneath to her breasts before reaching back to her now dripping pussy. He moves his hands back to her hips and placed his cock so that he could move it against her pussy lips and clit for a few moments to keep building up the moment. With one quick thrust Jack slid right into Marcy’s pussy, she shook and moaned with the pleasure of him filling her as she was not quite expecting that. Once Jack was comfortable he started into his usual pace of 3 or 4 full slow thrusts with a random super fast deep hard thrust that always made Marcy moan louder.

Jack liked doggy position except for the fact that he could not play with Marcy’s breasts at the same time, he stopped, pulled out and rolled Marcy over onto her back and went right back to her pussy. She was moaning pretty good now and Jack decided it was time to take a quick break from the thrusting. He leaned down and took Marcy’s nipple into his mouth and massaged it with his tongue, Marcy had very sensitive nipples and this worked her up even more. He moved from her breasts and slowly kissed down her chest, stomach, and down to her pussy. He used his fingers to part her lips and very lightly licked her clit. Her hands were now on the back of Jack’s head guiding him in the best place to lick and push down when she amasya escort bayan wanted a little more pressure.

Marcy started asking more questions about Jack’s adventures the night before.

“Did you suck his cock?” she asked between moans.

Jack stopped licking and looked up at her and replied “Yes, I did”.

“And?” replied Marcy looking down and even more excited now.

“It was great knowing that I can please almost anyone with my mouth!” Jack replied excitedly thinking back to the act itself.

“You know what I mean!” She shot back, “Did you let him cum in your mouth?”

Jack thought back to how the warm water was running over his head and back while he sucked Marcu’s cock, how stiff his cock was, and how huge his load was. He looked up at Marcy and replied “Yes”.

Marcy just about melted when Jack replied. He went into greater detail as he took slow breaks to lean back down and lick Marcy’s clit, telling her how the cock pulsed in his mouth shooting so many spurts of cum almost straight down his throat he was hardly able to keep up with swallowing. Jack was now licking her clit and fingering her pussy and she had almost had it.

Marcy pushed Jacks’s head away pulled him close, kissed him, and said “Time to finish fucking me now” and with that, she was back on all fours. Jack climbed up behind her and pulled her close in my the hips, one thrust and he was as deep as he could and she was moaning like there was no tomorrow. He knew that neither he nor she would last very long with the sense of excitement that was built up between them now. He started to pound into Marcy for all he was worth and her moans turned into howls, This made Jack go hard and faster and in no time he could feel Marcy’s pussy Tighten around his cock and she started into a bucking orgasm and that sent him over the edge as well.

He could feel her pussy draining every last drop of cum from his cock, spent he leaned down and kissed her back and pulled out. Marcy rolled over and just looked up at him and said “So you like to cum now, do you? To which Jack replied with a “Yes”. Marcy spread her legs and invited Jack to clean up his mess, to which he obliged quite quickly.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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