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Ok, where do I begin? I had turned 37 and was working as head of marketing for this multinational company in their London office. The UK outfit was fairly small compared to the states but we had a nice group of around 80 people at our site. In my team I had 7 people which occasionally wasn’t enough and I would go looking for help from other staff member during busy times.

One person I had always asked for help was Nadia. She was PA to the 3 directors we had. She wasn’t always busy and when the directors travelled, which was frequently, Nadia welcomed the opportunity to help out. She was sociable but always highly professional which I think is how she came to be working in a position of trust for the directors.

Nadia was 5’5″ with long black hair and lovely pair of tits. In fact they were outstanding but she normally dressed quite conservatively and always kept them covered. At most it would be a smart shirt with a couple of buttons open in the summer.

I had been married for seven years and had two kids. No cheating, at least not on my part, and certainly no fooling around with people from work. I did enjoy the company of the women at work and Nadia became someone I talked with more than most. Every now and then she would say the odd thing that would give an insight into the private person behind the professional but friendly front she displayed at work.

I knew she was married but had no kids and she talked about her husband in a very positive way. My relationship with my wife was built around our kids but Nadia shared interests with her husband and they did things together. It was a complete partnership. If I bought something, my wife would worry about the cost or try and talk me out of it. Nadia was always telling me about how she and her husband did things like go and buy a new computer together or play tennis together. My wife and I shared child rearing together and used our own interests as an escape. Nadia and her husband seemed to share their interests.

The contrast between her child-free relationship and my marriage was remarkable. I wasn’t complaining though. I loved my wife and despite our ups and downs enjoyed a comfortable lifestyle and reasonable sex life. If anything our sex life was getting better as our youngest was now four and my wife felt like she was getting her body back for herself. We had sex two or three times a week and I even enjoyed the odd blow job every now and then. My wife was quite introverted and hardly spoke during sex. I had tried to coax a bit of talk out of her but never succeeded.

Back to Nadia. We occasionally worked on little projects together and attended the odd offsite meeting. I enjoyed her company and the more time I spent with her the more I began to think she could have a bit of a wild side. Every now and then something would be said. She was talking about her twice-weekly trips to the gym one day. I mischievously and without really thinking, asked her if it wasn’t just an excuse to eye up the talent and too my surprise she agreed. “Yeah, absolutely!” she said. I didn’t take it any further but I think she wanted me to know that she wasn’t just the professional no nonsense PA to the directors. Another time she was talking about how she had met her husband. She started to tell me and then stopped. I encouraged her and she confessed it had been a one-night stand during a night out that grew into a relationship. There was definitely a wilder side to her. I would say about once every couple of weeks in conversation, we would stray into a slightly risqué area for a few seconds and then haul ourselves back. It wasn’t flirting but it was signalling.

I had people off sick one day and needed to get a mailing out. So I rolled up my sleeves and set up in a large meeting room stuffing envelopes and boxing them up. Nadia passed by the door and offered to help. I accepted and we spent the next two hours chatting as we set about the mundane task of putting two sheets of paper into an large envelope, sealing it and repeating until they were all done.

Nadia’s casino şirketleri pile of envelopes was growing and in between glancing at her magnificent tits, chatting with her and stuffing my envelopes, I noticed she wasn’t sealing them. I asked her and she said she hated the taste of the gum on the envelopes. “I’m not licking those,” she said.

“Pass them to me,” I responded, “I’ll lick anything”

I looked up as I said it and saw her eyebrows raise and lower as I said that. She didn’t look up but my comment registered or at least I thought so. Now in the past, that one comment would be as far as it went but it was Nadia who followed it up. There was silence as I ran my tongue along the gum on each envelope. Nadia had her head down looking at the envelopes.

“Give each one a proper lick,” she said. “We don’t want them coming open.”

Now maybe it was just my imagination and looking back it didn’t seem like a big deal but talking about licking with this woman was erotic. I think it might have been the tone of her voice and the fact her comment was totally unnecessary and a little playful.

Fast forward to three months later. Nadia and I are having lunch and I am telling her about a row my wife and I had just had the night before. Nadia told me it would be forgotten about soon and I said it’s easy for her to say as she and her husband were perfectly matched and would do anything for each other.

“He doesn’t do everything I want!” said Nadia. She almost snapped the words. I asked what she meant and she suddenly backed off and refused to elaborate.

“I thought the two of you share everything and do everything together?” I asked.

“There is one thing he won’t do for me,” she sighed, “But I’m not telling you.”

“OK, it’s your call, I’m not trying to pry but if you don’t tell me then I won’t be able to offer to do it instead to help you out.” I was being cheeky now but playing the innocent. I had a feeling I knew what she meant but I pretended to have no idea.

Nadia played along with the cheeky tone of the conversation, “You wouldn’t offer if you knew what it was.” This made me think I my instincts were right. I could back off or follow up with more of this. I chose the latter.

“You tell me what it is and I promise you I will help you if I can….” I said.

“Not telling,” she giggled.

“Suit yourself!” I bluffed in a friendly way.

“Only cause I know you wouldn’t keep the promise,” she was flirting now.

“I always keep my promises,” I flirted back.

“Still not telling, I’m too embarrassed,” she said smiling but also blushing.

How could I develop this? How could I get her to say it? Where would this lead? My cock hardened under the table. We were both quiet for a few moments while we ate and I thought the moment had passed. I tried to resurrect it.

“Are you not going to tell me then? What won’t he do for you?”

“Lick my pussy,” she blurted out. Nadia immediately blushed and acted like she wished the words hadn’t come out. There was silence between us. The silence was shattered by the waitress.

“Everything all right with your meals?” asked the waitress.

“Oh yes!” we both said at exactly the same time. We looked at each other and laughed. She couldn’t believe she had said it. I was shocked she had said it so directly and neither of us knew what to say next but we were both smiling and then we started to giggle.

“Whats so funny?” she asked.

“Your laughing too!”

“Only ’cause you are,” she said. Then the floodgates opened. “It’s not easy being me. The one thing I like more than anything else in the world and he won’t even entertain the idea. Does that seem fair? Would you refuse your wife? “

I shook my head but was taken aback as she let her frustrations out. We then proceeded to have a very personal and intense conversation about how she could only really get satisfaction from oral sex and it was the only thing missing from her marriage. I listened and offered some sympathy. casino firmaları It was amazing how open we were on such a private topic, especially given Nadia’s normal professional front she showed to the world. It turned out they fucked several times a week and she blew him but every time she directed him to her pussy he wouldn’t eat her out or even lick her a little. My cock was really hard at this point. I was trying to contribute to the conversation but my mind was starting to thing ahead to what if she asked me to keep my promise.

It didn’t come to that. We finished eating our food. Talked about other things and paid the bill. As we walked back to my car, I felt a closeness between us. We got in and both sat still in the car looking forward. I wanted to close the conversation and tie up the lose end of the promise.

“I can’t believe I told you all that?” she said.

“Its OK. I can keep a confidence.”

“I know,” she said………..there was silence and a long pause………”But do you keep your promises?”

I said nothing. I turned to look at her and she smiled. I nodded.

“How do you want this to work?” I asked.

“I just need what I need,” she said. “I don’t want to cheat on my husband or do anything he does already but I really need to feel the feeling only a tongue and a mouth can give me. Is that too much for a girl to ask?”

“I don’t suppose it is,” I answered confused as to where this might lead. “What do you want?”

“I want you to take me home and bring me off with your tongue but not try anything else. I don’t want a love affair or any of that stuff, I just need….you know.” She spelt it out very clearly. I was disappointed but I was sure I would get to fuck her once we were into the swing of it.

“Do you want to go home now?” I asked.

“Most definitely,” she answered.

I drove her home. We went inside and she led me upstairs to the bedroom. Nadia was totally focused on what she wanted. She grabbed a towel, laid it on the bed and then proceeded to remove her trousers and panties with no inhibitions at all. She sat back on the bed, shuffled a little back and opened her legs. Her pussy was wide open at me. I hesitated.

“Please don’t make me wait any longer,” she said. She seemed almost possessed by the need inside her. I dropped to my knees and got on with fulfilling my promise. My tongue explored her lips and clit and she responded with very vocal moans. This turned me on greatly as my wife was always so silent. Nadia encourage me to repeat certain moves and soon shuddered to an obvious climax. She ordered me not to stop and I kept licking her and tonguing her all over. She loved it and soon came again. I looked up more than once to see her staring at me, smiling all the time. When I tried to slip my fingers in she refused and pushed my hand away insisting that I only used my tongue. My cock was getting harder and I undid my zip to let it out. She seemed to relax on my tongue so I took this as a moment to stop licking and stand up. She saw my cock and said, “No way. The deal is nothing but what you just did. ” I stroked myself a couple of times in front of her thinking she was teasing but she wasn’t.

“You can stick your tongue in me but nothing else.”

“Did it feel good?” I asked still stroking my cock.

“Heavenly,” Nadia answered but I’m not cheating on my husband and fucking you.

The whole situation was a little bizarre to say the least. There was I, stroking my cock in front of her. She was reclined on the bed, leaning on her elbows with her legs wide open and her swollen red pussy dripping from her juices and she didn’t want me to fuck her. I couldn’t believe what was happening. I leant forward to lie on top of her thinking she would let me but she very expertly pushed me away and got off the bed. Within seconds she was dressed and clearing the towel away. Nadia opened a window to let some fresh air in and offered me a drink downstairs.

We discussed what had just happened. Nadia was sorry for refusing me güvenilir casino but told me she only wanted to satisfy her one need and if I didn’t like it I didn’t have to do it again.

“Will there be more times?” I asked.

“I really hope so,” Nadia said matter of fact, but only if you can accept my selfish terms. I just need your tongue and can’t offer anything more.

I couldn’t believe this would not lead to more so I went along with it. I was really attracted to her now and desperately wanted to get my hands on her tits, to kiss her and to fuck her. I should have negotiated a little but instead went along with it and for the next two months we repeated the same session a few times a week. It was very functional but amazing because of how much she enjoyed it and told me out loud. I loved pleasuring her but whenever I tried to feel her tits or even run my hands over her body, she stopped me. We never kissed and she never touched my cock. It was totally one-sided but I was trapped by my desire to please Nadia.

One occasion, Nadia was wearing a summer dress. She pulled it over her head and removed her panties. Reclining before me almost totally naked in just a bra, she was totally mind blowing but still I wasn’t allowed to do anything more than apply my oral attention to her pussy until she orgasmed a couple of times. There was no flirting in the office and she treated and spoke to me exactly the same as she always had done. On the days she needed a session, she would come into my office and ask me to drive her home for lunch.

As the weeks passed I realised this wasn’t going to change unless I changed it. The next time we went to her house she lay before me and I gave a couple of light kisses to her pussy. I caressed her clit with my tongue but held back. Then I stopped and stood up. My hard on was pushing against my trousers and she looked at it.

“I can’t do this anymore.” I said.

“Why not?” she asked in surprise but remaining calm.

“I need to get something out of this.” I wasn’t begging but there was clear dissatisfaction in my voice.

“Don’t make me beg you. Please get down there and pleasure me like you always do,” she said.

I took my cock out. It was hard and pointing straight at her. She looked at me and smiled.

“Your right,” she said. Nadia then started to undress the rest of her clothes. There was a pause as she unclipped her bra, but she did remove it and revealed her magnificent tits to me. I undressed and then kneeled before her but she pulled me up and whispered into my ear, “Fuck me.”

I didn’t need telling twice and within seconds I guided myself into her and we finally fucked. I ran my hands all over her body and massaged her tits as we fucked slowly. Nadia was quiet as I did this. There was no encouragement but eventually she let out some slow moans and she gripped her legs round me as she climaxed. I kept fucking until my own point of no return was reached. I removed my cock and shot my cum all over her body. She quickly reached down to it and guided it back into her. Nadia wanted my cum inside her and the last two spasms shot cum inside her.

I stood up and stared at her beautiful naked body lying before me. My cum was all up her stomach. No cum was on her tits but she scooped some up with her finger and rubbed it onto them. Nadia was trying to please me now. I was getting everything I had dreamed of from this woman.

I lay back on top of her and we kissed for the first time. Our naked bodies rubbed together and we fucked again. This time we changed positions and fucked doggie as well as her on top. She slipped off me and sucked me to the point where I came and she swallowed it all. We must have fucked another two times. I couldn’t get enough of her and she seemed to feel the same way.

The next day I was making coffee in the small office kitchen at work when she walked in. Nadia walked up behind me and whispered in my ear to meet me in the meeting room at the end of the hall. She left and I followed. When I got to the room she shut the door and dropped to her knees. Soon she was sucking my cock. What a change in the woman. She didn’t stop until I had shot all my cum down her throat. Then she told me she would need me at lunch and I knew exactly what she meant.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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