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Bad Dragon

I should never have gone here to begin with. Now I’m hooked. It’s like an obsession. I’ve gone to other videos but I always come back to this one. I guess I think the guy looks a little like me. I can picture me in his place. And the girl is gorgeous. Great body. Red hair with almost no hair around her pussy. Beautiful pussy. It sort of glistens in the lights used to shoot this. I know they’re actors, paid to do this, but she seems to really love sucking his cock. And he seems to really want to lick her pussy. I’ve never even seen a live naked girl but I’d love to lick her pussy like he does. And love to have her suck me like she does him. Then fuck. Actually push into her. Wishful thinking. I guess that’s why I keep coming back to this every day. There must be something wrong with beating off every day while watching a video over the ‘net. I’ve even downloaded it so I can watch it whenever I want. Sick. I should have solved my sex problems years ago. I’m 20, in college. I shouldn’t be hung up on sex like this.

Why am I so cruddy when it comes to girls. I can talk to them, joke with them. But I can’t get serious somehow. Can’t bring myself to try and make out. In high school I was always one of the guys standing on the side during dances, telling jokes but really wanting to be holding a girl and dancing. Why is it? I’m actually afraid of getting sexy with a girl. Even putting my arm around her or kissing or any of that. Am I scared they’ll reject me? I don’t know. But I just can’t ever actually manage to do anything with girls. I’ve had dates and then sit there afterwards at her house wanting to make a move but never doing it.

It’s not like I’m some freak. I wrestle. Not the top varsity in my weight but pretty good and definitely in good physical shape. And I don’t hide away. I’m in a couple clubs, hang out with friends in the lounge. I can even sit there over a coke and have conversations with girls. As long as we’re not actually getting serious and there’s a table between us. But I freeze up whenever I finally get around to getting a date. I just can’t make the moves to try and kiss her or fondle her or whatever. I think they give up on me. I ‘m too much of a dud.

I carry my lap top with me. All my class notes are on it. I’m in the library, have been looking up several articles that relate to one class I’m taking. I’ve done well, found what I wanted. I put the DVD with my favorite porn video into the lap top. I’m off to the side, no one will see my screen but me. I have the sound off. I can’t beat off here but I can enjoy it once more. It’s probably to my advantage to be in public and not be able to beat off. I do that too often anyway. Fuck, that girl is beautiful. Lovely breasts he’s sucking on, holding. She’s going to be sucking him in a moment. There she goes, holding his cock as she kisses all around it.

“That’s my favorite part,” I hear. Fuck, what is this? I spin around to find the voice. There, in the bookshelves behind me she’s standing, grinning at me.

“What?” is all I can manage to say.

Still grinning she walks out from between the shelves to stand right next to me. “That part,” she says, “Where you can see his penis. The whole, big, erect thing. I’ve always wondered what they look like for real.”

She’s actually very good looking. A little like the girl in the video. Red hair. I can’t tell, her clothes are sort of baggy, but she looks as if she might have a nice body. Then she sits down next to me. Close to me so she can see the screen. “A little later, though, when he’s doing the same thing to her may be even better. I really fantasize about him doing that to me.”

“You’ve seen this before,” is what I sort of mumble out.

“Yeah, I watch a lot of them,” she says, still grinning at me.

“Oh,” is all I can manage at first. “I have too,” I finally manage to stumble over. “This one’s my favorite, I guess. I can sort of imagine me as the guy and the girl is gorgeous.”

“That’s what I do, too. I mean, me as the girl, of course. You actually look a little like the guys in this one.”

“That’s what I thought, too. Probably why I like it. You look a little like the girl.”

“I wish,” she says. “She has a great body.”

“With your clothes it’s hard to tell,” I say, “But you look as if you probably have a very good body.”

“So do you,”she answers. Then she gets a funny look in her eyes and her grin grows a little. “Are you really built like him?”

“Well, uh, yeah, I guess. I ‘m in good shape if that’s what you mean.”

” I guess I mean,” she says and then she points at the screen where the guy is starting to spit out semen and the girl, still holding his cock has her mouth open and is catching a lot of it there. Her finger goes right to point at his cock.

“Oh,” I’m not sure nallıhan escort what to say. “Yeah, I guess so. I mean everyone’s a little different but, yeah, pretty much the same as him.” On screen, he’s now kissing her stomach and she’s spreading her legs to give him room and he’s about to start licking her pussy. “Are you built like that?” I ask.

“Oh,” she says and gives me an odd look. “Well, yeah, I guess so. I mean all girls have the same body parts but they’re probably all a little different.” We both look at the screen. He’s really slurping away at her pussy. “Would you do that?”

“I never have,” I tell her, “but, yeah, I fantasize about doing that. I really want to.”

“I’ve never had anyone do that to me either,” she says, staring at the screen, “but I sure want someone to.”

“How about the earlier part, when she’s sucking on him, have you ever done that?”

I think she’s purposely not looking at me, staring at the screen. “No, I’ve never done it. But like you, I’ve fantasized about it and want to.” By now, the guy has slid up over the girl and, with her helping aim him, she’s pushing his cock into her pussy. “Have you ever done that?”

“No. You?”


“You’re a very pretty girl. I would have thought you’d have lots of guys after you.”

“Thanks but I don’t think most guys think I’m all that pretty. And I guess I’ve always been a little scared of what might happen. How about you? I would think you could have a lot of girls.”

“No,” Then I paused. “I think I’m actually scared of girls or of trying anything with any of them. I don’t want to do something wrong.”

“That makes two of us,” she says. The video has ended. It’s not very long. I close the computer. It leaves the two of us sitting there.

“I think we’re both a little embarrassed,” I say.

“Yeah. I’ve certainly never watched a sex video with a guy before.”

“I’ve never watched this before without masturbating.”

She almost laughs, looks at me sideways sort of and grins. “Yeah. Me too.”

“I’m not sure exactly what to say or do but I don’t want to just forget this, let it end.”

“I don’t either.”

“Maybe we can go somewhere more private and watch this again. Maybe masturbate. Or masturbate each other.”

“This is weird but I really want to.”

“I’m in a dorm with a room mate although he’s at class right now. We’d have a little time alone.”

‘I’m in a dorm, too, and for a few days I have no room mate, she’s gone home. We’d be better there, I think.”

“Great, let’s go.”

“Bring the video.”

It’s only a ten minute walk to her dorm. On the way she asks about how I got the video on my computer without being hooked up to the ‘net. I explained how I downloaded it. Then, as we entered the building and I knew that in a couple minutes I was going to have to do something with this girl, I mentioned, “I’m a little nervous about all of this, wondering if I’m going to know what to do or not.”

She surprises me. “I’m actually a little giddy, excited that something’s finally going to happen. That I’ll do more than sit around frustrated, fantasizing about what I wish would happen.”

I guess I agree with her but for me it provides worries while for her it turns her on. Then we’re in her room. What now? “How do you want to do this?” I ask. I mean, am I really going to be able to get to her pussy? Is she really going to do something with my cock?

“I’ve been thinking about that,” she says. “If it’s o.k. with you, instead of just unzipping your fly and me taking off my panties, we should really bare ourselves to be accessible to the other. And if we do that, why not go all the way and be like the couple in the video and just get naked? I’m a lot more interested in seeing you than I am concerned that you’ll see me.”

“O.k. with me,” I say and start unbuttoning my shirt. I watch her and she watches me as we both undress. I don’t know about her but I’ve never been naked with a girl before. I have no control over it, I have a huge boner. I’m not a freak, nothing unusual, but I must have six or seven inches that’s sticking straight out and bouncing as I move. She said she wasn’t built as well as the girl in the video but I think she is. “You have a beautiful body, every bit as good as the girl in the video,” I tell her. She does. Her breasts aren’t huge but they stand right up, Her nipples are darker red and look small and hard, what I’ve read is a sign of sexual excitement. She has a very small waist. Her whole body is very light pink, and right between her shapely legs is a rather small bunch of dark red hair.

You’re really in terrific shape,” she says. “And your penis is easily as big as the guy in the video. It looks so sexy, can I touch it?”

“Sure,” necatibey escort I tell her. She steps almost against me and puts one hand around my cock, holding it rather softly. Since she’s there, I put one hand on her waist. With the other, I steel myself in case she complains and softly hold one of her breasts. I’ve heard that more than a handful is wasted and she has enough that some is wasted because her breast is larger than my hand. She looks up at me. I’m noticeably taller than her, six inches or more. I lean my head to her and we kiss. A soft, friendly kiss. Then her hand tightens around my cock and her lips press against me with more force. I move my hand from her waist to around her back and kiss back.

She pulls her lips away from me after a minute or more. “I’ve fantasized about this so often and here you are so can I get a closer look at your penis?”

I never even answer her as she drops down onto her knees in front of me. She spends a long time just looking, bending my cock one way and then the other, moving her head to get a look at it from every angle. She puts a hand under my balls and holds them and looks at them. I’m looking down, watching her, and she looks up with a big smile. Then she leans her face closer and actually kisses the head of my cock. She moves her head around and licks the side of my cock, then moves around and does the same on the other side. “This is so sexy,” she almost murmurs. Then she surprises me and puts her lips around the head of my cock. I can feel her tongue moving on me. She moves her face and slides more of me into her mouth. I know why they call it cock sucking, I can actually feel her sucking. Just as I’d seen in the video, she takes enough of me in that I can feel it hitting the back of her throat, then she slides her lips back out. She’s making slurping noises, licking noises. She has one hand holding my balls and the other holding the base of my cock and she slides her lips back and forth, sucking and licking on me. I don’t think I last more than a minute or so.

“I’m going to cum,” I tell her.

Her eyes flick up at me. I can’t tell for sure because my cock is pretty much stretching her lips but I think she’s smiling. Then I feel it coming, then spurting out. Her eyes flick up again but she keeps me in her mouth. I don’t know how much I shoot into her or what she does but when she moves her lips back finally there’s a white string running from her lower lip to my cock. She puts out her tongue and licks around, pulling the string into her mouth. She stares at my cock a little more and then takes it all into her mouth again and licks as she moves her head back, cleaning it all off. She sort of sits back a little and looks up at me and grins. As she stands, I put my arms around her and we kiss again, our bodies pressed against one another.

When we finally break our kiss, I say, “Sit on the edge of the bed and let me try and do for you what you just did for me.” She doesn’t say anything but with a big smile she sits down with most of her body forward, off the bed, and spreads her legs wide. I kneel between her legs and stare at her pussy. The first one I’ve ever seen. There’s dark red hair above and a little straggling down each side. In the center is what I know are her labia lips. Pink, not unlike her other lips but vertical and less shapely. While I’m looking, she reaches down with both hands and pulls on either side, opening her insides to me. Pink and actually red, moist looking with the light glistening on the beads of moisture. I get my tongue out and push my face right up as if I’m kissing those lips and start moving my tongue inside her, licking and tasting around.

I’d read about doing the alphabet so I try it, moving my tongue to try and shape the different letters, all inside her. I can hear her making soft noises, moans sort of. I see the fingers of one hand a couple inches above where I’m licking, moving back and forth like she’s rubbing herself. I don’t know much but I realize that has to be her clit. So I move my tongue out and up and try licking where she has her fingers. She moves her fingers out of the way. There’s a shape there, a little like a worm perhaps. As I move my tongue on it it seems to stiffen, react to my touch. Her noises are louder, I can hear her breathing both faster and louder. I remember the guy in the video, so I lick back down inside her vagina and then back up to her clit. As I do this, I slide one finger into her vagina. I go on and use my tongue and lips to massage her clit while I slide my finger in and out of her.

Her hips start bouncing a little. I can feel her insides getting wetter. Both of her hands come to the back of my head and press me tightly against her. I continue licking and finger fucking ankara otele gelen escort her and she goes nuts. She’s actually screaming. Her bottom moves so much that I can hardly keep my tongue on her. I can feel what’s like a flood on my finger, lots of fluid. I pull my finger out and move my mouth down and try and suck her whole pussy into my mouth. I’m getting her all over my face. I can feel it on my chin and lips and even my nose. A little sticky. Then her hands are pulling on my hair. As I sit back, she lays back onto the bed with a moan. I stand up and lean over her.

“That was fantastic. I’ve never felt like that. I think I was about to faint.” She put both arms out, reaching for me. I held her upper body and pulled her back onto the bed so she isn’t hanging off the side, and lay down over her and kiss her, holding myself up on my arms almost like a push up. As we kiss, her hand moves down between us and grasps my cock. I’m hard again. She spreads her legs, pulls her knees up on either side of me and I realize that I’m in the perfect position to fuck her.

“Should we do this?” I ask. She nods her head. She’s rubbing my cock head against her, probably against her clit. I push my hips forward.

“Just a sec,” she says and moves my cock down slightly. “Now,” she says. I push with my hips and can feel that I’m forcing my way into her. I feel her against my cock head, being spread as I move in. I have no idea whether the stories I’ve read about breaking a girl’s hymen are true or what her history is but I never run into anything but a constant tight passage that I keep pushing my way into. Tight enough that I wonder if it’ll pull the foreskin off my cock. I’m circumcised. Since I only know me, I don’t know what other guys have but most of the head of my cock always shows even though there’s still an amount of foreskin that can slide back when I masturbate. It’s really getting slid back forceful now as I push into very tight quarters. And then I’m all the way in. My abdomen is on hers. My pubic hair is meshed with hers. I push my body up enough and then lean my head down so that I can kiss her.

“Wow, that really fills me up,” she says. “You’re big.”

With that I pull back a lot and then push back in again, I move slowly in and out and then as I feel more comfortable with it start moving faster. She grunts out an “oof” every time I push into her again. Soon the “oofs” are almost running together into a long sort of guttural “aah”. I have no idea how I managed to keep my mind working but I do so I ask her, “Are you o.k.? I don’t have a condom on, are you on the pill?”

She wraps her legs up around me holding me close to her as I continue to pump in and out of her. She nods her head yes and then actually says, “Yes, don’t stop. Keep this up forever.” She’s using her legs around me to pull her hips up so that she’s fucking back at me almost as much as I’m fucking into her. Then I can feel every part of her body clinch me. Her legs, her arms, all her insides, all contract or something. Her insides are clamping on me, making it even tighter and harder to move my cock in her. I can feel fluid coming out around my cock, running onto her butt, on my balls a little. And then she relaxes, almost collapses beneath me and it’s right then that I start spurting out semen, my cock jerking a little inside her. She smiles at me

I finally pull out of her. I move off to the side and lay on my back. She rolls onto me, partly laying on me, one of her legs between mine. Her head is almost even with mine. I can feel her pubic hair on my hip, her thigh touching my cock, one breast resting on my chest. “That was perfect, even better than I’ve ever imagined.” she says and then kisses me.

I return the kiss, put one arm around her back, the other onto her butt. A nice, firm, round butt. “I didn’t know what I was doing but, yeah, I loved it all. You were terrific.”

“I didn’t know what I was doing either,” she tells me. “But I ought to get better at it next time.”

Next time? Wow, I hadn’t thought beyond right now. Yeah, let’s have a next time. “I ‘d love to do this with you a thousand times.”

She kisses me again, still laying on me. “We should shower and clean up a little and get ready for next time. We can get around to the other thousand later but I’d like a little more practice now.”

I kiss her and feel her butt. Wow, we’re going to do it again now. “Hey,” I blurt out without thinking, “I’ve alwasy read about how it hurts a girl when her hymen gets broken. I never ran into one.”

She grins. “You’re the first live penis in me but I have a collection of toys in my drawer that were there before you. I did have a hymen once but no longer. To be sure maybe you should check again, though.” She kisses me again and I’m almost sorry I broke the feeling we had, asking about her cherry. So I feel her butt a little and kiss her back.

“My name is Diane,” she says, smiling, rolling off me to get up, running her hand over my very slightly erect, sticky cock.

“George,” I say in return as I get ready to take a shower with her.

# # #

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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