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Abbie was on her way to meet her next target. It made it easier to call them by objects instead of people. It made the prospect of fucking them and then killing them after seem less horrid than what it actually was. It had been a week since Abbie and Rosa stormed the Red Wing hideout and retrieved whatever it was that was in that vault. Jerome, Abbie’s boss, gave little information as to why the laptop they retrieved was so important. In fact, the moment they entered his office, he quickly took it from them and hurried them out the room. Abbie didn’t even get a chance to introduce Rosa to her.

Now that she thought about it, it was a little weird that he hadn’t even asked about Rosa being there. None of that mattered right now though. Abbie was driving to meet her next victim at his apartment, it was on the bad side of town, of course, but that never bothered her. Rosa insisted on coming along; the idea of killing more Red Wings turned her into a savage, but Abbie convinced her that she needed more trained if she was to really help in a serious battle. Spending her entire life using her powers in a domestic setting wouldn’t help her in the heat of battle.

About ten minutes later, Abbie knocked on the door leading to the man’s apartment. A soft voice answered her.

“Who is it?”

“Special deliver, from Jerome,” said Abbie. The person in question worked for Jerome, like Abbie. Only problem was that Jerome was starting to suspect the guy was leaking information about the gang to the Red Wings. Abbie was ordered to “investigate” him.

“Just a minute.” The voice sounded closer as it approached the door. A layer of darkness from the room spread out into the hallway as the man opened the door. Abbie could make out his features as the hallway lights shown on his face. He was… absolutely plan looking. Not handsome, but not ugly. Short black hair, slightly overweight, t-shirt and jeans. Just a regular looking guy. The only thing that stood out about him was his expression. Normally, guys that saw Abbie all decked out, which she currently was, would have immediately stared at her breasts while having their mouth slightly gaped. This guy just lazily looked at her face, surprisingly, with an almost bored expression. Abbie thought that was a feat in amongst itself.

“Mind if I come in?” asked Abbie, “Jerome wanted me to stop by and talk with you.” She smiled, hoping that would spark something of an emotion in him besides “I don’t give a fuck,” The man just stood there.

“I never thought Jerome would send a woman to kill me,” said the man. Abbie’s smile immediately faded. Well, this was new. Most guys Abbie was sent to kill were idiots. She decided to play it dumb, mainly just for the amusement.

“What are you talking about? I’m just here to talk with you about your new assignment.”

“Uh-huh. Well, come in at least. I’m actually curious on how you’ll gonna kill me. I doubt you’re hiding a gun in that outfit,” said the man. His eyes casually looked up and down Abbie’s outfit, which was a skin tight red shirt and leather pants. He moved to the side letting Abbie in.

“Honestly, I’m not here to kill you. I just want to talk,” said Abbie as she walked into the apartment.

“About what?” asked the man. He closed the door to. Abbie expected him to lock it, but he didn’t.

“I’m supposed to… Well, I–“

“Will you just cut the crap and do what you came here to do. We both know I’ve been passing along information to the Red Wings. No doubt Jerome sent you here to shut me up.” He sat down on his torn up couch. His careless attitude never wavered as he propped his feet on the coffee table. Abbie just stood there staring at him. For someone who was about to die he was taking it rather well. She walked over and sat down in the armchair across from him.

“So why did you do it?” she asked. There was no point in pretending any longer. She at least owed him the courtesy of not treating him like an idiot since she was about to take his life.

“Jerome isn’t the guy you think he is. He’ll use you to get what he wants.”

“Well, of course he will. What line of work do you think we’re in?” Despite her forced statement, Abbie had a hint of doubt in the back of her mind. What was this guy talking about? Jerome was always fair with her. Whatever, this guy’s probably just mad that he’s not getting ankara escort bayan paid enough or something petty like that.

“That’s not what I mean. You wouldn’t understand. I lost someone close to me. It was the Red Wings… but I have a feeling that Jerome set it up.” That got Abbie’s attention. She sat up in her chair and looked at the man hard.

“What makes you say that?”

“It was my wife. We were walking home one day when a group of Red Wing thugs attacked. Funny thing is, it felt like they were mainly after her than me. That doesn’t make any sense though. If they wanted to kill me, they had a clear shot.” Abbie listened, and couldn’t help but make the obvious comparison to what happened with her and Tony a few weeks ago. It couldn’t just be a coincidence, but it still didn’t make sense.

“Why do you think Jerome is behind all of this? Sounds to me like the Red Wings are just trying to put the squeeze on us by going after the ones we love,” asked Abbie. Her mind was racing, trying to figure out if this suspicion held any merit, or was it just some bullshit story this guy was cooking up as an excuse.

“When I was at our base, I saw a bunch of Red Wing uniforms in this storage closet. Plus, the guys that attacked us just seemed too professional to be a part of the Red Wing gang. It was a real precious operation. I don’t know. I just feel like Jerome is getting his men to pretend to be Red Wing soldiers, mess with us, and give us a reason to have a personal vanadate against the gang. I know it sounds stupid, but at the same time… here you are, hired by Jerome to kill me.” Abbie sat there in silence, taking in everything she’d just learned. He was right; it did sound stupid. But, at the same time, she couldn’t shake off the thought that there might be truth to it.

“A couple of weeks ago, I was with my nephew when I was attacked. My nephew didn’t make it. Right after, some Red Wing guys came to my sister’s house, lookin’ for trouble. My sister gave it to them. Now my sister is working for Jerome to get back at the people she thinks killed her son,” said Abbie.

“Why would Jerome want your sister to work for him?”

“She has… special skills,” said Abbie. Her mind was too preoccupied to give a clear answer. Right now, all she wanted to do was talk to Jerome, “You mind if I make a call?” she asked as she got up from her chair.

“There’s a phone in my room down the hall. I’ll wait here,” said the man. Abbie walked to where he was pointing and closed the door behind her. She picked up the phone and dialled Jerome’s number. He answered after the third ring.

“Jerome, we need to talk. This guy you wanted me to take care of is saying a lot of interesting things.” Abbie heard Jerome’s suave voice through the receiver. It came out like velvet, or, something of an equally cliché nature.

“Oh, is that so. Well I don’t care what lies he’s told you. You got a job to do! And you’re gonna do it too. You wanna know why?”

“Oh, do tell,” said Abbie, she placed a hand on her hip, making her look like a bad-ass

“Because I have eyes all over you. You don’t know where, but rest assure I can see everything you’re doing. By the way, I love that outfit. Red and black suit you.”

“Fine, but this’ll be the last time,” said Abbie as she hung up the phone. She was pissed, but knew one sure way to let off some steam, and do her job at the same time. She left the bedroom and walked towards the man.

“Everything ok?” he asked

“Hush,” said Abbie as she leaned down and placed a soft kiss on the man’s lips. The lazy look on his face finally faded and turned into something more serious.

“Wait… what–“

“I said, hush,” said Abbie. She ran her hands down his chest, rubbing her palms against his nipples through his shirt. She was about to take his shirt off and do what she does best when something unexpected happened. The guy took hold of her wrists.

“If this is the way we’re going, then let me start.” He stood up, bringing Abbie to her feet as well. He brought her hands down to her sides, having complete control of her. His body leaned forward, heat radiating from his skin as he brushed his lips against Abbie’s neck. This was a first for Abbie. Normally she was the one in control. She had to admit, it was nice to be controlled for once.

“What do you think you’re eryaman escort going to do?” asked Abbie, a smile forming over her face as the man flicking his tongue along her neck and down to her collarbone.

“Whatever I want.” His chest pressed up against Abbie’s. She could feel his hard body pressing her breasts against him. Even with all the clothing, the contact was ecstatic.

“What if I won’t let you?” asked Abbie, her breathing became erratic as he started running his hands down her thighs, giving up control of her wrists. Maybe he knew she wouldn’t dare move even after he released her.

“You want me to stop?” he asked. He moved his lips an inch away from her skin as he spoke. The words hit her soft flesh and left a melting spot on where it made contact.

“God… no,” said Abbie. She couldn’t move. Something about his actions made her just want to stay still and let him use her as he saw fit. Luckily, it looked like that’s exactly what he had in mind. He took her by the wrists and led her to his bedroom. Abbie followed him, letting him guide her body as he saw fit. Suddenly, he went down and picked her up by her waist and cradled her against his body. His arm wrapped under her ass to keep her steady as he carried her to his bed.

“So much for taking it slow,” said Abbie. She rested her chin on his shoulder, rubbing her cheek against his and nibbling at his ear.

“Oh, I haven’t even started working on you yet,” he said as he laid her down on the bed. Abbie expected him to pull her pants down and go between her legs, which was most likely on his mind, but he started out with something else. He rolled her on her stomach, so that Abbie’s chin rested on the pillow. Her ass was in full view of him, covered by her pants of course, but not for long.

“I want everything I do to be a surprise,” he said as his fingers trailed down the backs of her thighs. “That means, no peeking.” His fingers remained on her thighs. Abbie sighed, whishing he’d just take her pants off. She wanted to feel his skin touch hers. Instead, he placed his hand under her shirt and rubbed her back. His thumb slid against her side and she could feel him applying pressure at her muscles, loosening them up. He added his other hand and travelled up her back until he reached her bra. His fingers easily worked it free. Abbie just lay there, enjoying the work his hands did on her body. He felt his hands slide along the sides of her breasts and cup them, squeezing them.

“You know if you took my shirt off this would be easier,” said Abbie. She wasn’t complaining though. Honestly she was surprised he hadn’t removed a single piece of clothing… besides her bra.

“In time,” he said. Abbie could feel his lips pressing against her shoulder again. His breath trailing down her skin, making her shudder. Every inch his breath touched felt like it belonged to him. His hands left her breasts. Abbie wished she knew what he was going to do next, but she didn’t have to wait long. She felt his fingers trying to work their way under her lower body, She helped him a little by arching upward, allowing her ass a few inches off the mattress. He slid his hands under her and she lowered herself back down. It felt so strange, being felt up while still wearing clothes, but in a good way. Abbie had a feeling she’d be losing her pants though as she felt him slowly pull the zipper of her pants down. She lifted her legs up, expecting him to slide her pants off, but he pressed her legs back down on the bed.

“Not yet,” he said, his lips were still brushing against her ear. Abbie could feel his fingertips rubbing against her pussy through her panties. The fabric against her skin caused a steady build-up of heat between her legs. He kept this up for a few minutes, even pressing inside her increasingly soaked body. God, her panties were all but ruined now.

“I think I’ll take those pants off now,” he said. Abbie could feel a chill run across her bare thighs but not for long. Once again, she felt his fingers on her, only this time it was skin on skin. He caressed her inner thighs, running his fingers along the backs of her legs and then up again. “Let’s see what else I can touch,” he said as he looped his fingers around her panties and pulled those off as well. For a moment, Abbie didn’t feel anything except for her heart beating against the mattress etlik escort and the man’s teeth nipping at her collarbone. He made small love bites, claiming her with his teeth and breath.

“Please, just touch me,” whispered Abbie. She was afraid to speak any louder in fear of breaking the trance she was under. She could feel him smile against her cheek and then felt hands on her ass. He squeezed her ass cheeks together, stroking the outline of her crack with his thumbs. It was like he was petting her. Abbie moaned into the pillow and arched her ass

“No,” he said as he pushed her ass back down. Instead, he slid his hand between her thighs and spread her legs slightly. “Don’t move an inch no matter what.” For the first time his lips left her face and instead went down to her lower body. He kissed the insides of her thighs on up to her ass cheeks and then down again. His tongue flicked out when it reached her pussy, begging to slide inside her. He could taste her juices on his lips as he smacked them together.

“I want you to taste yourself,” he said

“That’ll be hard to do in this position,” said Abbie. Her body was on fire. Her pussy ached to be touched. No, it ached to be dominated by him, and only him.”

“In time,” he said once more. Abbie felt him use his middle finger to stroke her ass crack, almost sliding inside her. She wished he would, but knew he enjoyed teasing her, denying her body what it really wanted, making her go to the edge of her limits. “Get on your back for me,” he said. Abbie was taken aback by the request, or, maybe it was a command. “Do it!” Yupe, definitely a command.

“Why should I?” asked Abbie. Now it was her turn to tease.

“Because I want to look into your eyes when you cum all over my cock deep inside you. Plus, I want better access to those breasts of yours.” Abbie was getting turned on by how fucking honest this guy was. She did as she was told and laid on her back, legs spread, pussy dripping.

“You gonna eat me out some more?” tasted Abbie.

“No, I just want to fuck you like a savage beast. Wild and primal.” Just then, he leaned down and ripped Abbie’s shirt in half. She would have been pissed if the action wasn’t so damn hot. She expected him to go right for her breasts, which were heaving due to her deep breaths of anticipation. Instead, he just looked at them, as if he were fucking them with his eyes. He then took off his clothes in record time, crawled on the bed… and just fucked her. His cock easily slid into her body, and he fucked her. It wasn’t the usual type of heated passion between people, but more… hungry. It was like he was a starved man and Abbie’s pussy was the only nourishment he’d had for days. He went in deeper each time he thrusted against her. Abbie already felt his cock hit her g-spot right from the beginning. Only now, his tip lingered there each time it hit. He flexed his cock, stretching her tight body out even more.

“Oh god! Oh ffffUCK!” moaned Abbie. Her breathes became rapid, like a dog panting for her master to give her water. And then he released. Abbie felt his cum shoot over and over inside her. It was more than she thought possible as he kept going, his cock throbbing inside her the entire time. Then, when it was over, he was still hard… and still fucking her.


“I told you. I want to see your face when you cum,” he said as he continued fucking her. This was too much. Abbie’s body squeezed his cock as she reached her orgasm. Her entire body shook and her head lifted off the pillow.

“Oooohh! God!” She shouted as she let her head crash back down. She thought at this point he’d pull out and just decide to cuddle with her… she was only half right. He pulled out, and crawled over her, placing his cock between her breasts.

“I also wanted you to taste yourself,” he said as he pushed her breasts together and started fucking them, “taste yourself on my tip,” he said. His tip reached Abbie’s lips and she eagerly licked his and her cum off it. He kept titty fucking her while she continued sucking his tip, swirling her tongue around. “Open wide,” he said. Before Abbie knew what was happening, he shot another thick stream of cum all over her face and into her mouth. She smiled as she felt his cum dripping down her lips and chin. He then laid next to her and began licking his cum off her face. Abbie just laid there, letting him cuddle and fondle her while he cleaned her face. They remained like this until they fell asleep in each other’s arms. Before Abbie was totally asleep however, she realized that after all of the wild sex… he was still alive.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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