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Chapter One

Preview of Pussy Cream

Zach was in his first year of college. He had met many new friends and was developing a good social circle. Zach was tight on funds and wanted to go to the regular Spring Break places. A travel agent named Juan and his glamorous companion Maria met with Zach outside the cafeteria at a picnic table. They had a discount plan for a motel off the main strip but on the same beach walking distance from glamorous bars and clubs as well as discount clubs. The discounts would be included in the package. Zach was assured that many other students that were not already booked would be there also. Maria showed him pictures of sexily clad young women at the clubs, topless women sunning on the beaches, and sexy women grabbing college boy’s butts. They showed him pictures of clothes optional beaches. He would be able to get free drinks.

Maria’s top barely covered her boobs legally and Zach could see part of the areolae. Her cleavage could not be ignored. When she sat back her short skirt revealed some sexy white panties that revealed her pubic hair. She had sexy light brown tanned skin which contrasted her panties. Her pussy had a nice bulge almost camel toe and he could see the cleft and could tell her pussy lips were spread. He tried desperately not to stare.

They had a small ice chest with them and offered a beer to Zach which he happily took. Before long he signed up for a sexy Acapulco vacation with awesome discounts and coupons.

Maria said, “Cum over here and sit next to me so you can watch this DVD of the beach and club fun.” She had the laptop turned away from the sun and passers by. “Scoot closer to block the view behind us.”

Zach sat next to her and moved over close enough that their legs and hips touched. Her skirt had ridden up so much he had a perfect view of her pussy. She must have rocked her hips upward a little because he could see almost as much if she had taken the panties off. She started the DVD and he could hear the sound well. The movie pictures had good color and definition. “She said get comfortable and watch those women.” Her hand slid over on his leg rubbing lightly, and gradually further across his crotch. It lightly went over his balls and rubbed up his dick which was getting hard. Soon she was lightly stroking it. The DVD showed some nude beaches and glamorous young women showing their pussies. One beautiful woman was laying on a towel sunning with her legs spread and her first class pussy was fully exposed. The clit was standing out, the lips were slightly parted as if she had just gotten through playing with it, and pussy cream was leaking out and over the sexy asshole. She was having an orgasm. He watched as more cream flowed out and her pussy contracted. He could see the pee hole and into the pussy with wrinkled inner surface on the top and smooth surface on the bottom. He could almost see the G-spot. Maria took Zach’s wrist and moved his hand to her crotch.

On this queue Zach started feeling her pussy. She was still lightly teasing and stroking his cock. If she kept this up he would cum in his pants. Unknown to him while his eyes were glued to the screen, there was a subliminal program playing. It was saying things like be open minded, be uninhibited, enjoy every kind of sex. It also showed pictures subliminally that anything touching his lips should cause his mouth to open and tongue to come out, whether it is a finger, a boob, or a cock and balls. The subliminal went on to explain it is ok to touch others, and that a dick was made by nature to go into pussies, mouths, or assholes. The outwardly visible movie showed women grabbing ass, and making out with people on the beach or in the bars. The subliminal pictures showed the women fully displayed and fucking in all kinds of places and positions. It also showed men freely feeling each other in the bars and beaches. It showed a lot of ways that men encountered each other and ended up sucking cock. It showed how enjoyable and desirable and fun it was to suck cock and balls and swallow cum. It showed slow motion of men and women sucking cock and really enjoying the taste and feel of cum in their mouth.

After Maria’s ankara escort pussy lips engorged and Zach’s fingers had traveled and traced every part of her pussy through the panty fabric from clit to asshole, he finally slipped a finger under the panties and fingered her pussy. Meanwhile Juan had filled out and prepared the forms and disclosures. Juan slid the paper toward Zach. Zach signed the forms without removing his fingers from Maria’s pussy. When the signatures were done, Maria made a few special strokes and Zach came in his pants. At the same time he could feel Maria’s pussy grip his fingers, convulse, and flood his fingers with cream.

Maria pulled his hand from her pussy, and sucked her cum from them, put her fingers in it and got a nice glob of pussy cum and lifted it to his mouth. When her fingers touched his lips his mouth automatically opened and he sucked the pussy cream off of her fingers. She pushed her hand into Zach’s pants, found his ejaculate, got a glob on three fingers, cupped them and pulled her hand out of his pants. To his surprise when she touched his lips he opened his mouth and he sucked in his own cum. This was the first time he had ever tasted a man’s cum even if it was his own.

Zach was a little embarrassed but extremely turned on. He couldn’t wait to go on the trip.

That night in his dreams he tasted loads of cum in his mouth. He dreamt of sucking dicks

and balls. In his dreams he kissed and licked asses. In the last dream he felt a dick sliding into his ass and that is when the alarm went off. Zach couldn’t remember the dreams, just that they were odd.

Chapter Two

Diverted Tickets

Zach flew to Acapulco. At the airport the hotel taxi that picked him up looked at the hotel coupons and ticket and drove him to the beach front hotel. This one was on the outer edges of the tourist area. It was close enough to the bars and beaches though. It wasn’t quite the place he thought it might be but after all he did have a steep discount. A pleasant Latina with a nice figure showed him his room, and waited while he dropped his things to show him around. He tipped her and she showed him the cantina, bar, and patio areas. She said the food and drinks were free provided by the travel agency.

What he didn’t know is that his tickets had been diverted to this hotel. He would also have to earn the food and drinks in a way.

When she showed him where the other college students were in the guest lounge he looked around and only saw college boys. She seemed to anticipate his thoughts and she volunteered that many of the women would arrive at a later time. This put Zach at ease. Then she said this was a clothing optional beach and a clothing optional hotel. Now Zach started picturing nude women again. The guy next to Zack winked his eye at him as if the women would arrive soon and get nude or topless.

Zach was given a beer and soon he was meeting and chatting with some of the other guests. They all treated him well and were soon laughing and joking with him. What Zach didn’t know is that the bar was known as the twink bar.

Soon it got dark outside and the bar began to throb with music and lights. A waitress by the name of Marquita brought him some mini tacos, chips and salsa. She brought him another beer and a shot of tequila. He tipped her and she sat next to him. She was dressed very sexy, and had a perfume that drove him wild. She gave him many compliments.

Zach was getting a buzz. He noticed that the many colored lights seemed to streak, and that black lights had turned on. Marquita sat next to him and rubbed his leg gradually getting closer to his crotch. Marquita brought his attention to the fact that everyone else had slipped on colorful swim trunks. Marquita produced a pair of bright florescent orange trunks. She said to go ahead and put them on right here! She would take his clothes to his room for him. He trusted her.

While changing clothes he wasn’t self conscious but noticed there were approving smiles from some of the other college gentlemen. Zach couldn’t know it but someone had slipped some meth in his drink. Soon Marquita was sitting escort ankara with him again and rubbing his very thin cotton briefs small enough to pass as a speedo. She rubbed the fabric and said it was very smooth and warm. As she let Zach put a hand on her thigh, she told the guy next to him to see how smooth and warm the fabric was. With the black light the hand was obvious over the fluorescent orange that it was feeling more than just the fabric. Before he could say anything Marquita had leaned over and started kissing him. Meanwhile the guy next to him was doing quite a job. He hardly realized his own hand was stroking her pussy.

Somehow she said something about not dripping in his nice florescent orange trunks and he accepted without consciously thinking about it but she candidly released the top of his dick from the trunks and took a pre-cum drop on her finger tip and raised it to his lips. Without knowing why he opened his mouth and sucked her finger tip. She got him another shot of tequila. As he continued enjoying his company another guy sat on the other side of her and she took a pre-cum drop from him and brought it to Zach’s lips again. He hardly noticed. Soon the pre-cum drops came in larger quantity and he relished the different taste. Unknown to him at the time he was swallowing cum. Zach became the popular guy at the party. Everyone wanted to sit next to him. They all wanted to feel his warm smooth trunks. It seemed like Marquita had nearly everyone deliver pre-cum, some of them started putting their own fingers in his mouth. Many of them came back for seconds and delivered the heavier taste, sometimes delivering globs into the back of his mouth.

Marquita asked him if she could show him how she liked to suck cock. Thinking this would lead to his own cock he agreed, but soon while she was kissing him a cock showed up in her face rubbing her lips which were still kissing Zach. The cock touched his lips also and unconsciously he opened his mouth while still kissing. But now the cock head slid in between his lips. He took some pre-cum drops with his tongue. His vision seemed to streak as the trunks in the black light rocked back and forth. The cock sliding on his tongue seemed to be an after effect. Then he felt some squirting in the back of his mouth. It was some more of the heavier cream. It didn’t dawn on him that it was cum, as he was too wasted. He was uninhibited and enjoying the company. There were probably a dozen or more who delivered cum into his mouth, sometimes squirting straight down his throat, and sometimes delivering ropes and squirts all around his cheeks and mouth, under his tongue, and on top of it. There were several small ones that entered a little way into his throat. One of the loads of cum squirted long and hard and some of the cum came out of his nose onto his upper lips which he licked off. He had the smell of cum in his nose, and the taste of cum all night.

Soon Marquita took him to the dance floor. As they danced some of the college guys stepped in and were dirty dancing with him, rubbing against his thigh. At her urging Marquita coaxed him into grabbing ass while dancing but it wasn’t her he was dancing with. The night got later and the tempo seemed to pick up. Soon he was encircled by other men dancing with him. They were grabbing his ass as much as he was grabbing theirs. They were all grabbing and rubbing. It was dark so it was ok to touch anyone anywhere as the lights only revealed upper body and the trunks. Some of the hands were sliding into his trunks, and he found he was sliding his hands into trunks. At first it was just the back side, then reaching further to the cracks, and balls. Almost by surprise he found that he had stuck his hand in the front of one of their trunks. He rubbed the balls and his finger found the butt crack, and then back up the shaft.

Chapter Three

Stripped on the dance floor

It began to feel drafty after some of them had rubbed and hugged his waistline and crotch. Unknown to him there were snaps in the material of the waist band. These were secretly unsnapped and his trunks were taken off of him on the dance floor and he ankara escort bayan didn’t even realize it. Soon some of them were rubbing some kind of coconut tanning oil on him. One of them raised a finger with the oil to his mouth. It tasted good. Zach was staggering a bit but they were all dancing so close they were holding him up. He felt the tanning oil being rubbed all over him in a sensuous way. These hands rubbed it all over his upper torso, and some of the hands started putting it on his butt. He wondered why he couldn’t feel his trunks anymore. He couldn’t bend over to look in the densely packed dance floor. The hands started putting the oil up and down his crack, while he started stroking the sides and backs of some of his partners in return. It kind of tickled when the hand in the back reached his anus. At first it just glided over his anus. Then the finger had more oil and slid back over again with a little pressure. Little by little this finger seemed to accidently fall into his asshole. It wiggled around in there for a minute before going to get another round of oil. It was weird but it felt good.

The finger entered again and seemed to go further. Soon he realized it was some kind of object with knobs on it. But it was slick and didn’t feel bad, just kind of thrilling. He wondered if it was a dildo. This object seemed to go further and further, but seemed to have a tighter fit as it went. When it seemed like it couldn’t go further it was wiggled around, twisted, and wobbled. Marquita came over again and sat on a table at the edge of the dance floor near Zach. She urged him to come there. He thought she couldn’t know there was something in his ass. But it didn’t stop him. He came to her and she had him bend over for a kiss. She wrapped her arms around his neck to kiss, and laid back on the table, and her legs wrapped around the small of his back causing him to lay over her bending over the table. He thought this was sexy and continued to kiss her. He felt the long object slowly come out of his ass, and then something thick and warm entered. At first the head went in and then he felt a rocking motion and then the full width of the shaft went in his ass. He couldn’t turn around to see what was going on. Then he felt the shaft in his ass being pumped in and out. He groaned with each pull back and thrust. His groan was guttural, and it seemed to please Marquita. She held tight.

He felt the shaft enlarge, and felt something shoot into his rectum. After a minute it seemed to deflate a little and it was pulled out. He was left wondering if he had just been fucked and whether he liked it. Then another one pushed its way in and was soon pumping away hard enough to make slapping noise on his ass. This seemed to please Marquita. He felt squirt after squirt and the process started over. It seemed that some more of the oils were being put in his gaping ass each time.

Zach woke up the next morning snuggled in the arms with another guy. When he started to get up, another one walked into the room with a morning hard on, walked right up and stuck his dick in Zach’s mouth which automatically opened. It was quite a load and oddly enough he felt good about making the guy feel good and get off. He sucked the guy’s balls as a bonus. The guy turned around sliding his hips across Zach’s face, and presented his butt. Zach licked and kissed the butt, all over the cheeks, and up and down the crack. He licked close enough to the ass hole that his tongue swiped around the brown wrinkles, and finally over the opening. He had no idea why he did this. He hoped no one here knew him.

Out on the beach he quit worrying about it after a margarita and some of the guys were taking turns rubbing the tanning oil on him. They not only rubbed it into his ass again, but turned him over and rubbed it into his cock and balls, and all over. An umbrella was positioned in such a way to give a little privacy right there on the beach and it wasn’t long before a dick found its way into his mouth, and he was taking another load down his slippery throat. As he was swallowing a load shot directly down his throat, Marquita came by with another shot of tequila and some food, saw him swallow, and told him how sexy it looked, and this would turn on all the women.

When it came time to go, he sat in the taxi with a sore ass, and looked out of the taxi. There was a sign on the gate with the words, “Gay Beach.”

Juan and Maria got paid a bonus for getting another twink to seduce.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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