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Andy estimated that approximately 10 minutes had passed since Al drove off. “Where the fuck did he go?” Andy said out loud to no one in particular. He wondered if he should begin making his way in the direction Al drove. It was one thing for Al to drive away. It was a completely different thing to have left Andy naked when doing so.

Watching the horizon intently, he finally saw headlights approaching. Andy was certain it was Al’s car, which had a brighter driver’s side headlight as a result of work the two had performed on it about a month ago.

The car slowly passed Andy. After about a hundred yards, Andy saw the car turn around and return to his location. Al got out and called for Andy. Andy approached the car. “Get in” Al said.

“Where are my clothes?” Andy asked.

Al stared at him a moment and said “Haven’t you learned anything yet? If I tell you to do something, what the fuck are you supposed to say?”

“Yes sir” Andy replied.

“Good” said Al. “Now get the fuck in the car.”

Andy sat in the passenger’s seat. It was not lost on him that he was completely naked. Nor was it lost on him that canlı bahis after a moment, the warm car, coupled with the thoughts of all that had happened so far, made Andy’s cock stiffen. As Al got in, he looked at Andy’s cock and said “So, you missed me, huh?”

Andy replied “Yes sir.”

The response told Al that Andy had finally accepted Al’s dominance over him and made Al’s own cock stiffen. “I found something you are going to like” said Al. The two drove about a mile or so down the dirt road and Al turned into a small clearing and turned off the lights to the car. Al continued to drive down what appeared to be an old driveway. About 200 yards or so later, Andy noticed a dilapidated old barn. Al pulled the car to the rear of the barn and shut off the engine.

It was very quiet. The sounds of the woods slowly grew louder. Al turned to Andy, leaned in slowly, and kissed him. As Al’s hand rubbed against Andy’s cock and balls, Andy’s lips parted and allowed Al’s tongue to slip once again inside. The kiss and the fondling went on for several minutes. Once pre-cum began oozing out of Andy’s cock, Al pulled away and said “Go bahis siteleri inside and wait for me.”

“Yes sir.” Andy replied.

As he walked into the barn, Andy thought about how submissive he was being to Al. Andy had always imagined that he would be the dominant one in a male relationship. As far as he could remember, he also recalled that Al had always talked about being the bottom in previous gay relationships.

The two men had developed a strong bond and a very close friendship. There was literally nothing the two could not talk about with each other. Both knew of their current relationships and their past lovers, and both knew about each other’s bisexuality.

On many occasions, they had discussed their various sexual escapades and Al knew that Andy was exceptionally submissive in his marital relationship. Al also knew that Andy would likely be the dominant one if their own relationship developed further, but he surmised that Andy would need to be dominated first into having an intimate relationship with Al. It was Al’s hope that after this domination and introduction to the gay lifestyle, Andy would take bahis şirketleri charge and become not just his male lover, but his dominator as well.

While Al was not completely aware of the Dominant/submissive lifestyle, he had learned over the past few months about it from Andy. Al always listened intently, though he appeared outwardly to be rather indifferent to what Andy was saying, whenever Andy discussed being a dominant or submissive in a D/s lifestyle. It was from these discussions that Al learned that nudity, forced submission, and sex in a public place were turn-ons for Andy. Al also figured that based on their conversations, Andy was more than open to having an intimate relationship with Al but that he would not act upon his desires unless Al took the first steps.

When Andy gave Al the blow job, Al knew that Andy was truly committed to his bisexuality. The forced nudity and submission to Al’s commands gave Al the sense that his gamble on taking the initiative would pay off.

As Andy walked into the barn, Al reached over and removed the lubricant he had stashed in the glove compartment. Before going inside, he also got a duffel bag from the trunk, which he had packed with a variety of sex toys.

As Al began to walk towards the barn, his cock got harder at the thought of what would transpire during the course of the evening.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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