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Tuesday morning. Absolutely the worst day of the week by virtue of the dreaded department meeting. I was almost out of the door, in fact about to set the alarm when I heard it – the squealing of brakes, a strangled yelp and the unmistakable crunch of one car hitting another. With a feeling of dread I pulled open the front door offering a silent prayer that the accident wasn’t too bad. I seriously wasn’t expecting my car to be involved, but there it was, perfectly parked with a large dark blue SUV seemingly embedded in it at a 45 degree angle. Dumping my briefcase in the doorway, I literally flew off the step, whispering ‘please, please, please’ thinking maybe this isn’t as bad as it seems. It was. My driver’s door was caved in, the window shattered and the steering wheel buckled, I didn’t dare guess the other bodywork damage. And it got worse. Feeling extremely sick I realised that crushed and mangled between the two cars was a bicycle.

‘Oh my god, oh my god, where’s the rider?’ I shrieked, suddenly remembering the driver of the SUV and yelling through her windscreen. She was an elderly lady, grey hair, glasses. She was gripping the steering wheel and staring straight ahead, she looked catatonic. Beginning to seriously panic and almost too frightened to look under the car, I started to run back to my bag to grab my phone. I was nearly back in the house when movement to my right caught my eye. She was a full 10 metres away from my car; I shuddered to think how she had ended up there and knew she must have been catapulted off her bike in the impact.

Of course I ran immediately to her aid as she tried to stand. Horrified, I saw the blood dripping off her chin and noticed her hands and forearms grazed and bleeding. I was almost close enough to touch her when she turned on me, her eyes burning with fury.

‘She thinks I hit her’ I thought, and was trying to find a way to reassure her when she started to speak.

‘You stupid fucking bitch’ she spat and amazingly threw a weak punch at me. With a startled little squeak I skipped backwards away from her flailing right hook. She started to stumble, her face wracked with pain and I managed to reach her before she crashed to the floor. Thankfully my neighbour, Beth, chose that moment to arrive back from her early school run. A nurse, she quickly assessed the situation and was calling the emergency services as I sat on the pavement cradling a bleeding, sobbing, lycra clad girl against my shirt. It was only 30 minutes later, after the cyclist had been transferred to hospital and the old lady had been finally coaxed from her car that the policeman taking my statement suggested I should change before work. My clean white shirt and suit jacket were both spattered with her blood. On the bright side, I missed the department meeting.


Later that week I was relaxing at home, clad in my favourite jeans, enjoying coffee and the Sunday papers when the doorbell rang. I recognised her immediately. The chin red and angry with stitches, forearms in gauze bandage and standing awkwardly on crutches.

‘Erm’, she started nervously, not sure I have the right address.’

‘I’m sure you have’, I said kindly, ‘I hope you’re not going to try and hit me again?’

‘Oh god, I’m so sorry, that’s why I’m here, to apologise. I was so shocked and upset, I’m not sure I knew what I was doing’. Her amazingly blue eyes pleaded with mine, clearly embarrassed. ‘And they said you helped me, I can’t stop feeling so bad that I yelled at you, oh god, I swore as well…’ her voice began to trail off and I saw her beautiful eyes fill with tears.

‘It’s fine, it’s ok’, I stammered, ‘it was a horrible accident, please don’t worry about what you said’. I felt so powerless as she started to cry, struggling to keep her balance on the crutches, and suddenly I was holding her, helping her stay upright as she sobbed on my shoulder again. Her hair smelled of lemons.

She regained her composure quickly and I suggested I make tea, more for something to do than anything else. I led her into my kitchen and she sagged against a tall stool.

‘My name is Alex, I said, handing her a tissue, Alexandra Hope. I’m very glad to see you are nearly ok, did you break your ankle?’

‘I did’, she replied fixing me with her startlingly blue eyes again, ‘apart from that, just cuts and scrapes. And lots and lots of bruises’, she chuckled. ‘Another 4 to 6 weeks and I will be fine’. I’m Katherine Hamilton by the way, please call me Kate.’

I smiled at her and we both relaxed. I made tea and we chatted. She was a student, in her final year of a molecular biology degree, doing bike courier work as an income supplement.

‘That’s a bit stuffed for a while’ she mused sardonically.

I told her I was a corporate lawyer and we talked about the driver who had hit her and the insurance battle that was building up. Eventually, she made a move to leave.

‘How did you get here?’ I asked, curious.

‘The bus.’

‘You walked here from the high street on crutches?’


Her blue eyes challenged me, a measure of her independence. izmir escort bayan She didn’t, however, look too happy about the return journey so I offered to take her home in my rental but she refused, politely.

‘OK, at least let me drive you to the bus stop, I need to pop into town.’

I was lying, but she agreed so it was worth it.

That evening as I read through papers before bed I found all I could think about were blue eyes and hair that smelled of lemons. Mentally slapping myself, ‘who are you kidding Alex?’


Later on that summer I was invited to my baby brothers annual birthday barbeque. I loved Tom very much and I adored Maggie my sister-in-law. She was funny and bubbly and had always made me feel exceptionally welcome in their large chaotic home. I found her in the kitchen, beautifully pregnant with their third child. Harry and Emma, 4 and 5, always happy and always together had pounced on me at the door and were now rooting happily through my bag. Yes, I spoiled them rotten!

I glanced into the garden where the other guests were milling and saw her immediately. I stopped and stared, I know I did. I took in her dark blond hair just touching her shoulders and her ready smile with small white teeth. Seeing her for the first time without scrapes and crutches she looked fresh and relaxed and I realised my heart was pounding in my chest.

‘Oi, wake up and help me Al’

Maggie’s words made me jump guiltily and I coloured as I saw her look at me searchingly. So I smiled and dutifully prepared salad and cut bread. Two very quick glasses of sauvignon blanc later I found the courage to venture outside and, of course, Kate was the first person I managed to bump into. She recognised me and her face broke into a wonderfully genuine smile that took my breath away.

‘Alex, hi, how are you? It’s really good to see you again’

‘You too’ I replied, ‘it’s great to see you looking so much better’

‘Yeh, I’m fine, all healed up except for this scar’

She tilted her head to show me a neat scar just under her chin and I fought back the urge to touch it. We turned and walked towards the group of people clustered around the bbq.

‘You know Tom and Maggie well?’ she asked

‘Quite well’ I laughed, ‘he’s my brother.’

‘Oh wow, I would never have guessed, you both look so different.

‘We have different mothers’ I said, explaining Tom’s fair skin and reddish blond hair and my dark, almost mediterranean looks. ‘How do you know my brother and his wife?’

‘His company offered me a research grant. I can stay at Uni and work on my postgraduate degree and use the research facilities they offer, it’s perfect.’ She smiled the smile again and buzzed with wine and her infectious good humour I smiled brightly back and touched her bare arm lightly,

‘That’s great news, congratulations’, and as I spoke her beautiful blue eyes locked with mine and I felt the heat start to rise in my face. I was rescued by my baby brother, who picked me up in a very undignified manner and twirled me round the garden much to the amusement of his kids.

The party was great, we ate, we drank, and we listened to Toms outrageous jokes as Maggie rolled her eyes theatrically. They were a fun couple and had wonderful friends; it was comfortable in their company. Unfortunately, I felt that I only wanted the company of one person but I knew I would never be able to do anything about it. When the time came to leave Kate kissed both Tom and Maggie warmly as her taxi waited. I was loitering in the kitchen, trying to appear busy when she came and found me. Telling me how nice it was to see me again, she hugged me close, kissed my cheek and left rather hurriedly. I was motionless for several moments, one hand on my face staring in the direction she had left. Maggie watched me and with dawning comprehension gave my arm a squeeze. I left as soon as was humanly possible.


October saw me working away almost the entire month as my department was overseeing a series of acquisitions in the US. It was hard work but I loved it. My ice queen reputation was further enhanced as I refused a series of dinner dates from various single and not so single guys in the period we were there. My thoughts kept returning to Kate and her wonderful smile, I knew I was in trouble over her and worked hard to push her to the back of my mind.

Returning at the beginning of November, I was cheered up at the thought of spending Bonfire Night with Harry and Emma. This was my night with them, leaving Tom and Maggie to their own devices while the kids and I watched fireworks and ate toffee apples, I loved it! The night of November 5th, was as always cold, wet and miserable, perfect weather for standing outside for hours, but oh well. The kids were ready when I arrived, excitedly jumping about getting all hot and bothered in their many layers.

‘Where’s Tom? I asked Maggie

‘In the study, he shouldn’t be long. Kate needed to go over something with him.’ She gave me a look that I couldn’t identify.

‘She’s here?’ I whispered, heart thudding escort izmir

‘Uhuh’, again the look

Feeling suddenly way too warm in my winter coat and pashmina I was starting to take them off when the study door opened and Tom grabbed me in a bear hug.

‘Hey hey, how’s the world’s most wonderful babysitter tonight, all ready for another year of damp sparklers and soggy hotdogs?’ His laugh was infectious; he had always managed to make me smile.

‘Put me down Tank, I laughed, ‘and you know that I love it as much as the kids do!’

A blond head appeared from behind the study door, bright blue eyes and a perfect smile that reached them and made them sparkle.

‘Ooo, where you off to then’ she asked

‘Bonfire, bonfire’ chanted the kids

‘Wow, can I come? I haven’t been for years’ she turned her eyes to me, ‘would that be ok Alex, you don’t mind?’

My mouth refused to function, I was thrilled at the thought of spending time with her and terrified of my own emotions. I was rescued from answering when I felt a shove in the back as Tom muscled in on the conversation,

‘Sounds great’ he said amicably, ‘leave your car here and drive in with Alex, she parks in the office lot, really close to the park.’

It took about 10 frantic minutes to get ready. Car seats were swapped over and Harry and Emma securely fastened in. We set off and were soon joining hundreds of other excited kids and patient adults ringed around a huge bonfire near the parks west entrance. Kate was fabulous with the kids and danced about happily with them writing in the dark air with the safety sparklers I had brought. The bonfire was burning brightly when the fireworks started to go off. Emma securely on my hip hugging me tightly and Harry tucked up against my legs, all faces were turned skywards for the pyrotechnic display. Except mine, all I could stare at was Kate. Her upturned face wearing a large smile was intermittently lit up by the fireworks and I found it hard to take my eyes off her. She caught me looking and our eyes locked for an instant before I turned away, thankful for the night to spare my deep blush.

The children chatted all the way home as only kids can, tired but excited. They ran to Maggie and as she fussed over them she looked up,

‘Stay for a drink?’

‘Sounds lovely’ replied Kate bending down to untie her boots

I’d love to’ I said, ‘but I have to prepare fo ,umm, a meeting, tomorrow, I have so much to do’ I was babbling and blushing and I just had to leave as quickly as possible. ‘Sorry to dash, it was fun’ I kissed Maggie. ‘It was great to see you again Kate’ I stammered and turned headed quickly for my car leaving two rather bewildered women in my wake.

‘Fuck………..fuck fuck fuck!’ (I never swear), I hit the steering wheel in my frustration. I was stuck, I liked her, I really liked her. She was attractive, she had a lovely personality and I enjoyed her company. If she knew how much my heart pounded when I was near her she would be horrified. ‘Why do you have to like girls Alex?, I asked myself. Not for the first time, I didn’t answer.

Reaching home I needed a drink like I had never needed one before. Throwing off my coat and boots I poured myself a large single malt whisky and leaned against the kitchen counter staring at the pale amber liquid. My thoughts were interrupted by the door bell and I opened up to find Kate standing on the step. Outwardly calm, her beautiful blue eyes were burning brightly. Minus the blood, she looked strangely like the first moment I had seen her and I took an involuntary step back. She took this as an invitation to enter, kicking the door shut with her foot. Seeing my glass she took it, sniffed its contents and took a large swallow.

‘Help me out with something Alex, I’m confused’


Maybe you don’t like me?

‘No, I do, really I do’, I was stammering again as she got closer.

‘Well, I thought’, she paused setting the glass down on the hall table,’ I thought that we had a connection.’

‘A connection?’

Her hands found my upper arms and she pushed me back slightly, close now and looking up into my eyes with a fierce intensity,

‘Yes Alex, a connection, a mutual attraction. Tell me I’m wrong.’



‘No’, I whispered, ‘you’re not wrong’

Gripping me a little tighter she brought her face to mine. Her lips hovered for an instant before she kissed me lightly. Warm, soft and smoky sweet from the whisky she was gentle and slow and seemingly of its own volition my tongue reached out to taste her for the first time. She pulled back in surprise and a smile played at her lips before she bought them to mine again. Harder this time, her tongue at first just caressing my bottom lip before forcing its way into my willing mouth and exploring. All my emotions crashed down on me and I moaned into her mouth. My hands reached for her and tangled in her soft blond hair pulling her closer as I felt the heat in me and around me. I felt a burning throb between my legs as I lost myself to the sensation of this beautiful woman kissing me. Unable to suppress another moan I pressed into her and she felt my desire and dropped a hand from my arm and slid it between us, between my legs. White hot desire flashed up and suddenly I had no control. My orgasm arrived quickly and she held me tight as I strained and bucked against her, crying out into her neck. Knees buckling, I slid down onto the stairs and she followed, keeping a tight hold of me and whispering into my hair,

‘Alex, oh god Alex, that felt so good’,

Her voice was shaky and as her lips found me again I realised her arousal matched mine. I reached a hand to caress her breast and heard her breath catch for a second. Pushing her back onto the stairs I moved a hand to the waist of her jeans and impatiently tugged at the buttons.

‘Please, Alex, please, I want you so much’

My long fingers slid into her panties, past short soft hair and slipped between her legs. She was so wet and soft I felt like I was touching liquid silk. Her clit was hard under my fingers as I rubbed gently, listening to her breathing become shallow and ragged, little moans escaping as she bit down on her lip. I leaned over her and put my cheek against hers, whispering her name as her body stiffened underneath me. She moaned a low deep sensual sound as she came, her body arching up from the stairs for the longest moment before her hips began to pulse against my fingers in quick bursts. I kept my hand on her as she settled, still twitching slightly and we lay together on the stairs, neither moving nor speaking for several minutes.

Pulling away from her slightly, I looked into her gorgeous blue eyes. This close I could see the darker ring of blue around the iris that gave them their startling beauty. Her hands came to my face and her thumbs traced my cheek bones. Neither of us seemed to know what to say next. I decided to break the silence,

‘Come to bed with me?’


We rose and climbed the stairs together hand in hand. My room was dark and cool but we stood and undressed each other slowly, taking our time now that our initial passion had been satisfied. I stood behind her to unclasp her bra, letting it fall as my hands slid over her ribs to cup her full breasts. She leaned back into me as my hands covered her, feeling her nipples hard against my palms.

‘Feels so good, Alex’ she sighed.

Both now naked, we crawled under the covers and lay still and pressed together letting our bodies warm up. We kissed, slowly at first with little licks and sucks that became more passionate as our bodies moulded together, our breasts touching. I needed to touch her, taste her, and my hand wandered down the side of her body caressing her smooth firm skin. I found her nipple and teased and toyed with it causing her to whimper into my mouth. My lips left hers and I kissed a trail down her chin and over her collar bone to find her breast. Running my lips over her nipple I exalted in the shudder that passed thru her body. I gently tongued her nipple, feeling it harden even more before pulling it into my mouth and sucking slowly but insistently.

‘Oh god yes, Alex, yes’.

The sound of her moaning my name turned me on so much I had to take a deep breath to steady myself and as I did I caught the distinct aroma of our arousal, warm and musky. I so wanted to taste her, to make her call my name with pleasure, so I slid my body lower, kissing over her firm tummy and thru her soft blond curls. Her cry was almost a wail, pleading and sexy,

‘Pleeeeeese Alex, touch me…please.’

My tongue dipped into her, past her swollen lips to find her wet with desire. She tasted sweet and salty and citrus, she tasted of her, how I expected. I caressed her lips, nibbled on them and let my tongue touch at her opening. Her hips were moving and her thighs were quivering as I moved my hands to her knees and pushed them wide apart

‘Oh my god, yessss’, she hissed thru her teeth.

Another orgasm close, I closed my mouth over her clit, flicking it with my tongue, holding on as her hips rose and fell with the rhythm of my sucking mouth. Her breath again became ragged and her speech incoherent as she stiffened against me, shuddering. Her cry was loud and long as her climax took her and I held on tight to her bum as she rocked against my mouth, her juices flowing freely from her. Slowly she calmed, whimpering softly every time I gently licked her to elicit another quivering response. I whispered her name into her soft thighs as she relaxed my own arousal powerfully strong.

I felt her hands reach for me, pulling me up to her. She kissed me deeply, tasting herself on my lips.

‘Alex that felt so good, you are perfect’, she whispered into my mouth. ‘I know you want to cum, darling please let me help you cum.’

‘Oh god yes…yes please.’

I moaned low and long as her hands reached down and squeezed my bum, pushing me against her. My swollen clit was pressed up against her thigh which she began to move against me. The friction sent electric pulses to every part of my body and my wetness spread over her thigh. I matched her rhythm, riding her leg, each movement bringing frissons of pleasure coursing thru me. Gripping her shoulders and with my face buried in her neck I felt sweat break out on my back where she held me tightly.

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