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I suggest you read the first installment of this story for a better understanding.

Recap: In the first part of this story, Adra was deflowered during a group sex scene where her asshole was being plundered by Jon who had used a very generous amount of KY gel to lubricate her ass. Jon was fucking her ass with an increased speed due to the copious amount of KY gel while Adra was sucking Mica’s hot sweet cunt.

The very next day Mica and Adra go to the student health center where Adra gets an exam and is given the morning-after pill and a script for birth control. Adra was instructed to not have intercourse with men until she has finished the first cycle of pills.

The next few weeks were busy with exams and athletic work-outs. Both girls continued to sedate each other’s sexual needs on a mostly nightly basis. Adra would love it when Mica would bring her a cunt full of sperm from some random often unknown campus male.

She would go about the task of cleaning every trace with her mouth attached to Mica’s sloppy cum filled snatch. During this time, Mica introduced Adra to a strap-on dildo of average size. Mica would lube it with KY gel to aid in penetrating Adra’s tight snatch.

Adra would reach back and finger Mica’s wet slit as she was getting reamed by the fake cock, often reaching a very loud, mind-shattering climax. Even with the lubrication, Adra would feel the intense friction of the latex cock plunging in and out of her hot cunt. The friction would always take her over the top, cresting in intense orgasms.

Mica told Adra that the coming Friday night would be a night of many parties and she had big plans to help Adra catch up sexually. Mica looked at Adra and said “Friday night, you’ll get so much cock, you’ll lose count. Adra smiled and nuzzled up against Mica, kissing her lightly, saying “I love you”

Mica responded “I love you, but I’m not giving up cock”

Adra bahis siteleri smiled and said, “I’m not either, but I love pussy too.”

They drifted off to sleep.

Friday has arrived and Adra is feeling a little apprehensive about the evening ahead. She went to Mica and said “I’m not sure about tonight, I don’t want people to think I’m a slut or easy lay as they say”

Mica looked at her and said, “nonsense, those are your parents’ times just screwing with your head. You’ll be fine, here take these,” handing Adra a small pill


Adra asked, “what is this, is it safe?”

Mica replied Xanax, they’ll take the edge off your anxiety, help you relax, and enjoy the night. I hope you know I wouldn’t give you anything that would hurt you. Now let’s get dressed, it’s party time.

Adra starts to get into her customary long loose flowing ankle-length skirt when Mica says, Woah, you can’t go dressed like that.

You are a liberated woman of the new millennial. Here, wear these Mica says as she goes to the closet and pulls out a short mini skirt and light almost transparent blouse.

Adra looked at the outfit and started to protest when Mica interrupted saying “Stop being a little girl and show the world the woman I know”

Adra went to her dresser and got a pair of panties and a bra.

Mica looked and said “girl you’re killing the mood here, lose the fucking underwear”

Adra lowered her head and put the underwear away. She grabbed the skirt and stepped into it pulling the zipper up and then put the blouse on buttoning it down the front. Walking over to the full-length mirror on the door she looked and exclaimed “I look like a high school tramp if my father saw this he would have a heart attack.

Mica giggled and said, “no one you know will see you and you look delicious.”

Adra was starting to relax as a result of the Xanax. She thought what the canlı bahis siteleri hell, I’m covered, but acknowledged her near nakedness with no bra or panties to cover her sex.

Arriving at the party, the girls went to the bar and got some jello shots. Some guys came over, obviously trolling for pussy. They exchanged some small talk followed by some more drinks.

Adra was definitely buzzed. One of the guys from across the room came over introducing himself as Jerry and before Adra knew it she was making out with Jerry as he was guiding her towards a private room.

Jerry kept up the pressure, kissing and rubbing her tits while cupping her ass through the skirt.

Adra was caught up in the action and getting turned on, reaching down and cupping his cock meat through his jeans.

This of course emboldened Jerry and he ran his hand up under Adra’s skirt to be pleasantly surprised to find no underwear or cunt hair.

Slipping his finger into her love hole he found Adra to be wet and ready for some serious fucking. He unfastened the clasp and lowered the zipper on Adra’s skirt, letting it fall on the floor in a pile.

Jerry then unbuttoned Adra’s blouse freeing her dark-nippled olive-toned tits. He stepped back to admire Adra’s naked body then stepped in to continue his assault on her heightened arousal, kissing her mouth neck, and tits while rubbing her wet clitoris causing her to have multiple mini orgasms.

Adra unfastened Jerry’s jeans, reaching in and closing her fingers around his hard, hot, impressively sized cock. Jerry gently pushed down on Adra’s shoulders until she was on her knees removing his jeans and boxers. She then grabbed his cock and sucked it into her mouth.

Jerry placed his hands behind her head and started pushing his cock into her mouth saying “damn girl I’m going to skull fuck you”

Adra had his cock lodged in her throat gasping for canlı bahis air each time she pulled back. She cupped his balls and rolled them in her fingers.

Jerry yelled out swallow it girl, swallow my cum, as he spewed a load of creamy white seamen down her throat.

Adra swallowed the cum, tears in her eyes from not being able to breathe with Jerry’s cock wedged in her throat. Before she could recover, he had pushed her to the floor and mounted her sinking his cock into her wet hot slippery cunt.

Jerry pounded away at Adra’s cunt until he bellowed out once again, emptying yet another load of sperm into her.

Adra felt the hot friction and erotic stimulus of jerry’s cock sawing in and out of her over-sensitized cunt hole. When Jerry started to cum, squirting that first squirt of sperm into her she exploded in a gush of girl cum soaking Jerry’s cock and her ass.

Adra was exhausted, sedated, and just a bit tipsy from the drinks. Jerry rolled off to be replaced by a black guy with an even bigger cock who exclaimed how he couldn’t believe how tight this bitch is even after being filled with come.

The black jock hammered away at Adra’s cunt until he blasted his sperm into her painting her womb white with his load. He pulled out leaving her cunt gaping open with cum seeping out and presented his cock to her mouth.

Adra opened her mouth and sucked another load out of a cock and swallowed. These events went on for a few hours, Adra eventually started getting cocks shoved into her abused asshole cunt and mouth.

Before Mica gathered Adra up to take her back to the dorm, Adra sucked at least five very slimy wet fucked cunts, Asian, black, and white, she sucked and fucked them all.

Adra’s blouse and skirt had disappeared and Mica had to take Adra who was now oblivious to the world and her state of being, back to the dorm in nothing but a cum and shit-stained bed sheet.

Back at the dorm, Mica put Adra to bed with cum seeping out of her ass and cunt, her face and hair matted from guys blowing off a load in her face.

Mica lay next to Adra and fell asleep.

End of part 2

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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