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Chapter 11 — More Business

The next three months were a blur. For one thing, those months bridged over the Thanksgiving-Christmas-New Year’s holidays. I helped Crystal with three more weddings, and then a dozen ‘sittings’ of families wanting their annual group pictures. With the help of an outside facility, Crystal Blue Photography now did family Christmas cards. We also did a photograph of the four of us living in Ross’s home; we were family.

On a separate note, several major institutions within a two-hour drive from me were hit with ransomware attacks — the hospital, the regional school system, and, of all things, the police department. All three systems were pretty well trashed because the ransom deadlines were purposefully ignored. My job was to rebuild the three systems so it didn’t happen again — or at least to where they had been when the attacks started plus the security so it wouldn’t happen again.

While Crystal and I were coping with those situations, Ross was jammed with end of year investments for some of his major clients, and Trish accepted a transfer to the hospital’s trauma center — the emergency room. Nobody had told her that the ER was absolutely crazy that time of year, but it was. She had several stories to share with us every day.

Atop all that, Crystal also spent a month working on all the pictures and the videos taken with Molly. Those pictures and videos provided tremendous stress relief for everyone in the house, too. Crystal put one of the videos she’d edited on the large television, and we’d all fuck. A number of times, we had Greg and Darlene as well as Mitch and Deborah with us.

Crystal delivered Molly a DVD of the videos and a CD of the best 437 pictures from the nearly 2,000 that were taken that afternoon. She gave her recommendation for a physical album to present to her hubby on Christmas morning containing about a hundred glossy and very explicit photos of Molly’s Special Day. Molly agreed, and so Crystal produced a leather-bound album with gold leaf print that was entitled ‘Molly at Play’.

Molly called Crystal in early January and told her that the album and video were a colossal success. She had a long chat with Crystal about how everything was received and interpreted. Her husband Jake was touched and prodded in just the right way with just the right intensity to really light his fire. He urged her to do more.

The sapphic interaction between Molly and Crystal had been withheld from the album and video. Molly wanted the end result to taunt her husband and respond to his incessant pleas over the years that she be with another man.

That said, Molly really liked the brief interaction with Crystal the day we did the videos and asked about more. She wanted to do a second video and album of her with Crystal. Crystal said that she had to arrange a few things, but she also liked the idea and was willing to try it.

Willing? It was inevitable once the idea was planted. My horny fiancée wanted to fuck males or females. Making some money doing it was extra gravy.

While the photography job for Molly expanded to include the new sapphic angle, she showed several of her intimate friends the video and album, and they wanted the same thing.

Thus, while I worked diligently on the computer security aspects of various client businesses, I also became a porn star — of sorts. I guess I was a ‘private’ porn star.

From what I could piece together from the meager information that Crystal got in her conversation with Molly, her client had shown the video, or parts of it, to some of her friends. They’d also seen the photo album ‘Molly at Play’. Of course, I was prominently featured along with Little Davey. I was slightly embarrassed, but then thought better of the implied reputation. This was a far cry from being a high school and college nerd.

What mattered most to me was that Crystal got five new jobs based on what she did for Molly. They were all high-paying work, too.

Crystal also informed me that I was expected to perform five new times with her new ‘erotica’ clients. I asked whether she cared that her fiancé was ‘sleeping around’ with other women, with most of the adventures being photographed and videoed. Crystal just laughed. The money was green and we were having fun. The appointments would start in mid-January. I had to remind Crystal that I had a regular job that also needed my attention, plus I needed recovery time.

Best of all, of course, was that Crystal was no longer disappearing for five or six nights in a row when she worked as a flight attendant. Further, the frantic efforts she’d taken to get Crystal Blue Photography up and running had paid off, and the workload of that nature reduced to mostly the photography work. Thus, she was around the house more and in more of a relaxed mood.

My father surprised us all when on Christmas Eve, after a luxurious dinner at the country club, he got down on one knee and asked Trish to marry him — to become his fiancée. He presented bahis şirketleri a ring the size of the Rock of Gibraltar to her. She said ‘Yes’, of course, and then cried in joy over finding true love. My father and I were going to marry sisters — sisters that spent time in both our beds.

Like Crystal and me, Ross and Trish wanted to continue to bask in the new lifestyle we’d all discovered. I guess we were all swingers along with the two other couples that we consorted with regularly. Because of the work with Crystal Blue Photography and the erotica offerings of her company, I was getting a little extra exposure to some other women, and thanks to Molly’s sapphic desires, so was Crystal.

I asked around our circle of friends, and no one seemed to mind that I was getting some extra tail on the side because of being in ‘private porn’. The others just laughed and reminded me not to bring any strange germs back to the group.

We’d been careful with Molly, but did institute a Crystal Blue Photography policy that all participants in erotica events needed fresh test results to share from a reputable laboratory. That became our standard after that.

Another point we implemented was the requirement for a signed Hold Harmless Agreement with parties we’d be working for. We required that the party having Crystal Blue come in to film and photograph indemnify the company from all future law suits arising from the content of the material or the nature of how the material was obtained. A lawyer friend of Ross understood the situation after we explained it and wrote us a standard form for Crystal’s clients to sign. I also needed to become an official employee of CBP, and so I did. Crystal presented me with a dollar bill as my total earnings for the prior year. I even entered it on my taxes.

Suitably armed with test results and signed contracts, Crystal brought me to meet Allison Kirby in mid-January. She’d gotten a written ‘Hall Pass’ from her husband, but he insisted on knowing ALL the details after the fact. Allison liked the Molly Experience, and figured the best way to show her husband ALL the details was to have it on film and in an album — ‘Allison at Play’.

Crystal and I had watched the raw videos from the Molly filming and catalogued all of the little moves and mini-experiences that I provided or that Molly and I did together. We also added in some other ‘optional’ experiences that we hadn’t thought of with Molly but had decided to try with her clients or with our intimate friends.

Thus, we added the following to the list: other positions; exhibitionism — doing sexual things in public, for instance; being tied up, spanked, blindfolded or other BDSM-type experiences; fisting; water sports (?); more nipple play, including clamps; wax play; licking all over; sex toys — including using one in public; cosplay; Tantric sex; dom-sub play; dirty talk; sexting foreplay; car sex; shower, spa, or pool sex; non-bed sex; 69; sex swing; watching porn sex; sex while partner talks to their spouse on phone; threesome or group sex; masturbation; oiled up sex + massage; and sex with ice and other foods. We had group sex on the list, but so far, no takers.

Crystal ran our new list by Allison, who made a few suggestions and asked for a few of the things specifically. There were 110 sex positions alone, and then about 200 other items on the list. Crystal specifically asked for the ‘No No’s’; for Allison anal sex was one of them.

Allison was a pretty and small woman about my age of thirty. She had hips and boobs, but a wasp waist and great looking legs. She was a blonde, but I’d discover later that the carpet and drapes didn’t match. She also had a bubbly personality that made me think she’d been a very energetic cheerleader in high school and college.

To soothe the way to our getting started, the day before we were to video and take pictures, I had a dozen roses in a nice arrangement sent to her with a card that said ‘From your lover’. I also called her and had an introductory conversation with her. I learned about her volunteer work and told her about mine, but we also talked briefly about our enthusiasm for getting together the next day. She didn’t seem as nervous as Molly had been.

Crystal had an idea to show Allison’s husband just how slutty his little wife could be. We started our filming in a bar on the industrial side of town where a lot of the construction workers went for a liquid lunch. This part was risky because of the possible interruptions from some of those patrons of the place.

Allison dressed in her CFM shoes, a micro-skirt that showed off her legs, wore no underwear, and had a tight blouse on with no bra. She had that ‘eat me here or take me home’ look about her. She also looked like a ten-buck hooker.

The idea was that she’d be at the bar, I’d come in dressed in construction gear and see her, chat her up, and then we’d leave together. Crystal took the video in segments so that Allison was minimally exposed to the other bahis firmaları patrons.

I went in got a glass of wine for her and a beer for myself. I set both aside. She came in quickly sat, got filmed along with the lustful looks of the other patrons, she quickly got the glass of wine I’d already procured for her. I was filmed coming in the entrance, and I made a beeline for Allison and visibly started to talk to her, even leaning over her small frame and acting imposing. My beer appeared, too. We sipped our drinks and made small talk while Crystal filmed using only her iPhone. We’d tried this before so knew we’d have some workable footage despite the simple camera.

Eventually, we left followed by Crystal. I pretended to be getting into one of the more beat-up pick-up trucks in the parking lot, too.

The next scene showed us walking into Allison’s house. She appeared nervous but eager to get my attention in the ‘right’ way. She led us into the living room and we sat together on the sofa.

I came on strong to her and she responded. We were soon kissing like hormone-laden teenagers. Our hands were everywhere above the waist, and soon I was trying to peel aside her blouse to get at those great tits. She was very cooperative. She was also fun to kiss and play with. She liked acting and we were getting along famously.

Pretty soon, I had her top open and was sucking on her unclad breasts. Crystal was right there filming. The foreplay continued from there. I’d move aggressively to do something sexual with her, she’d make a minor effort to dissuade me, and then we’d go to that stage with great eagerness.

I had her skirt hiked up and made a thing about her not wearing any undies. She laughed and then worked her way through my clothing until she was giving me a blowjob.

I let her blow me to completion. She showed the camera her mouth full of my cum and then we snowballed the splooge back and forth with each other for a few minutes. She was fun to play with.

As I did some recovery, I maneuvered Allison until my mouth connected with her pussy. She tasted good, and she’d also done some manicuring of the landscape in the region. I ate and ate at the ‘Y’ giving her several orgasms along the way. Crystal recorded the event with pictures and videos from every conceivable angle.

When we actually fucked, we were a pretty loving couple. We didn’t use all of 110 sexual positions that Crystal had found on a website, but we enjoyed the top ten, I’m sure.

I sure liked fucking with Allison and based on what she said, the feeling was mutual. Crystal had honed her filming techniques so this time she didn’t have so many hours of video from multiple cameras to wade through to put the resultant video together. Also, she’d planned the still photos better, so there were only about a thousand to select from rather than twice that, and the quality was much better on each one. Like many things, she’d found a steep learning curve.

Later, Crystal told me that I’d done well as a ‘private porn star’. I guessed it was private since only Allison and perhaps a few others would see the result. Of course, when Crystal was finished with her editing, all of us at the house would get to see the result and probably have our own sex party.

Crystal teased me about becoming a real porn star, and doing some truly commercial work that she could sell to one of the adult video houses that handled mass distribution, such as PornHub or xHamster. She seemed serious, but my reply was to not engage.

Crystal did Allison’s video and photo album in record time — two weeks, given all the other demands on her time. The two of us did a wedding on Valentine’s Day that was fun and kind of cute, too.

The reception of Allison’s video by her husband was even better than had happened with Molly. Her husband raved and raved about the video and the album. He wanted her to do ‘it’ again, and he also expressed an interest in meeting me and certainly Crystal who’d seen it all and put it all together. Crystal had some professional pictures online, and he was interested in more than just meeting her — at least according to Allison when she called with his reaction to everything.

I thought nothing of the whole situation until Crystal came home and told me one day that she’d had lunch with Molly and Allison, plus Sheri, Nicole, Kit, and Lois.

Crystal was laughing, “Well, the first part of the lunch consisted of Molly and Allison passing around their iPhones. They’d each loaded my video of you fucking them on them. You should have seen the eyes bug out of the other women. They were so horny when lunch was served you could have taken them on the restaurant table.”

I did my customary eye roll. Crystal said, “You have command performances with each of the new women spaced out over the next two months plus the other jobs we booked. We kind of expected that, but now it’s confirmed.”

“Crystal, are you sure you want a ‘private porn star’ for a fiancé or for a husband?”

She kaçak bahis siteleri shook her head, “Well, that brings me to a possibly ticklish point. Kit is married to a hunky guy named Dax — that’s his nickname. He wants to have me film the two of them with another couple — specifically you and me.”

She paused and then started talking about how we could do it with three fixed cameras on stands, plus one or two handhelds. Operating at high resolution, she could pick off the still photographs as needed. I was still back on the idea of the two of us getting paid to be with another couple, so the sexual and technical details kind of whizzed by me at that point.

Suddenly, the whole situation dawned on me. I held up my hand, “WAIT! The two of us would fuck this Kit and Dax?”

Crystal nodded, “Errr, yeah. Is that a problem? I kind of thought since we fucked around with Mitch, Deborah, Greg, and Darlene, plus your father and my sister, that you wouldn’t have a problem. Was I wrong?”

“You just caught me by surprise, I think.” I wasn’t sure. “Maybe it bothers me you getting into yet another relationship with another guy. I know Greg and Mitch, and that they’re not going to sweep you off your feet and take you away from me. I’m feeling jealous about you and this other guy and I haven’t even met him.”

Crystal kissed me. “I promise that won’t happen. I’ve told you about my sluttier youth. This would be little different; basically, a one-night stand, which, I remind you, you had told me I could do when I was a flight attendant. The big difference is that we’d film it and make a shitload of money.”

“About the money, by the way; could somebody say that we were getting paid for sex? You’re becoming pretty well known, it seems, as the videographer of choice for erotic hardcore videos, and you’ve been providing the cock. If we’re providing the cock AND the pussy, do you think we’re getting deeper into a danger zone with the vice squad?”

She nodded that she understood my concerns. “Well, I’m not going to fall in love with the guy in one night. I love you and I’m committed to you. I like the sex we have with our friends, and if that extends to other people, that’s fine with me. I’m not sure about legality of it, but it seems that the porn business thrives all over the country making films. They don’t arrest those actors. I think so long as we’re a legitimate business making videos and such, that we don’t have a problem. If we just have sex for money, then we’re prostitutes.”

I agreed for the time being. I told her that I wanted to think more about it.

My mind was swayed in the direction of approving just about anything when Crystal showed me a photo that she’d taken of the five other women at the lunch. Molly and Allison, I knew. The other three were stunning knock outs that made my tongue hard and my mouth water.

I guess I was going to get some new pussy.

Crystal then blew my mind a little further. She informed me, “You know how much fun we have when the eight of us get together for a night of sex, right?”

I could feel something big coming, but I didn’t know what. “Yeaaaaah,” I replied cautiously. I could tell something ‘big’ was about to come my way.

“So, I invited Kit and Dax to come over on Saturday evening so we could all meet them and we could fuck around with them before we did the video a week or two later.”

I believe I made a strangled sound. Yes, we were getting in deep.

Crystal went on, “Of course, Allison asked whether she and William could also come. I couldn’t very well turn her down, so they’re coming, too.”

I mumbled, “What about Molly?”

“Oh, she was interested but wanted to come alone. I told her that we needed to get a sense of what the sexual balance was before she just showed up as a single. I think she really liked you, by the way.”

“And what about Nicole and Lois, and their spouses?”

They each wanted to come, but have other plans that they can’t change. They both pleaded with me for a rain check, so I told them we’d definitely do something with them in the near future — before we did the filming and picture taking.”

I rolled my eyes.

“Why did you do that?” Crystal asked.

“Because you have easily doubled the size of our sexual play group without asking anybody else about whether they cared.”

“Oh, jeeze. Do you think they’d care?”

I winced and felt very prudish. They probably wouldn’t. I was dealing with my own insecurities and jealousies.

The more I thought about the response of my father and our other friends, the more I felt sure that they’d love the idea of a few more ‘swingers’ joining our merry band of swinging fornicators.

“Probably not, but you should at least talk to them rather than make decisions like that unilaterally.”

Crystal nodded. “Thank you. That’s good advice. I’ll do exactly that.” She hustled off into the rest of the house. I was working on spaghetti sauce.

She came back about twenty minutes later. “It’s all good with the others. I told them about my luncheon and my preemptive invitation for some of them to come and join us for sex on the weekend. They were really quite excited about having some new friends join us.”

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