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Special thanks to my editor Cam. No matter how well you write, having an editor is invaluable. Disclaimers

1. If you’re not supposed to read this due to the laws where you live, hit back and move along. If you read further, that’s on you.

2. lf m/m sex isn’t your thing, hit back and move along.

3. There may or may not be incest themes in any of my stories, implied or explicitly. If this offends you, hit back and move along.

4. All characters in this story are 18+ years old.

5. Any similarities with real life are purely coincidental.


This is my first story, I hope you like it. Depending on the response, I may continue a series of stories with my protagonist (main character).

As a note, in the world of my fantasies the world is more open minded. Further the modern man wears pretty much anything besides boxers for underwear. Last but not least, it is a fantasy so realism wasn’t really a priority.



At half past noon I had just finished up at an internship interview that had went really well. Now I was on my way to lunch. By lunch I mean a little “afternoon delight” with my lover to celebrate. I was all dressed up in my suit and tie, but not for long!

Half hard in my black bikini briefs, I pulled onto the access road for the “The Pines Motel.” Winding my way through the trees I drove towards the “L” shaped building with the pool nestled into the space between the wings.

The Pines was what you might call a “no-tell motel” that specifically catered to men who were into men. The access road was on a strip where traffic was dense enough that cars slipping in and out of the access road were hard to keep track of. With the motel set back in a large stand of woods, it offered a lot of privacy. Rates were flexible with a higher hourly rate and a lower weekend rate designed to encourage longer encounters among the men who went there.

My favorite part of The Pines was the pool. Gorgeous guys waiting for their dates (or hoping to land one) would hang out by the pool, usually in the more provocative “speedo” or swim briefs style. Some would be swimming, others would be working on their tan. I loved seeing this wide spectrum of hot guys stripped down, baring their tanned and toned bodies. It was always an instant turn on. Who wouldn’t be drawn to a place where men could confidently be themselves and flaunt their bodies?

Today there were a few guys wearing sungas over by the bar and two lean guys about my age horsing around in the pool. Laying out was a ripped black guy in a green thong but he wasn’t the one that made me even harder. What got me pitching a tent in my suit pants was a sexy middle aged stud who was pulling his beautiful body out of the pool, with his back to me.

As I slowed, I watched the water running in rivulets from his brown hair down between his tight and muscled back, all the way down to his white, now translucent speedo swimsuit. The globes of his tight ass were on full display, and his cock and balls for those with a view of the front.

I wasn’t the only guy checking out this perfectly aged specimen, but I was the only one who was going to sample him. Mid forties but only looking late thirties, he was a heartbreaker in a business suit and a wet dream in a bathing suit. Turning, he saw my car and smiled. Quickly my lover grabbed his things and headed for the building.

I took the driveway around the back way giving Dan plenty of time to get to our room ahead of me. Pulling my used black Wrangler in next to his brand new silver S-Class, I had to laugh at how this looked. I thought I had known Dan really well. Yet after my 18th birthday two months ago, a whole new world opened to my eyes and I saw him from a new perspective.

Looking up I saw him leaning in the door frame, his hand working his bulge inside the white speedo. The sight of his tan skin contrasting against the milky white of the briefs took my breath away, making me both horny and nervous.

Hopping out, I walked up to him and whispered, “What are you doing?”

“I’m scratching an itch?”

His green eyes shined with lust. As I got closer he grabbed my tie and hauled me into his still wet chest, our faces an inch apart.

“Wanna help?”

It was corny but I loved it. We kissed hotly in the doorway for a moment before I pushed him inside and closed the door behind us.

The door closed with a bang as Dan pressed me against it. His hands ran through my hair, pulling my mouth to his. Both of us were panting as we broke the kiss. I brought my hands up from his ass to his shoulders. While I did not want to rush my lover, looking in my lustful eyes he knew what I wanted and slowly knelt before me. I sighed in pleasure as his fingers traced my cock through my suit pants. I looked down and dragged his sexy face across my bulging crotch. Taking advantage of his kneeling position he traced the outline of my cock with his tongue.


Dan was a master cock sucker, tempobet yeni giriş which I had learned on my birthday a couple of months ago. We went out to one of his client’s hotel restaurants, so nobody would question my splitting a bottle (or three) of champagne with him over dinner. Starting off the conversation was light, typical stuff, but at some point we started flirting. It was really casual at first, as if we were both feeling each other out. I can’t say who was seducing who by the third bottle of wine, but by that point we both knew where we wanted this to go.

Inevitably, the topic of sex came up; was I getting enough, was I happy with what I was getting, normal guy stuff. I complained none of my girlfriends (or boyfriends) could deep throat me. Well, Dan winked and told me that I needed a pretty big dick to be deep throated. Instead of answering directly, I took his hand and placed it on the crotch of my pants.

“Do you think this is big enough?”

Talking like this had me pitching a noticeable tent in my pants. My dick had popped out of the side of my wine colored string bikini briefs, and my glans were rubbing against my pants.

“I don’t know. I’d have to see it, but I bet I could deep throat this,” Dan said while squeezing my cock head.

“I betcha you can’t.”

“You’re on,” Dan challenged. “If I can deep throat it, then you will let me eat your ass. If I can’t, you can…”

“I can fuck your ass,” I grinned at him. “You’re so nasty, but you’re on!”

He told the waiter to bill his room and we were out of there and on our way to his suite. Once we got onto the elevator, I stood with my back against the wall. As soon as the doors closed, Dan was pulling my zipper down and sliding his hand inside my fly. We made it about three floors with him stroking the silky wine colored material across my cock. On the fourth floor the elevator stopped and I hurriedly zipped up before the doors opened.

An older couple got on, and didn’t get off until the floor before ours. The wife couldn’t keep her eyes off the bulge in my light colored khakis. It was a good thing they did come on board Dan told me later. If they hadn’t, he would have just started blowing me there.

What happened in the suite is another story.


“Mmm I see you’re wearing the cocksox I gave you… for me or for your interview?” Dan asked.

The sound of my zipper being lowered was loud in the silent room. Dan lowered my suit pants and squeezed my brief clad cock with his hand. With a feather light touch he stroked me, the gentle touch causing my dick to leak.

“You were right about the suit pants and the briefs. I sat confidently throughout the interview with my legs slightly open, and half the questions were addressed to my pants.”

I grabbed the back of his head and dragged his face back forth across the aching hard on in my briefs. Dan sighed in appreciation, his hands lightly stroking my inner thighs. Soon he was pushing my hands off the back of his head, giving himself room to work. Holding onto me by my ass, Dan laved his tongue broadly down the length. Reaching my balls, he gently gnawed on them through the material. Swabbing his tongue back up to the head, he sucked it through the cotton, drenching the briefs with his saliva. He was driving me fucking crazy.

Flipping my briefs underneath my balls, Dan dove in, inhaling my scent and lapping at my balls. Just before he got his lips to the head, I pushed him back a little. I slapped my hot cock on his lips, watching some precum bubble up and cling to his bottom lip. Grinning, he flicked his tongue across his lips tasting me. Moving forward he swabbed his tongue across the crown, before gobbling half my cock into his velvety mouth.

Moaning around my dick, he bobbed back and forth on what he could fit in his mouth, slobbering all over my unit. I kept flexing my hips trying to go deeper as I slipped the suit jacket off and began working on the cufflinks. Dan was busy using his hands to get my briefs and pants around my ankles and off. Suddenly he started groaning and sucked just the start of my head into his throat. This was new from this angle, but I knew why. Stepping out of my pants and shoes I left my socks and garters on, a little kink I knew Dan was into.

“Shit, man, you’re a fucking stud…” Dan squeezed his speedo clad cock, flicking his tongue over my nuts.

“I’m such a slut for you, Rod.”

“Me? Or my cock?” I winked at him playfully.

“You, you dirty hot fucker.”

His voice was teasing but his eyes were filled with something I’d never seen before. Dan stood up and grabbed my tie, tugging me towards him. We connected and kissed deeply. It was just as hot as the first time. As our tongues danced and twined against each other I felt his hands on my chest. His fingers circled my nipples through the white shirt, pinching them and making them erect. Suddenly, Dan ripped my shirt open sending the buttons popping off everywhere.

“You tempobet giriş ASS!” I snarled at him breaking the kiss.

“I’ll buy you a new one. Get over it,” he laughed.

Leaving my conservative navy blue and red striped silk tie and my navy blue gartered socks on, I let the white dress shirt slide off my my muscular arms to add to the pile of clothes at my feet.

Curling my sock clad toes, I made the garters stroke my calves. Dan peeled off his speedo, sat on the foot of the bed, began to stroke himself, and just looked at me. I began to strike a few bodybuilding poses. With my muscles in relief, I began to stroke my chest with the silk tie. Thrusting my pelvis forward in a thrusting motion, the pleasure of the silk on my nipples was making me hotter.

“Do you want to deepthroat me?” I asked teasingly, seeing Dan tweaking his nipples now.

Instead of answering out loud, he laid back across the bed. Hooking his finger in a “come here” gesture, he situated himself so his head hung over the bed.

Walking across the room I caught a look of myself in the mirrors in the room. Tall, with light brown hair and fair skin I looked just like my father. Seeing myself wearing garters and silky navy dress socks, was a bit kinky. Like a sexy arrow, my conservative striped tie pointed past my abs and adonis belt, directly down to my dripping 10″ dick. With Dan laying nude behind me, ready to deepthroat me, I wished I had a camera.

I swaggered up to Dan’s face and dragged my cock along his flushed cheeks before he grabbed it and brought it to his lips. With a smile, he opened wide and began sucking my cock into his steamy hot mouth. Dan’s tongue seemed to swirl around me, as his lips kept on pressing until I reached the back of his mouth. With a deep breath, he swallowed and sucked my cock the rest of the way and down his throat; his lips pressing down to the root. We both groaned in satisfaction. No one except Dan could do this to me.

“Fuccccckkkkk yesssssss.”

I started to slowly rock back and forth on my sock clad heels, loving the feel of his soft lips on the base of my cock. Before I could set a pace, he grabbed me by my bubbly cheeks and set his own pace. Working my body so he controlled the speed and depth of my thrusts was working out for both of us. I was in ecstasy and he could take things at his own pace.

“Mmm, I love watching you slobber all over my knob…so dirty hot…” I growled when he had the whole thing down to the root and his tongue was out somehow flicking at my sack.

“Mmmmmhmmmm” Dan began humming, making my dick vibrate in his mouth and down his throat.

It was too much. I was going into overload. I didn’t want to shoot yet, but the suction and the sensations radiating out from my unit was mind blowing. I did everything I could think of to stave off my orgasm.

“Noooo…. stop…. I’m gonna….. cum….” I whimpered.

Dan plunged a finger up my ass while drawing me back so when I shot it would be in his mouth. He kept swirling his tongue along the underside of my cock, poking at my piss hole. I stopped trying to put off my orgasm and started to hump back on his finger, until finally I felt my orgasm washing over me.


It felt like I was going to cum forever. When I stopped it became aftershocks so intense they wracked my body. Finally, I fell onto the bed next to my talented lover.

“I think you were trying to suck the life out of me.” I groaned.

As I lay there spent, Dan was on top of me, snowballing my cum between us. The cinnamon gum he’d been chewing before I arrived lingered making my cum sweeter, spicy even. Moaning into his mouth, I ran my fingers through his hair.

Breaking the kiss, Dan said, “Delicious…the power lunch I love the most. Ready to return the favor, sport?”

“Sure. I’m not as good as you, but I’ll do my best.”

Dan rolled over and pointed his ass up.

“I wasn’t talking about you blowing me. I was talking about you getting me ready for that big dick.”

Righting myself, I threw my silk tie over my shoulder so it would be out of my way. Taking the tube of lube Dan passed me, I dribbled some along the crack of his beautiful ass. I took my time; my hands massaging the lube into his skin. When I started to knead his cheeks, pressing against them and peeling them apart, Dan moaned.

“Mmmm… that’s it… play with my ass, babe….”

Lubing up my fingers, I laid next to my lover. Twisting his body around so we were face to face, we began to grind against each other. As we started to make out, I pulled Dan’s leg up over mine. Grazing my tongue against his, I teased the outer ring of his hole. He began to push back on my finger, and I let it slide in. Twisting my finger inside of him, I stroked our cocks together with my other lubed up hand.

As Dan moaned, I kissed and licked my way along his jawline. Tasting his sweat drove me wild. Plunging another finger up his tight rectum, I took tempobet güvenilirmi a breath smelling him and memorizing his scent. It was a combination of chlorine mixing with the last remnants of his cologne, but overall was the salty scent of sweat and sex.

With 3 fingers twisting and spreading his ass now, we were both panting in the still, climate controlled air. Before getting off the bed, I pushed Dan over playfully. Instead of calling me a brat, he just stared at me hotly. His lusty gaze seared my sweating flesh.

Bending over to give him a view of my own asshole, I grabbed a condom from my suit pants. Ripping open the foil packet with my teeth, I passed the rubber to Dan. Sitting forward, he grabbed me by the tie and kissed me roughly while he rolled down the condom over my 10″ prick.

I crawled onto the king sized bed and in a kneeling position, I dragged his hot muscled thighs so they rested on my own thighs. After assuming the “reed” position, I placed my cock at his rosebud and smiled at him.

“Still hard to believe…” With a quick thrust of my hips, the head of my cock penetrated past his sphincter. “…that I get to fuck this tight ass!”

I groaned as I felt his ass gripping my cock head like a vise.

Dan’s hands were gripping the sheets, balling them up in his fists. His eyes were closed in momentary pain.

“Fucking hell, Rod. Do you keep getting thicker down there?”

“Just…for…you…” I panted as I rocked back and forth.

Putting his weight on his shoulders and arms, Dan really arched his back. We both groaned as my cock drove in slowly but deeply, grazing his prostate. Sweat flying off his body, the air drenched with sweat, I wrenched my hips, digging in at a slightly different angle.

“Mmmm…hmmmm….stir my guts, baby…c’mon…” he whispered pleadingly to me.

Sliding out almost all the way before sliding back in as deep as I could, I shuddered in pleasure. It felt so good, but I wanted to last longer. Easing up on my thrusts I lifted his one leg up, resting it against my chest and the other on my hip. Giving short slow jabs to catch my breath, I kissed along Dan’s calf.

Using the leg on my hip, Dan drew me in all the way. Working his ass muscles over the length of my cock, it felt like I was being jerked off with a super hot velvet glove. Too soon I could feel my balls tightening up.

“Oh god…stop…” I screwed my eyes shut, “…hang on…I’m so close…I want to last…”

Groaning in need, my more experienced lover calmed down, just stroking himself lightly. With one hand behind his head, he was a sexy sight when I opened my eyes.

“You’re killing me, stud…” Those sexy green eyes shone up at me with lust.

“Wait for it, I’m just getting warmed up.” I grinned.

Pulling all the way out, I stepped onto the floor and pulled his hips to the edge of the bed, pushing his knees up to his chest before jack hammering his ass with my cock. Curling my sock clad toes into the carpet I finally had the right amount of traction to really fuck Dan hard. Just the way he liked it.

Gripping his legs for traction, I drew back before pummeling back in, picking up speed. Faster and faster I fucked him; sweat poured off of me from the exertion.

“Tell me how much you love this, tell me how much you love me deep dicking you!” I growled.

“Do it, fuck me blind, you big dicked bastard”

Bending in half I pushed his arms up past his head and held his wrists down with one hand. My other hand started stroking his cock, timing it with my thrusts. Leaning my face down, I started licking the sweat away from his pits.

“Oh, nasty boy…fucking sucking my pits!!” Dan struggled against my grip, causing me to smile.

“Wassamatta?” I mumbled from his pit before leaving it alone, my hips still banging out a staccato rhythm against his sweet ass. My shins were starting to hurt from where I was hitting the bed frame but all that mattered was seeing Dan cum.

I let go of his wrists so I could spread his legs further apart, allowing me to start pistoning in and out. I could feel him rocking back on my dick, meeting me stroke for stroke. I threw my hips into overdrive. Bending down low, I mashed my lips against his.

“Uuuunnnggh oh-hhh shh-hhiii-ttt!” Dan whimpered under the power of my thrusts that were ripping his ass up.

While kissing me, Dan began to thrash and buck like a fish out of water. As his explosive orgasm washed over him, I rapidly fucked him with the short sharp jabs he loved when he shot. I leaned in and bit his nipple hard between my teeth. I was rewarded with a squeal of pleasure and felt him shooting.


I wasn’t far behind him, either. Feeling my ball sac tightening, I was sawing in and out my lover’s ridiculously warm, tight asshole as fast as I could. Suddenly, Dan began to milk my cock with his ass muscles.

“Milk…my…dick…OH….FUCK YESSSS,” I snarled at my lover.

Beyond drained now, my nuts ached with the sweetest agony. Reeling from sensory overload, I felt like my knees were going to buckle any second.

“Fucking hell, that was the best yet,” I exclaimed as I pulled out and stumbled next to him on the bed.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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