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First-time author, feedback is welcomed and appreciated.

This is the beginning of a much longer story that will span multiple categories. Fair warning, the bulk of it will end up under Incest/Taboo due to themes that will be introduced after the first couple of chapters.

There is plenty of action to come. I have at least another twenty chapters in various states of completion, and more planned. If anyone would like to assist with editing, I’m more than willing to accept help.

Thanks & Enjoy.


The Birthday Party

Alex Donovan sat at his desk hunched over a laptop, futility attempting to focus on work. There was a party downstairs, but he wanted no part of it. An appearance would risk a hazing he’d rather avoid. Checking his watch, he counted the minutes until his escape. His sister Lily was turning twenty-two and a gaggle of friends was over to celebrate. He was outnumbered and outgunned, a painful microcosm of his life with the opposite sex.

His phone buzzed and he looked down. Shit, his buddy Ben just bailed on him: “Have to cancel sorry dude.”

Alex sighed and responded, “What’s up?” expecting an explanation from his normally reliable friend. He got none. He was trapped, and his rumbling stomach reminded him he’d have to go downstairs before long. A knock at the door interrupted his despondent self-reflection. “Come in,” he said, sighing.

The door opened to reveal a curvaceous redhead. “Hey Alex,” she said, a warm smile splitting her lightly freckled face.

“Hi Carrie, enjoying the party?” he asked, knowing he just exhausted his cache of small talk.

“It’s been fun. Things are winding down though.”

Relieved, Alex hoped he’d get his house back tonight after all. He looked at Carrie awkwardly, unsure if she planned on explaining why she was standing in his office.

“Lily said you were up here so I thought we could catch up. The girls just ordered pizza and we’re going to watch a movie if you want to come down.”

“Ah, I don’t know…” Alex said, trailing off.

“Mind if I have a seat?” Carrie asked, pointing at an open chair next to his desk.

“Sure,” he said quickly, watching her shapely feminine form cross in front of him and then bend to sit. He’d had a crush on his sister’s best friend for years but never had the guts to do anything about it.

“How’s work?” she asked, eyebrows raised.

“It’s fine.” Alex didn’t like to talk about his work much, preferring to keep his business to himself.

“Oh come on, you can do better than that,” she said with a probing smile. “I am actually interested.” Carrie was being honest; she needed to know more about Alex. There were plans for the boy, big plans, and it was time to get the ball rolling.

“Well, if you really want to know, I’m trying to fix a bug in a piece of software that controls a network security appliance that a bank installed last week. If I can’t get it fixed they will have to spend millions of dollars replacing the entire system,” he said bluntly.

“That sounds important,” Carrie said. “So you’re working for a bank now?”

“No, I still work for myself as a consultant. People call me with problems and I fix them. I’ve done work for almost every major bank in the country the past year,” Alex said, divulging more information than he normally would. He liked being around Carrie. She smelled sweet, like strawberries, and it made his head spin.

“How did you get to be a consultant? Don’t you need to know a lot of people to do that?” Carrie asked, prodding him further.

“That’s true. The company I ran, you might remember?” he asked.

Carrie nodded, she knew he had his own business but wasn’t sure what happened to it. He wasn’t around much back then.

Alex continued, “Most of the people I consult for were customers of that company.”

“You graduated early, right?” Carrie asked, continuing to pull information out of her friend’s younger brother.

Alex was surprised she remembered that far into his past. “Yeah, I graduated high school at fifteen. I got the business going while I was in college.”

“And you’re what, eighteen now?” the redhead asked.

“I’ll be twenty in August,” Alex answered, starting to get annoyed but not enough to chase the beautiful girl from his room.

“What happened to your business? And how come you aren’t still in college?” Carrie asked, hoping she wasn’t pushing him too hard.

“I sold it. And I dropped out. When dad died things changed,” Alex said, looking at the floor now. His father passed away from cancer unexpectedly a little over a year ago. They were close, but Alex had come to terms. He had to be the man of the house now, as unnatural as that felt. He knew his mom and sisters depended on him, as he depended on them.

“Oh Alex, I’m sorry. I should have guessed. I don’t mean to pry.” Carrie said sympathetically. She’d helped his sister through their father’s passing and was still helping her. Lily was polatlı escort taking it much harder than Alex or their younger sister Casey.

“It’s ok,” Alex said, then uncharacteristically continued to fill in the blanks for Carrie. “I sold my business after he died, partly so I could buy this house from my mom. She was having a hard time dealing with everything and I thought it would make her life easier. She could stop working and worrying about money and do whatever she needed to heal.”

Carrie listened intently while he explained his selfless act and admired how much his family obviously meant to him. She’d always known him to be like this, to put the people he cared about before himself. It’s the reason she was in his room, and why she spent time with him in general. People with his level of empathy and compassion were rare, and she constantly sought them out. She also had a sneaking suspicion that he was something else, a theory she hoped to confirm that evening.

Carrie sat quietly while Alex added, “Truth be told, I’m looking for a change. Things are starting to get normal again and I don’t need to keep doing this,” he said, motioning at his open laptop. He’d never shared those feelings with anyone but his little sister Casey. Carrie was simply too easy to talk to, it caught him off guard. He couldn’t get half a sentence out around most girls.

But Alex hadn’t told Carrie his whole story. He was, in fact, properly rich. He learned early on that people changed when they found out he had money, and never for the better. Especially women, at least the ones he’d met lately anyway.

“Sounds to me like you could use a girlfriend,” Carrie said with a grin.

Alex felt heat rising up his cheeks and shrugged. “Never had much luck with that. I was always two or three years younger than everyone in school. That didn’t make it easy.” He shook his head and looked at Carrie’s shoes. He wanted a girlfriend, a companion, but all his brains and money wouldn’t solve that problem. If anything they made it worse.

“Well, little man, there’s a room full of eligible girls under your feet. Maybe you should come down, who knows what might happen,” Carrie said, her head canted suggestively. She’d called him little man to tease him when they were younger. It wasn’t until Alex reached the age of 16 that he outgrew her. Now he stood several inches over six feet. His frame was lanky, but filling out nicely. He was handsome, Carrie thought. If only he had a little more confidence, he’d be unstoppable. Once she was through with him, anyway.

“I’ll tell you what. I’ll make it my mission this summer to find you a girlfriend. But only if you come downstairs and have some pizza,” she said, slapping her knees with finality and standing. Not waiting for an answer, she grabbed his hand and pulled him toward the door.

Downstairs, Lily and her friends were seated around the dining room table helping themselves to pizza. His sister looked up when they arrived and said, “About time you showed up, we’ve been wondering what you were doing up there by yourself all afternoon.” This elicited the intended reaction, a series of snickers and whispers from her friends. He may have recently become the man of the house, but his sister still treated him like her dorky little brother, especially around her friends.

Alex shot Carrie a pleading look, his eyes saying, “This is exactly why I didn’t want to come down here.”

“He was working,” Carrie said brusquely. “Someone has to put a roof over your head.” Lily rolled her eyes while Alex stared in shock. His crush had come to his defense in a way that he’d never dream of attempting. Alex preferred to just take Lily’s abuses, knowing that further provocation would only cause more grief. Normally it was his mom who kept his big sister in line, but she was a couple thousand miles away in Italy.

“Hi Alex,” said a pretty face framed in wavy brown hair.

“Hey Sam,” Alex answered. Aside from Carrie and the fetching brunette he knew no one else at the table.

“This is Lynn, Becky, Fiona, and Natalie,” Sam said while pointing at the four strangers. “We all play volleyball together.”

“Hello,” said Alex meekly. All four girls, actually all seven, were gorgeous. He’d come to expect that from Lily’s circle.

Alex liked Sam, she was around often and they’d spent time together over the years. He could tell she was more like him than most of Lily’s friends; a little nerdy, and a little shy. They got along well, both forgiving of the other’s awkwardness. She was definitely his best shot out of the group.

Alex scanned the table, discretely examining the four new girls. Lynn was obviously of Asian descent, with a pretty round face and jet black shoulder-length hair. Becky and Fiona looked almost like twins, each having identical long blonde hair, plump pouty lips, and wicked smiles. Natalie had loose curly chestnut hair and an olive complexion. He couldn’t place her heritage, pursaklar escort but she was certainly the most exotic of the bunch.

The girls responded to their introductions by waving or saying hi. Carrie sat and patted the empty seat next to her saying, “Have a seat little man, grab some pizza.”

Ugh, Carrie, not now with the little man stuff, Alex thought and then sighed. He sat and pulled a couple slices of pepperoni onto his plate. The conversation at the table resumed as if he wasn’t there, a mixture of volleyball team gossip and silly girl drama. He could smell Carrie’s strawberry sweetness while he took a bite of pizza. Maybe it was her lip gloss, he thought absently. He never had the courage to ask.

A hand on Alex’s thigh jolted him out of his daydreaming. He turned towards Carrie with a mixed expression of confusion and apprehension.

“Where’s Casey?” she asked, referring to Alex’s younger sister who was about to graduate from high school.

“She went over to a friend’s place. I think she’ll be back tonight,” he said.

“Does she have any friends you like?” Carrie asked, continuing the theme from upstairs.

Alex blushed, “No. I mean, I don’t know,” he said awkwardly, then clarified, “She doesn’t bring many friends over.”

“There are a couple juniors that just joined the volleyball team this year I think you’d like,” she said smiling, and knowing she was making Alex uncomfortable.

“Why are you doing this, Carrie?” he asked, more than a little frustrated at her persistence.

“Because you’re cute, and there are plenty of eligible girls out there. I only ever see you working or hanging out with Ben. You’re never going to meet someone that way.” Carrie put her hand back on his leg and gave it a soft squeeze.

“Uhh, ok,” he said, unable to come up with an intelligent response. He was shocked that Carrie thought he was cute, plus her hand was still on his leg. He focused on filling his growling belly, sliding two more pieces of pepperoni onto his plate and tucking in.

“Movie time!” Lily announced several minutes later. Alex sat at the table and finished his pizza while a flurry of activity followed. The girls pulled the couch and tables back from the TV and filled the area in between with pillows and blankets.

“What movie are you going to watch?” Alex asked.

“Wonder Woman, the new one. Do you want to watch? I think you’ll like it,” Carrie said smiling.

Alex knew he would too. Trapped again! “Uh, sure, why not.”

After cleaning up the pizza boxes Lily said, “You girls can go into my room if you want to change into something more comfortable. Or use one of the guest rooms down the hall,” she added while pointing across the living room.

Hmm, more comfortable, Alex thought absently, letting his teenage mind wander. He got up and claimed a seat on the sofa and Carrie followed, sitting on the other end of the couch. Thankfully she had her phone out and he wouldn’t have to fumble through any more small talk.

Alex watched from the sofa as the twins and Lynn grabbed their backpacks and went upstairs while Lily, Natalie, and Sam turned into one of the downstairs guest bedrooms. Lily emerged after a few minutes wearing a light pink pair of cotton pajama pants and a t-shirt. Sam came back wearing a skimpy pair of blue drawstring shorts and an equally form-fitting white tank top. Alex could see her two pokies through her thin top, and when she walked the crease at the top of her thigh pinched closed, hinting at the start of her elegant round bottom.

Natalie appeared and Alex gawked as only a dumbfounded teenage boy could. She was wearing a short silky nightgown that couldn’t have covered her by more than a couple inches. Natalie was truly beautiful, glamorous even. He watched as she sauntered in front of the sofa and fell into the pile of pillows, ignoring Alex and Carrie on the couch. As she dropped into the mass of blankets Alex saw a flash of her bare dusky cheeks split by what looked like a blue ribbon, but he couldn’t be sure, buried as deep as it was. His shorts twitched.

Lily and Sam joined Natalie on the ground. The girls turned away from him and laid down facing the TV, feet pointed in his direction. Alex kept hoping for another glimpse up Natalie’s short nightie but was more than happy to ogle Sam’s tight apple bottom. He glanced quickly at Carrie and sighed in relief as her phone continued to be a distraction.

The upstairs trio appeared a few minutes later, skipping and giggling down the steps. Becky and Fiona confirmed his suspicion that they were twins, wearing matching patterned nightshirts that dropped to six inches above their knees. Alex watched them descend the stairs, impressive breasts bouncing and swaying with each step. Lynn followed behind the twins wearing a short black kimono-style robe tied around her narrow waist. She had a slender frame and was taller than any other Asian girl he’d met.

The three rus escort newcomers joined the others on the floor and assumed the same position, facing away from Alex, round backsides on display as they lay on top of the blankets. He could see pretty far up Becky and Fiona’s shirts, but not enough to catch a glimpse of what he sought.

“Lynn, could you start the movie?” asked Lily. Alex watched her rise up onto all fours and move toward the TV. As she stretched her robe lifted and exposed everything below her waist. Alex’s gaze fixed on her shiny black bikini-cut panties, obviously meant to match her robe. He could see the fabric pull tight across her pale olive cheeks and followed as it dropped down into her valley. The angle of the room lighting made the slick material shine, fully illuminating the contours of what lay beneath her panties: two little hills split down the middle by a crease that ended in a small bump. It was the most erotic display he’d ever seen.

As Lynn finished queuing up the movie, he heard Carrie clear her throat, conspicuously meant to catch his attention. He sheepishly looked her way and she winked and grinned at him, nodding her head towards Lynn’s upturned ass. The raven-haired girl must have heard because she immediately made a half-hearted attempted to pull her robe down and then settled back into a less exposed position.

Alex turned red, embarrassed at being caught. But was he really busted? Or was Carrie playing another game with him? She had a long history of teasing and tormenting him. Not that Alex didn’t enjoy it; her games weren’t cruel, just often uncomfortable. It’s not like he was going to get lucky in a house full of girlfriends anyway, especially when the queen bee was his older sister.

As always, Alex was clueless and helpless. He was also quite aroused, and couldn’t stop his mind from wandering as he stared down at the six girls. He pulled the blanket from the back of the sofa and spread it across his lap to hide his shame.

Alex had a certain predilection for women in panties, especially tight ones. Swimsuits too. Really anything that hugged curves, especially between the legs. He liked that it left something to be discovered and yet freely gave away so much. He’d spent countless hours wondering what would it feel like to run his hand into that soft valley, cupping a fabric-covered mound, fingers spreading to the warmth within. He’d swam competitively for years and his biggest source of visual stimulation was always gained poolside. Fit and attractive girls in tight speedo swimsuits cut high on the hip. That was his go-to source for private nightly tissue sessions. The way they’d bend over and the stretchy fabric would ride up into their crack, front, and back, then he’d watch them dig it back out. Heavenly.

He’d seen Carrie in a swimsuit many times, usually in their backyard pool. Bikini or one piece, the way she filled out a swimsuit made him absolutely stupid. She had broad full breasts, wide hips, narrow waist, and a big round jiggly butt. But the part Alex liked best was between her legs. It looked huge, her mound at least. The fabric of her bikinis bulged and stretched across her front to extreme proportions.

Hoards of scantily clad Amazonian women pulled Alex’s attention back to reality. Between Wonder Woman’s suit, his overactive imagination, and the buffet of half-naked girls spread before him, his dick was screaming under the blanket. He couldn’t do anything about it for fear of being seen; that would certainly send the girls into a fit of snickering. He’d never hear the end of it, especially from his sister.

It wasn’t long before the girls started fidgeting and moving around to get more comfortable. Natalie’s nightgown was spreading open. As she repositioned her legs, Alex was left with a clear view of her light blue thong-laced backside. Natalie’s ass was spectacular, tight but wide, and perfectly sculpted where it curved to meet her bronze thighs. Her skin was darker nearer her center and it contrasted beautifully with the light-colored panties. Alex traced the strip of fabric running down her valley and marveled at how it spread to perfectly cover her secret parts.

The twins were also having their own wardrobe malfunctions, apparently oblivious to the amount of skin they were putting on display. Their gowns rode up almost to their waists and he could see both were wearing pairs of cotton French-cut briefs that hugged their cheeks and fit snugly between their legs. Becky’s were black and Fiona’s pair was white. Alex preferred white, shadows made it easier to discern the contours of what lay beneath. He also thought he saw a small dark patch of wetness between Fiona’s legs. Maybe she knew what she was doing and was getting a little excited herself? Or maybe the girls had some fun upstairs before the movie. His perverted brain ran wild while he considered the many possibilities.

Sam was laying on the far side from him. She rolled onto her hip and bent one leg at the knee, pointing her crotch right at him. He could see her shorts squeezing up between her gap, a deep crease developing along the inner seam. Dark pink skin was visible on either side of the fabric of her skimpy shorts, enough that Alex could discern that she kept her lady parts well groomed.

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