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Most people think hookup joints are sleazy, or possibly sexy, in a purple, fake-leather upholstery with chrome accents kind of way. But, really? They’re just like regular bars only there’s no TV blaring the latest game above the row of premium spirits. I’d come here for that alone. There’s nothing worse than a woman who has one eye on your rack and the other on Russell Wilson scoring a touchdown.

Tonight, when I walk in, I spot her immediately and my heart proves it’s keeping me alive by thumping a few extra beats in my chest. The thing is, when you’re a woman looking for women, but only on a casual basis, your options are usually limited to ladies who play both sides. I’m not complaining, except I’d be lying if I said I didn’t miss the feel of a stud above me. Some people would say that’s shallow. They’d be right. But getting naked with a stranger is pretty shallow no matter which way you spin it. I figure, if you want a soul connection, then you’re better off dating and getting married. Nothing tethers the soul like the good ol’ ball and chain.

I find a table in the corner with a good view to watch her. That’s something else I appreciate about this place. No one cares if you gawk. It’s kind of the point. She’s masculine of center and I have to swallow back a whimper. Short hair and ink on her arms, a black button down, and black jeans with boots. All dark this one. She’s at the bar chatting up several women at the same time, leaning against the counter like it’s there as her personal accessory. She’s laughing at something the redhead is saying and, when she turns to look where the girl is gesturing, my eyes drop to her pants. She’s packing. I wonder what she’s compensating for that she has to walk in here with an extension between her legs?

Not that I have anything against cocks. The silicone kind, at least. They’re damn useful for getting the job done when the job involves being fucked blind. I picture her above me, my wrists pinned over my head and held down by her hand. Her weight heavy enough to keep me in place. The dirty thoughts in my head multiply, cloning each other, and make me shiver. I’m glad to be sitting down or I’d be weak at the knees.

There’re lots of things to nitpick about my body. What woman doesn’t feel that way? But the thing I wouldn’t change is my size. I’m small. As in, small bones, small hips, small everywhere. That makes it easy to be pinned by nothing more than bodyweight and attitude.

I like being held down.

I like to struggle.

I like to fight, but only if I lose.

There’s a guy behind her rolling his eyes. That’s interesting. Most of the guys here love lesbians. I’m always a little amused at the number of dudes willing to part with their wives for a night. Especially if it comes with the promise of a sexy story he can beat off to later. I guess I’m not the only one who thinks there’s nothing hotter than two girls together. This guy won’t be getting off to her image any time soon. Actually, now that I’m looking at the guys along the bar and not at her ass in those jeans, no one looks too happy but her…and the three, now four, women she has surrounding her like bees worshiping their queen.

That’s when I get it. She’s a player. A poser. All mouth.


I sigh and have a hard and fast debate with my pussy. Could I have sex with a woman I didn’t really like? Nothing turns me off faster than look at me I’m so hot self-doubt masking itself as arrogance. Thanks, but if you think you’re hot, then I don’t. Narcissists need not apply. On the other hand, when will I get this kind of chance again? Her body’s definitely my type. Maybe there’s a creative way to keep her mouth closed?

My reason and my hormones are at a stalemate, so I get up and head for the bar. Gin and tonic lubricates all my worst decisions. That’s when she sees me, and I’m gratified that she drops her hangers-on cold. It’s petty, and it makes me a bitch, but I get a rush anyway. Sorry ladies.

“Well, hey.” She gives me a very slow up and down. I let her, looking is free, but I don’t return her perusal. She doesn’t know I’ve already seen everything on display. I order my drink, and she smiles, cocky and sure of herself.

“Let me get that for you.”

I’m already signing the credit card slip so I shrug her off. “No, thanks.”

It’s a casual statement, but we both know I’m turning down more than her money.

She frowns and shifts her weight. I want to roll my eyes, but even I’m not impolite enough to do that to her face. Clearly Ms. Butch Heartthrob doesn’t get turned down very often.

Sorry, not sorry.

“Are you here alone?” she asks. Code for: threesome, or no threesome?

“Alone, but I go for femmes.” It’s not like it isn’t true, even if it’s not exactly honest right this second.

She gives me a look like sure you do, honey and takes a gulp of her beer. Her throat works and I watch her swallow while she watches me watch. She smiles again, and I do roll my eyes. It’s going to take more than that to change my mind.

“I’m trying to figure out why you don’t like me, izmit escort bayan when you don’t even know me,” she says.

I make a show of assessing her, forcing myself not to linger on the outline of her cock in her pants. With raised eyebrows and an expression that I hope hints at distain, I say, “Trying a little too hard, aren’t you?”

She steps closer until I can see flecks of brown in her hazel eyes. “Protesting a little too much, aren’t you?”

“Don’t take this the wrong way, but you’re a peacock. You think you’re hot, and even though you’re right, you don’t do it for me.”

Her eyes narrow. “You think some shy and humble girly-girl is going to fuck you like you need to be fucked?”

I walk away. A question like that doesn’t warrant my attention let alone an answer. Shy? Maybe not. But humble would go a long way with this chick.

She grabs my wrist and tugs. Not enough to pull me anywhere, but enough to make me aware that she wants to. “I’m sorry. That was a dumb thing to say.”

I send her a bland stare. I’m all for treating people like you’d want to be treated, but she doesn’t need to apologize to someone she’s not making it with.

“Can we start over? I’ll try to bury my ego, and you can maybe give me an inch?”

She looks hopeful, and it’s pretty cute. I turn back to the bar.

“I don’t think you need any extra inches, Romeo.” My eyes fall to her crotch again. I can’t seem to stop looking at her cock, and that’s just a bit annoying.

I swear to God she blushes. The lighting is dim by design. People are so much more attractive in half light, but I’m convinced I can see red on her cheeks.

“It’s just who I am.”

That pulls me up short. It hadn’t occurred to me that her cock was anything more than a blatant statement. This was getting interesting. “What does that mean?”

“It doesn’t come off. Not when I’m having sex.”

I swallow. Maybe a little further from center than I’d expected, but not in a bad way. If the pulse between my legs is any indication, she presents in the very best way.

“I prefer she/her pronouns,” I say. It’s stating the damn obvious, since I’m the definition of the word girl, but it’s somehow less awkward than asking directly.

“She/her is fine with me, too. Unless you’d rather call me Sir.” She tosses me a wink.

“Dream on.” I ignore the rush of heat between my legs. “So, do you fuck with it?”

She gives me a look. “Do you suck pussy with your mouth, or is it just for conversation?”

I almost laugh. My stomach tenses, and I have to work to hold it back.

I kind of like her.

“I do. I’m very good at it. Sure it doesn’t come off so I can prove it?” It’s an invitation, but not the one she wants.

“It doesn’t, but I’m very good too. I promise you won’t be disappointed.”

I have no doubt. But now I’m stuck. If I say yes, then I’ll have to admit I want her to fuck me. I do want her to fuck me. But I don’t want her to know that until I bring her down a peg or two.

“Does it come off when you masturbate?” It’s a non-sequitur, but I’m curious. How does she orgasm if she doesn’t have access?

“I jerk it off and the base rubs against my clit,” she says.

I get an instant mental picture: her cock sliding in and out of her palm, eyes closed, head tilted back, hips pumping. Sensation surges down my body like a thousand fingertips against my skin and ends in a pool between my legs. I’m crazy wet which is going to make it harder to pretend she doesn’t affect me. It does give me an idea, though. “So, I guess you must like blowjobs then?”

Her jaw loosens and she stares. “What?”

“Blowjobs.” I pronounce the word slowly like she’s particularly dense. “Do you like them?”

She swallows again, but this time it’s not on purpose. “Yeah. When a woman likes it as well.”

I get that. It’s not hot if the other person isn’t into it. Being an obligation is so not sexy, especially when you’re inside their mouth. “I’ve never done it before, real or silicone, but I’d be willing to give it at shot.”

I’ve seen enough porn to have more than a decent idea of what I’m supposed to do.

She shakes her head. “That’s not necessary.”

“Really, Romeo? You’re turning me down because I’ve never sucked cock before?” I fold my arms and stare her down.

She winces and puts up a hand between us like no, except we’re standing so close her hand lands precariously near my breast. She quickly moves it to my shoulder and squeezes. The strap of my tank top is so thin I can feel the warmth of her palm as her fingers brush against my bare skin. She’s got a strong grip and that makes my pussy clench, needing the cock that isn’t inside me. “Of course not. But you don’t have to. There’s another, much more mutually satisfying way for us both to get off.”

I chew my bottom lip. That does make more sense, but now I have the thought in my head I can’t get it out. I want this. Having her at my mercy is just a silver lining at this point. “Try me. I want to blow you. Then you can do whatever you want with that thing.”

She holds my izmit eve gelen escort gaze like she’s trying to see through to the back of my brain. “I want to fuck you. Hard. And it’s not a thing.”

I want to fuck you hard. I grab for the bar so I don’t land on my ass when my knees give way. My vision hazes a little, and I realize I forgot to breathe. God. If it was possible for me to come without being touched, I would. I swallow until I’m sure my voice won’t come out in a squeak. “That works. You first, though.”

She rolls her eyes right back at me, but she’s grinning. “Are you always like this?”

“Always, Romeo.”

We move through the crowd toward the door.


The hotel room is nothing special, the décor so forgettable I don’t even register it. I do register the king size bed taking up prime real estate in the middle of the room. I head for it, but she stops me. “Is it okay if I stand?”

It takes a second for her meaning to register. If she’s standing, then I’d be on my knees. I’m pretty sure I’m wetter than I’ve ever been in my entire life, which is a bit of a mindfuck considering she hasn’t touched me. But, yeah, on my knees does it for me.

“It’s fine.”

Like so fucking fine we can just do it right here, in the middle of the room. Now. Hurry.

We don’t though. She walks to the closest wall, kicks off her boots and goes to shuck off her jeans before pausing to glance at me. “Do you want me to take these off? One of the benefits of a cock is that it fits out the fly.”

“Show me.” The words are out of my mouth before I think them through, and I’m fairly certain I’m drooling.

She pops the button on her jeans and the sound of her zipper slices the air. She jockeys the cock a little so it escapes her pants and stands proud between the edges of dark Demin. Fuck. It’s navy blue and not realistic looking, but seeing her with her jeans open and her cock out makes my brain melt to mashed potatoes. It’s medium sized and looks as smooth as butter. My mouth waters. I mean it literally, actually, waters. It’s going to feel so fucking good.

“What do you prefer? Is there enough room to get what you need?” Now I’ve seen it, pants or not doesn’t really matter to me. It does matter that she gets off. That part always matters. It’s the difference between staying home with my dildo and my subscription and going to the bar to touch another woman. I get off on giving as much as receiving, and I want to pleasure her.

“I’d rather take them off.”

She strips down while I enjoy the way the muscles in her thighs flex. She’s ripped. When she’s standing in front of me in just her shirt, I go to her and finger the top button. “Open this?” It’s a compromise. I’d rather she took it off, but I have no idea if she’s the type that would want her breasts on display.

She opens the shirt giving me a toe-curling view of the curve of her breasts. Ohhellyes. I drop to my knees, half because that’s why we’re here and half because if I don’t, I’ll end up on the floor anyway and this is more dignified.

She slides her hand around my chin to tilt my face up. “Have I mentioned that you’re fucking sexy kneeling in front of me like a good little submissive?”

I try for a glare and think I make it probably halfway there, hampered by the wetness seeping between my thighs and the words fucking sexy echoing in my head. “Do you even care? You just want to fuck me.”

We didn’t even bother kissing first.

She shrugs. “Can’t I enjoy the view?”

I consider how things must look from her perspective and reach back to untie my hair, letting it fall blond and messy around my shoulders. I hold her eyes as I lower my mouth to the tip. The only way she’s getting off is friction against her clit, but that doesn’t mean I can’t give her a nice view of her cock disappearing down my throat.

I’m all in, Romeo.

I start off slow, swirling my tongue over the head and up and down the shaft, getting it wet for what’s to follow. Her thighs tense and I hear a soft God above me. I look up to find her staring down at me like she’s the prince of some Middle Eastern country with no women’s rights, and I’m her sordid slave. It’s the kind of thing feminists would string me up for, but I don’t care. We both know this is entirely consensual.

I lean back a little to admire my handiwork. Definitely slippery, but I can do better. I can’t tell what color her eyes are from this position. Are they more green than blue? Do the flecks of brown around the edges get more pronounced when she’s turned on? So many questions without answers. I hold them and lower my mouth to her cock again. I might be a lesbian, but I have enough oh-so-incredibly straight friends to know that I’m not going to be able to take the whole thing on the first try. The silicone slides against the inside of my cheeks and I moan, the sound garbled and straight out of any porn worth watching. I was right, it feels amazing.

I take her in my mouth, as much as I can, my hair falling into my eyes as I keep my head izmit otele gelen escort tilted to watch her face. Her eyes are glazed and her mouth’s slightly open. She looks dazed in the best way, like she can’t believe this is actually happening. When the tip of her cock starts to tickle the back of my throat I cough involuntarily and pull out. There’s a bit of a sucking sound. Maybe it’s a little undignified to be sucking and slurping and drooling all over her cock?

Not exactly ladylike.

“Jesus.” The sound is less a word and more a whimper through clenched teeth. If I’m not much of a lady on my knees with her cock making me drool, I don’t think she minds. I get off on that sound. It’s the one that tells me she’s losing it. I haven’t even started working the base over her clit yet. Her palms are flat against the wall behind her like she’s using them to keep her balance. I can see the muscles in her stomach tense as she sucks in a ragged breath. I bob my head, taking her in just a fraction deeper with every descent. I like the way she tastes in my mouth, smooth and clean, but filling me up. Having her cock down my throat makes me imagine having it inside my pussy, her gorgeous body taut above me as she fucks me, pushing my knees up and spreading me open for deeper access. Going for it hard. Pounding into me like she wants to break me in half. I squeeze my thighs together but it does nothing to stem the flood of arousal that hasn’t ceased since I locked eyes on her. Would it be crass to reach down and stroke myself while I did this? I’m that desperate.

I go as deep as I can and hold. I wrap my hand around the base where it connects to her body and rock the cock against her clit, sending it bumping up to the roof of my mouth.

“Please.” Her head snaps back and her eyes squeeze shut like so much pleasure borders on pain. I drag my mouth down her cock in one long suck, popping off the end.

There we go. Much wetter now.

She’s panting and it’s a good thing her thighs are so strong since they’re doing all the work of keeping her upright. I’m almost ready to get her off. Almost, but I want something that’s just for me first. I reach up for her hands and when she catches on and gives them to me, I place them at the back of my head. Her fingers automatically thread through my hair, and I press my hands over hers with enough pressure that she gets it. Her eyes widen.

“Are you sure? I mean…” She releases her breath in a rush and the look on her face is the closest thing I’ve ever seen to awe. “You’re sure?”

It’s nice of her to check in, but I’m sure. “Try me.”

Her fingers clench in my hair, pulling just enough to make my scalp tingle. This is going to be so fucking good.

When I take the tip of her cock in my mouth again, she presses down on my head, forcing it in deeper. I can’t breathe enough to make much sound but if I could, I’d be moaning. I squirm and squeeze my thighs together. I want to come bad. My pussy is so wet and swollen that my panties feel too tight. The lace is just the right surface to rub against. I squirm and they move enough to send darts of pleasure fanning out from my pussy, enough to have me creaming all over myself like a teenager in a wet dream, but not enough to get me off. I was hot before, but her hands in my hair, her control, pushes every button I have and turns my dial from boil to barely contained wildfire.

With her cock straining my cheeks and her hands making my head move just the way she wants, the look on her face is all sin.

“Feels good, doesn’t it?”

I nod, words not possible as she allows me to ease back a little before guiding my head down again. She knows just what she’s doing. Just how much I can take before I choke. Just how long to make me hold it before my jaw starts to lock. I wonder how many unladylike femmes she’s fucked in the mouth to acquire those skills.

“Does sucking cock make you need to come?” she asks as she guides me up again so I can speak.

I’m a total fucking mess, and I wipe my mouth with the back of my hand like a real princess before speaking. “Does getting sucked off make you need to come?”

The answer had better be yes.

“You have no idea,” she says like her desire to come is so huge I couldn’t possibly comprehend it.

“You have no idea either, but as soon as I’m done making you explode, you’re going to. I’m so wet I could cry.” I probably shouldn’t have admitted that, but she’s making me lose my mind, and my filter escapes with it.

Her head thunks back against the wall, and her fingers move down to the nape of my neck. “How about you focus on getting me off then and save yourself the tears.”

The woman is nothing if not logical.

I wrap my hand around the base and begin to shift it purposefully over her clit, curling my fingers and sliding up and down the silicone I lubricated with my mouth. Her hips pump her cock into my hand and I lower my head to take the tip inside, sucking and jerking her off at the same time. I’m not the world’s best multitasker. I prefer to focus so I shift my attention to the things that make her breath hitch, make her swear softly, make her moan. She likes the sounds I make when I suck, and she definitely enjoys the persistent, but not too grinding way I’m teasing her clit. I’m a quick learner and soon she’s gasping like there isn’t enough air in the room.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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