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Standard small-print: Everybody who engages in sex acts are 18. This is fiction. If I accidentally use your name in the story, it’s probably just coincidence.


–( Ben )–

My cousin, Ben, had come over for a visit.

Ben and I were born one day apart. We joked that we were “almost twins”.

My sisters — who were born 10 minutes apart — have never thought our joke was funny.

The silly thing is that Ben and I look more alike than Alyssa and Alaina do — at least to me.

Most people can’t tell my sisters apart.

Trust me, as “the runt”, “the brat”, or whatever my given insulting-nickname-of-the-day was, I can tell them apart just by the way they scowl at me — or the way their breathing accelerates when they’ve uncovered one of my attempts to repay any of their heinous (and numerous) acts of sibling violence.

Mom and dad never saw my side of things. They still don’t.

For instance, the girls sacrificed brand-new shirts to assault me at the start of my freshman year.

I had started a load of under-clothes and — somehow — by sheer chance — their new, red T-shirts ended up in my load of whites.

I do my own laundry — from my own hamper — in my own room — and had separated the whites out (because I’d learned that lesson long ago) — and yet mom and dad had the audacity to ignore my calls for divine retribution.

Absolutely, every, single pair of briefs that I owned were pink!

Five days a week — for the majority of my freshman year — nearly every, single gym class — I caught all kinds of crap about it.

Anytime anybody was the subject of some form of locker-room ridicule, the target-of-the-day would call me “Mr. Pink Panties” to shift the ridicule and make them feel less insecure.

I’m pretty OCD about my stuff — see my notes (above) about sorting my laundry — so I’m pretty sure the pair of my underwear that ended up at the top of the school flagpole was also the work of my conniving sisters.

You don’t just misplace a pair of underwear at school — it doesn’t happen!

They HAD to have taken it from my room and handed them off to one of their friends who were in my PE class.

To make matters worse, two days later, the bitches took a Sharpie and wrote “cunt” on two pairs of their own pink undies — and then presented them to mom and dad as evidence that I’d decided to “take the law into my own hands”.

I admit that I had considered the idea — but I’d already calculated a two-day grounding would be the end-result — and dumped that idea.

I ended up grounded anyway — one day for the “foul language” and two days for ruining their clothes.

Fuck me.

The only people that might even see their underwear would be the girls in their gym class — who would probably agree with the “cunt” moniker — or their boyfriends — who wouldn’t be looking at their panties as reading material anyway.


Anyway, the next day was the start of Easter break and Ben was staying over for the long weekend. As soon as he’d run home, dumped his books off, and grabbed his duffle, he was at our house.

Ben and I have several things in common.

In the fall, we run Cross Country.

In the spring, we run relay in Track — generally on the same 4-man team.

Both of these sports are coed and — like most males at these events — we end up discussing which of our classmates (generally starting with our teammates) are “do-able”.

So, it’s not really surprising that — a year or so ago — during one of his visits — we got to talking about porn.

These days, the first few minutes of any visit were consumed with the sharing of favorite pictures or videos that we’ve recently come across.

–( The Twins )–

I’m pretty certain that one of us closed my bedroom door.

I’m even more certain that my sisters aren’t that quiet — especially when they’re together — and even more especially, when they’re coming to check on their favorite cousin.

Honestly, I’d forgotten they were even in the house.

They’re usually at college, these days, and — seriously — I’d have to say it’s been down-right peaceful around here!

So — like I said — I’m pretty sure Ben or I closed the door — but — obviously — I was distracted, showing him my latest discovery — and he was distracted, looking.

We were looking at an image of a girl-guy-girl-guy “69-circle” — more like a square — with the guys facing the middle and the girls facing outwards — trying to decide if we thought our girlfriends would go for the idea.

“That looks like fun!”, I heard my older sister say.

Alyssa was standing over my shoulder; Alaina was behind Ben.

In my hurry to close the browser window, my hand slid too far and I dropped my wireless mouse on the floor.

I was busy, picking up the mouse, when Alaina added, “If only we knew a couple horny teenaged-boys we could convince to try that..”

I hit my head on the bottom of the keyboard tray, trying to get back into my chair with the captured rodent.

By the time I was seated kaçak iddaa and glanced at Ben, he looked like a bluegill — gasping for breath in the grasp of an 5-year-old — who was waiting for mommy to take his picture.

“Ever heard of knocking?” I asked, angrily.

“Not since high school, twerp. In college, you don’t even get your own bedroom.” Alaina said.

“You’ve never had your own bedroom, moron.” I retorted.

She looked at Alyssa with a slightly-hooded expression and said, “College is different.”

The room went silent for a moment.

“So, we just popped in to give Ben a hug..” Alyssa began.

“.. but.. if you two horn-dogs are up for some oral action like you were just drooling over..” Alaina continued.

“.. we could make it a GROUP hug..” Alyssa clarified.

“.. with a happy ending.” Alaina concluded.

Ben looked at me and said, “Yes.”

He and his girlfriend had been on a time-out for a week or so. Either he was pretty backed-up, or he’d been thinking about my sisters differently than I had been.

Now, I think I’m like most younger brothers.

I’ve realized that my sisters are turning into “do-able” young women. And I’ve read — and looked at — my share of incest porn.

But that was make-believe — not the demon sisters that have made my life a living hell since I was born.

I’m pretty sure that — in that one picture of us — when I was an infant — which is still hanging on the living room wall — there are fingerprints on my neck — where one of them had been trying to strangle me.

Looking over at my cousin’s face, my mind slowly returned to the present.

Ben was in.

I was not convinced.

“You’re gonna suck MY dick?” I asked, incredulously.

“Alaina will.”


They looked at each other. “I’ll suck Ben’s. You suck Brad. After the first orgasm, we switch.”

“Their’s or ours?”

“Ours, of course.”

“Fine — but I don’t want him looking at my pussy — he has to wear a blindfold.”

“Mmm. That’s kind of kinky! They can both wear blindfolds.”


I admit to a suffering a slight brain-malfunction at this point.

My fairly-hot twin sisters are discussing oral sex — where I might actually be the recipient of something good — and — in my mind — I’m getting upset about not being part of the decision-making team.

“Why do you fuckers get to make..?”

“Language, twerp.”

Twerp has always been Alaina’s favorite pet-name for me.

“If you want your dick wet, you’ll play by our rules.” Alyssa started.

“We wouldn’t even be offering.. but we’re not in the mood to finger each other and..” Alaina added.

“.. it’s been — uh — a couple days since we had any action.” Alyssa finished.

“Brad.” Ben said.

Ben didn’t want my attention — he wanted my consent. He didn’t want an argument — he wanted immediate capitulation.

“Fine.” I relented.

“Your bed’s too small.” Alaina stated.

“Come to our room in five minutes.”

“Bring a towel and wear boxers.”

“If mom and dad get home early, act like you were headed to the shower.”

“Two of us? Headed to shower together?” I clarified.

“Fine. Forget the towels.”

“We’ll see how many times you can get us off before we hear the garage door open.”

My sisters dashed out the door.

I swear they were giggling like high school freshman. They must really be horny — or they’ve been crushing on Ben for a while.

That seems to be mutual, based on the zombie-like look on his face.

Ben’s face cleared, he stood up and was, like, instantly — without having moved one inch — wearing nothing but his underwear.

I swear I never even saw him bend over — or untie his shoes — or anything — and I had no idea where his socks went.

–( The Bedroom )–

Five minutes later, Ben and I were headed down the hall.

Their bedroom door was closed.

I knocked.

The door opened to my two sisters standing there wearing nothing — except — their pink panties with “cunt” written across the front of them with a Sharpie.

That’s either super-weird — or I’m the last one to board the incest-bus — and that’s STILL super-weird!

Personally, I’m pretty sure I was expecting them to be standing there, wearing habits, holding rosaries and ready to hear my confession before they dished out penance with a hardwood paddle.

Hmm. I may need to easy back on the Catholic nun porn a little bit..

I was still not convinced this wasn’t some elaborate scheme to make fun of me or get me into trouble with our parents.

I quickly looked around the room for cameras.

I spied a webcam and an end-table with a much wider assortment of sex-toys than I ever imagined that I would find in my older sisters’ bedroom.

Actually, ONE dildo would have been a wider assortment of sex-toys than I ever imagined that I would find in my older sisters’ bedroom.

Honestly, this — quite possibly — might be the first time I’d been in their room — at least in a really long time.

Well, either Ben & I were kaçak bahis about to get pegged with that fluorescent purple dragon-dick over there — or my life just got 1000% better.

“In it to win it.” my feeble brain cried. “For freedom!” “To infinity and..” You get it.

Still standing there — in sensory-overload — Ben and I were each given a quick peck on the lips — and then spun to face the left wall — while our blindfolds were applied.

At this point, I would normally have been freaking out.

Up to this very moment, I would have assumed that I would be safer in a filthy, musty, pitch-black, Chinese prison cell — on charges of international spying — than to have one of my sisters putting a blindfold on me.

.. but that kiss!

To most people, it wouldn’t have been anything.

It was the kind of kiss you give Aunt Rose when she comes to your graduation (only it would be on the cheek — not the lips).

The kiss was almost.. sisterly.

.. but — considering the sisters I’d lived with over the last 18 years — it might as well have included tongue.

Alaina kissed me!

She was, at that moment, simply putting the blindfold on.

She wasn’t twisting it. She wasn’t pulling my head — or my hair.. She was almost being.. well.. gentle!

My lips were still tingling from that kiss..

My brain flashed back to the fact that I had just seen both of my sisters topless.

“What the fuck did their tits look like?” I chided myself.

I’d been so shocked — first at the whole scene not looking like a setup — and then to find them wearing the panties that had caused me so much grief — that I hadn’t even really looked at their chests — at their breasts.

This was either the MOST elaborate joke they’ve ever pulled on me — or one of my sisters is about to suck my dick.

The reality of that idea started sinking into my brain — and my dick started growing.. and growing.


“What, twerp?”

“I’m probably going to cum as soon as you touch me.”

“Backed-up much?” she laughed.

“No!” I exclaimed. “Well, maybe.. Listen! You may want a towel or something. I promise I’ll warn you before it..”

“Shit, dude, stop freaking out. I won’t be the first time I’ve been covered in spunk.”

The image of Alaina — my Satanic-sibling — covered in baby-batter splashed into my head.

“Oh.. shit..”

“Alyssa, check, this out! I think our little brother might be hung! It’s a good thing he’s wearing boxers — and not briefs — or I’d have trouble getting Little Brad to come out to play.”

“Yeah, well, I think Cousin Ben’s been hiding something from us as well. Let’s get them over to the bed and get this set up.”

As hot as all of this was sounding — and the total lack of red-flags so far — there was still no small amount of trepidation lodged in the back of my mind.

My shorts were whipped down and the cool air had the opposite effect that the last couple minutes of conversation had had on “Little Brad”.

Ben coughed and sounded like he was having trouble breathing.

“Alyssa! You’re not supposed to start yet! Dammit!”

“I know. I got greedy. Give Brad a quick suck to make it even and then we’ll get them on the bed.”

I’m not circumcised.

I felt a hand wrap around my shaft — the skin pulled back — and warm, wet suction on my cock-head.


I did not cum yet — but Alaina definitely had my “full attention” again.

“Mmm. Not bad, twerp. Let’s get this show on the road.”

“I’m serious about that towel.” I advised.

“You cum in buckets or something, little brother?” Alaina asked.

“Not buckets — but Janice says it’s more than anybody else she’s dated.” I replied.

“How many times have you guys fucked?” Alyssa inquired.

Blinded, I turned my head towards her voice.

“Just oral so far. She’s waiting. Her other boyfriends got tired of waiting. I’m okay with it so far. She — at least — doesn’t go behind my back like Rayla did. I think I’m the only one from our class that Rayla hasn’t fucked.”

“Well, then,” said Alyssa. “We’re gonna find out how well your girlfriends have trained you.”

“Wait.” ordered Alaina. “You’ve got no problem cheating on Janice — even though you say she won’t cheat on you?”

“First off, I haven’t done anything..” I began.

“You are naked — in your sisters’ room — and you just had your cock in my mouth.” Alaina snorted.

I considered my next words carefully.

“Then, I guess the answer is ‘Yes’ — but I’m never planning to discuss this with her — or anybody else for that matter — so I’m not sure it counts.” I replied.

“Sex with your sisters doesn’t count?” Alyssa laughed.

My brain IMPLODED. “Did she just..”

“Sex?” I asked.

“Easy, hot stuff. It’s called ‘oral sex’, remember?” Alaina chided me.

My dick was beginning to hurt — I’d been hard for so, so long.

Alyssa ended the dialogue with, “Too much fucking talking and not enough fucking!”

–( 69 Squared )–

Alaina led me by the hand — and pinched my illegal bahis ass-cheek — as she was getting me onto the bed to where she wanted me.

I could hear Ben’s heavy breathing — across from me — where his spot would be in the “square”.

Hair — and a head — were introduced between my kneecaps.

I bent my right leg and rested that foot on my left knee.

At the other end of my body, my head was lifted and then surrounded by thighs.

I could smell sex.

I’m not sure whose juices it was — but my mouth started watering.

A hand — on the back of my head — drew me forward to a hairless pussy.

Alyssa’s pussy!

There was just the slightest bit of stubble — but it had to have been shaved recently.

Not being able to see, I stuck my tongue out and leaned forward.

As soon as I hit warm flesh, I pushed against it and licked upward as far as I could reach.

Alyssa’s hand pulled my head in tighter to her groin.

Based on the sounds from both girls — both of my sisters — the same thing was happening at the opposite corner of the love-square.

If Ben was like me, he hadn’t been so much as touched yet. I hadn’t been touched — but my dick was so hard it was throbbing.

Alyssa’s body changed positions slightly and Ben uttered his first syllable since we’d entered the room.


I guess that’s not really a syllable. It was an aborted attempt at a word.

Honestly, if I’d listened to myself, I would probably have heard the exact same sound coming out of my own mouth.

I momentarily forgot my job.

Alyssa noticed.

The leg above me hooked a heel behind my shoulder-blades and pulled me back into my duties.

The suction on my dick halted and Alaina said, “This looked a lot easier in the picture.”

Alyssa replied, “Yeah. We’ll change positions as soon as we get off once this way — just so we can say we’ve done it — and we can see if this has some as-yet-unseen bonus.”

My dick was buried in Alaina’s sweet, sweet mouth again.

My cock-head was being squeezed into the entrance to her throat — and her tongue was trying to reach for my nuts.

It was all I could do to remember to keep licking Alyssa’s love-slit.

I’d started by just licking from as low as I could go — to as high as I could reach — and back again.

That seemed to be pretty well-received.

Then her pussy lips had parted and I refocused my “strides” on going from top to bottom within that slippery channel.

That got an even more enthusiastic response.

Soon, that heel in my shoulder blades was getting pretty demanding.

Suddenly, Alyssa yelled, “Cramp!”, her legs shoot straight out, and my head felt like an almond in a duel with a Christmas nutcracker.

Guessing — based on the muscles she’d been using — that the problem was just above the back of her kneecap — that was where I started grabbing and massaging.

My left arm was trapped but I did what I could with my right.

“Aw, fuck! Thanks, Brad!”

Her legs relaxed. She didn’t go back to pulling me into her quim again.

I tried to step up my performance a little to compensate.

Her “Yes!” seemed to indicate that we were headed the right direction.

Within a couple minutes, her pussy started trembling — and then the trembling moved into her thighs.

The anticipation amped up and I warned Alaina by calling her name loudly.

She responded by pulling me out of her throat, sucking hard on just the head, and stroking my cock faster.

“Shit! Shit! Shit!” I gasped.

Alyssa must’ve done something similar to Ben — because he was gargling his own spit over there.

Just as I felt the splooge launch from my over-inflated nut-sack and race towards my younger sister’s face, I smashed my own face into my older sister’s cunt, clinched her clit between my teeth & tongue, and then sucked for all I was worth.

Her stomach started heaving, her juices started flowing, and her heel was pushing into the bed behind my back.

In those milliseconds that it took for my semen to travel from my balls to my slit, Alaina tensed.

Ben, apparently, was working her over too.

I contemplated pulling out of Alaina’s mouth — since I couldn’t tell if she was even still conscious — but decided that she had more experience at this than I did. She was confident she could handle it.

Alyssa didn’t quite squirt — but I definitely had plenty of juices to lap up.

“Shit! Brad!” Alaina was back to herself again. “I was all set to guzzle your goo until that second load hit. Clean up with a mop on Aisle 5!”

“I told you.” I laughed.

Ben finally finished that solitary syllable, word, and sentence — all wrapped up in one.

My head dropped to the bed when Alyssa moved. Apparently, she’d gotten curious.

“Shit, Brad! No wonder your girlfriend won’t let you fuck her. If she’s not on birth control, she’s bound to get knocked up in one go with that massive load!”

Alain added, “I’ve got some good news for you though, Bro. Alyssa and I have been on birth control for years. We got this shit.”

–( Choices )–

“Ben? You okay?” Alyssa asked.

He only moaned — never actually verbalizing his response — but he sounded pretty contented.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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