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“Look, I have to get going. It is already midnight here and I have a full day tomorrow.” Lenny’s voice chimed from his headphones, alerting Terran that his boyfriend would be signing off for the night. He lived in a timezone that was eight hours ahead and so their time on the computer together was very limited. It was only five in the afternoon where he was. Terran frowned and exited out of the game they had been playing together and instead looked to the webcam version of Lenny. “I’ll talk to you tomorrow. I promise.” Terran only nodded to his words, wishing he could kiss the face on the screen good night, hold the warm body close, feel his smooth skin, taste him, pleasure him and finally lay with him in bed before they both passed out. Instead, he only waved weakly good night, typed a kiss emote in the chat and signed off.

Terran sighed and sat back in his computer chair, watching the wallpaper on his screen wistfully. His fingers picked at the old keyboard listlessly, clicking them in no particular sequence. His mind began to wander. He thought of Lenny, imagining him close by, cuddly and cute as he always was. His skin was warm as their hands brushed against each other. Terran leaned in to kiss him and he felt soft lips, sweet to the taste.

His hand, seeming to have a mind of its own flitted from the keyboard to his crotch. It kneaded the area between his legs through the denim. A jolt of pleasure pulsed through him aydın escort and he imagined it was Lenny’s hand there, playfully teasing him. He had leaned over to kiss him and had sensually reached over in the same movement. It was an uncharacteristic gesture of him, though Terran loved it when he acted unusually horny.

He smiled stupidly and his fingers unbuttoned and unzipped his fly to be able to slip his hand down into his pants and under his boxers. His fingers felt up the growing erection, still in the process of hardening. Lenny would have been able to mend that in a moment. All he would need to do was be there and emit his wonderful warmth and smell. He could say something sexual – or attempt to and just end up sounding adorable for his failed attempt.

Terran remembered the scent and imagined that the warmth of his own hand was that of Lenny’s. He thought of what he would say. Something like, “I see you’ve got a long distance too.” and he laughed to himself just trying to come up with something lame. Lenny would have even said something so simple and meaningful as “I missed you. I love you.” He could hear his posh British accent in his head speaking those words. It would have sounded arrogant coming from anyone else, but everything about Lenny was sweet and cute. Sure enough, those thoughts had him hard and pulsing under his own hand.

Terran moaned softly, pulling his full erection aydın escort bayan free from his jeans. “Oh, Lenny~” he whispered, pumping himself more vigorously. His fingers knew all the nicest spots on his dick. Only for a moment, he removed his hand to lick his fingers and wet them to make the jerking easier. He leaned back in his chair comfortably, placing his legs out wide over each of the chair’s arms so he had full access to himself.

His second hand, also having been wetted by his tongue, reached back down into his underwear and grasped hold of his balls. He massaged them for a bit before letting his hand wander down farther. He sunk lower in his chair until he could reach his own ass. He pushed two fingers in, fighting against his own tensing muscles and forced them down deeper. He gasped and moaned, visions of Lenny hovering over him. Were Lenny to be in such a position, he would have had no idea what to do! He would be so unsure and probably end up allowing Terran to lead him where he needed to go. Terran would, in the end, end up riding him, saving Lenny the embarrassment of being so inexperienced. Terran would constantly remind him there was no shame in it. He would love him even more for his awkwardness! In time, Lenny would find such experience, and it would have been even more special for the both of them for the knowledge of the other’s body.

He gasped as his body trembled escort aydın and tensed. Just thinking about him aroused him more than his own stroking. He whispered the name to himself over and over again, almost forgetting for a moment that his love was not there to hear it. And finally, allowing himself reprieve, he pushed himself until his orgasm hit. He gasped and arched his back, lifting himself up and off the chair with his shoulders and legs. “Lenny!” he rasped one last time before his climax began to fall. A thin stream of sperm spurted from under his hand, soiling his jeans.

For a moment, he lay there limp, still lazily jerking himself off as his orgasm died away. After sex, the two of them would always cuddle close. It was the best part, getting to hold Lenny after they had brought so much satisfaction and relief to the other. They would talk about everything then. Lenny would speak of his parents, his work, classes, sometimes he even ended up lecturing him on a subject. Lenny was the most talkative then when it was usually so difficult to get him to speak any other time. Terran would love to just listen, taking in all his joys and hopes and worries. He never cared for the history lectures, but he would listen anyway, just glad to be able to open the little wallflower up so brilliantly. Terran would speak sometimes too, but he preferred listening, hearing that sexy accent no matter how un-sexy the subject was.

Imagining his body close by, Terran nodded off asleep in front of the computer, slumped in his chair, his thoughts of his long distance lover prominent in his mind. It would only be when a sister would walk in and scream that he would awake, realizing he had not zipped his pants up before he fell asleep.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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