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Chapter 204 � No Great Surprise



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This story is an original work of fiction. Names, characters, businesses, places, events, locales and incidents are either the products of the author”s imagination or used in a fictitious manner. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, or actual events is purely coincidental. This is a free electronic story. No part of this electronic story may be reproduced or transmitted in any form by any means electronic or mechanical including photocopying, recording or by any information storage and retrieval system, without written permission from the author. If you are not of legal age in your location to view and read adult material, please close out of this story and delete any material you have downloaded or copied to your computer.




Akecheta “Ake” Bidzel – Six Star General of the Armies of the United States (Commanding General � Administration)

Akihiko Ito � Lover and future partner of Tokugawa Kinugasa

Alexander Bradley � 1st Lieutenant � U.S. Army � Aide to General Erling

Allen Robert Harriman – Adopted son of Robert Adrian Harriman and Adam John Clark

Arkyn Erling – Brigadier (1 Star) General, U.S. Army � Partner of Enapay Perez

Caleb King � Partner and lover of Thomas Worthington

Douglas VanDyke � Son of the Vice-President of the United States

Enapay Perez – Six Star General of the Armies of the United States (Commanding General � Administration)

Jamie Williams � Partner of Douglas VanDyke

Johann Emmanuel – Adopted son of Cardinal Dominic

John Worthington III – Adopted son of Thomas (Caleb) Worthington

Kichōna Mono Hashimoto � Imp in residence by Presidential Executive Order

Luke Worthington III – Adopted Son of Tony (OK) Worthington

Michael “Allen” Roberts – Adopted Son of Matt Longdick and Jason Allman

Omoikane Kinugasa Ito � Adopted son of Tokugawa Kinugasa and Akihiko Ito

Omoikane Ryujin Hashimoto � Partner and lover of Tony Worthington

Robert Amos Harriman – Adopted son of Robert Adrian Harriman and Adam John Clark

Tokugawa Yoshimune Meat-Goodman Kinugasa – Colonel � U.S. Army � Head of Worthington R&D

Tony Worthington II � Adopted Son of Tony Worthington

Thomas Worthington II � Adopted Sons of Thomas Worthington

Tony Worthington � Adopted Sons of Luke Worthington II

Thomas Worthington � Adopted Sons of Luke Worthington II

Xavier Francisco Sanchez – Captain � U.S. Army � Aide to General Ake

Yuuto Meat-Goodman Kinugasa – Adopted Son of Noah Meat-Goodman and Hayao Kinugasa

Zhu De � Captain � U.S. Army � Protector of Kichōna Mono Hashimoto


“Angus” (Name Classified) – (Son of a domestic terrorist in protective custody at Fort Connor)

“Biff” Jones (Name Classified) – (Son of POTUS and guest in residence at Fort Connor)

“George” (Name Classified) – (Senior head of the Worthington Brain Trust and Top Scientist in residence)

“Tod” (Name Classified) – (Teenage son of George and protectee of Alpha Zulu)

“PJ” (Name Classified) – (Teenage son of POTUS and protectee of Alpha Zulu)




It was the start of summer break for our sons Tony and Thomas their last summer break prior to their senior year at Harvard and graduation. Then hopefully our sons will want to join us in the “Worthington World” and contribute to our men in uniform.


We four fathers knew something was up… our sons were far too quiet and always talking in whispers and we finally cornered them and told them to “confess up”… what are you two up to?


We had never seen them turn so many shades of red in their lives and finally Caleb shouted out: “Which one of you got someone `knocked up””? Tony spoke first and only commented this would be so much easier after a shot of moonshine but if we did that, we”d never be able to tell you. Tony took the hand of Thomas and quietly informed us fathers they were in love and had made the decision to become partners for life.


We have discussed this all year at school and even with some of our gay friends. We want to ask Cardinal Emmanuel to do our premarital counseling over the summer and we want to have a quiet “friends and family” wedding at Fort Connor.


We four fathers looked at each other smiling like the Cheshire Cat from Alice in Wonderland. We all told our sons we had known for years you had feelings for one another that went far beyond being brothers. I don”t know how “small” of a wedding you will be having considering you have 400+ “brothers” at Fort Connor who will crash the wedding even if you don”t invite them. And, then consider all of our extended family that will want to attend and don”t make the mistake and forget to invite POTUS and the Generals unless you plan on moving in with Hikaru in Japan.


Accept your fate: AS A WORTHINGTON, EVEN A SMALL WEDDING WILL BE AROUND A THOUSAND PEOPLE! Or we could just invite everyone so there are no hurt feelings and reserve the National Cathedral! “DADS! NO!!!”


If you want our approval… we require you allow us to buy your wedding bands. Don”t think we didn”t notice those matching fancy “dog tags” you have been wearing all year. We knew you would tell us when you were good and ready. I”ll send you the link to our jewelers restricted catalogue and there are no prices listed. Just select what you truly want because if we ever learn otherwise… well, just think about spending the next summer cleaning garbage cans at Fort Connor in the 90+ degree temps.


Now, we suggest you go tell the Generals before your security details beats you to it. Trust us, you never want to see either of them upset. Then, we suggest you see if POTUS is available and read him in. After doing that, between the imps mafia and the Alpha Zulu “grapevine”… Everyone who is anyone in Washington will know by morning.


As Tony and Thomas headed off to see the Generals, we knew they would be happy for our sons. They faced a future wrought with challenges and danger… if being together as partners for eternity brought them happiness… they deserved all the happiness they could have in life.


A couple of hours later, Tony and Thomas returned only to comment it looks like we are having TWO weddings. The wedding we wanted at Fort Connor and POTUS informed us our non-military guests could attend our wedding in the White House Rose Garden and we needed to pick a date immediately before his calendar was full.


Tony and Thomas looked at each other and only commented the option of ELOPING is starting to sound better and better!


When we candidly commented to our security detail about eloping, they commented our fathers would fire them, the Generals would court martial them and POTUS would put them in front of a firing squad. We fathers smiled at our sons and welcomed them to the world of being a Worthington Executive. Your lives are no longer yours alone.


Suddenly, two sleeping young siblings emerged from their bedroom wanting to know what was happening and they couldn”t sleep with all the noise we were making. When we told them their brothers had announced they were getting married the imps went from trying to sleep to a state of brotherly love and support of their decision. After quiet again returned to the room, their impish brothers brazenly announced they expected a corner piece of wedding cake EACH!


We fathers suggested our two lovebirds fly out to Fort Connor in the morning and touch base with the Generals, the Command Master Sergeant, Cardinal Emmanuel, and you might want to be especially nice to the Mess Master Sergeant and ask him if there is a way to come up with all the corner pieces of cake you have been requested to provide. Let”s see…


2 for POTUS+1 – 2 for SecDef+1 – 11 for Generals � 4 for Fathers

2 for Brothers � 1 for the Command Master Sergeant


So, even before you publicly announce your wedding, you need to come up with 20 corner pieces. We would suggest you do something super special if the Mess Sergeant if he can pull your “chestnuts” out of the fire with this “ASK”.


Why wasn”t I surprised when as soon as our sons were airborne the next morning POTUS was requesting a video conference. I get terrified when POTUS appears on my screen SMILING!

“You fathers have had a few hours to digest the news of the pending nuptials of your sons… I hope you are coping because I now have to ruin your day.” Your head of Worthington Protocol needs to sit down with the head of White House Protocol “YESTERDAY” and see what size the attendance is estimated for the White House service. If we need to reserve the National Cathedral, then we need to request it immediately. I know your sons want a small intimate wedding, but they fail to grasp as Worthingtons they no longer have a private life. All they do reflects back upon your corporate world. Keep me in the loop and if I need to sit down and talk with your sons, I”ll be more than happy to give them beşevler escort a preview of the corporate life they are entering.


Thomas is still not back to 100% from being shot and fortunately Caleb is a worse “mother hen” than Doc is. I don”t have to worry about Thomas doing any over exertion (sexual or otherwise) and Caleb will make it known not to have his partner doing anything but attending this wedding. I”m back to work in my CEO mode and the Generals have split up Thomas”s work and divided it between themselves. Yes, our Worthington Extended Family is truly a FAMILY!


When our sons returned from Fort Connor late in the evening… (They learned quickly to time their arrival and departure so they could enjoy a few great meals at Fort Connor.) We fathers wanted to make a suggestion to them. Considering the size this “small” friends and family wedding is becoming you”ll need a couple of semi-trucks to bring home all your wedding gifts which you won”t need.


Your “brothers” at Fort Connor will gift you every known sex aid currently on the market so try to look embarrassed when you open your gifts at the bachelor party they will throw for you two. As for the wedding guests for your White House wedding… we suggest you add a line to your invitation: “In lieu of gifts please make a donation to the Worthington Foundation to support their orphanage and adoption programs”. Our sons loved the idea and frankly… anything they needed after they got married would be “few and far between”. (We fathers would make certain they had plenty of lube for their honeymoon!)


Our sons informed us they needed to do something special for the Command Master Sergeant as he assured us he had planned many a wedding service at Fort Connor. It was just another day in his life and it was his pleasure to do it for us. We informed our sons after the Protocol Offices of the White House and Worthington got done with their preliminary meeting with the two of you… I suggest you find a top rated wedding planner for the White House service who can work with the Protocol Offices. You two need to be resting up for your non-stop honeymoon orgy… “DADS!!!”


We were indeed impressed when we saw the wedding bands they selected. 18k White Gold, bezel mounted stones, a large center cushion cut flawless Sapphire (Their birth stone) with a cushion cut, D color, flawless diamond on each side of the Sapphire. Our sons did ask the Jeweler to engrave their Fort Connor wedding date on the back of their diamond, ruby, sapphire and emerald encrusted dog tags. I had to smile thinking back to the phone call I received from the Jeweler a year ago asking if my sons were authorized to make such a large purchase on our corporate account.


I told the Jeweler to ask them what they could afford to spend and charge them that amount. I then informed him to mount the finest gemstones available and to send me personally the bill for the difference in price. My sons were not to know of this deception by their father. The Jeweler assured me of his complete discretion. Someday I might admit to my sons, but it won”t be for a few years… perhaps after they adopt their first son and have a few years of understanding what it is really like to be a father.


Even with our oldest sons decision to remain living in the Penthouse and/or Camp Phoenix we had to cut the “cord” and allow them to live their lives and be responsible for their decisions both personal and professional. We fathers were fortunate enough to still have our two younger sons at home and they never tired of wrapping their arms around our necks, hugging and smothering us with kisses. (Now, if they would just improve on their trajectory and landings when they rush into our bedrooms in the mornings!) We are keeping our young imps as sweet and innocent as possible (Hopefully till they are 30 [FAT CHANCE])! I hear through the Fort Connor grapevine our youngest sons are still anal virgins, but their mouths have a five star rating. (Why should they be any different than we fathers were at their age!)


Our youngest sons have far more common sense than their older brothers did at their age. Our young imps only average hanging naked from the flagpole less than once a week and their older brothers did 2-3 times a week at their age. Our young imps are smart enough to know and accept this isn”t a challenge they want to win out over their brothers. They remember well the nights their brothers slept on their stomach after we fathers applied wisdom effectively through their posteriors. Learning from the mistakes of their brothers they realized is far less painful.


A few days later we four fathers had a family meeting with the Generals and did a little family planning of our own. We knew it would only be a matter of hours after the wedding and they would receive files on a selection of needy children whose only wish in life was to have a FOREVER FAMILY. We arranged a 30-day honeymoon in “our” Virgin Island Penthouse and when they returned it would be time to meet their son and start their 90-day trial placement. We planned to allow them a minimum of 1 year after graduation before we started to phase them into the Worthington operations. This would allow them ample time to bond with their new son and start to realize the commitment they would be making for the next 20+ years as parents.


We Fathers have to ask Colonel Campbell if he wishes to remain with our security detail or how he feels about being responsible for our two youngest imps and the new addition that will soon be joining our family. If we need to replace Col. Campbell we need to motivate our HR Dream Team to “get with the program” and we also need to motivate the Generals to start looking for replacements because our Dream Team is well past mandatory retirement age. They have well earned retirement and to spend their senior years and enjoy their lives together.


It was no shock when the Secretary of State notified us of a call from Hikaru announcing the death of the emperor. He died quietly in his bed with his family at his side. His funeral will be a national event and I hope the Generals will attend if POTUS doesn”t send them representing him. Hikaru asked if Tony would attend and of course Thomas if he has recovered sufficiently to make the trip. We will issue your diplomatic passports as soon as POTUS has made his decision on whether he will be attending or send you Generals and Tony.


The Japanese ambassador in Washington notified OK of the Emperors passing and his father was asking him to return to Japan for the funeral. His Japanese diplomatic passport was still valid so he would have no problems and had the convenience of flying on Worthington One if we were asked to represent our country.


POTUS was quick to ask us to represent our Country at the funeral and take Tony and OK with you. Remind them they have 14 hours to join the “Mile High Club”… DISCONNECT!


Doc waited till our two young imps returned to Fort Connor to advise Kichōna”s parents of his plan to return their son to the loving child he had been. Kichōna needed a very invasive test of his intestinal track and though he would be unconscious during the test the prep was most uncomfortable. The imps at his side Doc knew would make it a successful prep.


Being unconscious during the test Doc was able to do the necessary repairs while using a fiberoptic scope. Kichōna awoke feeling like his gut had been run over by a tank and his ass was as raw as after he had been abducted and gang banged. The imps held his hands and told him Doc was able to repair the damage. After a few days of rest you”ll be as good as new. Finally, the little imp could smile and even as much as moving caused pain he hugged and kissed Luke & John affirming their friendship that would last the rest of their life.


Now it is was up to the Chaplain to heal his mind and to have Kichōna accept what was done to him was RAPE and in no way was love. The Chaplain told Kichōna his abductors would rot in hell for their actions and he had no choice but to pray for their eternal soul. My only regret is that every one of your abductors didn”t end up as “shark chum”. (The Cardinal knew he would have to confess his sin to God and ask for forgiveness but anyone who molests a child doesn”t deserve to be breathing air.)


The key to returning Kichōna to his old self was a four legged mooch who knew an easy touch when it came to doggie treats. Puppy Duty was exhausting but the mooch knew he would be well paid in doggie treats when it ended. If our four legged therapist wasn”t too tired Kichōna would ride him around Fort Connor looking for the Worthington Imps. If he was exhausted from his Puppy Duty workout… Kichōna would get him a bowl of water and feed him doggie treats until he returned to his normal self. Yes, Kichōna was a soft touch and his four legged partner would be running extra miles for over a week to compensate for his overindulgence in doggie treats.


As Worthington Actual landed in Tokyo they were met by the Embassy Limousine and the Hashimoto Limousine and two security details. As both young men hugged each other they commented they would talk by video chat after they got settled into their rooms. His fathers only turned to Tony beylikdüzü escort and commented: “Talk? Is that what they are calling it nowadays?” DADS!!!


After settling into the Embassy, the Generals asked for a secure video com to the Pentagon. They had an important task to do and it needed to remain confidential. When the smiling face of the Sergeant Major of the Army appeared on their screen, he greeted them warmly and asked how he could be of service to his old friends.


The Generals were blunt and to the point… we need to replace both of our four star Generals who are our HR Dream Team. They have been exempted from mandatory retirement too many times and it isn”t fair to them to ask them to stay on again. There is no way the Pentagon HR Department is going to help me to steal away any of their top personnel. With your diverse resources now at your disposal, can you find me a few good men to interview when we return to Washington so I can retire our HR Dream Team with full military honors.


The Sergeant Major of the Army only smiled and commented: “The difficult we do right away, the impossible takes a little longer!” CONSIDER IT DONE!


OK was welcomed by his family as a returning hero. He was pleased to share with his family the tremendous success being accomplished with his nephew by the Alpha Zulu staff. It will take time, but he will return to the loving and trusting imp he was before.


As he was in deep meditation in their walled garden, his brother joined him and asked for the truth regarding his son. I want the facts not just a canned story… HOW IS HE?


OK reasserted what he shared with the family was the truth. The Alpha Zulu team has a long track record of caring for sexually abused children. OK took his brother”s hand and smiling told him it didn”t look too calloused. Go share the good news with your wife and start working on my next nephew. It is no fun growing up alone.


Finally OK and Tony got settled each into their separate beds and their laptops had a secure connection. (Remember to thanks Tokugawa when he returns to Washington!) Even being exhausted from the long trip and the necessary political responsibilities upon his arrival… seeing OK gave him renewed energy and definitely had the blood rushing “south of the border”.


OK only smiled commented he wanted to join the Mile High Club again going back to Washington. He doubted if the Generals would mind… they remember what being in love was like at our age. Tony only smiled at OK and assured him after his sojourn with the Mile High Club this time OK wouldn”t be able to put his legs together for a week.


As exhaustion overtook their bodies, they closed their laptops and fell into a slumber that was awakened all too early by the Generals advising it was time to prepare for the funeral.


Tony was the “hunk du jour” dressed in his Tux with his POTUS and Six Star breast badges. The multitude of awards presented to the Generals glistened in the morning son and truly their sabers out shined any crown or tiara worn by members of the fairer sex.


Hikaru was holding it together and was truly not coping at the loss of his Grandfather. His uncle had been trained from birth to succeed to the Chrysanthemum Throne. Hikaru was still in the line of succession but he hoped his uncle would get with the program and produce a few children so he never had to consider assuming the role of Emperor.


The funeral was unusual by the cultural standards of the United States, but we honored their customs and vowed our continued assistance to the new occupant of the Chrysanthemum Throne. Little did Tony know how often he and OK would be visiting their Japanese operations as their new artificial intelligence software became one of the most important projects in the world.


Before we realized how quickly time had passed it was time for Tony and Thomas to be wed at Fort Connor. We Generals were their best men and there was a lottery as to who would be his groomsmen. (I think the reality of it was who could walk after the previous night”s bachelor party.)


There was no doubt in any mind present these two imps were in love. The kiss they shared after they were joined for eternity even left us Generals with erections that we couldn”t wait to return to our billet and consummate our carnal desires.


The Mess staff prepared a fantastic feast of Prime Rib of Buffalo and solve the “corner” cake problem with 20 individually baked small cakes with each individual”s name on it. Our mess staff always rose to the challenge and today was no exception.


The wedding at the White House had a life of its own and Tony and Thomas only had to show up and repeat their vows. A wedding for a six star General wouldn”t have been more palatial. POTUS was showing his commitment to the Worthington dynasty and his commitment to his departed friend.


As Tony and Thomas finally finished all their “meet and greets” we aimed them toward their limousine and hopefully a quick trip to the Penthouse. As the Penthouse doors opened who greeted us but Dale and Dwight. “Consider yourselves served!” Handing our two married imps a portfolio of potential imps to adopt. “Just let us know when you have made your decision.


Tony and Thomas went into panic mode and cried to their fathers they weren”t ready to be parents. We need to learn how to run Worthington Industries and there just isn”t any time left in the day to provide for a young `en. Their fathers smiled at their sons and they knew this had been a total conspiracy. You have a 12 month hiatus before you start at Worthington Industries. More than enough time to satisfy your carnal desires on your honeymoon and select the imp(s) you want to be part of your FOREVER FAMILY!


We Generals suggest you two love birds take a hot shower, rest and dinner was scheduled for 2000 hours tonight. It is a buffet so make sure you can ambulate without having any discomfort… “DADS!”


The stress of the day finally caught up with our two imps and when we stuck our heads into their bedroom shortly before dinner, they both were exhausting and totally asleep. We gave them an additional 15 minutes and then gently aroused them to get ready for dinner. YOU ARE THE GUESTS OF HONOR!


The next morning Luke and the Generals went into the office to keep Worthington operations running smoothly. Their new administrative assistants were a dream to work with and very proactive. Luke was easing into the CEO position faster than we dreamed possible and that left the two of us to really knock out John”s work in fast time. Hopefully, Caleb will quit being a “mother hen” and let him return to the life of a Worthington Executive before the end of the year holidays.


Our little imps (Luke and John) were turning into two teenage heart throbs that had every gay boy in the room with a major erection and every girl with wet soggy underwear. Luke was gay and had no problem admitting it to anyone. John dated boys and girls and let it be known there was a benefit to each when he was horny as hell. We regularly reminded John the only baby born due to intercourse by a Worthington cost the family $50,000,000.00 USD. That is a high price for an hour of pleasure.


John asked to meet with his fathers in their study. Admitting freely that he and his girl friend were having regular sessions of fantastic sex. He was being a responsible Worthington. He accompanied the young lady to her physician and paid for her to receive an Implanon implant which was functional for three year. In addition, he always used a condom. If and when he has a biological child, it will be because I want it and I want to love it and the woman who bears it for me.


A few weeks later a terrified John cornered his father and confessed his girlfriend was pregnant. She was a virgin and hasn”t had sex with anyone but me. I can”t understand how it happened… the implant was good for three years and I always used a condom. His father only smiled and commented: “God works in mysterious ways”.


We have a few options but you have to decide what you want. John was adamant an abortion wasn”t an option. Asking if he wants to marry her? I don”t know… I love her but I want her to marry me because she loves me and not just because she is having my baby.


I held my son as I assured him Doc would find the best obstetrician available to care for her pregnancy. We will pick up the entire cost and all we ask is if she doesn”t want to marry you she signs off on all rights to the child. We will compensate her for any financial aide she loses due to the pregnancy. And, of course… we will require a DNA test to assure the family it is your child.


Within the year a beautiful baby girl was born into the Worthington Family. Gloria Angelus Worthington, 8 pounds 2 ounces of the ugliest baby I have ever seen.,


The mother wasn”t interested in maintaining contact with the child and was thankful of us assuming the parenting role. We provided the finances for her to complete her education and enough money to start in her selected career. John had a beautiful bilecik escort daughter and we had a grand daughter to spoil for the rest of her life. Considering all the testosterone that oozes when we have a family get together, Gloria grew up as a “tom boy” and usually beat her male relatives in whatever challenge she faced. John was proud of his daughter and never regretted a day of having her in our family.


As she grew, Gloria would look at the portrait of “Mama Bear” in our great room and wonder if she could ever be the equal of this leader of men and of the Worthington Family.


When Luke and John graduated from Harvard Luke was the male “catch of the year” in the Washington Social Circle. The girls lined up at parties to dance with him and we were surprised at the number of boys who sought Luke”s attention claiming to be gay or bi. Luke had no interest in settling down, he was enjoying sewing his “wild oats” and hopefully none of them come back as bouncing baby nine months down the road.


Tony and Thomas had a dismal honeymoon. After reading the horror stories of the imps available for them to adopt they wanted to adopt all of them. But, they faced reality… they had no parenting skills and they needed to learn to “walk” before they started to “run”. One adoption stood out from the rest… a pair of identical twins a perfect pair to carry the names of our original imps… Luke and John Worthington. Advising Dale and Dwight of their selection they excused themselves as they had a date with a large blanket and skinny dipping in the surf.


Tony and Thomas should have listened better because they found out the hard way what sand in lube feels like on their cocks and in their asses especially in an out of control fuck. Their cocks felt like someone had used a belt sander on them and their security detail only shook their heads and reminded them to listen to their fathers next time.


They hurt so bad they couldn”t stand to wear board shorts for days. Doc”s Super Lube helped some but it still took days for them to be able to even start to enjoy sex. Memories that will last a lifetime and between the imp mafia and the Alpha Zulu Grapevine it definitely provided for some humorous comment from their friends.


Finally, they had to return to Washington, the Marriott Penthouse and face the reality of life as a Worthington. They no sooner than unpacked, Dale and Dwight were on their com advising them their adoption at the orphanage was scheduled for 1100 hours tomorrow. They had already forwarded the information to their security detail. Just be yourselves and it will be fine.


The imps were terrified, not of the imps they wanted to adopt but them failing the interview and not being able to help two young imps who needed a forever family. Their fathers and the Generals saw their stress when they entered the Penthouse as they returned from work. Sitting down and holding their sons they assured them to just be yourselves, be honest and what happens is God”s will.


This was a night where the fathers ordered up Medium Rare Hamburgers and Texas Fries for the entire family. Our newlyweds needed some “comfort food” and we adults could suffer in silence knowing it would help our imps facing the challenges they now faced in the morning.


As the family assembled for a 0500 breakfast in support of our new parents to be… we all assured them they cleaned up nice and looked like Junior Executives in your dress suit and tie combination. You two turned into “bronze Gods” on your honeymoon. The only question that might be asked is if you have tan lines. DADS!!!


Their thirty day hiatus in paradise had really turned them into bronze gods. If it didn”t impress the director it definitely did the imps when they finally met face to face.


The orphanage administrator knew the history of the Worthingtons and the young men they adopted. He also knew if he caused problems his agency could lose a tremendous amount of private funding from the Worthington Foundation. Yes, these young men were young but they had the backing and love of the entire Worthington Family.


Escorting Tony and Thomas to the garden the two young men stopped playing soccer and stared at the two young adults who wanted to adopt them. They both knew the difficulty of both being adopted by one family and they didn”t want to leave each other. Tony and Thomas introduced each other and asked if they could sit and just talk about our lives and your future.


Three hours later the administrator returned and asked if any decision had been made. Asking the two young imps if they would like a 90 day trial to see if they wanted to be part of our family. The imps knew what a fantastic opportunity this was and one of the few chances they would have to remain together. YES!!!


As one of the social workers took the boys to gather their meager belongings, Tony and Thomas joined the administrator in his office and started signing the documents necessary for the temporary placement.


As the two fathers and their two “sons” exited the orphanage a shot rang out from a car parked nearby and Tony went down. Their security detail opened up with their Bull Pup rifles in auto mode and within minutes the vehicle and any occupants resembled swiss cheese.


Tony was down… Thomas covered the imps with his body and his security team rushed them to the armored limousine. Their security team request a medical evac and SecDef ordered the closest available evac to respond immediately. As their security detail rendered first aid, they could hear the sound of the Evac Copter becoming louder and louder. Local Police arrived and started jockeying for position as to who was in charge. No one was going to touch Tony except for the Army medics. Three men with bull pup rifles and one very angry Wolf War Dog made it clear blood would be spilled if they pressed the subject.


As Tony was being loaded into the Evac the local police placed his security detail under arrest. Advised they were making a career ending mistake, no more than putting them in handcuffs a commander of the State Police arrived and advised everyone present he was here under orders from the Governor. Release these men now! Or I am empowered to arrest all of you on obstruction charges. The choice is yours, choose wisely!


As the limousine with a State Police escort rushed to the hospital to see the condition of Tony… POTUS ordered General Bradley to take an Alpha Zulu security force and protect the Worthingtons. Lethal force is authorized. When the monstrous flying billboard arrived at the military base it even brought out the Base General to offer assistance. Providing transportation to the base hospital he advised the medical staff the Alpha Zulu team was here under the authorization of POTUS and they were empowered to use Lethal Force. The General added: “Trust me, you would rather be shot than be an appetizer for one of their War Dogs”.


We could hear the airfield tower advising the Base General Worthington Actual was requesting permission to land. The General authorized the landing and advised base security to immediately escort them to the hospital.


When two six star Generals of the Army of the United States walk into any military facility it is a mute issue whether they are on active or inactive status. Everyone knew they had direct access to POTUS. The fathers accompanied the Generals and it was surprising that Dale and Dwight accompanied the team.


This adoption was a secure meeting. The meeting existed on a need to know basis. Someone is a traitor and we need to locate the individual before they can leave this jurisdiction. As State Police started to interview the staff, one secretary exited by the rear door and when instructed to stop by a State Police officer she opened fire upon him. It was the last thing she would do in this life. The source of the leak became obvious, but it was impossible to see who was trying to kill Worthingtons this time. There was no trail left to follow.


With all of the events of the day Tony and Thomas were concerned their imps would want to be returned to the orphanage. The Doctors advised the family the bullet was a “through and through” causing a tremendous amount of pain and blood loss. Tony would be on blood transfusions and pain medication. He should be able to be released within 48-72 hours.


Thomas asked for a conference room and took their “sons” to have a fatherly chat with them. Advising them this is a risk of being a Worthington but we do so much for so many soldiers it is a risk we willingly take. This is not how we wanted to start a family life with you but we love you and would understand if you wanted to return to the orphanage.


Two tearful imps rushed to wrap their arms around Thomas and were inconsolable. “You threw your body over us to protect us. That truly is a supreme act of love. If you still want us, we would be proud to be your sons.”


The doctor asked if he could enter the room and advised the family they could see Tony for a few minutes. He is pretty spaced out on drugs, so he isn”t going to make much sense. As Thomas and his two new sons entered the room Tony smiled and Thomas assured him all is well. As the imps held his hand and told him they were so proud of him as their father the medication finally took effect and Tony would get his needed rest.





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