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She had been living in this gray prison cell for days now…maybe longer. She had no idea what time it was ever. Sometimes when the creatures came for her it seemed like it was the same day…sometimes it felt like it had been days.

The human man who had come to see her had come again, but he hadn’t explained much at all. For some reason she hated him more than these creatures. He was one of her own species…he shouldn’t be working with these aliens he should be helping her…

They had raped her so many times she lost count. She didn’t even really think of it as rape anymore…it was just so normal for her now. She just waited for the creatures to come and get her. She almost…looked forward to it now.

She wasn’t sure if it was her imagination, but she was so horny now. Sometimes she caught herself rubbing her clit after they were finished with her, rubbing their sticky wet cum around her aching open cunt. She didn’t know what she was doing…she was losing her mind.

She could hear them coming for her again, their heavy footsteps outside of the cell’s bars. She sighed, it had been so long. She didn’t even fight it anymore, the relief she felt at knowing they were going to use her again. Once she’d gotten over the initial shock of finding out they were going to breed her, she’d resigned to it. She wondered, however, what would happen when they realized it wouldn’t work.

The creature came for her, and she stood to go with him willingly. They didn’t even have to hold her arm or escort her at all anymore. She almost knew here way around this weird alien place. They lead her down the hall, and towards a room. She felt like this was a different door though…was it?

There weren’t as many creatures in the room as usual. She felt slightly disappointed.

She followed the creature’s lead, as it lead her to the middle of the room. There were chains on the ground. The creature picked a chain up from the ground, and It put a large heavy collar around her neck, locking it into place. She stood confused and waiting.

The creatures seemed to be waiting for something too. Unable to communicate with them, she stood patiently. She didn’t know why they were waiting. Usually they got right to fucking her as soon as they got her in the room.

The human man had told her that the reason they’d fucked her ass and her mouth was because they hadn’t been sure what was the right way to impregnate her. Apparently he could speak with them, and he’d told them that her pussy was the right place. Since then they’d only been fucking her pussy…which had almost been a disappointment.

The door that she had come in from opened, and she spun around to watch as the human man walked in beside a very tall creature. This creature she could tell she had not seen before. It’s skin was darker gray, almost black. The creature was taller than the others, and more muscular…and it had two penises.

The creature came to stand in front of her, and the other creatures were speaking to it. The human man was standing, observing.

She put her hands up to grasp her collar…what were they saying about her?

A creature came forward and it had something in it’s hand. The creature put it’s hands between her legs, and before she could even think about what it was doing something long and ice cold had snaked its way into her vagina. She gasped, and she felt a slight pain as it penetrated her cervix. What were they doing?

Before she could even ask, the creature had pulled the thing back out of her. She sighed. She watched wide eyed as they carried the object across the room and began to discuss it.

“You’re pregnant,” the human man said to her.

“What!?” She exclaimed. How was that possible? They weren’t even the same species…

“They can see at least seven fetuses. All appear to be healthy.”

“Seven?” she gasped. No way…she couldn’t have seven alien babies inside of her.

“They are capable of impregnating you multiple times. Every fetus likely has a separate father. You will carry all to term, this will take approximately two years.”

She wanted to faint. Two years? Seven babies? All different fathers…did they…did they intend to keep fucking her in that time? Were they going to just stick her in a room for two years?

The tallest creature spoke. It had a dark sounding voice. All the creatures nodded and along with the human man they slowly vacated the room. She watched in awe as they all just left her standing there chained to the floor. What the hell was going on?

The creature stopped to examine her. She watched it circling her, and felt herself glancing down to casino şirketleri it’s two massive dicks. They were bigger than the other creatures’ had been. She felt herself getting wet just thinking about it.

The creature stood behind her, and it gave her a shove. She quickly got down on her knees. She put her ass up, offering it to this dark creature. It was still knelt behind her. She could see it standing there. She panted, waiting.

Was this one going to try and impregnate her too? Why was she doing this? This was insane.

The creature knelt behind her, and grabbed her hips with it’s massive hands. She shook with anticipation. She could feel the massive cock probing her pussy first, the larger of the two must be on the bottom. She could feel pressure as the creature slowly entered her dripping cunt. She moaned, having waiting so long for them to fuck her this time.

When the head was in about an inch, she could feel the second cock starting to enter her asshole. She inhaled. It had been a long time since they had fucked her ass, it had probably gotten tighter again.

She felt the second cock sliding into her ass slowly, and she moaned with pleasure. As both cocks slide simultaneously into her two waiting holes, she felt a wave of pleasure overcome her.

Why didn’t all the creatures have two penises like this? This was fantastic. The feeling of both penises sliding in and out of her was orgasmic. Her pussy juices were dripping down her legs as the creature mercilessly pounded into her two holes.

It dug it’s claw like hands into her flesh as it tried to pull her hips back more and more. It leaned forward over her, pinning her down beneath it, and grabbed at her large breasts as they bounced back and forth with every thrust. She moaned helplessly.

The creature stuck out a long tongue, she’d never seen their tongues before, but it was long and slippery looking. It licked her neck, grabbing a fist full of her long brown hair with it’s free hand. She gasped, not expecting the cold wetness on her flesh.

The creature kept fucking her, pounding his huge alien cocks into her. She felt herself cumming, orgasming as her pussy tightened around the two massive cocks inside her. She could feel the creature cumming too. It’s grip on her hips got harder, the claws of the creature dug into her skin as she felt hot liquid running into her body and filling her up.

She remembered the seven alien babies inside of her again, and she tensed. Was this going to be number eight now? Could she just keep getting pregnant? What would they do…keep her pregnant forever?

The creature climbed off of her, having finished with using her. He stood over her, cum dripping from his two massive members. She watched as he turned and walked away without saying a word…leaving her chained to the floor alone.

It wasn’t long before more creatures came back. They didn’t waist any time either. Seeing her on her hands and knees with cum dripping down her legs was probably too much.

Within minutes she had one behind her impaling her on it’s massive cock, while another stood in front of her and slid it’s cock into her mouth. They were playing with her now, she knew that. They must know that their experiments had worked. She was pregnant with their aline offspring. They no longer had to only fuck her to impregnate her. Now they could afford to waste some precious aliens sperm in her mouth and asshole.

The second creature to trade off went straight for her asshole, ramming all eight or nine inches of it’s gray alien member inside of her gaping hole. She moaned, wanting to take as much cum as she could.

Why fight it? It felt so good, and she wasn’t going anywhere anytime soon that was obvious enough.

The creatures all fucked her one at a time, taking turns with her ass, cunt, and her mouth. She was so filled with sperm when they finally untied her that she didn’t know what to do. There was cum all over her breasts where one had somehow missed. Cum was dripping down her legs out of both her aching holes. There was cum on her face and even in her hair she was sure.

The creatures should be leading her back to her cell, but they seemed to be taking her somewhere else. She didn’t question it, she simply followed along.

The room that they shoved her into and locked the door wasn’t like the cell she’d been in for a past few days at all. This was more like an actual room. There was a bed with blankets, a sofa type thing, and other objects her previous cell hadn’t had. That wasn’t what was strangest though…there was another woman in this room. A human woman.

The woman had been casino firmaları sitting on the sofa type thing, and when the door had shut she quickly stood.

“Who are you?” the woman asked, “Where are we? What’s going on? What was that thing?”

She closed her eyes. She remembered what the human man had told her. If she was successful in becoming pregnant than the creatures would take more human women. This must be subject number two.

“Um…hi,” she said slowly, looking the woman up and down. She was a tall slim woman with big breasts and big hips. They were similar in shape, actually, did the creatures do that on purpose? She had short curly red hair, and terrified looking big green eyes. “I’m Rebecca.”

“I…” the woman seemed confused, “I’m Stacey…”

“Hi, Stacey. I don’t exactly know where we are, we’ve been abducted by these alien creatures that want to breed us because their race is dying off.”

Stacey looked at her like she’d just said something absolutely insane. It did sound pretty crazy though, and here she was standing covered in cum from these aliens.

“Yeah, I know. Apparently It works though, I’ve been here for a week or so…and they told me today I’m pregnant with their alien babies. There’s a human guy here who talks for them…they don’t speak English.”

“Are you…are you being serious?” She asked in awe.

It was kind of hard to just explain. She’d figure it out when they came for her. Instead, she decided to walk around this new prison and figure out what was in here.

She found a bathroom type area, there was a bath tub of sorts. She was glad to wash some of this alien spunk off of her…it had been days. She could see the woman watching her out of the corner of her eye, but she cleaned herself off anyway.

Why did they put this woman in this room with her? Weren’t they going to do the same thing with her and stick her in a cell and breed her until it worked? Didn’t Rebecca get some sort of like…higher rank now that she was carrying their offspring? Did it even work like that?

She eventually fell asleep on the new bed, so much more comfortable than the cold floor from before. She knew that this Stacey woman was still watching her, but she ignored it. She didn’t really care anymore.

When she woke up it was because there was screaming. That was an unpleasant way to wake up. The creatures were there, and they were taking Stacey. Rebecca stood slowly, rubbing her eyes. The creatures came forward for her too, and she followed.

“It’s easier to just go with them,” Rebecca said as she walked beside the monsters that carried Stacey kicking and screaming down the hall. “You can’t fight them. I tried. They’re too strong.”

They brought them to the same room where they always abused Rebecca. Her pussy ached in anticipation. They took the time to tie Stacey down the way they had on her first day here. She remembered how terrified she had been, and she felt a bit sorry for her.

A creature sat down on a chair, and motioned for Rebecca to come closer. She did, and it spun her around, positioning her over its massive member. It slowly sat her down over it, until her ass was sitting against its thighs. She moaned. This was a big one, filling up her nice clean cunt. The creature began to bounce her up and down on it’s dick. She put her hand down to rub her aching clit, panting with pleasure.

She watched as Stacey struggled against the binds on the table. From the angle of where she was sitting she could see perfectly as the first creature lined up to penetrate her.

“No!” she was screaming, “Please, no!”

The creatures didn’t care though, Rebecca knew that. They were just here to breed these women. They weren’t people, they were objects that carried alien babies. She had learned not to bother with struggling a while ago.

The creature slowly pushed it’s huge member into Stacey’s waiting and exposed pussy. She screamed, it probably hurt. Rebecca remembered how it had felt like she’d been getting ripped open the first time. Now she was so used to these creatures that her pussy opened up in anticipation of them.

For some reason, watching that creature slamming his massive cock in and out of Stacey’s tight cunt from this angle was making Rebecca even more horny. She moaned, grinding herself down harder onto the creature’s dick that was fucking her own pussy.

She could see Stacey still struggling with the binds as the creatures groped at her round hips and slid it’s long gray member dripping out of her cunt. It had already cum inside her, she must be tight. The next creature eagerly lined up to take it’s place.

She güvenilir casino liked watching the creature’s cock as it slid slowly in and out of the woman tied helplessly to the table. It was so hot. She felt herself cumming, and she moaned and arched her back. The creature behind her must sense she was enjoying this…perhaps they could tell when she would orgasm, because it started to fuck her harder.

She gasped, writhing around on top of this creature as a wave of pleasure broke over her. She came down slowly, panting trying to catch her breath.

A third creature had moved on to fucking Stacey now, and she was starting to moan…it was almost impossible not to. Rebecca had been reluctant at first too. It was almost like every time you had a taste of their sperm you wanted more and more. Stacey was enjoying it too now, she could tell.

The creature’s cum shot up inside of her, as it groped her breasts so hard the claws on it’s long alien fingers broke the skin around her nipples and blood slowly trickled down. It pulled her off slowly, offering her to the next creature.

This creature seemed to want to watch too, and he sat down and commanded she ride him too. Rebecca didn’t mind, she liked watching the other creatures fucking Stacey as much as they seemed to. This creature wasn’t as big as the last one, but her pussy welcomed it anyway.

As this creature fucked her, she put her hand down to rub her clit again. They were watching her too, not just Stacey. One of them must have seen what she was doing, and it got down in front of her to examine her clit. The creature put a finger to it, and she moaned. It looked at her quizzically, and then slowly it stuck it’s long slippery tongue out and licked her. She gasped, shaking with pleasure at the sensation. They had been basically ignoring her clit at this point…it wasn’t exactly useful for reproduction.

The creature seemed to like that she liked this, and quickly it began to lick her clit while the other creature mercilessly pounded it’s cock into her dripping cunt. She couldn’t handle this, it felt too good. She came so many times she lost count. The creature didn’t want to stop, it was as if it couldn’t get enough of the taste of her.

She was just as cum covered as the last time they fucked her when they had finished this time, and because of all the orgasms she couldn’t walk any longer. She had to be carried back to the room along with Stacey, and they were both dumped into the room and the door shut.

She laid a minute to catch her breath, before the woman started pestering her with questions again.

“How many times did they do that to you? Do you actually enjoy it? Why don’t you fight them anymore? How long did it take you to get pregnant?”

Rebecca didn’t want to be this woman’s mentor or something, she just wanted to chill. She looked up at this woman, cum dripping out of her open cunt onto her legs. She felt horny again all of the sudden. What was wrong with her.

She pulled herself up, and she dragged herself closer to Stacey. She didn’t seem concerned at first, but when Rebecca tried to touch her she resisted. Rebecca didn’t have much energy, but she was stronger than this woman. She pinned her down without much struggle.

“What are you doing?” She demanded.

Rebecca pressed her mouth against Stacey’s, and she moved one of her hands down between her legs. The woman didn’t protest anymore, despite having a free hand. She moaned as Rebecca rubbed her clit between her fingers. She slid her fingers slowly down to Stacey’s cum filled hole. She could feel herself going through layers of alien spunk as she slipped her fingers into her pussy and began to massage it.

Stacey moaned, moving her hips against Rebecca’s hand. It didn’t take long for her to cum again. It was the alien sperm…it made them out of their mind horny…she was sure of it.

Rebecca pulled her hand up and sucked the cum off her fingers. She tasted the creatures, but she also tasted Stacey. She liked the way it tasted, and she wanted more. Without asking, she moved down between Stacey’s legs and started to lick her dripping we pussy.

Stacey moaned, arching her back, and pushing herself further down as if to get more of Rebecca. She wanted more too. She was drinking up as much of the cum and female juices as she could. She could hear Stacey’s breathing change as she orgasmed again. Rebecca couldn’t get enough.

“How many alien babies did you say you were having?” Stacey asked her, as they curled up together on the cold floor. Both panting and out of breath, both covered in sticky white alien cum.

“It was seven…who knows now…”

“How many…how many do you think I’m having…”

“I have a feeling,” Rebecca said, “That we’re going to have a lot of babies before all of this is done…a real lot….”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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