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This story is pure fantasy. I’ve noticed that there are a lot of bisexual stories, but usually it’s with one of the men being cuckolded or submissive to the woman and the other man. I wanted to write a story where it’s not about submission or domination but just pure sexual lust from men who prefer both men and women equally. In which both men are masculine, however are open to their inner most sexual desires. I hope I got your approval in putting such a story together.


Not so long ago, I found out about a bar in New York City, that is a gathering place for swingers. Being single, and also a sexual freak, going to such a place seemed like the right thing to do last Saturday night. I entered the bar at around 7’o’clock. At this point the place was pretty quiet, so I found a stool towards the end of the bar, at the perfect spot to see people enter the place. As I ordered my first drink, a brunette woman took a seat next to me, and picked up a filled glass that was already there. Obviously she was here before me and I assumed she must have gone to the bathroom. She was a thick woman, about 5’3, with breasts that had to be DD’s, if not bigger. She wore a low cut shirt that showed as much cleavage as possible, she seemed not to have a bra on, because through the black blouse, and the lighting of the bar I could make out her big nipples, and very large areola’s. She was a bbw, but solid, nothing flabby about her. Truthfully, just the kind of woman I like. I’d say in her late 20’s to early 30’s. She had thick lips, tinted with red lipstick. Due to her milky white skin, her lips seemed to stand out exceptionally well.

After my drink arrived I began to make small talk with the bbw woman. Her name was Kelly and she was very receptive to what I was saying, and even batted her eyes towards me a bit. My flirting was working and working well, so I thought. We were discussing exotic drinks, when this black man made his way towards us. He stood at about 6’5″, and his skin color was like that of coal. He was a broad specimen of a man, not fat but not skinny or muscular. Yet looked like he could tear the place apart in a millisecond if given the chance. He had a very intimidating look to him, that kind that made men usually want to run the other way. As I spoke to Kelly, I glanced at this black man continuing to walk towards us. When he made his way near Kelly, and stared at me, he spoke to me sternly, “what you doing talking to my wife?”

Oh shit, I thought to myself. Now I’m not the kind of man to run from a fight, or back down to anyone, however, this guy would tear me up in seconds. However, I am a man of principal, so I handled this situation as best as I could.

“Excuse me sir,” I stood up and said, “We were just talking about alcohol, I didn’t mean any disrespect, let me buy you both a drink.” I extended my hand towards him to shake his hand. To my surprise, he obliged.

“What’s your name,” he asked. I told him, and found out he was Jacob. The three of us sat, and the wife and I continued our conversation as he looked on. For the next fifteen minutes, he seemed to just stare at us, making an occasional smile here and there. Now, I’m drinking, and enjoying myself, and enjoying the company. As the evening progressed we began to talk about sex. Jacob informed me that him and Kelly were looking were looking for a couple. I told him I too was looking for the same. So obviously it looked like we were all looking for isveçbahis yeni giriş the same thing, and obviously not for each other, but what the hell, I had some people to bull shit with, right? Well I noticed Kelly whisper something to her husband.

Finally, Jacob began to speak again. “Man, I respect you a lot, most men run when I interrupt them with my wife, but you didn’t, that means a lot.”

“Look Jacob,” I said, “I don’t like drama, and don’t want to cause any, I’m glad we could all just sit and talk.”

“Baby, I like him a lot,” Kelly said staring at her husband. I was shocked; maybe they did want to do something with me. I can’t say I would have minded.

“Matt, would you like to join me and Kelly, in a threesome?”

“I certainly wouldn’t mind,” I said.

Now Kelly spoke, she put her hand on my lap and got real close to me. “Baby, you are so cute, and so confident I love it, and would love to play with you tonight. But there is something else I would really like also.?

I was intrigued now, “what,” I said.

“I’d love for you to suck on my hubby’s dick for me. It turns me on so much watching a man suck on his big black cock.”

“Are you serious?” I said.

“Yes baby, very,” Kelly began to get real close to me, and grabbed my hardening dick as she passionately kissed me. Wow and right in front of her husband.

“Well,” I said. “I usually don’t tell anyone this, but I am bi, and I love women, but also love sucking real hung men, so truthfully, I’d really love to.”

“Man,” Jacob said. “You have never had a dick as hung as mine.”

We left the place and made our way to their apartment. They offered me a drink. Kelly said she was going to freshen up, so Jacob and I made our way to the couch and began to talk. We discussed how hot Kelly was, and how much he enjoys giving her what she wants. He told me that he to is bisexual, and actually is versatile. Now honestly picturing this humongous 6’4″ man as a bottom was hard to believe. He said he had many experiences with men before, and was so happy to find a woman who didn’t mind, and encouraged him. Ten minutes passed when Kelly joined us. Oh my heavenly god she was beautiful. She had on a white see-through nightie, showing off her magnificent curves, and her gigantic breasts. And I was pleased to see I was right about her areolas, they were as round as a Compact disk, and exceptionally dark. I love that; my cock grew instantly. She walked over to me and then straddled me on the couch; the scent of her moist pussy caught my attention immediately, as she began to kiss me. I fondled her breasts, and then made my way to sucking on her huge nipples. She moaned in glory, as she moved down my constricted shaft.

Jacob made his way to the top of the couch to my right side. As Kelly and I were kissing, and I was fondling her breasts, I heard the sound of a zipper. I looked to my right and Jacob was unbuttoning his jeans. Out of his pants came out the most magnificent sight I had ever seen. 9 inches of flaccid dark mahogany cock. Its thickness was something I had never contemplated or seen before. He inched closer to me as I kissed his wife. Kelly grasped his humongous cock and positioned it towards my mouth. I opened and began to suck the biggest cock I had ever seen. He grew larger and larger, until it reached its full length of 13″. It was as thick as the base of a beer bottle, even thicker. Kelly occasionally isveçbahis giriş grabbed it from me and sucked it also, and her and I both made out with this cock in the middle of our mouths. My cock as aching for relief out of my pants, and Kelly was there to oblige.

“Baby,” she said to her husband. “Look how hung he is?”

Now I’m 9″ long and about 8″ thick, a fairly nice size, as I have been told, but compared to Jacob I was nothing. However, enough to turn on Kelly; which made me very proud.

Jacob stared at my cock and nodded approvingly. Kelly asked Jacob if she could fuck me. She desperately needed some cock, and mine was what she wanted. Jacob said yes and asked her to fuck me reverse cowgirl. She turned around and let my cock enter her pussy. It easily entered her. How could it not, fucking that monster cock her husband has. I watched as her curvaceous ass bounced up and down my shaft. Jacob, now stood over me on the couch, and knelt down so I could suck his cock as his wife rode mine. This went on for several minutes. I was using all my stamina not to cum.

Next, she laid down on the floor with her legs spread open. Her pussy was so beautiful, shaven completely with meaty dark labia’s. I had to taste it, and I did. I began to eat her pussy, and I felt Jacob’s hand on my ass. Caressing me. Damn it felt so good. Within seconds his tongue was rimming my asshole, as I was eating his wife’s pussy. Next I felt his finger in my tight asshole, and Kelly now begged me to fuck her again. I placed my cock in her pussy, and began to penetrate her. Jacob now stood up behind me, and rubbed his mandingo cock against my ass. I prayed he didn’t try to enter me, because never could I take such a size. Fortunately he didn’t he was just enjoying jerking off staring at my bubble butt.

“Damn white boy,” he said, “you have a great ass, I love to taste it, and just stare at it as I jerk off.”

Kelly was moaning in ecstasy, and said she was about to cum, I couldn’t hold out anymore, and told her so was I. My head was buried in her glorious breasts; Jacob jerking his cock off against my ass, I couldn’t take anymore. I felt her pussy contract, and I came deep inside her beautiful pussy. As I composed myself through my orgasm I then felt a hot liquid drip on my ass. I knew it was Jacob cumming on me. He moaned loudly, and then rubbed with his hands and his cock his cum all over my ass. I rolled off Kelly and nearly collapsed on the floor. Jacob stood above me with his huge flaccid cock staring at me, and Kelly just moved into my arms. Jacob joined us on the floor, lying on his back to my other side.

A few moments of complete silenced passed us, until Kelly just moaned in pleasure and told us how much she enjoyed it. I had to agree, it was incredible. Jacob got up and brought a bottle of whiskey, and poured us each a shot. Watching him walking, and seeing that flaccid monster of his bob around, was beginning to make me hard again. Kelly noticed, and said to Jacob she thinks I’m ready for round 2. We all laughed.

After a few more minutes of talking, and Kelly and I fondling each other a bit, the strangest thing happened, Jacob grabbed my cock. Now, really picture this huge black guy, and me in comparison this little white guy, and the contrast as his big hand engulfed my cock. Kelly commented that she thought he liked my dick. I kind of laughed it off. Well within seconds of Kelly’s comment, Jacob put isveçbahis güvenilirmi my cock in his mouth and started sucking. Kelly began to play with her pussy watching in astonishment and enjoyment. After a few minutes of this, and my kissing Kelly, she joined him and both of them were sucking me off together. Imagine this white beauty and this black giant both feasting on me, I was in bliss.

Kelly then asked us to follow her to the bedroom, she opened the night drawer and pulled out what seemed to be a bottle of KY Jelly.

“Boys I need both of you, here you go Mat, this is for you.”

Without being commanded, Jacob knew exactly what she wanted. He laid across the bed on his back, his cock semi hard. Kelly began to suck him, and asked me to help, and I complied. Within seconds he was at full mast. Kelly straddled him on top, and let his cock enter her pussy. The site of this black cock going inside her pussy was electrifying. I watched her pussy expand full throttle to allow this monster inside her. Her body almost seemed electric as he entered her. When she finally adjusted to the size, she asked me to fuck her ass.

First I licked her beautiful asshole, and fingered it with one fingers then two, then three to open her up. I also took it upon myself to lick Jacobs huge balls as his wife rode him. Next, I positioned myself behind her, put a glob of KY Jelly on my cock, and let my hard cock enter her tight asshole. Damn it felt so good, the walls of her inside tightening around me. Her big white ass engulfed my cock as I penetrated her. I went in as deep as I could, my balls rubbing against Jacobs. We both thrusted in and out of her in perfect rhythm. Kelly moaned and then had an out of body orgasmic experience. Her entire body froze, and then she yelled a moan so loud, my ears nearly pierced. Her body then shook, and she nearly collapsed on top of Jacob. I exited her ass, and she removed Jacob’s cock from her pussy and just laid on the bed in absolute pleasure.

I laid along side her, as Jacob did not move. After a few seconds she looked over at the two of us, and commented that we both were still hard. Jacob crawled over to me and started to jerk my lubed up cock. What happened next caught me by complete surprise, this giant of a man position himself above me and moved my cock to his ass. He took my cock inside him, and began to ride me like his wife did hours before. As he did so, I started to jerk his cock off. His ass was so damn tight, and he moved up and down my shaft in perfect precision. Kelly just watched us approvingly, eventually letting her tits sag to my face so I could suck on her dark nipples.

“Let me know when you’re going to cum?” Jacob asked.

Well it wasn’t long, a few minutes later I told Jacob I was about to cum, he got off my cock and then stood over me in a 69 position, and placed my cock in his mouth. He moved his hand up and down jerking me off and sucking me. I did the same to his cock, and in seconds I came right in his waiting mouth. Almost simultaneously he too came in my mouth. A gooey white liquid entered my mouth, squirt after squirt. I swallowed most the rest poured out of my mouth. Kelly then kissed me passionately swirling his cum from my tongue to hers, and then Jacob met us, and kissed his wife and then kissed me, sharing his cum with mine as we both kissed each other and then kissed Kelly.

The night still was not over for us. We continued our threesome into the early hours of the morning. And after several more meetings after this first night, we developed a close friendship and a deep sexual desire for one another. I’m moving in with my new friends next week, and I’m looking forward to telling all of you our new sexual stories.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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