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— Here is the second part, unfortunately with exams looming I won’t be able to write again for a while but hang in there! You really need to read the first part of this to understand the back story —

Like a good little slut, she continued licking my nipple, eventually moving her head forward so she could get the entire tip into her mouth and suck, causing me to groan.

“Tiffany if you really want to cum, you’re going to have to prove how much you want it.”

She looked up at me and let my nipple pop out from between those soft pouty lips, before asking “What do you mean prove? What am I going to have to do?”

I pretended to ponder this over, even though I had already known the whole time that I wasn’t going to give her anything unless she ate my pussy, and ate it hard. “I think that if you want to prove to me how much you want to come, and of course this means prove that you were wrong, that you do want to have sex with girls, is that you’re going to have to eat my pussy.”

Tiffany just sat there and stared, her addled brain trying to process my ultimatum and attempting to weigh the pros and cons through the fog of booze.

She furrowed her eyebrows and asked, “Am I going to have to really eat it? And make you cum?”


“And you promise if I do that, then you’ll make me cum after?”

“Of course, Tiffany! I never break my promises.”

And finally she agreed; “but you have to promise not to tell anyone,” she whispered. I of course agreed, if only so I could get those lips wrapped around my clit all the sooner.

I immediately got into a suitable position, pushing her back so she was sitting flush against the seat in the hot tub, and I could place my legs on the outside of her face and the hot tub, using my legs to hold me in position even though there was nothing directly under my ass but hot water. Now, instead of stuck between a rock and a hard place, Tiffany’s face was trapped between the headrest of the hot tub seat and my dripping wet snatch, and it was going to be glorious.

“Come on pretty girl,” I coaxed, “my pussy is dripping for you, don’t you want a taste?” Nervously, she licked her lips and tentatively took one slow lick of my cleft. I groaned, as I felt my burning pussy finally feel some of the pressure it had been aching for.

I waited for her to take a few more licks, increasingly deeper and longer ones, before I grabbed her hair and started directing escort bayan her; “you know what you would make me feel even better? If you placed that little tongue of yours on my clit. That’s right, use that tongue on my clit…be a good girl and play with my clit for a bit and then eat my pussy with that nasty tongue of yours…ooohhhhhh, that’s right RIGHT there…oh yeah now eat my pussy, get right up in there and eat it drink down that wetness…”

I continued with my direction, telling innocent little Tiffany when to go from licking and nibbling on my now rock-hard clit to eating my pussyhole, which she eventually started to devour. When she grabbed my ass to help with her leverage, she really hit a nerve and that’s when I started to scream.

I could feel my orgasm building as slutty little Tiffany fed on my pussy, and my moans got higher pitched and louder in volume. When she latched on to my clit again, I grabbed her nipple for being such a good girl, rolling it between my thumb and finger. As she moaned, I felt the vibrations around my clit and suddenly I snapped as my orgasm crashed down me, my body flashing hot and cold as pussy juice gushed down into her mouth. In an effort to make sure she drank it up, I pushed her face as far as I could into my snatch and despite her wide eyes I knew she was enjoying every last drop as I shuddered through the strong aftershocks of such a fast and intense orgasm.

Once it had faded, I pulled her mouth away from my pussy and before she could say a word I pulled her hair back and latched on to those fuck-me lips, shoving my tongue in and tasting myself in her mouth. I fell back into the hot tub, pulling her with me and we sort of rolled around in the water with our tongues wrestling to taste as much of each other as possible. We eventually made our way back into the dark corner, with me sitting and her on my lap this time.

I propped her perfect tits up in my hands, trying to decide on which perfect dark pink nipple I should enjoy first, enjoying the sight of them getting harder and pointier with each second they stood out in the cold and under my scrutiny; each little bump on her areola and goose bump on her perfect white skin just made me want to taste them more. Eventually it was too much and I just went for the nearest one, putting the entire nipple in my mouth and sucking for all I was worth. Tiffany gave a low groan, her head snapping back after all her waiting. I continued to suck, izmit eve gelen escort flicking the tip of my tongue over her nipple while my entire mouth sucked on her areolas, and it started to turn me on so much I just needed to taste her juices too. Moving to sit her on the top step to get out of the tub, her legs braced on the seats on either side of the steps, her pussy was clearly on display with the steps lighting letting me see everything. Her pussy was incredibly tight, dripping both from the water of the tub and I could see some thicker substances leaking from between two pouty pink lips, the nub of her clit protruding at the top just waiting for me to take care of her.

As I continued to stare she started to whimper and swivel her hips a bit, and I had to bite the inside of my cheek to stop from smiling. Drunk bitches are so easy to convince of anything. This was exactly why I maintained my high tolerance; so I could stay in control.

Looking at her face, I moved closer to that perfect little cunt, watching her expression turn from frustration to bliss as I shoved my tongue deep in her snatch, getting as much essence on my tongue as I dragged it deeply until I got the top where her clit waited, and I clamped down, sucking as hard as I could creating a vacuum until she was writhing on that top step, and then just as suddenly I released it and started blowing cold air on her now more engorged clit, making her shudder and twitch and give a huge moan at the sensory overload.

“You like that, you dirty little whore?” I waited for an answer, and when she didn’t reply as she sat panting staring into space I pinched one of her pussy lips until she cringed and whispered, “I loved it. Please don’t stop.”

I flicked her clit, causing her to shudder and give a sharp “OH!” as I replied “Only if you scream for me, and promise me that you’ll be my little bitch. That includes the next time we do this.”

“I was afraid you were going to say that…”

“Tiffany, you didn’t think I was going to let you go after you ate my pussy so well, did you?”

She replied by sighing, leaning back and spreading her legs even further, and I smirked as I got back to enjoying her pussy. Alternating between nibbling on her pouty lips and then delving deep to fuck the tight hole of her snatch with my tongue, sometimes switching to clamp on to her clit and then taking a breather by blowing cold air on her pussy.

Eventually izmit otele gelen escort I decided it was time for her to cum. I spread her pussy lips apart so I could get the best spot on her clit, placing my lips directly around it so I could suck it or tongue it as easily as possible. Then I reached up with my left hand to grab one perfect tit, and started palming it, making her pant even more. Once I had a good grip on the multitasking, I started teasing her lips where they surrounded her hole, lightly tracing them with my other hand, feeling the moisture collect as she began to shift around as her pleasure built. Eventually I started focusing in on building her pleasure, lightly rubbing back and forth across her nipple, feather-light with my thumb, as I lightly tongued her clit and started to dip just one finger into her viselike hole.

Her panting was increasing to the point where her chest was heaving and she was getting more vocal; “Oh that’s it, keep doing that, exactly that…OOOHHHHHHHH that’s it, push it in farther, I want it in deep, as deep as you can go…how are you making me so wet? OHH your mouth feels so good, don’t stop…”

When her words simply turned into low moans and higher pitched shrieks, I decided then was the moment, and all at the same time I pinched her nipple as tight as I could, sucked down on her clit and shoved two fingers into her now sopping-wet cunt. Her chest arched and her head snapped back and a scream ripped from her throat as I started attacking her most sensitive spots with my hands and mouth. With her hands clenched on the sides of the tub for support, she started grinding her hips into my face as I twisted her nipple and started shoving my now well-lubed fingers in and out of her pussy, hard and deep, curling the tips of my fingers to reach her g-spot, sucking and tonguing her clit as fast as I could.

Her head was shaking back and forth as her body clutched and shuddered, simultaneously pushing my face farther into her dripping snatch while trying to buck me off, and screaming “FUCKFUCKFUCK OH FUCK…” so I took my fingers out of her snatch, and shoved them into her mouth as I moved to lap up all her flowing juices.

She licked and sucked on my fingers, loving the taste of her own cunt as I continued to slurp down all the sweetness flowing from her now trembling pussy.

As soon as she stopped shaking, and started to collapse against the stairs, I decided that was enough for one night. I got up, located my bathing suit top and bottom, put them on, and as I got out of the pool, I said to Tiffany “I’ll make sure I get your number from someone, so we can have some real fun next time.”

And I walked into the house.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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