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Wow! Was I beat! Since my arrival early yesterday, I had spent all day in meetings and then last night I was visited by two guardian angels of eroticism. (For background, read my “Blunder Become Bliss”)

I really needed to sleep. It was already 10:30 in the morning and time was racing past like a pack of Greyhounds at the dog track. I set the alarm for 1:45 PM so I could be awake when I was to call Wendy for details about the dinner date we had made this morning. Laying down on the bed the sweet fragrances and the memories from several hours before filled my brain. I fell asleep as quickly as I fell down the first time I was on roller skates and I didn’t move until the alarm rang.

Sitting on the side of the bed I tried to tap into any reserve energy I might have hidden within me and forgotten about. Still having the grogginess of sleep over me, I managed to realize that if I wanted to see Wanda again while I was here, I should call her. Dialing her number the phone rang a few times. I was relieved to know she had my number logged into her phone. I knew this because she answered with “Hello Art! I was just thinking about you!”

“In a good way, I hope! How are you?” I asked as jubilantly as I could for as sleepy as I was. The pause that followed seemed as awkward as a three legged octopus trying to dance on the ocean floor. Then it happened.

She stated, “I’m doing fine, thank you. I understand you met my sister, Wendy.”

Those last seven words ripped through my brain, momentarily obliterating my arousal of just a few seconds ago. The panic siren wailed loudly in my head as the hurricane of apprehension tossed fragmented questions around in my mind.

Who told her?

What had she been told?

Does she know Wendy and I were meeting tonight for dinner?

Is she aware that Wendy I had…

“Yes. I met her at Bonefish last night,” I replied as calmly as I could, sidetracking my runaway brain. I was hoping she wouldn’t detect the fear of me perhaps disclosing to her more than she already knew – I didn’t know how much she knew!

I didn’t know how she’d react knowing I had been intimate with her sister. I felt sure she wouldn’t be jealous; after all, she was married and Wendy, well, I didn’t know about Wendy. I didn’t recall seeing a ring on her finger but I admit, jewelry wasn’t on my mind at the time.

Another few seconds of agonizing silence. “She said you were delightfully and that she really enjoyed meeting you,” was the next thing I heard Wanda say in an uncharacteristic monotone voice.

“Really!?” I replied trying to mimic being surprised. “Well, she’s a real nice lady. Her and Sue are both wonderful,” I confirmed with a voice surprisingly as steady as the underground anchors of the Golden Gate Bridge. Little did she know in what context I had meant the word ‘wonderful’!

Another long, agonizing pause.

Oh my god! Maybe she DOES know!!

Luckily for me, before my mind went wild again, I head Wanda talking to me.

“I was going to ask if you’d join me for dinner tonight, but I understand you have plans,” her voice softly drifted through the phone and into to my ear canal.

How cruel can life can be? Back home I’d not have a dinner date for months and now when in town for only a few days, I have these beautiful and enticing ladies desiring my company.

“Yeah, Wendy and I are going out to dinner,” I replied with as I tried to make it seem as innocent as I could. “That reminds me – I need to call her and get the details here pretty soon,” I rambled on with a further attempt to divert any suspicion Wanda might have as to the possible motivation of her sister and I having dinner together after just having met.

Our conversation continued and after we hung up I sat there staring at my phone for a minute. Flipping it open I dialed Wendy. She answered almost immediately and we talked for a while, having at last decided to meet at a local pizza shop around five. I set the alarm again and laid down for another nap.

Later that day after we met, Wendy and I killed off the pizza and a couple beers. The entire time I sat in amazement. I couldn’t get over how much she looked like Wanda! Siblings usually resemble each other, but these two could be clones!

When we were done eating, we walked around the landing area for about an hour and when we had covered most of it we proceeded to a huge municipal park that was nearby. Wendy turned unexpectedly and quickly ducked under a tree with branches hanging so low they touched the ground and made an opaque curtain. The tree was only several yards off the sidewalk and I quickly followed.

Being in our own cocoon furnished by nature, she quickly was releasing the ankara escort bayan throbbing muscle in my pants. With my pants down around my ankles she then turned her attention to what she had worked eagerly to free.

My cock was fully hardened and welcomed the touch of her long slender fingers as she wrapped it in her grasp. When this adorable 73 inches of feminine sexuality took me between her tender lips I had shivers of intense arousal ricochet through me. After she spent a few heavenly minutes painting a generous coat of her saliva onto my shaft, she turned around and offered me her body.

She was wearing a short dress and the lack of underwear gave me free reign of her. Gazing at this flesh rose that blossomed in front of me I pressed my cock against her pussy. I couldn’t figure out why she had felt the need to lubricate me with her saliva – she was already wetter than the rain forest – but I try to accommodate the desires of a lover.

The full length of my thickness slid easily into her feminine treasure box. The snug fit of her body around me was perfect. Tight enough to drive me crazy and relaxed enough to make my repetitive thrusts a total delight. She was meeting each of my forward thrusts by shifting herself back toward me, increasing the depth of my penetration. My flesh throbbed inside of her as the tempo of my thrusts increased steadily.

Stretching my arm around her tiny waist, my fingers eagerly worked toward the front side of the elation I was enjoying with my cock from behind her. Feeling her well trimmed bush I knew my destination was within reach and I stretched a little more.

As soon as my index finger pressed against her slit it easily dived into the slipperiness that was waiting anxiously for me. My finger rubbed her hard clit and her pussy squeezed my cock as the first flood of her satisfaction was quickly offered to me.

Her glorious body was quickly tensing in it’s preparation for another orgasm as I continued to tickle her clit with my finger and massage her internally with my thick shaft of flesh. I knew that soon I would too would be at that point.

Her gasps of delight transformed into soft shrieks as she succumbed to the unavoidable release of sexual elation I was forcing on her. We both were aware that we had to remain relatively quiet, being so close to the sidewalk, and that added to the eroticism of the moment.

The next few minutes could be compared to a roller coaster ride. She crested the first hill and as the breathtaking physical stimulation completely overtook her the uncontrollable verbal release emitted from her lungs confirmed she enjoyed the stimulation. A major rush of delight. A very brief pause. Then more stimuli.

The tingles of womanly delight raced through her as if she was going over the series of ‘bunny hop’ hills on this erotic coaster. With her increased arousal her body began shaking as if she was on one of those old fashioned wooden coasters. She repeatedly released her heavenly lubrication around my flesh piston as I maintained my quick and hard full length strokes from behind her.

Cresting each of many hills, the verification of her pleasure was being given to my hard cock. Enjoying the snug jacket of sexuality her body was providing me, my orgasm was quickly approaching as well.

Her sexual coaster was slowing and preparing to cruise to a stop at the station while mine was transforming into a water ride. The extreme swelling of my cock within her body made her begin rocking her hips back and forth once again, in unison with my thrust. I hoped to coax yet another orgasm from her but a few more seconds of rapid thrusts into her I was overwhelmed and the ultimate in human sensations washed over me like a tidal wave. I continued ramming my cock into her saturated tunnel, flooding her quickly with my seemingly endless release.

With our hunger now satisfied I pulled my jeans up and we walked out from under the tree, shocking the shit out of the local cop. He noticed us after we were just a few feet into the open. He looked at us like Scotty had just beamed us down! We smiled and nodded as we passed.

“I need to stop at the ladies room,” Wendy whispered to me. “Your cum is running down my legs.”

“I won’t call Ripley’s until it starts running UP your legs!” I replied with a chuckle. She looked at me, trying to appear angry at me for my seemingly complacent attitude, but the grin on her face give it all away.

“You’re such a smartass!” she said, kissing my cheek before she went into the restroom.

Outside, I waited for her and when she had rejoined me I asked if she’d want to shower before she went home. She agreed it would be nice if she could, so we headed back to my motel eryaman escort room.

A few moments after she started her shower I stripped and surprised her by joining her. “Thought I’d help the environment and save some water,” I explained as I pulled the shower curtain closed behind me.

“Only to benefit the environment, huh?” she laughed as we began to lather each other. When we were done showering, she dried off and then wrapped a towel around herself. (Don’t know why you women do that – you gotta know damned well it will be coming right back off if the guy’s walking around with a flesh covered replica of a Diving Rod jutting from his crotch!)

I followed her out to the main room. I was still nude and my Diving Rod was undeniably active. It had found a source of moisture nearby. When she turned to sit down on the edge of the bed I pulled the towel from around her as I gently but firmly pushed her down on her back. Her sexy dark eyes were alive with fire as she lay there naked and vulnerable to me. I knew she was waiting for my next move as I watched her flat belly gently rising and falling as her mind assembled various potential scenarios.

“Slide back some,” I asked in a rather demanding way. Looking at her soft, warm body made me want to enjoy her again and again and after she moved back further on the bed I clamped her soft feet around my hard cock. Having the thick tip nestled between her arches, she continued to stare at me, her breathing still short and getting faster. Stroking my length between the soles of her feet, I enjoyed a few moments of selfish pleasure before I spread her legs apart.

Forcing her knees into the air as I planted her feet flat on the mattress, her long legs were parted widely. The view I had of her neatly trimmed bush above the intersection of her amazing legs looked better than anything Da Vinci ever could have dreamed of painting. I laid down on my chest and slowly moved my mouth closer to her bush which had a nice pink bud peeking from it.

My original intent was to hone my botanical skills by examining this attractive discovery I had made, and as my lips slowly kissed their way up her inner-thighs the bud became more pronounced. I eventually buried my face in her crotch and licked at her wetness. Just once. She jolted with the sudden stimuli as my stiff tongue made that initial contact. My tongue licked over it again. Just once. I observed the same reaction from her.

Parting the leaves that wrapped around the lovely flower waiting to bloom, I detected an amazing amount of moisture. “This must be a water Lilly of some type,” I said as I raised my head slightly, quickly returning my tongue to it for further exploration.

“Fuck you!” she laughed as she ‘slapped’ my head by quickly squeezing her thighs together. I was distracted from my botanical studies because I was so enjoying sliding my tongue over the gentle contours of her sexual garden. My tongue slipped between the beautiful doors that I discovered was hiding the entrance to a small, wet cave within her body.

When I forced my tongue into the doorway of this small cave, her hips instantly raised off the bed. I pushed my tongue in deeper as her legs again clamped my head and her hands pressed my mouth tighter against her pussy.

Wiggling my tongue around the opening made her body tense even more as her shallow breaths transformed into gentle gasps. Slowly I slid my tongue out of the tiny doorway and upward. Upward at a snail’s pace. Upward my tongue slid over the shallow but saturated valley of erotic delight that was here in front of me.

Rapidly moving my tongue side to side as it crawled upward toward that protruding bud I had originally intended to examine, two of my fingers slid in the cave just vacated by my tongue. Her body trembled with excitement as she moaned with pleasure. Slowly her hips lifted higher off the bed.

“Oh Baby that feels…” she started to say but her words vanished and was replaced with a short, high pitched squeal as I suddenly sucked her hard, wet clit into my mouth. My tongue slowly rubbed across the tip as I held it tightly between my lips. She was thrashing about erratically as my fingers rubbed over every inch of the satin lined walls of the tiny cave they were in. My other hand was exploring the seductiveness of the surrounding areas as the smoothness of her skin amazed my roaming hand. My tongue and lips were still attacking her clit without sympathy as her body inched closer to orgasm.

My fingers wiggled like Jell-O as I slid them slowly back and forth within her.

My mouth continuing sucking on her delightful nub. Her hips were rocking with an increasing tempo. Releasing the morsel of her body etlik escort that I had been sucking on, I pressed my wet tongue tight against her slit and moved it over all of her tasty pink skin. She was now so close to orgasm her juices were beginning to flow from her.

I increased the intensity of the attack from my tongue. My fingers and tongue continued to charm her crotch into converting her body into a long, sexy, rigid mass of female flesh. For a few brief seconds, her body was as stiff as my cock as my fingers and tongue continued stimulating every nerve ending in her pussy.

Wendy was gasping for air as every muscle in her elegant body was so tightly constricted while attempting to postpone her orgasm. My fingers wiggled rapidly as they moved unhurriedly back and forth within her tight pussy. My tongue pressed hard against her satin sliding board, polishing it to a high luster with the juices that were flowing from her.

The tension in her body was released as quickly as a cable snapping and she began spanking my face with her womanhood. Her long moan ejaculated from her mouth as her hips gyrated wildly. Her cum squirted from her pussy like water from a squirt gun and it covered my mustache and face like an erotic Halloween mask.

I continued my enjoyable self-assigned mission of giving her sexual pleasure. After several moments of working to keep my tongue pressed tightly against her as she jerked and thrashed around violently during her orgasm, I moved myself on top of her so my excruciating erection was nestled between her velvet thighs.

My hand slid between her body and mine, grabbing the excited flesh that protruded from my groin. Pressing the wide head of my shaft against her soaked and slippery warmth, her cries of elation grew louder. The smooth skin of my wide, firm crown sliding up and down the length of her slit made her surrender multiple releases of her liquid silk to me. I began briskly rubbing her with the head of my cock she treated me to more and more of her warm lubrication.

With no prior hint to her I pushed my shaft downward and rammed it’s thickness deep into her immediately commencing to express my sexual desire for her with hard, rapid thrusts. She wrapped those heavenly long legs around my waist and held me tight with her feet pressed into my ass. I was locked in place as my eager cock ferociously pumped back and forth in her saturated pussy.

We turned the bed into a trampoline as our sexual hunger grew with every second. Continuing to ram deep and hard into her at the fastest rate I could, my mouth locked on her erect nipple and sucked hard on the taunt protrusion jutting from her firm, large breast.

Oblivious to the volume of the moans, gasps, grunts and screams of delight the symphony of our lust was producing while our bodies surrendered any remaining resistance, her perfectly chiseled legs squeezed my waist as the muscles in her wet heaven constricted around my shaft. My tongue licked at her nipple which was also repeatedly sucked deep into my mouth. Her hands were pressing on my shoulders, forcing me tight against her as our sexual dinner was served.

My first massive shell was launched into her depths. Multiple explosions of my satisfaction were being launched within her and I knew she felt every blast from me. She moved her legs into an almost vertical position and my balls instantaneously began slapping her ass with vengeance as the orgasms Wendy and I were experiencing simultaneously continued.

Diligently I persisted in thrusting my cock deep inside her until I had drained every drop from my balls. The skin surrounding and beneath her pussy was covered with the mixture of our cum as my slowly sagging sac took a rest on her ass cheeks, my cock still embraced by her own replica of heaven.

The extent of the sexual gratification we had just shared had temporarily transformed our bodies into one wilted pile of exhausted flesh. We lay there, attempting to recover from the intensity of our pleasures. I stayed on top of her long and slender body, enjoying the delight that every molecule of her body gave me where it came into contact with mine. My limp cock still remained nestled inside her cum filled pussy as her hands slowly and lightly rubbed over my back.

Eventually we each regained enough strength to move. We headed back to the shower, allowing me to again enjoy touching all parts of her body. When we were done showering and had dried off, she stepped over and put her arms around my neck. Our naked bodies touched again.

“I really do have to go home,” she said softly in my ear as we tightly embraced each other and kissed. Regretfully, I knew I had to accept that fact. It took us longer than normal, but we got dressed then headed out the door before our hunger for each other returned.

While we drove back to where her car was parked, we promised to see each other at least one more time before I had to leave town again.

July 26, 2009

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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