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Allie Haze

Any resemblance to any characters in this story and real persons is purely incidental.

This is a work of fiction.

The characters in the story are above the age of 18.



Chapter – 1 – Tuitions begin

At the rate he was going Ajay knew he was going to get fucked. If he did not find a solution to his Mathematics woes, he was going to fail in his examinations and be the biggest disgrace of his entire family.

It was 6 months since Cathy had ceased to be a part of his life. The reality that she was not there really hurt him. And it hurt even more because they had never ended their relationship. They had not even got a chance to say bye. Actually, the last they had met was just like one of the many times they frequently met. Ajay had climbed the tree next to her house and had gotten into her room. They had made love and then slept in each other’s arms till it was time for Ajay to leave. And then all of a sudden, just after the half yearly exams and when the new term was about to start, Ajay got a frantic call from Cathy saying that her parents were re-locating to Ireland. That call lasted for 5 minutes and Ajay had not heard of Cathy since. Ajay was so disturbed by the turn of events that he hardly could read his books and in 2 months time and 3 months before the final 11th standard examinations, his parents were summoned and instructed to shift to him to another school. It meant the loss of a year and in spite of the rant of his parents and relatives, Ajay was relieved at the break. And now here he was, at age 18 and armed with a driving license. He had joined a sub standard college for no other college would take him and had no choice but to learn Maths which he hated like crazy. And now that Cathy was gone, Ajay now felt that love to him meant nothing.

As Ajay sat in his bed thinking about Cathy, he heard his mom calling him.

“What is it’ Ajay began as he entered the living room and then stopped right there. His Mom and younger sister were sitting on the sofa and his next door neighbour Vijaylakshmi was sitting right opposite to them.

As soon as Ajay entered, his sister sprang up and said with a smirk on her face, “Ajay, Lakshmi chechi has agreed to take Mathematics tuitions for you!”

Ajay gave everyone a blank look. “Yes. It is true Ajay. Lakshmi has been very kind – hearted to agree to take tuitions for you. As you know she has just finished her Masters in Mathematics. She is just the perfect teacher.” Ajay shook his head.

Vijaylakshmi or Lakshmi as everyone called her was the most stuck up girl around the neighborhood. She was not popular among the kids or with Ajay’s age group. Her peers were also never looking forward to spend time with her. Her face looked constantly angry and irritated. A common joke of Vijaylakshmi was that if she was born in the US, she may have had become a model and that being in India, her looks would not even guarantee rags to be sold! In the first place, she was very dark – skinned which itself was a huge backward step for any girl in India. Hers was not even a wheatish complexion as Ajay’s was. It was much darker than that. And unfortunately, unlike the three other girls who were dark in their neighbourhood, Lakshmi hardly had the assets to make up for it. Her boobs were very small. Once Ajay’s friend had said, “Lakshmi’s boobs are even smaller than my 14 year old sister’s!” She was also pretty skinny. Her two good points were that she had shapely legs and a flat stomach. She did have sharp features but it was mostly covered in that irritated look she always sported.

Ajay again shook his head. “No Mom. I don’t think that would work out…’ Ajay was cut short by his mom.

“There is going to be no further conversation in this regard Ajay. With your dad not here, I cannot take it if you start failing like this. You will start tuitions tomorrow,’ Mom turned to Lakshmi, “Is tomorrow okay?” she asked.

Lakshmi looked up at Ajay. “Yes. I will start tomorrow with him. Let me see what I can do about boys like this.” Ajay winced at being called a boy by her. She was only 5 years apart at 23 yet she acted like he was a school kid. Lakshmi gave him another stare and said, “Be there at my house at sharp 5 P.M.”

As Lakshmi turned away and walked after talking a bit to Ajay’s mom, Ajay’s sister snickered. Ajay looked at his younger sister with contempt. Not only did she not show respect but, she was also pleased as punch that her elder brother was going to be stuck listening and studying with Miss Unpopular. “You better stop that,” Ajay warned and the look on his face made his sister stop. She did walk away gleefully because she knew that she had scored an easy goal.

No amount of persuasion would have an effect on Ajay’s mom and Ajay started tuitions the next day. Right from day one, Ajay knew he was going to be in trouble for a long time coming. And as he expected, the next 2 months were pure torture for him. Vijaylakshmi was a hard task casino şirketleri master and she made Ajay toil like crazy. As Ajay’s mom had given her complete freedom, she made full use of it. She even got into the habit of making Ajay run errands for her. After a month of bossing over Ajay, she also started making Ajay help her with house work. Her parents were office goers and used to come back long after Ajay’s tuition was over. It was all down-right humiliating. Ajay kept cursing her a thousand times over to no avail because there was some improvement in his marks and his mom was convinced that Lakshmi was the answer to her son’s problems.

Chapter – 2 – An amazing turn of events (Voyeurism)

And then, one fine day, Ajay’s luck changed.

It had started as the possibly the worst day of Ajay’s life. Ajay got scolded big time by 2 of his teachers and had to write countless impositions. On top of that, the previous day, Lakshmi had given him a huge amount of solutions to solve. Ajay doubted if even she herself knew the answers to them because they were that difficult. Even at 4 P.M., Ajay was nowhere close to solving even half of the problems. He resigned himself to the fact that the earlier he got shouted at for not completing his work, it would be better. He was certain that she would yell at him and maybe even slap him on his palms with her ruler. She had done it before and when Ajay told his mom of the incident, she gave him a lecture that teachers had the right to scold and also to punish.

Ajay shut his books and walked towards Lakshmi’s house. It was 4:30 P.M. He rapped on the front door as usual but there was no answer. Ajay turned the door handle and the door opened. Ajay was surprised. He walked over to the dining table where they usually sat. Ajay figured that she was somewhere in the kitchen and he was about to call out for her, when he heard a noise from upstairs. Ajay listened carefully. He wondered if Lakshmi was upstairs when he heard another noise. Ajay grew inquisitive and he climbed the single flight of stairs leading to Lakshmi’s room. The door seemed to be slightly ajar. Just as Ajay reached the top most stairs, he heard a sound which he felt sounded like a moan. Ajay pressed his ear to the door and… there it was again. A deep throated moan. A hundred questions went through Ajay’s mind. Was Lakshmi or whoever who was in there, having sex? The curiosity got the better of Ajay and he peeked through the slight opening of the door.

And it blew his mind.

Lakshmi was lying on her bed wearing only a bra and fingering her pussy furiously. Her eyes were closed and she seemed to be in sheer ecstasy. Ajay immediately ducked back out. He just could not get to believe that Miss Unpopular even knew how to masturbate. Almost immediately, Ajay peeked back in. Lakshmi’s slender legs were splayed out and her fingers were deep in her pussy. Her pussy was really a sight. It was very bushy and it was apparent that she did not have the habit of shaving her crotch.

Ajay withdrew his gaze and stood outside Lakshmi’s door for a moment. Then, as a plan began forming in his mind, he got his cell phone out of his back pocket and set it to vibrate and made sure to switch off the flash. The phone wasn’t the latest but the camera in his phone was pretty good. Getting the camera ready, he peeked back in and got a picture then ducked back and checked the shot. Lakshmi’s face could not be seen but he had a nice view of her body. Ajay snuck back in one more time and this time, clicked one in which her fingers were deep in her pussy. He clicked one more, this one a full image of her lying on the bed. Lakshmi was really moaning now and Ajay felt that she was near to cumming. He thanked his stars that she had shut her eyes and quickly clicked a couple more and snuck back outside.

In a trice Ajay was down the stairs and out of the house. He told his mom that he had severe diarrhea and locked himself in his room. As soon as he locked the door, Ajay ran through his pictures. He had about 5 of them and they were all great shots. He picked the one where Lakshmi was fingering herself and moaning. He stared at that picture and for the first time, was soon jacking off courtesy Lakshmi. After he was done shagging, he couldn’t get himself to believe that he had fantasized about Lakshmi of all the people. He quickly transferred the pictures to a USB drive. He took the time to study each photo. Hell, he still could not believe that Lakshmi had such desires.

He considered uploading them to the internet but then decided, if he did that, it would not serve the purpose. After all, that bitch had humiliated him so much. It was the perfect time to get back at her. He wondered whether she would resist. But, the more he looked at her sexy and horny face, he felt he had hope. Using his dad’s printer, Ajay printed one picture, the one where you could see her nice and clear and put it in an envelope. Ajay had decided that he would go for tuitions and give Miss Unpopular a nice gift. He was casino firmaları sure that if the guys in his neighborhood could have had on look at her pictures, Miss Unpopular would soon become Miss Fantastically Popular in the blink of an eye.

The next day was a Sunday and by the time the day ended, Ajay was a fan of Miss Unpopular. He had jacked off about 3 times looking at her pictures.

Chapter – 3 – The Questionnaire

The following day was a Monday and Ajay was very enthusiastic about going for tuitions. He went over what he would do all morning sitting in his classroom. He was absent minded, rather fully thinking of Lakshmi and his plan. Finally, when it was 4 P.M., he told his mom that Lakshmi had told him to come early for tuitions and left for her house.

He boldly went up to her front door and rang the bell. After a few minutes, Lakshmi opened the door. She looked flustered and un-kept. When she saw Ajay at the door, she demanded haughtily, “What are you doing here so early? Don’t you know that tuition starts only at 5?”

Lakshmi was standing dressed in a white top and a below the knees black skirt. To his surprise Ajay could see her tits poking through the thin fabric of her top. It appeared that she was not wearing a brassiere. Whether she noticed him staring at her or not, Lakshmi seemed irritated. “Will you please reply?” she asked.

Ajay said, “Well, I just thought I would come early. That’s all.”

“Have you finished the homework I gave you?” Lakshmi asked harshly.

“Well, Ajay replied, ‘as a matter of fact, I haven’t. I was hoping that you would help me out.”

Normally, Lakshmi would have shouted at Ajay for not completing his homework but, today she was oblivious to Ajay’s eyes on her. She had not expected him so early and had thought it was the mail-man or someone like that. She was rather pissed to have seen him considering that he had disturbed her from her afternoon masturbation session. She had hurriedly pulled on a top and skirt over her naked form and was now in a real hurry to get dressed.

She stepped aside and said, “Okay. Sit at the table and try to solve the problems. I will come now.”

Ajay nodded and as he moved towards the table, Lakshmi made her way upstairs. As she sauntered up the stairs, Ajay noticed her skirt getting caught between her ass cheeks. He was now certain of two things. One, Miss Unpopular was not wearing panties or her bra and two, in all probability she had been masturbating again when he rang the bell.

As soon as Ajay heard Lakshmi’s bedroom door close, he started climbing the stairs. The door, this time was shut. Without even thinking twice, Ajay looked through the keyhole.

Lakshmi was pulling up a white panty between her legs. She then removed her top and wore a black bra over her perky tits.

Ajay took in the sight and waited for a couple of minutes for her to wear her top. Then, he rapped on the door.

Lakshmi opened the door. She seemed angry. “What the hell are you doing here?” she snapped.

Ajay extended the envelope he was carrying. “This was in your letter box. I just thought you should have it.”

“Why the hell did you have to bring it up here? I was anyways coming downstairs. And who told you to check my letter box?” Ajay said nothing. He just looked at Lakshmi with a glint in his eyes.

“This doesn’t seem to have any stamp,” Lakshmi said as she noticed that the envelope was not stamped. She looked at Ajay and said. “Anyways, you go downstairs. I will come now.”

In reply, Ajay stepped into her room. “I want you to open it in front of me.” After a pause, he stared at Lakshmi in a cold look and said, “Now.”

Lakshmi was surprised at the change which had come in her neighbor. Till this point of time, he was this meek, innocent guy. All of a sudden she felt an apprehension.

Hesitantly, she opened the envelope. As she started removing the photo, Lakshmi trembled with fear. It was a clear picture of her wearing just her bra. On top of it, her fingers were deep in her wet pussy.

Ajay noticed that Lakshmi had turned white.

“How dare you,” she trailed off.

“Well, next time, please don’t forget to shut your door.” Ajay said with a smile on his face.

Lakshmi looked helpless. And suddenly, as if her mind had sprung back into action, she ripped the photo into bits.

“There. That is over.” She said triumphantly. “Now, you can forget about all of this.”

“Come on Lakshmi. Do you think that is the only copy I have? Please remember that I am not a fool like you are.” Ajay grinned at her.

Ajay continued, “Just imagine what will happen if the neighborhood kids saw your pictures. They are surely going to love it.”

Lakshmi tried one more time. “I’m warning you Ajay! This stops now!”

“Or what?” Ajay said coolly.

“I’ll tell your mother about what you have done.” Lakshmi said, trembling with anger.

“Really? That’s lovely. And what will you tell her? That I caught you with your güvenilir casino fingers deep in your pussy?”

Lakshmi flinched at Ajay’s use of filthy language.

Ajay looked straight into Lakshmi’s eyes. He continued, “And if you do want to tell anyone, please do so. I’ll happily circulate your pictures all over. By the way, do you want to be on the Internet? I guess it will be pretty difficult for your parents to find a match for the Indian porn princess!”

Lakshmi’s knees felt weak. She knew it was a lost case. She was on the verge of a panic attack.

“Ajay, please leave me alone! I beg you.” She was now close to tears.

“Really Lakshmi, is that fair? After all you have done to me for the past 2 months? How can I forget all of your scolding and beatings? On top of that treating me like a kid?”

Lakshmi said, “I am sorry I was rude to you. I didn’t mean to be so.”

Ajay said coldly, “A simple sorry does not suffice.”

“Then, what do you want? Do you want to scold me and beat me? If that’s what you want, please do it and get out of here.”

Ajay shook his head. “I’m not a sadist, Lakshmi. What I really want I will tell you later. For now, I want to ask you a few questions.” Saying so, Ajay sat on the chair opposite to her bed.

“Go and sit on the bed.” He ordered.

Without a word, Lakshmi sat on her bed facing her 18 yr old neighbor.

Ajay knew his first question was crucial. He did not want to scare her straight away. In the first place, he had to know if she was straight or not. He was almost certain she was not gay but he had to certain.

“Are you straight?” he asked.

“What do you mean?” Lakshmi asked, bewildered.

“Meaning, are you interested in guys or girls?”

Lakshmi had a look of surprise. “Of course, guys. I can’t even imagine girls.”

“Do you have a boyfriend, Lakshmi?” Ajay asked.

“Don’t ask me questions like that. I’m not answering questions like that.” Lakshmi responded.

This was a do or die moment. A voice inside Ajay’s head was telling him to walk away. He had already had girls before and a girl like Vijaylakshmi would not make a huge difference. He stole a glance at her and there she was, still with that proud and arrogant look. She really did think she could get away with anything. Ajay decided. He was going to give it back to the bitch.

Ajay flew into a rage, “You’ll answer whatever fucking question I ask you! Do you have a boyfriend?”

“I can’t answer that. I’m your teacher!”

“If you don’t answer me you won’t be a teacher much longer. You decide. Are you more likely to get in trouble answering my questions or not answering them?” Ajay retorted.

Lakshmi shook her head. “No. I don’t have a boyfriend.”

Ajay smiled. “I thought as much.”

He continued, “Are you a virgin? And don’t make me ask twice!’

Lakshmi seemed to be shocked at the question. In almost a whisper, she said, “Yes.”

“That wasn’t so hard was it?” Ajay said. Lakshmi did not respond. She was as white as a white sheet now. “Are you alright?” Ajay asked.

“No, I am not, she said, ‘You’re scaring me.”

“You have nothing to worry about. Do as I say and no one will ever know what happened.” Ajay said.

Lakshmi seemed to be slightly relieved when she heard that but she still looked wary.

“Have you watched porn?” he asked.

“No” came her response.

“Lakshmi, please don’t lie to me. Do you want to tell me the truth or do you want me to walk out from here?”

“Okay, I admit it. I have watched porn.”

“Interesting’, Ajay whistled. ‘Where did you get it from?”

“One of my girl friends gave me a CD.” Lakshmi said.

“What was the rating? Was it hard core porn?”

Lakshmi looked at the floor trying to avoid Ajay’s gaze. “Well, it was a mixture of everything.”

“Lakshmi, if you don’t want to be embarrassed the rest of your life you will look at me when I am talking to you.” Ajay said in a menacing tone. Immediately Lakshmi looked at him in the eye.

“We’ll come back to your porn CD later. Tell me something Lakshmi. I have been dying to know. Do you girls watch a guy’s crotch area?”

Ajay already had known the answer to the question but he wanted to hear it from her so that he could quickly progress further. He risked getting a negative answer but it was an outside chance.

Lakshmi nodded. “Yes. Girls do look at guys.” Ajay noticed that she had not mentioned ‘crotch’ but he did not press for it.

“If there is a delay in answering my next question, your future is going to be wiped out. Is that understood?” Lakshmi nodded in apprehension.

“Have you looked at a guy’s crotch area?” Ajay asked.

“Yes.” The response, though a whisper, was immediate from Lakshmi.

“Whose?” Ajay probed.

“Couple of guys in college.”

Ajay guessed that he could ask her the question she was anticipating. But he decided to keep it for later.

“How often do you masturbate?” Ajay asked.

“Ajay, I can’t reply to such questions.” Lakshmi said.

“Okay, as you wish.” Ajay attempted to rise from the chair as he said, “I hope you have an explanation to give to everyone in the neighborhood.”

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