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This a story of a gorgeous sexy but inexperienced young English teen girl encountering the many temptations of life in Paris. There are references to her new smoking habit and the darker side, so she apologizes if this isn’t for you…

The story so far… (better if you start at Pt 1!)

Marie was a young student from Exeter, England, about to start her degree course at the Sorbonne University in Paris. A county (state) level tennis player at home she visited the university’s tennis club. There were unexpected consequences.
Still a virgin at eighteen and in the first week of university life, she encountered a whole new world. In just a week she lost her virginity to Jerome, made love to Chantal and that was just the start…

Chantal, the secretary of the University Tennis Club had invited Marie for a trial match which Marie won easily. They ended up in the club bar and over the next couple of hours they drank far too much wine for Marie, and in an alcoholic haze she invited Chantal back to her apartment.

Back in the apartment Marie opened another bottle of wine, filled the glasses and they both collapsed onto her very comfortable sofa. She felt Chantal’s firm warm thigh against hers and it felt good, very good. She was getting inexplicably aroused.

They drank more, and a confused Marie could feel herself becoming increasingly turned on by the warmth and closeness of Chantal’s body. By the end of the evening the very inexperienced Marie had drunk far too much, smoked her first cigarettes, and the gorgeous Chantal had become her first ever female lover.

Chantal leads Marie further into new and dangerous experiences….

* * * * *

Back in her apartment Marie prepared for the afternoon lecture.

A text appeared on her phone.

“Dinner tonight with my father?”

“OMG — what do I wear?”

“Dress x”

“Collect you 7.30.”


She chose her favourite body hugging blue dress. It was cut low enough to just show the top of her full young breasts, well supported by her blue Victoria’s Secret bra. Her dress was just short enough to reach half way down her beautifully curved thighs. She carefully pulled some smooth 15 denier light grey tights up her legs, over her matching sexy blue thong.

As always, she applied just a little makeup. Combined with her long brown hair, brown eyes and almost Mediterranean colouring the result was stunning.

Putting on her gold watch, an eighteenth birthday present from her grandmother, and her gold bracelet, she checked herself in the mirror. She felt good. Starting to feel nervous she lit a cigarette.

At 7.30 a large black Mercedes pulled up outside her apartment. The chauffeur politely greeted Marie and opens the rear door for her. Chantal was in the back, separated from the driver by a darkened glass privacy screen.

“My father has been delayed so he’ll meet us at there. It’s one of his restaurants.”

“How many restaurants has he got?”

“Four and two bars in Paris and he’s just opened an amazing restaurant in Monaco.”

“Does he know about …us? Will he be ok?”

“Yes, I’ve told him. He’s fine – he’ll love you.”

She squeezed Marie’s hand tightly, “and you look really nice.”

She kissed her gently on the lips.

Marie was feeling more confident and relaxed.

“Mmmm, you too.”

The restaurant was a 30 minute drive away. They settled into the soft leather seat. Looking out of the window at the sights of Paris. Marie thought about how her life had changed over the past week.

Suddenly she felt Chantal’s hand on her thigh, under her dress, stroking her smooth tights. This felt very good; as Chantal’s hand moved up the inside of her leg, once again Marie felt her whole body filling with excitement, a need to be loved and satisfied. As Chantal’s hand reached Marie’s pussy, then massaged her clit through her gossamer thin tights she felt the tension gradually building. Moving the tights down Chantal gently ran her finger over her lover’s moist clit.

“Mmmm, that’s nice…”

She continued massaging, slightly faster; she knew Marie was about to cum.

Marie gasped as she came to a small but very satisfying climax.

Relaxed and very happy she closed her eyes. She felt their lips meet.

As her eyes opened, Chantal kissed her again, “Are you mine, all mine?”

“Yes, yours,” she paused, “yours to make love to …”

“And corrupt… is that what you want?”

“Yes, corrupt.”

The Mercedes pulled up at “Le Café Parisienne”. Hand in hand they entered the restaurant. It was a comfortable, friendly, traditional Parisienne restaurant, where locals eat, enjoying knowledgable service, good food and wine.

Chantal waved to her father who was sitting at a table in a quiet corner. Smiling he stood up and politely, French style, kissed both girls on their cheeks.

“Papa, this is my friend Marie.

He looked approvingly.

“Marie, meet my father Laurent.”

He took both of Marie’s hands in his, “I’m so happy to meet you, balıkesir escort Marie. Chantal has told me about you …and please call me Laurent!”.

They sat together opposite him.

A powerfully built man in his early sixties in a well cut business suit he had a natural air of authority but even so he very quickly put Marie at ease. Proud of his restaurant he ordered the meal for them that included his restaurant’s signature dish, coq au vin, chicken cooked in Burgundy red wine, mushrooms and garlic.

He talked about his new high-end restaurant in Monaco. It had become the latest “in place” for the locals and the many wealthy visitors. As the evening progressed, he was warming to Marie and she relaxed with him. Such a beautiful uncomplicated young English girl and she was making his daughter so happy. He could see the chemistry between them. He approved.

“Marie, please come to Monaco for a long weekend. Chantal can show you round and you can meet some of our special friends.”

“I’d love to Laurent.”

Chantal squeezed her hand under the table.

“Before you go, I’ve got some business to discuss with Chantal. Please excuse us while we go to my office for a few minutes.”

* * * * *x

The same Mercedes took the girls back to their apartments.

Marie had a tutorial the following afternoon, so she went straight to bed so that she would have time to prepare the following morning.

She woke up at 7.00am feeling uneasy. In a just over week her lifestyle had changed in a way that she would never have imagined. She lit a cigarette made a double expresso. Her mind was starting to clear. She loved being with Chantal far more than being with her first ever lover, Jerome (CH 1).

She realised she was probably bi or even lesbian…but it didn’t matter. Having been completely uninterested in sex until a week ago, she was now enjoying an incredibly intense relationship with Chantal. It was also an exciting relationship. The sex was totally amazing; she really loved the feel and intimacy of their naked bodies tightly together in a warm bed, but she knew this was only the start…and she wanted to find out more.

She turned on her laptop. Slightly guiltily she Googled “Porn” then “Lesbians”. This was her first time on a porn site. She was curious. There were lesbians making love, kissing, masturbating, licking clits. Then something really interested her – an attractive young girl, naked, tied by her arms and legs, face down onto a bed.

She started the video. Another older girl appeared, dressed in black leather, a small cane in her black gloved hand. She ran it up the inside of the young girl’s legs in between her thighs, up to her slit, rubbing it between her legs, teasing her clit.

Marie was transfixed by this. She was surprised at her reaction — she was getting very aroused. Between her legs was getting very moist, her heart was accelerating and tension was building in her body…

The girl was breathing quickly and whimpering. Then the older girl pulled away, raised the cane and bought it down hard with a crack on her sexy curvy butt. The girl screamed. The cane came down again. This time she howled like a wounded animal.

Marie came hard. She was soaked.

She sat back in the chair, shaking. For a reason she couldn’t understand, she was excited by the young girl and what she had experienced. This was something she had to try. This was different. It was a whole new world and she wanted to be part of it.

Would Chantal, her corruptor, take her there?

She was slightly concerned about her growing need for cigarettes, although she was sure she could stop at any time. Chantal had introduced her to marijuana and the joys of lovemaking when they were stoned. She would ask Chantal where she got her supply. She took the empty glass pipe out of her bag and put it between her lips and sucked. A bitter flavour filled her mouth. How good it would be if she had some now.

“Good morning x” A text from Chantal, “Coming over tonight?”

“You want me to? ?”

“Just cum, ? ? stay tonight”.

The afternoon tutorial went well. Lucia, who had graduated at the Sorbonne and returned to lecture was dark haired, Italian, curvy, mid thirties with an easy manner and a good sense of humour. At this early stage the course was not very demanding, so the work Marie had done during the morning was more than enough.

Walking back to her apartment she fantasised about the evening and night ahead and where Chantal might lead her. Once inside she undressed and showered ready for her lover. She carefully trimmed around her clit and put on her blue silky panties and a matching blue bra. She was starting to get aroused.

She put on a short tight skirt, trainers and a low cut tee shirt showing off her full breasts. She was about to leave for Chantal’s apartment when her iPhone alerted her to a new email.

“This is Danielle from tennis club. Can we meet for a coffee? Xxx”

Marie was confused. From when she first saw Danielle balıkesir escort bayan in the club changing room she was very turned by this dark, sensual, powerfully built Caribbean girl, but what about her lover Chantal?

Surely a coffee was harmless enough? She would reply later.

As she walked to Chantal’s apartment she kept thinking about Danielle. With her smooth dark skin, her muscular but perfectly shaped body she was almost a younger version of Venus Williams. Yet she showed vulnerability when became upset about the breakup of her relationship with her young French girlfriend. This was getting very tempting. Marie was still thinking about her as she arrived at Chantal’s apartment.

Once inside Chantal hugged her tightly.

“I’ve been wanting your horny sexy body all day.”

Marie kissed her gently on her lips.

They held each other tight their tongues deep in each other’s mouth. Chantal moved her left leg under Marie’s short skirt to between her thighs, slowly massaging her already moist clit.

“Omg what are you doing to me?”

“Leading you into bad ways.” She paused, “Corrupting a beautiful, innocent, young English girl. Perhaps I should stop?”

Marie could feel a climax starting to build. Chantal paused.

“Don’t stop…”

“I’m going to corrupt you later my beautiful sexy lover.”

“No, don’t stop now…”

She moved her hands up Marie’s tee shirt, raised her bra until she found her nipples. Squeezing both nipples, she massaged them tightly between her fingers.

“Mmmm yesss!”

Then squeezing them tighter, rolling them between her fingers….

“Stop, it hurts!” Marie was gasping. Chantal wanted more…

She squeezed her nipples as hard as she could. Marie was breathing faster and faster, begging her to stop. Tears started running down her cheeks. Suddenly she cried out and collapsed to the floor…

Chantal, horrified, realised what she had done. She knelt down and put her arms around her.

“I’m sorry, so sorry, love you…”

Marie looked down, wiped her eyes in silence.

“I’ve just had a big orgasm.”

Chantal helped her up, gave her a quick hug. They sat opposite each other at the kitchen table.

“Where does this leave us? I didn’t want you to find out.”

“Find out what?”

Chantal looked down. “What I’m in to.”

“I enjoyed it.”

“You mean…you’re into…pain?”

Marie realised this was what she had been so turned on by only a few hours ago

“I don’t know …OMG, that was sooo different…and good!”

Both girls got up, hugged each other, kissing softly on their lips.


“Mmmm, yes.”

Chantal took a bottle out of the chiller and poured two glasses.

Marie collapsed onto the settee, Chantal beside her.

“I’m going to corrupt you my beautiful sexy lover… “

She rested her hand on her lover’s thigh

Marie was happy, “Please…”

She took out her glass pipe and put it between her lips.

“Something’s missing!”

Seeing her innocent protégé sitting there with an empty hash pipe between soft young lips was a big turn on. She went into the bedroom and came out with her own pipe and a small sealed bag of marijuana. She carefully mixed it with cigarette tobacco and divided it into two halves. Chantal watched as Marie filled her pipe, then eagerly sucked hard and inhaled as the flame from her lighter ignited the contents.

Chantal wondered how far she could push her young lover. Marie had briefly experienced and had been turned on by her dark side.

They filled their bodies with the addictive smoke. They were happily stoned. Chantal led her lover into the bedroom and in a very happy and but sexually hungry state they held each other tight in bed. They made love, exploring each other’s bodies, just happy to be together. Chantal loved sucking Marie’s erect nipples. Marie loved being between Chantal’s legs licking her clit and drinking her warm juices.

“Baby, lover”.

“Mmmm?’ Marie whispered

“You know when you said you’d enjoyed the pain?”


“You meant it?”

“Yes, I think so.”

“Want to try something – you trust me?”

“Mmmm, yes.”

She instructed Marie to lie head down on the bed.

Chantal opened a draw and took out two long pieces of rope with cuffs at one end. She locked each cuff around her lover’s ankles, the other end tied to the bedposts at the end of the bed, forcing her legs wide apart. Marie could feel her heart racing. She then stretched out her arms over her head as Chantal locked the hand cuffs.

Chantal left the room and changed into a short tight black leather dress and dark stockings. She chose a three foot long whip, bendy with lots of thin leather tails. She dropped it on the bed beside Marie. Already she was soaked between her legs.

Her personality had changed with her appearance. She was now a different person…

“Are you ready little one?”


“One last thing…” She put black leather a escort balıkesir blindfold tightly over Marie’s eyes.

She gently ran her hands down her lover’s body, stroking, relaxing her for what was to come…

She picked up the leather whip and gently ran the tails up down her body, then lightly whipping her ass. Then, raising her hand bought the whip down hard on her ass. Marie screamed. Again and again it came down, sometimes softly, sometimes hard.

Stroking the tails of the whip up down her legs she suddenly landed hard on the back of her thighs. Again she screamed but now she was in another world, one of fear, pain, and extasy; a world she didn’t understand but was giving her a strange sexual thrill.

Chantal untied the ropes and turned her over onto her back and retied them, removed her bra, exposing her vulnerable breasts. Sitting astride her, she put the first nipple clamp tightly on her left breast. It was already sore. Marie started to cry. Next the right breast, then she tightened the screws on one side then the other. Chantal put her hand under the silver chain connecting the clamps. Marie cried out in pain her body thrashing around as her full young breasts were mercilessly repeatedly pulled upwards.

When she thought she couldn’t take any more punishment, it stopped. Everything went quiet. Then she felt something vibrating moving slowly up her leg. It touched her pussy and felt very good. Slowly it moved towards her clit, just stopping short. She tried to edge her clit towards it, but it kept moving away.

Suddenly, a whisper, “Are you mine, little one?”

“Yes, yours…”

The vibrator stroked her clit. She opened her legs wide and it entered her young body. She screamed as she experienced the biggest and longest orgasm ever.

Then silence. For a full minute, her senses completely overloaded, she had passed out. As she lay there unconscious Chantal carefully removed the nipple clamps the cuffs and blindfold and kissed her tenderly on the lips. Marie’s eyes opened and she smiled, in shock, sore, but contentedly as she watched Chantal take off her black leather dress, stockings, bra and panties and throw them on the floor. They both crawled inside the bed, snuggled together under the covers and for a long time and very emotionally held each other tight, their bodies as one.

“You ok?”


Chantal got out of bed and topped up their champagne glasses.

“Happy? Do it again?”

“Mmmm, yes.”

The champagne was finished and the girls were tired. They put the lights out and fell asleep almost immediately.

* * * * *

Marie emerged from the bedroom wrapped in a bath towel, made herself a coffee, lit a much needed cigarette. Chantal had woken earlier and gone to the local boulangerie (bakery) for some fresh bread and croissants. They sat at the table on the balcony, overlooking the beautiful gardens below.

“This afternoon I’m on a business trip to Monaco with my father. Just a couple of days – I’ll miss you…”

“We can make up for it when you get back…I’ll miss you too, lots.”

Marie had to get back to her apartment to catch up with her college work. As she was leaving Chantal handed her an envelope.

“Open it when you get home – it’s a little present…”

* * * * *

Shortly after Marie left Chantal’s father arrived at the apartment. They opened the wardrobe and removed the panel concealing the safe. Using their separate keys, they unlocked it. Inside were twenty identical packages. Marie took them out and counted them into her weekend suitcase.

They locked the safe and replaced the panel, locked the apartment and put the suitcase into the boot of a dark grey Mercedes E Class, indistinguishable from a typical executive taxi.

“What time will we arrive in Monaco Papa?”

“Around 10.00 tonight. When we arrive, Matteo will come to the apartment and collect your case.

* * * * *

Walking back Marie thought about the last twenty-four hours. Her first experience of BDSM left her feeling very confused. Experiencing pain shouldn’t be good, yet it was. There was something bad but exciting about it. Her nipples were still very sore and her back was still hurting from the whipping, but that didn’t matter. The way her lover’s personality changed from loving to cruel and violent was erotically scary.

She had to reply to Danielle’s email. Should she meet her for a drink? There wouldn’t be any harm in that…or would there?

Still deep in thought as she climbed the stairs to her apartment, she undressed and immediately took a very welcome hot shower. Ten minutes later she emerged and put on her favourite jeans and low cut pink tee shirt, but no bra because her nipples were sore from last night.

She made a strong black coffee opened her bag and took out the envelope. She tore it open and inside was small re-sealable plastic bag. She opened the bag — it was marijuana.

What to do about Danielle? She decided to reply,

“Hi, good to meet for drink, when, where? Text me X.”

Ten minutes later a text message, ” Today 5.00 Café La Madame, Rue des Archives x?”


The marijuana was tempting, but she had an assignment to work on, so maybe later. Also she hadn’t been on a tennis court for over a week. She needed some practice with a good opponent. She could get back to it when Chantal returned.

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