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(Author’s note: Inspired by my friend, B. A. – you know who you are)

I’d had a few drinks. I admit that.

Let me make it clear that I was not drunk. The alcohol had merely lowered my inhibitions – not that I, a kinky, sexually active woman, have that many inhibitions to begin with.

New carpeting had been installed in my apartment that day, and its fumes were pretty strong. Breathing them was bad enough that I didn’t think that I would be able to sleep there. So I called him. I explained my problem. He was gracious enough to invite me over, telling me that I could spend the night at his place.

I had always felt an attraction for him, but even though I sensed that he was also interested in me, to that point nothing had ever happened between us.

His place was pretty amazing. After he gave me the tour, we spent the afternoon chatting, getting to know one another better. He cooked us a lovely dinner, which we enjoyed with our drinks. After I made myself useful, clearing the table and helping with the dishes, I felt I needed to take a shower.

Excusing myself, I padded barefoot into his rather palatial bathroom. The overhead lights quickly warmed the tile floor and my body as I stripped off my clothes. The shower enclosure had many jets of water that I easily adjusted to the perfect temperature. Stepping inside, I found a fragrant soap and lathered my body in a leisurely manner. I was rinsing off the suds, letting the water sluice down my body, when the door to the shower enclosure opened.

I was not shocked as, naked, he joined me there in the shower. In fact, I was glad that he was taking the initiative. However, I was surprised at the size of his cock – both its length and its girth. It was almost fully erect already. He reached over and turned off the shower jets. Even though I was still wet, the warmth generated by the bathroom lights kept me from getting chilled. Without saying a word, he pressed down gently on my shoulders. I got the message. Lowering myself onto my knees, I took the head of his cock into my mouth and started sucking it.

I did not want to choke on that magnificent rod of flesh, so I sucked only on its head, and let my tongue play with the part contained in my mouth. Meanwhile, my hands were busy pumping the shaft and rubbing and caressing his balls. I looked up along his body, watching his reactions. As his arousal intensified, so did mine. I love being on my knees, giving a blow job.

When his cock began to give telltale warning jerks, he suddenly grabbed my hair and pulled my head back far enough that his cock left my mouth, its tip pointing squarely at my face. If there’s one thing I find more exciting than giving a kneeling blow job, it’s getting a cum facial. My hands kept working his shaft and balls, indicating my willingness for him to blast hot semen all over my face.

Emitting escort ankara a wordless sound of excitement, he erupted, coating my face with a prodigious load. As I felt it splat, stick, and then start oozing down my face, my own body erupted in a fantastic orgasm! This happens to me more times than not, when I am in this position. I usually have to finger myself to climax, but this time I did not even have to touch myself.

Coming down from my peak, I expected that he would help us out of the shower at this point. Surprisingly, he reinserted his cock into my mouth and made me continue to suck on it. After a few minutes, he again pulled out, but this time he pissed all over me! I had never had that done to me before. To my astonishment, the warm stream of his urine cascading down my body felt amazingly erotic.

When his flow ceased, he finally broke the silence. “Fair is fair,” he stated. “Now it’s your turn.”

I looked at him quizzically for a moment, and then I realized that he meant he wanted me to pee on him as well. For a little while, I was unable to do so. Perhaps my nervousness of trying to perform this unfamiliar act was preventing me from relaxing enough. He placed himself on his back on the shower floor, and had me sit on his chest, straddling him. Without speaking, he looked reassuringly into my eyes, as his hands gently stroked my tummy, soothing me.

Finally, my urge to urinate surfaced. I rose up and squatted over his face, holding my pussy lips wide apart. For the first time in my life, I peed on a man. From the pleasure that I derived in doing this, I knew it would probably not be the last time.

Rinsing off, we emerged from the shower enclosure and dried each other carefully. Both of us still naked, he led me to his bed. We fucked for what must’ve been a couple of hours, losing ourselves in the sensations, experimenting with various positions. In this newness, we were learning how to pleasure one another. I especially liked it when his body would pin mine to the bed, or he would hold my hands above my head when I was face up, or hold them behind my back when I was face down. Or when he grasped my hair, dictating the position of my head and body as his cock moved within me. His natural dominance was becoming very apparent. But gradually, his huge cock took its toll on my cunt. I hated to admit it, but I was getting too sore to continue.

“Please, we have to stop. I’m sorry, but my pussy is starting to hurt too much,” I apologized.

Instead of getting upset or angry, he merely smiled at me and said, “Thank you for telling me. That’s not a problem.”

I was face up on the bed, under him at this moment. I was a little confused when he placed a hand under both of my knees and lifted upward, at the same time placing a pillow under my hips. He lowered my feet so they could brace against his shoulders. His hands grasped my ass mamak escort cheeks and pulled them sideways.

When I felt his cock bump my now well exposed ass hole, I exclaimed, “Wait! What are you doing?” I am sure that I was wide-eyed with apprehension, and I felt my body stiffening all over.

I could hear the self-assurance in his voice as he replied, “I’m going to fuck you in your ass.”

I was not completely opposed to the idea. After all, I was not a virgin in that opening even though I rarely let a man enter me there. But I must admit that the sheer size of his member was daunting. “But, but you are so big!” I almost whimpered as I said this.

“It’ll be okay. Trust me. We’re not in any hurry,” he said soothingly.

He had been such a compassionate lover up to that point that I did trust him. Taking a deep breath, I nodded my acquiescence, and let my body relax back onto the bed. His finger dipped softly into my cunt and when it withdrew, even though I could not see what he was doing from my current vantage point, from his arm movements I guessed he was lubricating himself with my juice. The mental image of that made my heart accelerate.

The next time the tip of his penis nudged my ass hole, the wetness made me shiver involuntarily, and press my feet more firmly onto his shoulders. Unfortunately this made my ass cheeks clench together, so I consciously relaxed them once again, at the same time relaxing my anal ring as much as possible.

True to his word, he took his time. I thought he might use his fingers to pry me open, but he only used his cock, gently nudging and bumping me rhythmically with it. Letting me get used to its touch. Letting my need for it to penetrate me to gradually build. As my need grew, I was able to relax more and more.

Eventually, I reached down and grasped my own ass cheeks, pulling myself fully open. I believe this allowed him to grasp his penis near its head and guide it more carefully to the center of my opening. Pressing there with a slight rocking motion I felt it begin to enter. As I was stretched, probably more than this opening had ever been stretched before, slight primal feelings of concern almost caused me to reflexively clench my muscles in an effort to shut it. But something about the expression on his face and in his eyes helped me to remain calm and focus on the more pleasurable aspects of what we were doing – some of them more mental than physical.

Millimeter by millimeter he pressed himself inward. When his balls nudged the curve of my ass, I breathed a sigh of relief. I had done it – accommodated the entire length and girth of that marvelous penis. It felt that in some manner my body had claimed it – taken possession of it.

With small oscillations of his pelvis and slow movements, he began fucking me. His hands caressed me from my tits to my labia, and along yenimahalle escort my thighs and legs, never pausing at one area long enough to make the others feel neglected. Most of my body was tingling from his touch as his cock withdrew and reentered with gradually lengthening strokes. I placed my hands against the bed above my head, signaling my complete surrender to him. I was his to use as he wished.

His eyes captured mine, holding me in a veritable trance as his thrusts intensified. Becoming aware of his balls slapping harder and harder against my ass, I was amazed how well my nether tunnel had adjusted to its role of sheathing his cock. I expected him to explode inside me at any moment. But he had other plans for this load of his seed.

Halting, and easing his cock from my ass, he covered my body with his and kissed me thoroughly. Standing and helping me to my feet, he led me again to the bathroom and shower. During this brief walk, I had curious sensations in my rear due to the currents of air that entered my still dilated and apparently gaping ass hole.

In the shower, he let me soap and cleanse his body. I thrilled to this sensuous exploration as I lathered and rinsed him. He returned the favor, lathering me abundantly, even into my pussy and well up into my ass hole. I must admit how erotic it felt as he used his fingers to make certain that every bit of soap was removed from both of those openings. His own arousal was apparent as I glanced down and saw his fully erect penis.

Standing, he turned off the shower. He placed his hands on my shoulders and pressed downward gently. Understanding his tacit command, I knelt and took his cock into my mouth. I sucked, licked, stroked, and pumped it, and fondled his balls as he stood there, accepting my act of worship. After a while, he took my hands and pressed them against his hips, signaling that he wanted me to leave them there. Grasping my head firmly with his hands, he began fucking my mouth. I was delighted to offer my mouth as a new cunt for his pleasure. I tightened my lips to provide more friction for his enjoyment.

He began panting and gasping as he fucked my mouth almost violently. A loud moan ripped from his throat as his cock throbbed and twitched and began jetting spurt after spurt of his cum deep into the back of my mouth and throat. His seed entering me was the trigger for my own orgasm! All of my body quivered and shook from the vehemence of my release! The only part of me not in motion was my head, clasped firmly in place by his hands as he pumped a copious flood of semen into my stomach.

As my body gradually quieted, and, try as I might, I could suck no more fluid from his softening cock, he lifted me to my feet. I felt a bit dizzy, and prone to stumble as orgasmic aftershocks coursed intermittently through my body. He helped us back to his bed. Sated for the time being, we wrapped each other in a warm embrace and drifted into a deep slumber.

My last thought before falling asleep with a happy smile on my face was, “Maybe I should let my apartment air out for several days before I try to return.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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