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Sometimes I get an urge that takes control of me…

I didn’t even bother shaving my body, though I did flush my bowels. I slipped on my tight, cheap, bright-blue mini-dress after strapping on my fake DD tits. Not being able to wear ‘high’ heals, I put on the tallest pair I could wear. My Wife, Jean, put on a dab of make-up to make me look like as much of a whore as possible, including bright-red lipstick which was surrounded by my goatee. She helped fasten my long brunette wig in place.

We got in the car and She drove me to Our favorite Adult Book Store. She stopped by he back door, We kissed passionately, and I got out. I noticed the lot was nearly full as She drove away.

There was a new, young Guy running the counter. I smiled at Him…he looked me up and down with a smirk. I paid my money and swiped my ‘key’. Knowing exactly what I wanted, I headed directly to the Gay theater.

As I strutted from the door, weaving around the couches, headed to the platform under the big-screen, I questioned loudly…”Who wants to make me Their BITCH?!”

A few of the regulars got to me as I reached the platform.

Frank was about my age(40s). Fairly fit. He owns a small local construction company. Dark hair, 6’2″, built and toned but not big and ripped. solid 8inch long and 2inch thick cock. He dropped His pants and sat on the end of the platform. I immediately engulfed His cock with my mouth.

Billy was a Young Guy from a few towns over. He was maybe 5’10”, 140lbs. Curly blonde hair and energetic. An average cock at 7 long and almost 1.5 thick, but He could stay hard a long time, was multi-orgasmic, and could shoot massive loads 3feet. He yanked up my minidress and rammed into my ass.

Paco was a short frumpy local Guy. 50s, 5’2″, 250lbs, mostly bald. Barely could speak English. He had an amazingly hot 20something Wife that He would bring to the ‘straight’ theater at least once a month to get royally gangbanged. We al knew He had money, but didn’t know from what. He had a donkey-dick. It was 10-11inches long and all of 2.5inches thick though I had never seen it fully hard. He never did and fucking. He would get sucked sometimes, but He mostly wanted to get stroked and liked to slap Guys in the face with His meat-club. He was squeezing my big fake tits as I stroked Him.

Frank musta bee ready because He didn’t las 5minutes before filling my mouth with His cum. I swallowed it all and kept sucking until He went soft and left. I angled over and sucked Pacos fat cock the best I could. Billy slammed into my ass and unloaded His first load into my ass. He went back to fucking me.

Someone bartın escort sat in front of me. I reached out for Their cock, but there wasn’t one. I pulled my mouth from Pacos cockhead and looked to see a bare pussy before me. Instantly I shoved my tongue into Her. She was on Her back, legs together and pulled against Her chest.

The pussy was tight and smooth. No protruding lips. Her asshole was also smooth and it was tiny. I questioned if either had ever received a cock. The moment I started licking, She began moaning and writhing. Juices flowed from Her pussy and across Her asshole. While working Her clit, I slipped a thumb slowly into Her ass. I’d never felt an ass so tight. Her moaning got frantic. The deeper I pushed my thumb, the more Her moaning turned to wailing. By the time I had the base knuckle of my thumb hard-pressed into Her ass, She was gushing from Her pussy all over my face, writhing intensely, and wailing like a banshee. Billy unloaded into my ass again.

I was still stroking Paco who had taken his attention from my fake tit and slid under it to tweak my man-nipple. Someone on the opposite side was cumming on my back.

Paco finally pulled my hand from His cock. He pushed my head sideways and into the waterworks Banshees crotch, and proceeded to smack my face and Her pussy with His massive member. After a few minutes, He half shot, half oozed a huge about of cum all over my face and Her crotch. Before stepping away, He ground my face into the mixture of Her juices and His cum.

After countless orgasms, The woman in front of me went nearly limp. Billy unloaded a third time into my ass. 3 more Guys came on my back.

Marquise, another Regular, layed down on the platform. At 24years old, He was a little over 6ft, not terribly bulky but very toned, had a 10inch cock that was over 2inches thick, and was friend and former classmate of one of my Sons.

Though Billy had been bounding my ass for the last 30minutes, when I climbed on top of Marquise facing His legs, It took a bit for my ass to take the size of His cock.

I had managed to get the head in and was working on the first couple inches when He sat up, put His hands on my shoulders, and with a resound “TAKE IT BITCH!”, shoved down and impaled His entire cock up my cum-filled ass.

I let out a wail. The pain was intense. Marquise wasn’t going to wait and started bouncing His hips, fucking my searing asshole. Before The pain could subside, someone straddled Us and shoved His cock into my mouth. I leaned back, bracing myself with my arms against the platform. Eventually bartın escort bayan marquise went still and I bounced on His cock while bobbing on another in my mouth.

I felt a mouth on my rock-hard cock. I managed to notice, with a belly in my face, that the Girl was gone. She must have decided to reciprocate and was stroking my 8inch cock while sucking on the head.

I knew I was ready to blow, and did my best to resist. It only took a little more than 5 minutes before I erupted so hard in this Girls mouth I thought I was going to blow the back of Her skull off. My orgasm made my asshole squeeze the big dark cock in my ass.

“Yea, Bitch!” marquise said trough gritted teeth. “Squeeze my cock with Your ass, BITCH!”

The girl swallowed my cum the best She could but didn’t stop sucking. Which caused my asshole to clench even more.

Another 10 minutes She sucked while I bounced my asshole on Marquises cock. 3 more Guys came on my face and fake tits.

The girl finally stopped sucking my cock and stood up. It was the my 22year old God-Daughter, Jessica. The Daughter of my life-long friend Mark. I truly never would have expected Her to even come to a place like this, let alone do what She did.

Jessica walked up, gave me a passionate, cum-flavored kiss, and adjusted Her skirt as She walked out. She stopped and gave my Sone Gene a kiss before She left…

She kissed my Son Gene?! She kissed Him after I came in Her mouth?! My Son Gene is in a Gay Adult theater?! MY SON IS WATCHING HIS FRIEND FUCK MY ASS?!?!?!

While still bouncing on the fat, black cock in plain view of everyone, I saw my Son smile and wave at me. Before I could do anything, someone climbed onto the platform. He tried working His cock into my ass with Marquises. I relaxed the best I could. Remembering toe Lamaze breathing technique from when my Kids were born…though it didn’t help much. When He found the right angle and right spot and His cock began sliding into my already stretched asshole with Marquises, I let out whimpers and whines and a yip. As He slid His cock deeper and started pumping, all I could do was wail with pleasurable pain.

Many gathered around, including my Son and a couple more of His Friends that I recognized, to watch my asshole getting destroyed by 2 cocks. Most were jerking off. Every few minutes someone was cumming on me. My fake tits, my cock, my face, my hair…I thought maybe My Son doesn’t recognize His dad in a dress, with DD tits, make-up, and a long wig.

“Holy shit Dad!” Gene said bursting my theory but invigorating me.

Ted, escort bartın a weaselly brat friend of Genes steps up onto the platform next to me being sandwiched and shoved His cock in my face. My eyes were still locked with my Sons as I took this Kids cock in my mouth.

I never liked the little shit…and often called Him just that. He was arrogant, untrustworthy, often caused trouble when He was out with my Son…but I sure was enjoying His cock. Nice fat mushroom head, smooth, only about 7inches long but with a nearly 2 inch shaft and a head over 2inches.

“SUCK IT BITCH!” Ted said slapping my face. “Suck it like the whore You are!” Slapping my face again then grabbing my head and face-fucking me.

This made Marquise and the other Guy inside my ass pick up the pace and intensity.

My groaning around Teds cock from my asshole destruction must have been too much for Him. he didn’t even last 2 minutes before beginning to cum in my mouth, then pulling out and finishing on my face.

Marquise kept fucking my ass through 3 other guys fucking it with Him and each cumming harder than the last.

Marquise finally overfilled my ass while fucking it with Billy. Billy came in me twice more, the last with Marquise.

I lay on the platform, my blue minidress mostly torn off me, my fake DD tits still in place, my wig only slightly out of place cum running out my gaping asshole. The crowd got smaller an smaller as they all took turns either cumming on me from stroking or me sucking. Some even finished off in my mouth. A couple even suck me off.

My Son and His Friends had left before the end. As I struggled to get up, cum globs dropping from my face, hair, ‘tits’ cock, and ass, the new young guy from the counter came in.

Somewhat startled at what He saw, He asked, “Do a towel or some clothes?”

I stood, with shaky knees, covered in cum, and mostly naked.

“No. I’m good.” I told Him as I began walking to the exit. “I relish these ‘walks of shame’.”

As I walked out into the parking lot, still mostly naked, My Wife, Gene, and Ted were there waiting for me. All 3 videoing the disastrous mess that I was.

“Dang, Dad!” Gene said as I get to the car. “That was wild!”

“Sure was!” Ted piped up. “Now I know how much of a Bitch and whore You are!” He ended with a laugh.

Quickly grabbing Him by the throat and pulling Him close to my cum-covered face, I said softly. “Dressed like this, I AM a bitch! But I’m no whore! I’m a SLUT! I do this for MY enjoyment.”

Letting Him go and standing tall, a gob of cum hanging from my big fake nipple, my dick still hanging out. I look at my Wife, Jean, smiling. She takes the gob of dangling cum with a finger and places it into Her mouth.

“mmm-mmm” She said licking Her lips. “Sorry I missed this one. Can’t wait to see the video. I also can’t wait for You to watch the video of MY escapade from tonight.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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