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“Warning, this title contains the following: explicit sex, graphic language, and some violent situations. In addition, all characters in any sexually explicit conduct are over the age of eighteen (18) years at the time this story was written.”


Instinctively, Stepmom and I realized that the middle of the beach was not the best place to have a conversation about sex, so we walked toward the wooden rail fence, just off the beach. The fence was lined with shrubs and pines and offered privacy.

When I found a small clearing, I stopped and asked, “Do you really want to hear about all this?”

“Well…it’s interesting…to think about exposing yourself in public…and having sex…with men and women…”

My cock was throbbing mercilessly now and I could feel the precum oozing out of it. I involuntarily touched myself.

“Just talking about this…stimulates you?”

“You? Yes. It does. I…”

“You can. If you really want to…”

“Huh? What do you mean?

“Well what? Tell me! What happens when a woman goes there?”

“It might be…dangerous for you…”

“Going there with you, you mean? What if I went there some night by myself? What would happen? Would I get gangbanged?”

“Anything you wanted. You can do whatever you want to…play with cocks…suck them…or even…screw…”

“Oh! What would you think about that? I mean, how would you feel…watching me being fondled…sucking cocks…or eating pussy? Would it excite you?

“Sis and I saw…that before…we did not say anything…”

“I know. I really, really, appreciate that! I do love your Dad. It’s just…that…I have needs… You know…maybe…we could go there….together.”

When I scrunched up my forehead, Stepmom said, “Now don’t be inhibited…if you want to play, too….go right ahead. I really would like it if I could watch you jerk a guy off… How about the reverse? Do you like it when you’re getting…anal intercourse? Can you cum? I’m sorry. I have so many questions…”

The more Stepmom talked, the more turned-on I got. This time I purposely reached inside my shorts and began fondling myself.

“Go ahead. Pull it out…let me see it! There’s nobody here.”

As Stepmom intently watched, I shyly shrugged my shoulders and then roughly tugged my shorts down. No longer restrained, my boner sprung out and as it snapped over my belly button, Stepmom breathlessly gushed, “My god! You’re hard as a rock! You must be really turned on… You shave, too! That’s so attractive! I really like that.”

I smiled appreciatively and then casually glanced down at Stepmom’s chest. My eyes immediately widened when I saw her nipples begin protruding against her t-shirt. They continued to grow, until they were gloriously erect.

“I can’t help it, either,” Stepmom said when she saw me staring at her chest. “You’re cock is so big, Honey…so fat…so juicy! Just the way I like them! I can suck and fuck cocks like that all night. Are you embarrassed to hear me talk like this? Just say…”

“Nooo. It’s exciting…talking to you about this… I haven’t been able to tell anyone… I think the world of you…you’re so beautiful…just like…”

I’m sorry,” Stepmom said as she began rubbing her clit. “I’m sooo hot…I feel like I’m gonna burst… Ooohhh goddd… Ooohhh!”

Alarmed, I looked down at Mom’s short shorts when she cringed and semi-squatted. They were dramatically darkening. My classy, sophisticated Mom was cumming so hard that she squirted in her shorts!

I instantly stepped forward and hugged Mom. She was quaking and her face was wrought with emotion. I tenderly caressed her head, until her heartbeat slowed.

A few minutes later, Mom softy whispered in my ear, “Let me be…not be your Mom tonight. Okay? You can empty those huge, smooth, swollen balls in me…on my face…on my tits…I don’t care…I just want your big cock in me…”

When I nodded, Mom she stepped back and looked up and down the beach. Although it was twilight now, I knew what she was thinking. If anyone discovered her naked, let alone in sexual congress with her husband’s son…

I stopped in mid-thought when I saw Mom begin pulling her flimsy, drenched shorts, sans panties, down over her glistening, tan thighs. Her intense arousal must have diminished any risks she had perceived.

Mom shyly dropped her head as she daintily stepped out of her shorts. She was nude from the waist down, on a public beach, and I was looking directly at her bald, wet pussy.

I hadn’t notice before, but Mom’s cleft was located more to the front of her body, than between her legs. I imagined she could fuck standing up, face to face.

When Mom turned to hang casino şirketleri her shorts on the fence, I whistled under my breath as I watched her bare, toned, curvy ass cheeks squeeze together. All that jogging sure paid off!

After Mom completed her housekeeping, she turned to me and said, “We’ll pretend this never happened… Okay?”

I nodded as I grabbed my shaft right below my swollen cockhead and squeezed it hard. We both watched a big drop of clear liquid bubble out of the tip.

As much as I loved the taste of precum – even my own, I stepped up to Mom. I took her hand, then her forefinger, and dabbed the precum. While looking into her eyes, I slowly guided her finger to her sexy mouth.

Mom knew my intentions. She wet her lips as my fingertip neared her mouth, leaned forward, and then wrapped her lips around the tip of my finger.

“Mmm,” Mom moaned. She then rewarded me by sucking my finger as if it were a cock. Her oral stimulation was so passionate that I almost came!

Eventually, I took hold of Mom’s t-shirt and lifted it up, baring her full, sweaty breasts. I immediately cupped them, testing their weight in each hand. They felt soft and heavy.

“You can use your hands more. I like them to be squeezed.”

I breathed hard and Mom’s chest heaved as I fondled and tenderly caressed her flawless breasts. It was a wet dream come true. I had cum countless times, fantasizing about these beauties.

When I lightly traced my fingers over Mom’s areolas and then gently tugged her stiff nipples, Mom sexily purred, “Suck’em Honey. Suck’em…as long as you want.”

Mom was true to her word. She closed her eyes and let me feast on her breasts, as she lovingly ran her fingers through my hair.

After I was satiated, I slowly began sliding my hand down Mom’s flat belly. When it passed over her vertical, oval belly button, Mom gasped as her abdomen dramatically fluttered.

I finally stopped my hand on her bare pubic mound, looked down at her wet cunt, and then simply said, “I want to kiss you down there. Make you cum with my mouth.”

With a curious smile on her beautiful face, Mom then broke away from me, leaned back against the fence, put her hands on her hips, and spread her legs like a whore. I couldn’t help but jack my hard cock as I stared at her mouth-watering naked body. I wanted to fuck Mom so bad…

I decided to wait. I truly desired to eat her pussy first. I knelt down in front of her and focused my eyes on the dark, pink button, protruding between her pussy lips.

When I licked my lips, Mom boldly pulled her pussy lips apart, tantalizing me further by exposing her light pink, oval orifice. She then rocked back a little further against the fence as I buried my face in her sopping, wet snatch.

Although my probing tongue quickly found the warm hole that Mom’s sweet, sticky nectar was seeping from, it took a little effort to push my tongue all the way into her tight vagina. No babies had ever come out of Mom’s love hole.

Soon, Mom was erotically sighing. It was music to my ears and made me even more determined to make her cum, again…but in my mouth.

Acting like an undernourished pig, I devoured Mom’s pussy. I greedily sucked up all the pussy juice she could offer.

After exhausting Mom’s pussy, I moved up to her clit. At first, I would teasingly give her erect clit a few quick licks with my tongue, before running my tongue all the way down to the pink, puckered rim of her asshole.

Although this was fun for me, I began to sense that I wasn’t keeping Mom’s little motor running long enough for her to cum, so I concentrated on nothing, but her clit. I just took her clit between my lips, and started sucking and licking it non-stop.

In no time, Mom went wild. She pushed her cunt into my face, grasped my head like a lumberjack, pulled it hard into her, and began masturbating herself on my face!

Near orgasm, Mom cried out, “Pull my nipples! Harder! Yank’em! Don’t stop! Don’t stop!”

After Mom came, I stood up, and as I looked into her glowing face, I proudly pressed my chest against her reddened breasts and my achingly hard cock against her sex-flushed abdomen. I had made her cum!

“Whew!” Mom said after she had caught her breath. You are an artist! Aaawww Honey, your face is all wet! I hope I didn’t cum…too much… That was super!”

Mom then kissed me lightly on the lips a couple of times before she put her arms on my shoulders, leaned forward, and gently began licking her cum off my face. I kept my body absolutely still, luxuriating against her sexy body as she cleaned my face.

My hands had a mind of their own, though. They could not resist caressing Mom’s casino firmaları smooth, silky, ass cheeks.

When Mom was through, I eased my tongue into her warm, moist mouth and tenderly French kissed her. Mom reciprocated and we remained ‘stuck’ together, until I got so hot kneading her ass cheeks that my hips began gently thrusting and rubbing my throbbing cock against her belly. I wanted sex…to fuck her…anybody at this point!

“Okay,” Mom said with a big smile. “Fuck me, now! I want your big cock in me! Just bend me over and fuck the shit out of me…”

“Yesss,” I hissed. My hard cock was making my toes curl. I immediately slid behind Mom, wrapped my arms lightly around her stomach, pressed my hard cock vertically between her ass cheeks, and began sliding it up and down.

Assuming I wanted her other hole, Mom sighed, “Okay. I guess that won’t matter…considering everything else we’ve done…fuck my ass. Go slow. It’s been awhile, Honey.”

Before I could respond, Mom bent forward, braced herself against the fence, and spread her feet. When she didn’t hear or feel anything, she looked back at me.

I was kneeling behind Mom, looking directly between her smooth, splayed ass cheeks. Her anus was beautiful!

As Mom continued to watch, I put my hands under her ass cheeks and lifted her ass high, so that I could view both of her hot holes. I already had eaten her delicious pussy and now I had her scrumptious ass right in front of my face.

Although Sis and I did deep analingus all the time, I had never tried it with another woman – until now. I leaned my face forward and began working my tongue into Mom’s anus.

Squeaky-clean Mom squealed and then continuously repeated the Lord’s name as I licked and tongue-fucked her ass silly. When my tongue tired, I slid my thumb into Mom’s saliva-oozing anus. Mom’s reaction was just as spontaneous.

“Oh yes! That’s right. Open me up. That feels sooo good! Keep fucking me… My ass is sooo horny…”

That’s all I needed to hear. I stood up and placed my drooling cockhead against Mom’s slick anus.

“Ooohhh yes! Push it in, Baby! I want it deep. Fuck my ass good with that big cock… I wanna go home with your hot cum in my ass…”

Somehow, I managed not to shoot my load. Listening to Mom and watching her relaxed, pink, anal ring slowly stretch around your engorged cockhead would make any man cum – much sooner than he wanted!

After I briefly paused, both Mom and I began to grunt as I worked my hard rod deeper into her snug, anal sheath, inch after inch, until I had completely impaled her. My fat, white cock had turned Mom’s pretty, little anus into a huge, straining, wide hole.

When I bottomed out, Mom turned her head back to me, again, and asked if I would mind just holding still in her. She said she wanted to frig her clit, adding that she seldom had that opportunity to do that with a ‘real’ cock in her ass.

However, as Mom rubbed her clit, she couldn’t help but grind her ass against me. The sensation of her smooth, clenching cheeks and the control she had over her rectal muscles was amazing.

It felt like Mom’s ass was sucking my cock! She could apply pressure on various parts of my cock – at will!

The closer Mom got to orgasm, the harder her sphincters gripped, tugged, and pulled on my cockhead, until the pressure to cum was overwhelming. On the verge of delirium, I grabbed Mom’s hips and pushed my cock as deep into her hot ass as I could. I almost lifted her off her feet. My pre-orgasmic aggression pushed Mom over the edge.

“I’m cumming! My ass is cumming…” Mom shrieked as she swiftly reached behind her, spread her cheeks, and pushed her clenching butt back on my cock as hard as she could.

Moments later, I also shrieked as I began shooting semen deep into Mom’s spasming bowels. My sperm felt like molten lava as it ripped out of my cock. My sexual pleasure was so great that I could have fainted.

After our orgasms subsided, I grabbed Mom’s head and turned it to the side. When our mouths found each other’s, we engaged in passionate kisses, until Mom pulled her lips away.

“Let me catch my breath, Honey,” Mom murmured.

I held Mom captive against me, until my cock softened. Mom then groaned loudly as she shit my cock out of her bored out rectum and then, again, as a massive amount of sperm slurped out.

“Christ, you’re a great fuck, Mom!” I innocently croaked. “Your ass is something else!” I almost added, “Now we both have cum in our asses.”

With a wry grin, Mom responded, “Aaahhh…Honey, l am not so sure you should call me ‘Mom’, when you’re…fucking…cumming in my ass.”

A few seconds later, Mom and I stood at güvenilir casino arm’s length, facing each other in the moonlight. The rhythmic soft sound of the breaking waves added to the serenity surrounding us.

However, after a minute or so, Mom looked down at my cock and then pushed lips out, as if she was pouting. “You’re still kinda hard. I shouldn’t let you go home like that. Mind if I get on my knees and give you an…on the beach special?

With an impish grin, Mom knelt down and began nursing my oozing cockhead. At first, she was very gentle, but when she felt my cock begin to harden, she began to apply stronger suction with her mouth.

Suddenly, Mom reached behind me and pushed a wet finger right into my sweaty asshole. I jerked and then froze in panic.

I could immediately tell Mom thought that my rectum was a little, too, wet because she curiously wigged her finger around in me, before pulling it out. I wanted to die, when she sniffed it, but I couldn’t. Her mouth was tightly grasping cock.

To my great relief, Mom didn’t say anything. In fact, she re-inserted two fingers and expertly began massaging my prostate as she shamelessly sucked and slobbered on my cock.

When my ass started to fuck her hand, Mom started milking my balls with her free hand. I came quickly, again.

I hollered “Mom!” right before I erupted into her hot mouth. Regardless, Mom continued to milk me and swallow my sperm, until I stopped shooting.

“You came a lot (burrrp), Honey! It just poured out of you…right down my throat. You know…I think we should do it. Let’s do it, Honey! Let’s go to the adult movies some night…”

I nodded and gently turned Mom around. I knelt down, spread her sweaty, cum smelling ass cheeks, placed my face between them, and inhaled. The sexual aroma was intoxicating.

With my lips pressed around Mom’s loosened, button-shaped asshole, I easily pushed my tongue through her slack sphincter. I immediately tasted her tangy ass juices mixed with my sweet, salty semen.

The further I extended my tongue into Mom’s warm anal tube, the more cum I tasted, and the more she squirmed. About a minute later, Mom verbally exploded.

“Yes, stick your tongue…up my ass. Suck it! Yeah! That’s it. Eat me out! Tongue-fuck my hot ass! Suck that cum out! Make me your BITCH! Make me scream!”

Mom then gasped when a little fart escaped her loosened rectum, but that did not stop me from felching her. Seconds later, Mom’s rectal gyrations caused pools of sperm to release into my mouth.

“Jezzz!” Mom exclaimed as she rubbed her pussy. “You’re making me cum, again! Goddd. It feels so good! Aaahhh! Aaahhh!”

“You’re so good,” Mom sighed when her climaxes subsided. Then with a smile that only an exuberant, satiated nymph could give, Mom cooed, “Ooohhh! Baby…I need to clean your face, again. You have our cum running down all over your cheeks and chin… You’re so passionate. You are certainly my best…lover…ever.”

I smiled and lewdly smacked my lips, savoring the taste of Mom’s ass. I had one more surprise for Mom and it was between my legs. Moms did not, yet, know, but eating her ass out had left my cock rigid and ready, again.

When I placed Mom’s hand on it, she giddily laughed. “Are you sure you have your Dad’s genes? Say, you wanna go back? I was thinking we could go back…see if anybody is around?”

“Sure, but on two conditions. The first being I fuck you, again.”

“Hmmm. The second?”

“You have to let me fuck you to find out.”

“Let me guess. My ass?”

When Mom bent over, I grabbed her hips and held them firm, as my hips pushed my hard cock into her soupy rectum. Mom grunted and then said I was lucky that she likes cock up the ass.

Although I did not respond, Mom continued to chat as I calmly butt-fucked her. Mom said that after a week or so of no anal, she’d be so horny that she would stick a suction cup dildo on the shower wall while taking a hot shower and then fuck her ass to orgasm – multiple times.

As I listened to Mom’s erotic chatter, I gradually increased my fucking speed and force. Eventually, Mom had to stop talking because I was pumping her so hard.

On the verge of cumming, I pulled all the way out of Mom’s rectum to look at her gaping, anal hole. However, after just a couple of seconds, Mom saucily wiggled her bottom, so I plunged my cock all the way back up her poop chute and continued to fuck her squelching ass.

Although Mom didn’t cum and my orgasm was not nearly as strong as my previous ones, I still managed to pump a couple of more loads of cum into Mom. Her ass had to be full, again.

Right after I came, Mom looked back at me and said, “There! Now tell me…what is the second condition?”

Before I could respond, Mom groaned deeply and shuddered as her bowels contracted, forcing my cock noisily and lewdly out of her rectum. I quickly patted her ass and then suggested we wash off. Mom agreed, of course.

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