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Diana sat staring dumbly at the spot on the stage where moments ago her best friend had stood. She felt as though the room had spun uncontrollably for the last five minutes and then had come crashing to an abrupt halt. She forced herself to breathe and looked down at the paper in her hand. The lyrics written there seemed to glare at her in accusation. Her mind reeled trying to find an anchor. Finally, as she closed her eyes images from form two weeks ago flashed against her lids:

The shattered look on Nia’s face as she had asked in a broken voice, “You’re going to do what?”

“Lisa asked me out and I think I’m going to go,” She had replied.

“You are going out with Lisa? A woman?”

“Yes, is that a problem?” She had been thrown by her friend’s reaction. Nia hadn’t answered. She had just walked over and stood at the window, her long, dark hair hiding her face.

“I can’t believe you have a problem with this. It’s something I’ve been thinking about and wanting for awhile. Now someone’s offering an opportunity and I’m going to jump on it. Literally.” She had snorted as Nia whipped around. “Please, it’s not as if you’d offer.”

The dark woman had recoiled, her distinctly Greek features twisting in what Diana had taken for disgust.

“I can’t do this,” the woman had shuttered, turning to leave.

“What?” She had reached out and grabbed the tanned arm. “Over half of our friends can be gay, but when I, your ‘best and longest standing friend,’ decide it’s what I want you become a homophobic bigot?”

Nia had jerked away and fled. The last Diana had seen of her was her back as she had run down the stairs.

She jerked back to the present when a hand touched her arm. Lisa leaned izmit escort in close to be heard over the music. “Are you alright?”

Diana managed to nod her blond head. Not seeming to notice her confusion, the shaven headed woman continued, “So, you know the people in the band?”

“Yeah, a couple of years now.”

“That’s cool. I’ve seen them a few times. They are really good. That one girl that just sang doesn’t normally sing for them does she?”

“Um, no. That’s what Cassie was telling me when she stopped at the table. They wanted the writer to sing it the first time they performed it. She gave me a copy of the lyrics to the song.” Diana handed the paper over. Lisa looked them over.

“That girl is seriously jonesing for someone. I wonder who the ‘friend’ was.”

“Yeah, hey, look I should go probably stop by and say hello to them. You know, thank them for the lyrics. I can see if they can stop by the table for a minute when they aren’t busy, if you want to meet them.” She stood as she spoke and was walking away before the other woman could begin to answer. She walked to the back of the club. She passed the person watching backstage without even noticing even though it must have been a familiar face to let her go by. Coming to the ‘band box’ room she stepped through the door and into the room coming to a halt.

Nia’s back was to her and she was talking to a cute redhead. Cassie noticed the newcomer and broke off mid-sentence. After a moment Nia’s dark eyes went to the mirror in front of her and caught Diana’s reflection. The nearly black orbs tore into her. Neither really noticed when Cassie slipped out. Slowly the woman turned, her tan skin glowing with the sweat she had built up on stage.

For izmit kendi evi olan escort a moment under the smoldering glare she couldn’t speak. Then swallowing she began, “I am an idiot.”

Dark brows rose and the sharp chin lifted.

“I had no idea.” She tugged on her blond braid nervously. “I’m sure there were signs, but I just never saw them. Again, I’m an idiot. I’m so sorry”

She was babbling now and couldn’t make herself stop. “I didn’t know you were here tonight and Cassie said you didn’t know I’d be here. I think it is fate. Please don’t hate me. You know I’ve always been dense. Remember? Blonde for a reason? I can’t believe I never figured it out. Please, stop me anytime here.”

Nia took a step toward her. In reflex, she took a step backward, but the action allowed her to cut off her tirade and actually get a breath. Another step forward matched by a step back, right into the wall. With two more strides the dark woman had her body captured. She had a moment as the scents of musky sweat, smoke, and Nia’s favorite perfume washed over her. Then the large, generous lips pressed against hers. When the hot tongue pushed its way into her mouth it was like a match had been struck. Heat surged through her body to the point she would not have been surprised if she’d burst into flames. Her arms moved to encircle the other woman. She started when they were caught by powerful hands and moved above her head. Her wrists were drawn together and held pinned with one set of strong fingers.

A moment later the other hand shoved between them and made its way down the front of her pants. The long, hot fingers branded their way into her wet pussy. They found her clit and roughly began to work it. Her knees buckled, had she not been held in place by the lithe frame molded to her own she would have gone to the floor. The smoldering mouth released hers and made its way down her jawbone to her exposed throat, biting and sucking as it went.

Her world was spinning heat. The very air fed into her ever increasing need. Thoughts, like a bonfire, flared in her mind too wild and fast for her pick out more than single shining embers of words. She gasped out, “Oh God Nia I…”

“Shut it, Dee!” The muffled growl of an order ratcheted through her. Her desire flared to new heights. Choking off the stream of words, she forced herself to obey.

A moment later her body seized. It was as if her body had been exchanged for pure energy that pulsed in time with the hammering of her heart. The world faded to white. As everything came back into focus she realized Nia had stepped away from her. The dark head was high and the distinctive features were held closed against expression.

Pushing herself off the wall she moved toward her friend. “Nia, that was…”

She cut off as the woman paced away to the door where she paused, the dark gaze cast over the bare shoulder. “Dee, your date is waiting for you.”

Then she was gone. Diana stood there, stunned. In a daze she made the way back to her table. Sitting down, she jumped when Lisa spoke to her. “Did you find your friend?”

Trying to pull herself back to the moment, she answered “Um… yeah?”

“Did it go well?” The woman asked smirking at her.

“Uh… I guess.” She just couldn’t shake herself out of this.

Lisa leaned in close, her mouth right up to Diana’s ear. She whispered “I ask because you have a huge hickey on your neck.”

Her hand shot to the hot, swollen flesh of her throat. Gazing up, she sat staring dumbly at the spot on the stage where moments ago her best friend had stood.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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