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Angie awoke with the bed sheets tangled between her legs. The morning sun and cold air washed over her nude form. She yawned lazily…and memories of the previous evening slowly filled her mind. Nipples achingly hard, she could feel the warmth flowing from her belly down to her mound. Moaning as her fingers explored the sensitive softness, she knew she needed more. Her mind flashed through the remembered images of D’vante’s beautiful cock. Rising from her bed, Angie walked to Tina’s dresser. Pulling open the drawer where Tina kept her large bras and tiny panties, Angie’s fingers wrapped around the small firm plastic cylinder of Tina’s vib.

Returning to her bed, she turned the device on low, and began to caress her tummy and inner thighs with its inviting buzz. Moments later, she was exploring her outer folds, remembering how Cindy’s voice cried out for ‘D’s big cock. Pushing the tip of the vibrator into her opening, working it deeper, turning up the intensity, she imagined it was D’vante between her legs. As her tension and desire grew, she built to a powerful orgasm. But rather than stop as she had the night before, she continued to fuck herself with the small pink toy. A second, and then a third orgasm quickly followed. Turning off the vibrations, Angie slipped back to sleep with the vib between her open, tender pussy lips.

Almost two hours later, Angie woke up for the second time. Laughing softly, she pulled on her long forgotten gown and walked to the bathroom. Cindy was exiting the shower again, alone this time, and the two girls exchanged morning pleasantries. It took all of Angie’s control not to ask about Cindy’s evening. After a warm shower she returned to her room to continue her weekend studies.

Because Angie had done well on her first round of exams, she had decided to give herself a break on Saturday night and attend a campus production of Shakespeare. The campus thespians were putting on a modernized version of Mac Beth, and Angie was interested in their interpretation.

As evening fell, she dressed in a long, yet simple black skirt and oversized gray sweater. Taking a black shawl as a warp, she headed to the theater. Arriving just as the house lights were going down, she found a seat near the exit and relaxed to enjoy the first act.

Somewhat confused by the dichotomy between the Elizabethan dialog and the modern costumes and sets, she found herself swept along by the Bard’s beautiful phrasing. At the end of the first act, she stood and left the theater with most of the audience. At the small concession stand, she got a diet coke and strolled around the room looking at a few of the paintings. As usual, not looking where she was going, she bumped into someone. Turning quickly she offered a jumbled apology.

“Oh, that’s quite alright, actually I was coming to talk to you.” said the tall boy she had bumped into. It was Jon, the RA she had met and then later spoken to at the party she and Tina went to.

Blushing slightly, Angie said. “Oh, ok, hi…”

“Hi tandoğan escort to you too.” Jon laughed softly. “Are you enjoying the play?”

“Yes, very much, I have never seen it performed.” Angie admitted.

“Well, I’m not sure tonight’s efforts fully count, but it is fun none-the-less.” again he laughed slightly.

Angie didn’t notice as Jon’s eyes moved down her body and then back up to her blue eyes. “Are you here with someone?” he asked.

Her cheeks blushed as she looked down. “Ah… no… No, I am alone.” Looking back up to him, she asked, “And where is your girlfriend?”

With a warm laugh, he admitted, “She is dating someone else. Such is life!” As Angie struggled with what to say next, the house lights blinked twice. Looking around nervously, she wasn’t sure what to do with her unfinished drink.

Jon reached out his hand, took the cup and casually, tossed it in the trash can behind her. “Hey, common, the play is about to start again, let’s go sit down.” With that, he softly took her hand and led her into the darkened theater. Because they were some of the last to return, they took seats near the door, in an isle where there was no one sitting.

As Jon led them to their new seats, he continued to hold her hand. As they sat down, his hand still held hers. Angie was flustered, but too insecure to pull away. His skin felt warm, soft, and strangely dry, she knew her hand was cold and clammy and damp with her nervousness. As the play continued, she tried desperately to keep her attention focused on the actors. However, Jon’s hand, his occasional glances, and whispered statements left her dazed. After what seemed an excessively long time, the play came to an end. His hand left hers to quietly applaud the efforts, such as they were, of the college troupe. As the house lights came on, the both stood, as she turned for the isle, she found him turning towards her. Looking down at her, his smile easy and inviting.

“Do you have plans for the rest of the evening, Angie?” he asked with his casual grace.

“Well, I thought I might go back and read a chapter in my history book and get some sleep.” Angie answered, the blush rising along her neck as she watched his eyes travel up and down her body again.

“God, that sounds awful. I’ll tell you what, I have a friend who is an art major, she had a gallery opening tonight, and there is always a small reception after. Let’s stop by there for a bit.” Taking her hand, he turned and softly drew her out of the isle and out of the theater.

As they left the theater, the cool night wind hit them. A storm was coming in, and the temperature had dropped during the performance. As Angie turned slightly, her shawl was caught by the wind and slipped off her shoulder. As Jon reached to help her, she was very conscious of his eyes locking on her gray sweater. Her hardened nipples were plainly visible, stretching the fabric of both bra and sweater. Draping the shawl back around her, tunalı escort Jon said, “You must be cold, here, walk beside me, its only a little ways.” His arm wrapped around her slim shoulders protectively and she immediately felt the warmth of his body press against her side. She also noticed a warmth building inside her. Angie turned and looked up at him. “Thank you Jon.”

As promised, the distance to the gallery was not great. Angie was almost sorry to see that they were there. Much to her surprise, she was enjoying walking with this tall, polite young man. The fact that they had been sharing the most intimate contact she had experienced with a boy since middle school made it even more amazing to her.

As they entered the crowded gallery, she found herself pressed even closer to Jon. Together, they moved along the edge of the room, he guiding she following, until they found his friend. The featured artist, a sculptor, was laughing at the center of a group of older men, mid-30s and older. As Jon and Angie approached, the young woman, Allison, broke free from her ring of admirers and gave Jon a big hug and kiss on the cheek. Angie frowned slightly as the lovely redhead draped herself around the boy.

“Ohhh I am so glad you made it!” squealed the auburn haired beauty. “I had almost given up hope…” pushing him away slightly, she glanced at Angie and said, “… and who is this lovely lady following in your wake??”

Angie blushed slightly, and found herself drawn to Allison’s deep green eyes.

With his easy going laugh, Jon replied, “Alli, this is Angie.”

Angie extended her right hand but was shocked as Allison pulled her into the hug she was sharing with Jon. Allison was a large girl, not heavy, but tall and very full figured. As her long arm drew Angie to her, the shy young girl could feel the softness of Allison’s breasts press warmly against her body. Conscious of how hard her nipples were, Angie tired to pull away, but Alli’s arm kept her close even as she let Jon slip out of her grasp.

“Come with me you two” she laughed, as she drew Angie with her to one of her nearby pieces. “This is the star of the show… tell me… what do you think??” she laughed again.

The sculpture Allison pointed two was about eighteen inches high, carved from some soft stone, perhaps soapstone Angie thought, and depicted, in near perfect detail, two women entwined in a very passionate embrace. Angie had never seen anything so life-like, so intense, so magnetic. She could not take her eyes off it. Blinking twice, and remembering to close her mouth, she felt Allison pull her a little closer. “Do you like it? Oh, please say you do…” Allison whispered softly.

“Ahhh… yes. Yes, its very attractive Allison, you… you have a lot of talent.” stuttered Angie.

Behind the girls, Jon looked at the work. “Hmmmm… very nice Alli, who were the models? Or were you working from memory again?” he teased.

“I’m not telling, especially no a big lunk like turangüneş escort you Jon.” Allison displayed the tip of a very small, pink tongue that almost brushed Angie’s ear as she turned stick it out at Jon.

Still dazed, Angie felt Allison relax her hold on her, and merrily spin away to laugh and tease other guests. Looking up at Jon, her face flushed, all she could say was “wow…”

“Yeah, she has that effect on everyone, I should have warned you…” he laughed.

Taking her hand, Jon led Angie across the room to where snacks were being served. Offering Angie a plate of crackers, cheese, and grapes, Jon took two glasses of white wine and nodded with his head towards a quiet corner of the gallery. “Think you can navigate us over there?” he asked with a wink.

Angie was so unsure of herself, she found herself drinking the wine; and drinking it much faster than she would have thought prudent. Jon did not seem to mind, and managed to keep both their glasses full. The fell into a quiet, freely flowing conversation about the play, Allison’s art, and the genres of music they enjoyed. While they were lost in conversation, most of the crowd had left the gallery, only a handful of people remained. Stepping between them suddenly, Allison laughed and drew each to her. “So how are the newly hatched love birds? You two haven’t moved from this spot for an hour!”

Angie blushed, and felt strangely giddy, the warmth of her flushed skin, the wine, and the sensual radiance from the woman pressed against her left her speechless. Once again, Jon came to the rescue, “We are wonderful, Alli, and how are you? Enjoying your moment in the sunshine?”

The tall girl slapped the top of Jon’s head teasingly, “For that, worm, you will not be invited to any more openings, I’ll send the invitation to your girlfriend instead. Releasing him, Allison turned towards Angie and pulled her closer. Once again the taller girl’s large breasts flowed against Angie’s body as she looked up into those impossibly green eyes. “You would come, wouldn’t you lovely Angie?” she said with the slightest hint of a pout.

Perhaps it was the wine, or the moment, or something else altogether growing within her, but Angie found herself pressing into Allison’s embrace, she answered, “Yes, I would.”

Allison nearly purred as she turned to look at Jon, “You see, she is nice… very nice.”

Jon smiled openly, “Yes Alli, she is very nice indeed.”

“The show is over and the gallery is about to close, what do you two want to do?” Allison asked, shifting Angie in her arms slightly such that their thighs touched and their beasts rubbed against each other. Angie’s small firm breasts and large hard nipples were nearly smothered by the larger girl’s full softness. Unsure of what to do with her hands, Angie found that she had unconsciously wrapped her left arm around Allison’s waste and her fingers were softly grasping the full softness of the girl’s ample hip.

“Well, I can see what you have on your mind Alli…” Jon laughed, “…how about we go back to my place for a little while.”

“mmmm yes, that would be wonderful, wouldn’t it Angie?” Allison purred again.

Her mind reeling, her body responding and reacting on its own, Angie could only smile and nod that yes, she thought it would be nice.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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