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Let me give you a little background on myself. I’m in my early twenties, work two jobs and have a couple of hobbies. One of my hobbies fits in very nicely with both my jobs. I’m a computer programmer, and a damn good one, even if I do say so myself. (And I do. Self-promotion helps bring in the bickies.) That’s my main, full-time job.

My second job is that of free-lance artist. I do computer generated art and am a wizard at Photoshop. I can create pictures that will have you swearing that fairies are real and living in your garden. I do quite a bit of work for the local estate agents, fixing up photos of houses by tidying yards and removing unsightly power lines and things like that.

As you might have guessed, computer generated art is one of my hobbies. The other is martial arts. I visit the local Judo dojo a couple of times a week. At Judo I am competent, but I’ll never win any major tournaments. Neither will I ever start favourite in a minor tournament, but I have won a couple of those.

Anyway, my main job puts the bread and butter on the table for me, plus enough left over for some jam. My free-lance art helps bring in a bit of cream, which the tax man promptly tries to take.

I still live at home but am seriously considering getting my own place. I’ve got a reasonable deposit and am casually looking. I’m in no hurry.

I have the regulation two parents at home with me and a sister, pushing nineteen. At times I’m tempted to get her her own place, just to get her out of my hair. Snoopy thing, at times, always at my computer.

I have several computers. A box for my main PC and a couple of laptops. My art I do on my main PC. That’s connected to the internet by cable and I get some real high powered speed from it. I recently replaced one of my laptops as it was getting sort of past it. Just too slow and too underpowered for the work I now do.

That old laptop is where the problem arose. That and my sister’s snoopiness. I’d taken everything I needed off my old laptop and loaded it into the new one and I remembered to lock the new one away. I went through the old laptop and cleaned out all the extras I’d added to it and cleared all my work files and art off it. Because it was now a virgin machine I didn’t need to lock it away. I just left it on my desk. I figured I could flog it to someone for a few bucks.

Now it was a Saturday morning and I had to go down the street, so I went. I left my main PC on because I wasn’t going to be gone very long and it’s not as though someone is going to bust in and jump on it. You will note that I’d completely overlooked my sister’s snoopiness at this stage. Not that there was anything illegal or incriminating on the damn thing. The worst you would find would be the anime pictures that I do.

A useful sideline I have is drawing anime cartoons from people’s photographs. I print them on iron-on transfer paper so that they can add them to a t shirt and wear their own anime character. Um, might I point out that female anime characters tend to be very generously endowed? I followed this trend when I sketch women’s pictures. It is always a hit.

So I get back from my errand and I can hear giggling coming from the room that I use as an office. (Or studio, if you like, seeing I’m an artist.) Walking in I found Janet, my sister, and a friend of hers, Stella, paging through my work and laughing their heads off.

I snarled what the hell and the girls jumped. Janet sprang up out of my chair, bumped the old laptop I was going to sell and sent it flying. OK, you can drop a laptop and nothing will happen to it, especially on carpet. I don’t know what went wrong this time. Maybe the fact that it was so old and it landed on a corner.

Whatever the reason, the laptop hit the deck and just came apart. Literally. The case seemed to just give up the ghost and fall to pieces. Even the screen broke. It must have hit something else when it fell off.

As you can imagine there was a profound silence at that point. The broken laptop didn’t worry me because I’d already salvaged all the data and cleaned it out. I might have got a few bucks for it but then again, I might not. The chance, however, was too good to pass up.

I didn’t yell, exactly. I just used a very firm voice to express my disapproval. Things like not touching my stuff, were mentioned. Smashing delicate equipment is a no-no. I might have talked about strangling them with their own entrails and throwing their bleeding corpses to the dogs.

Janet and Stella were dead quiet while I spoke to them. Stella was biting her lip but Janet was nearly in tears.

“Fortunately,” I finished up, “that old laptop was just about dead in the water and I’ve already replaced it, so no real harm done.”

After that last comment Janet wasn’t anywhere near tears and Stella was looking at me rather lethally.

“The point I’m trying to make is that you have to leave my stuff alone, Janet. You’re a computer illiterate and you could cause significant data loss if you don’t ankara escort bayan know what you’re doing, and you don’t. Quite frankly, I don’t care if you’re eighteen. The next time I find you mucking around with my PC I’m going to put you over my knee and paddle your backside.

And that goes for your friends,” I added, giving Stella a nasty look.

“You wouldn’t dare,” snapped Janet. “Mum would kill you.”

“Possibly,” I granted, “but that won’t help your sore bottom, now will it?”

“He’s just bluffing, Janet,” piped up Stella. “I mean, as if he’s going to spank me. I’m not his sister.”

Now Stella is quite a lovely young lady, and she could give anime characters pointers in mammary development. I quite liked her, but right now she was pissing me off, encouraging rebellion in the ranks.

I sat down, jerked her arm so she stumbled forward and landed across my lap. A quick flick of her skirt and my hand came down hard on her bottom. Then I was setting her back on her feet before she even had time to finish her squeal of shock.

“Do you want to take any bets on whether I’ll spank you?” I asked.

I could see Stella wanted to take a swing at me but was smart enough not to. She and Janet were the ones on the wrong and they both knew it. They departed, leaving me to clean up the busted laptop.

Now having known my sister for nearly nineteen years I knew just what she would do. As soon as my back was turned she’d be snooping. So I set up a little trap on the PC. It was a simple little program. Once running it threw up a little window asking if you want to continue. If you move the mouse at all it promptly renamed my major folios and hid them and announced that they’d been successfully deleted. Then it closed.

A second program would rename them back to the original names, so I had no problems, but my sister was going to have a litter of kittens, thinking she’d destroyed everything I’d ever done.

(In case you’re wondering, I have ample backup of my work, on an external hard-drive and on the net. An idiot I am not.)

The trap actually took longer than I expected. However, the following Saturday I came home, sat down at my PC and found all my files missing. I triggered my little rename program and they all came rushing back, and then I went to have a quiet word with Janet.

I was in luck, because Janet was home and in her bedroom and the parents were out. They’d probably have objected to what was about to happen. I knocked and walked into Janet’s room and she looked at me, went slightly pale and looked around the room for a quick exit.

There wasn’t one and she went on the defensive straight away.

“It wasn’t my fault,” she yelled at me. “It just happened. I didn’t actually do anything.”

“Ah, what are you talking about?” I asked.

“Your files,” Janet said. “I didn’t delete them. . .”

Her voice faded away. If she hadn’t been on the computer how would she know my files had gone? The fact that she had been on it when the files vanished pointed the finger squarely at her.

“Uh-huh. So how do you know about it?” I asked politely.

Janet just gave me a filthy look and said nothing.

I sat down on the bed next to her.

“I did warn you about what would happen,” I reminded her. “Are we going to do this the hard way or the easy way?”

Janet protested, of course. She pointed out that she’d tell the parents. I ignored her protests and told her I didn’t care if she told the parents. That wouldn’t help her sore bottom. I took her arm and bent her across my knee, protesting all the way. Not fighting. She did as instructed, but protested loudly.

Her protesting went up a notch when I flicked her dress out of the way and turned into a loud squeal when my hand came down on that area nearly covered by panties. If she hadn’t been my sister I’d have said that she had a very nice tush, but she was so all I did was paddle it. Hard. I gave her half a dozen of the best, with Janet squealing loudly with each one.

Sitting her back on her bed, I won’t say she was totally crushed. More she was angry but also a lot more respectful. She actually apologised. It appeared Stella had been the instigator. She liked the anime stuff I did and was thinking of getting her own photo done in that style. (A freebie, of course, because Janet was her friend.)

“Well, I actually promised Stella the same,” I pointed out to Janet. “Why don’t you drop around and see her sometime and tell her I expect to see her this afternoon for her turn. Point out I said it wouldn’t be fair for only one of you to catch it.”

Not that I expected to see Stella that afternoon, or that year if she could help it. I mean, if you’re an eighteen year old girl are you going to voluntarily go around to your friend’s house so her brother can spank you?

That afternoon I was sitting on my bed sketching some anime figures, or trying to. For some reason I just wasn’t satisfied with what I was producing. I was idly thinking I should get eryaman escort a model. That idle thought was probably father to the later deed.

I’m sitting there muttering to myself when my door came flying open and Stella crashed into the room, followed a little more cautiously by Janet. Janet looked at me, looked at Stella, decided that there was going to be blood on the floor and opted out.

“You don’t need me,” she said quickly. “I’ll just be in my room.”

Then she bolted, closing the door behind her. I think she was hoping that the closed door would muffle any screams.

Stella didn’t waste any time. She sailed right into me.

“I can’t believe you had the nerve to spank your sister. And don’t try to deny it. She showed me her bottom and it’s all red. How could you, you animal?”

“It was easy,” I said. “I just put her over my knee and started paddling. It’s not as though she hadn’t been warned to stay off my PC.”

“She wasn’t hurting anything,” pointed out Stella, which was technically true. It was my little program that did everything.

“Uh-huh,” I said. “and my files?”

“That wasn’t our fault. They just vanished. They weren’t even in the wastebasket or we’d have brought them back.”

“And if you hadn’t been on the PC in the first place, when I specifically told you not to, it wouldn’t have happened at all. Janet has her own laptop and I’m sure you do too. The only reason you were on my PC was because you wanted to snoop. And you can’t deny that I did warn you what would happen if you got on it again.”

That brought the conversation around to the point that Stella didn’t want it to reach. The penalty.

“You don’t really think I’m going to let you spank me, do you?” she asked.

I nodded. “Yes. Janet had one and so you’ll behave and bend over my knee, as it’s only fair. You’re not going to let her be the only one to suffer the consequences or you wouldn’t have come within a mile of me.”

Stella was looking little daggers at me but we both knew I was speaking the truth. I swivelled around until I was sitting on the side of the bed. Then I patted my knee, indicating she should bend over, daring her to refuse. If looks could kill I’d have had a heart attack, but Stella moved to bend over my knee.

I really had to commend her courage, or her bonds of friendship, or her stupidity, but she didn’t protest, just lay across my lap. I had noticed that she was wearing a very short and loose skirt. Flirty skirt I think the style is called. Whatever, it was short enough that when she bent over my lap her panties were on display. Even more so when I flicked the skirt clear of her bottom.

Mind you, her panties didn’t stay on display much longer. Stella wasn’t my sister and I had no hesitation in lowering her panties to about knee level. She said something rude at that point but I pretended not to hear.

Then I started to give her a spanking. Mind you, I only gave Janet half a dozen spanks so I couldn’t in all honesty give Stella more than that. She squealed very nicely when my hand came down, and I couldn’t help but notice how her legs eased apart slightly, giving me a very nice view of her mound.

Now Stella had a very nice mound, quite large and puffy, her lips defining the cleft that showed the way home. As I spanked I could swear that her mound was flushing slightly, and her lips just easing that little bit apart.

On the fifth spank my hand happened to flick along her mound, bringing an even louder squeal, repeated when the sixth stroke also landed there. Now as far as I was concerned that had to be the end of the spanking, but Stella didn’t know that. An interesting little thought was trying to attract my attention.

I sat there for a few moments, Stella across my knee, bare bum pointing to the sky, while my hand rested on her pussy, fingers idly drumming against it. (Nice and soft it was, too.)

After a couple of moments Stella protested.

“Do you mind?” she snarled at me, probably complaining about the fingers tapping out their little tattoo at what had to be a rather sensitive spot.

“Hush,” I said, “I’m thinking. Just wait a moment.”

So the little scenario held for a few more moments while I brought my idea out into the light of day, walked all around it considering it, and finally deciding it was a good one.

I stopped drumming, although by an odd chance my hand still remained resting against her pussy, and explained my idea to Stella.

“Before you came in I was trying to do some anime figures but they weren’t coming out. I was thinking, instead of me continuing to spank you, how about you sit for me for a short while so that I can use you as a model?”

I thought Stella might go for the idea. I already knew she was hoping to get an anime picture of herself and this would play right into her hands.

She didn’t jump straight in, of course. I hadn’t expected her to.

“What would I have to do and for how long?” she asked.

“Just sit in etlik escort a few poses that I show you,” I told her. “It shouldn’t take more than an hour. Um. The catch is I would probably want to see your breasts at some stage.

I don’t mean completely topless,” I added hastily, “but without your bra and having your blouse undone, using the sides of the blouse to just cover your nipples.”

Stella seemed to be considering it and I hastened to reassure her.

“You can have Janet come in to act as a chaperone if I make you nervous,” I told her. “And you have to admit, I have already seen more than you breasts.”

When I said that I was gently rubbing her pussy, although both of us pretended it wasn’t happening.

Stella suddenly said OK, rolled off my lap and onto her feet. She bent to pull up her panties but I stopped her.

“No. Leave them there,” I told her. “I want you to sit on the bed on one side, legs curled to one side of you. I want to draw your panties where that are and sketch a bit of your mound into the picture.”

Stella blushed, but knowing I’d already seen everything she had (and was still seeing it) she went along with what I wanted. She looked lovely sitting there, although I’m quite certain she didn’t know just how pronounced her pussy display was. I grabbed my pad and started sketching.

After about ten minutes I asked her to undo her blouse and let it hang. She had on a nice lace bra which gave some excellent cleavage. I did some more sketches from several angles.

Finally I asked her to ditch the bra. She reached around and unclipped it but then found that to take it off she would have to take her blouse off first. She looked as though she was going to ask me to turn around but I was obviously sketching and not really looking at her.

(The hell I wasn’t looking at her. She was delicious.)

Any way she ditched the blouse and bra and then reached to get the blouse again, and her stretching forward put her breasts into a superb position.

“Hold it like that,” I snapped at her and she froze, while I sketched away like crazy. When I’d finished that I told her to grab her blouse and she did so. (This showed that I was being honest with her and not trying to take advantage. I’d said that she could wear the blouse.)

Now, of course, I had to adjust the hang of the blouse so it suited me. I was probably a bit hard to please and my knuckles accidently rubbed against her breasts and nipples several times before I was satisfied. One happy side-effect of this was that Stella’s nipples stood up like little troopers, giving me something to drape the blouse against.

All this had taken about half an hour and I had several really good sketches done. I hadn’t shown any to Stella yet as I thought she might not have appreciated them all. Now I wanted some different facial expressions.

“Ok, Stella,” I said. “Think of how you felt when you knew I was going to spank you. Let’s have some expression on your face.”

I managed to coax a number of different expressions out of her. Anger, nervousness, humour, and suchlike. Now I wanted a touch of lust.

Reaching over I flicked her blouse away from one breast, growling when she went to cover it up again.

“Now, Stella,” I said, “I want you to give me a lustful look.

No. Don’t look at me as though you’re a dying cow. Try to pretend that you’re about to ravish your boyfriend.”

She still had the dying cow look, so I started to talk her up a little.

“OK. Let’s try it like this. I can see your breasts, and one nipple. It’s standing erect. Probably excited because I brushed my hand against it. Do you remember what it felt like to feel my hand brushing softly against your breast and stirring your nipple?

Did you know I can see your mound? It’s peeping out at me from between your thighs. Did you know that it’s slightly flushed and your lips are slightly apart. Think about what that means. Think about what your pussy is used for when you’re alone with a boy.

Remember how I was drumming my fingers against your mound? What did that feel like? After that I was rubbing my hand up and down you, teasing your lips along your slit.

Are you wondering if I’m going to do that again? I probably am, you know. You don’t have a chaperone and you’re nearly naked with a man looking at you and enjoying what he sees.”

I kept on talking quietly. Stella had made one or two attempts to get me to shut up but I ignored her and kept on talking. Her face was flushed now and her breathing was deeper, and the look I wanted was on her face. I was sketching rapidly.

“OK. You’re doing nicely. Why don’t you take your blouse right off now? It’s just going to be in the way. Mmm. You have a very nice pair of breasts. I thought they might sag a little but they don’t do they? They stand right out, daring a man to touch them.

You might like to slip your panties the rest of the way off, so I can draw your legs properly. And your skirt while you’re at it. Very nice. Are you thinking about how you want to be touched?

Just bear with me for a few more minutes and then I’ll be delighted to do a little bit of touching for you.”

I finally tossed the pad aside and looked at Stella curled up on my bed.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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